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Communist Celebration

Communist Celebration, V, that China Doll’s page.

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Welcome to Planet Ranger

A site dedicated to those who love to travel. A site for people whose sole aim in life is to explore every inch of our exciting world, not only to discover exciting places, or to meet interesting people, but also to share the experience with others as best they can.

Our site was created by travellers for travellers and for the family and friends of travellers. Our aim - to allow travellers to share their travel experiences with their friends and family, along with other interested travellers using our Travel Page service.

The service allows you to have your own web page, that you can very easily update as you travel. Easier than bulk emails and a whole lot nicer too!

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Your page has its own Travel Diary, a section for uploading up to 500 photos for people to see, a map of where you are and a place for people to leave messages for you. Best of all it’s free. We also offer a First Class service with no advertising, video and a huge photo allowance.

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