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I figured this would be easier than sending everyone photos via email that may or may not open or that take up the whole inbox.

Photos - Click Below



The day before we left Greece we went to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, its about a 3 hour drive north of Athens and is one of my favourite ruins. The day we went was about 30 degrees and by the time we got there and walked up around the site it was HOT, i cannot imagine doing it in the middle of the day on a 38 degree + day!




GREECE!! - Athens

We had a couple of days in Athens where we caught up with a friend of Pete's from uni [Vicki] before heading to the islands, and then we had 3 nights before heading back to Aberdeen after the islands.



Pompei is a 1 hour exceptionally winding bus ride followed by a much nicer 20min straighter train trip from Sorrento. Front seats are a must for anyone not wanting to feel as though they would rather jump from the bus moving than go around another corner - and that was quite a few of us.


Christmas - Lyon

Some shots form when we were in Lyon in Dcember- gate crashing the Chaffers family Chistmas. Very beautiful and very very cold!!


Ravenna, Italy

Another day in the Office


funchal & last night

We spent an afternoon wandering around town [looking for sun glasses stores] but it ended up being way too hot so we had to retire to the beach


pico do araeiro

1818m tall its the 3rd highest peak on the island. There is a hike you can do from here across the highest peak and down to the sea ont he other side of the island - no we did not attempt this.


curral das freiras

Means the Valley of the Nuns which is the town at the bottom of the valley. We didnt go down into the town just took photos from the look out.

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Recent Messages

From candice &ryan
hey erin, looks like you guys are having a blast, it really makes ryan and i want to go back and do it all over again!! the places and the photos you have are fantastic. all well back here, has been raining heaps!! keep well and keep those mails and photos coming. love candice and ryan xx
From Walter
I thought that you were going to build one some years back!!!!!
From Zahra
Pete, have you grown a beard?!
Response: no, I is a ginger, beards are illegal for gingers
From Fini

You're pic of paddling in the kayak with the bridge and the duck is now the screen saver for the lap-top as I am on my way to the desert to remind me what I am working for.

From Hoots
hi guys looks like ur having a pretty good time over there, photos look pretty cool and those nelo things look pretty dam fast. not heading down to be a contender to be the next whale worlds champ this yr got noone to go with this time haha.
From Zahra
LEMURS! We went to the zoo on ANZAC and saw so many cool lemurs. You and Pete need to put up some more photos of yourselves though. Also, you need to start photographing the inside of department stores and boutiques so I can get a handle on the shopping situation over there.
From Andrea & Brent
We really enjoyed the photos & the Wisharts had a look too. Keep them coming. At least Aberdeen beach is sand and not rocks. Hope you keep enjoying yourselves.
From Nadine
Hey Erin - fantastic photos - so jealous! Have forwarded this to Leanne apparently she didn't get it but I'm sure she would love to see your site. About to finish work for 4 day Easter Break - Yay!
From Stephen
Erin - Thanks for keeping this up.

More pictures of you both, though!!

Doesn't that beach remind you of home... Practically the same weather too!

From Tim
Hey give me a call when you can, msg me for my new home number before hand if you like, still getting connected so if it doesnt work then call me on my mobile.
From Keryn
Hi Erin & Pete

Finally got around to having a proper look at this site - brilliant! It's such a great way to keep in touch & see what you're up to. Glad to see there are a couple of pics of you too Erin!!! Hope you're both having a great time!

Love Kez, Rob, Soph & Amelie.xx
From Mum
Hey - great photos from Amsterdam - especially the animals!!! Egyptian croc with cleopatra eyes, what next? So good to see you both, keep the photos with either/both of you in them....
From Epeli
Oooh! Cold.

Nice pics bro!
From Tristan
Looks really f--king cold. You
're a bloody spanner Pete. Sounds like its the place to be though so hopefully I'll see you crazy kids in the near future. Cheers, Tris.
From katie
Hi guys - always love some pics keep up the good work and keep smiling in the misery! remember europe is only a few pounds away!!!!
From walter
You need to tidy your room,
From Stephen
Erin - these are great. Keep them coming. Your appt looks pretty flash!

From Mum
Great photos, and a fantastic site, i'll keep checking it for updates. some with people in would be good. If these are taken with your camera Erin they are good quality. tlak soon.xxxx
From Tim
hey shithead nice photos
From Gabby
Hi Ezreal,
This is a great idea, Thanks.