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Gday. As of Jan I have been living in Chesterfield AKA - "Chesvegas", Derbyshire, England. I moved in with Rob and his sister Liz to their beautiful new house in Chesvegas. I am here for who knows how long - as long as a piece of string really. My twin sister Danni makes regular apperances as her and I are great buddies and get along really well most of the time, but we do miss each other being on the other side of the world!! Its really easy to leave me a message on the site - bear in mind that everyone can read it once I have replied (so keep it clean everyone!!)
Abster. xo

Diary Entries

Saturday, 08 September 2007

Uh -oh. I think Facebook will nearly be the death of planetranger for me!
I have been a bit lazy lately and havent put any picture of anything on the net. But everyone else is into it on facebook which is awesome!!!
Am going to work today. Am supposed to be having a day off but am working a 1pm - 7pm shift. Only six hours which will hopefully feel like a walk in the park after the 12 hour shifts we usually do!!
Then am going to Flo's for chinese and wine tonight. And probably a bit of daggy dancing.
Rob has gone to do the 3 Peak challenge today. He left this morning. I have been awake on and off since 6 when he got up to get ready. Then we had construction work around the house so I went to the gym for a class.
It's Dad's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!
Rang them earlier - Ben and Mel and gang were there plus Nat and James' crew coz they had gone to Melbs.
Love Ab. xoxox

ps - Do we think it's the end of planetranger or what???.....

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Location: UK

Did a 3pm till 3am shift last night. one down, two more to go. Am going back for more this arvo and tomro - see how it goes.

Before work yesterday, Rob and I rode out to Chatsworth. It wasnt a very far/long ride, but quite hilly! That was a bit of fun before work.

No other news really. Lauren has gone to Italy, to stay with a friend in Rome!

Rob and I have booked a holiday in Menorca, which is a nicer island than Majorca apparently. We are going 1st October. The weekend before that is AFL grand final apparently so we might be stayin at Paul and Bernie's before it to have a crazy 5am grand final party.

Hope all is good in Oz - Love Ab. xoxoxo

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: UK

I think facebook might be taking over the world!! The only thing about it is though, if you wanna see someone's pictures you have to log into it yourself - clever really!!

There are quite a few photos on there recently from me and Cousin Lauren.

Gotta go again. xo

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: UK

Lauren came to stay but today she has to go home.

Not much other news here really. Have to go to night duty tonight. xoxoxo

Friday, 20 July 2007

Hi guys. Have got another 6 month contract in a&e so that's good. means I dont have to look for another job too.

Got up early with Rob this morning and went to gym which was good. Then we drove into Sheffield together - Rob to work and me to have a look at a sports shop near Rob's work. Saw some pretty cool shoes - there was only 1 pair that I actually liked enough to buy (not that I got em yet). I feel like there is seriously a gap in the market for active wear for women who like to wear clothes that - dont show your tummy, - breathe and dont show the sweat (or at least try), - have low waist line (cos it's ok if you are 50 to wear things up around your boobs but not if you're 25!) etc. Also, I found the shoes I was looking at really boring. The coolest Merrel trainers have a limish green stripe on them. Nothing else. The others were grey and brown and poo looking.
But, all that being said they are mostly for walking and in this weather you need poo color shoes cos that's the colour of the mud and ground at the minute.

Flash floods are expected in another part of the country today. Hopefully doesnt happen around here like last month. There are still people living in caravans and stuff in Hull and Sheffield.

Best be off to the dentist now!!

Have something really cool to look forward to - Me and Lauren might be heading off to Rome in 2 weeks for a few days to stay with one of her friends. Sounds bloody brilliant to me!!

Love and miss everyone

Ab. xoxoxo

Friday, 13 July 2007

Cousin Lauren came to stay! Loz arrived after a very longwinded journey on Saturday arvo. So we went out for tea at a lovely Thai restaurant that we found on the way into town. And then we met up with Maz and a few of Maz's friends who were out for a big night in town.
Me and Loz then went to Crowborough on Wednesday morning and yesterday we went out to Brighton for a spot of shopping. Little does the weather know that it is actually Summer because it is either raining or gonna rain... ;(
Paul and Bern and Connor and Ryan are all good. Both boys did really well with their grades at school this year.

Rob's grandfather Papa is very sick in hospital. It is thought that he may have cancer that is causing symptoms like stroke - he cannot move one side of his body and cant talk/eat. We are going to visit him tonight.

Gotta go


Saturday, 07 July 2007

Just finished night duty. Am goin to bed now. Lauren is coming up here today!!!! She arrives at 3 today. Better tidy up a bit. Liz and Rob are away for weekend so we might have a party or somethin. Nah, I think we will do some hard core chatting and have a few quite drinks or what-not
Love to all. Missing Oz but Dan tells me it's terrible weather. Same here so ??? why no summer yet???? nobody knows. xoxo

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Hullo. Still dry up on the second floor of number 7 Archdale Close.
Clarissa visited on the weekend which was very lovely indeed. We went and saw Shrek 3 after a little nanna nap (as we had mysterious "viruses" after our Friday night)... Great to catch up with her.
Rain is expected tomro and the next day which will be interesting to say the least. If you wanna see how famous Rob is now - he has his name on the Derbyshire times as they are using one of his photos that he took of the floods outside our street actually...

I knew he was more than a pretty face!!! ;)

Work still ok - have to wait for my Leave to Remain in the UK to come through before i can get any word on if I have a permanent/even a 6 month contract or not!!

I am concerned that facebook is taking over all websites. I would be really sad if no-one looked at planetranger any more. Although, I still look up other people so I guess it wont be too bad.

Lauren comes to Uk on sunday woo hoo! I dont have any shifts for work yet for next week. Apparently Im doing the same hours though... Will wait and see

Love and miss everyone. xoxoxo

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The sun is out this morning... But more rain on the way. Am starting to whinge again!! Oh no!

Apparently every Summer they always have Monsoon weather and then they have really nice clear skies... I feel a bit crap coz it's like it's winter again with dark skies and rain etc. So I cant wait for this "heat wave" that should be expected after all this rain.

In other news I now have a visa (have I said that on here already?) I think it's playing with my mind because I am all confused about it really. On one hand thank god the Home Office had the sense to aprrove me to stay in the country. But on the other hand now I have to apply for leave to remain and pay some more money and wait for my passport to come back to me and then I can stay.
As Rob said it doesnt mean I have to anyway. Phew. Coz I have to have choices hey? Otherwise I might go something something...

This weekend Clarissa is coming to stay Saturday night - do do do do do do do do! Friday is Liz's birthday. Im doing an agency Recovery shift that day from 830 till 2 in the arvo and then there is a bbq here Friday night for Liz's birthday which should be good. Not sure who is coming yet. Hope it doesnt rain.

Am waiting to be put on the roster for work after next week - so many things are happening at work that I just feel arent being finished/done properly. Like my job/contract isnt really real at the moment I dont think. I feel like Im a halfway man.

In other news, Cousin Lauren is coming to England next month which will be great. And I think she is gonna come stay here.

Love Ab. xoxox

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

HI . am on nights tomoro... not good but only one night i keep telling myself. missing everyone. xoxoxo

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Heeeellllooo. Hope all well. Am on day off. Sposed to be organising all my crap that is all over the office.
Took a photo of our beautiful print of The Birth of Venus, that Danni got all the way over in Italy for me. We got it framed locally, and Rob was sooo happy with the framing (he is into that kind of stuff). Actually, Rob's uncle Mike is a London Framer, who's company frames artwork for the queen or something. I wonder if he would have done the same kind of thing?

Mmmm.... Might go and have a nanna nap. Bit of a kip. xoxoxo

Saturday, 02 June 2007

Just about to go to a 12 hour day shift.... Wish me luck!

Had a great day yesterday. When we decided we werent gonna drive around the country we totally relaxed and did our own thing. Good thing was it was forecast to rain and didnt and was actually sunny so we mucked around outside.

All is going on same - Im still bits of homesick. These next 2 weekends Im looking forward to because I have them off.

Love aB. xoxo

Friday, 01 June 2007


Rob and I were gonna go to Bristol today. Originally for me to go to a study day/course thingy on A Special Interest in Paediatric Resuscitation (I have a special interest = mainly that Ill know what to do for the poor little bugger if Im involved!!!). Rob and I were going together because his cousin Sarah and Mike have just had twins!! Ella and Alice are their names. So we thought we might visit them all as well.
But when I woke up this morning and was supposed to jump out of bed and get in the shower I thought to myself - I dont really want to go today. It is just too much. we have been running around like lunatics for ages. Talking about it last night Rob and I have been actually missing each other for the whole 12 months we have been together. Or, if we are together we are always trying to do everything. So I canned it. And Rob and I slept for a bit longer (the alarm went off at 450am).

In other news I have 2 12 hour day shifts this weekend, which will be interesting... Better than nights though I think!

Work rang me yesterday and decided it would be funny to let me know that I apparently owed them 105 hours work. As in I would either have to work 105 hours without getting paid or have it taken out of my pay in the next coming months. I was devastated to say the least but then actually = they had calculated it wrong. Not a surprise really, not a nice thing really. My heart was in my throat and I still dont feel like they actually know what they are doing. Doesnt allow for much faith in them really does it? Leanne agrees with me when she said maybe they should work it out with me before actually ringing me at home.

Bobbo has started taking the train to work which means woo hoo! I have a car (Steve is his name) to drive around in. It's so good to have that freedom.

Love to all.


Monday, 28 May 2007

What a whirlwind these few weeks have been!! Quick catch up

- we got to England and on way home visited Rob's Papa who is good but has just had a mild stroke.

- Rob left that Wed to go back to Wiltshire to work at Dyson with a view of quitting his contract and coming to work up here.

- I started back at work and people remembered me and am starting to feel more accepted as part of the team now (even though I have my reservations and prob always will)

- Rob got word that he could work back at KPMD in Sheffield for a while and luckily they could cancel his contract as of last thursday.

- The boys left midnight Thurs to get to Germany for the Nurburgring race track to be mad-whooas for the weekend and camp there and drive on an actual race track

- I got a lift to london with the boys on Thurs night and stayed at Ed's. The next day it took me 2.5 hours to get to Paddington station because I got lost and didnt have a proper map (all my fault).

- Had a great day of bike riding on Sat but Leanne and I decided we were too knackered to ride again on Sunday. And I was really concerned I wouldnt get home in time for night duty Monday Night (tonight = woo hoo!)

- Called Leanne today and she is actually proper unwell. Fevers and all. Luckily she is lookin after herself in London and taking it easy. She has promised me she will call someone if she needs help (her housemates are away for the week).

- Now I have 2 night duties and a busy week again. Did some restorative yoga just before, and am really feeling the benefits of it.

- I miss everyone like crazy!! Nat and James have just had their hole dug for their new pool! Am so excited for them and happy for them!!!

- Mum's back is on the mend thank goodness... Hopefully so is Dad's.

- Bridget went to Qld for a work incentive and had a good time.

- Dan went on hols to Qld and had a great time with Shaun and his Mum.

- Sharee is still tryin to get to NZ. Kirst is same. Have to get her another cd actually...

- Ben and Mel are having Mum over this week and they are good. Those kids are good.

- Sebbie broke his collarbone, but still ran in the cross-country. He wasnt going to run in it but the teacher said she looked around and he had already gone!!!

- Caz and Steph got back from Thailand "Sawadeka!"- they loved it!

- Marsh is still good. Tryin to sort out his knee probs.

Gotta go. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK

Hello. Am just getting final things together for the long weekend. There is a public holiday Monday so most of us are trying to get somewhere good for the weekend. Rob is going to Germany to drive around in his car with his mates. I am going to Devon to ride my bike with Leanne and her mates. Although riding will be physical, I would much prefer what Im doing to be honest.

We leave tonight at midnight so that the boys can drop me off in London (think Im stayin at Ed's) and then they can make it for the 6am ferry across to Europe tomro morning. So they will be up all night. Then Im leaving London with the girls at about 6pm tomro so will see how it all goes.

Still have a chest cold which is bugging me a bit - getting annoying now but at least I can still do stuff.

Love to everyone. Am a bit homesick but you get that. And Im sure a weekend with Leanne and some cool people doing some different stuff will help.


Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK


Still have my Aussie accent and clinging to it!!! (Got in a bit of "strife" when I got back to Oz and couldnt help but speak with a derbyshire twang) - Not really!
Cant help it anyway, just happens.

Am so excited about this trip Im going on with Leanne and her mate Lauren and crew. We are cycling about 30 miles per day (uh oh! me and Leanne are trying to think of ways out of it - joining our bikes to trucks/cars/prams/anything)...
It's not this weekend but the next.

Rob is going to Germany that weekend with a bunch of his mates to drive around a race track really fast in their cars. So funny to think of (and a bit scary) but they are all driving there and back and catching ferry's and Im sure there will be a bit of night-time foolishness that goes along with the Y chromosome and testosterone and cars etc.

Im on nights sat and sunday which is actually a good thing I have decided because I cant afford to do anything else anyway (a rest would have been nicer but I've just had nearly 3 weeks off!!!).

read your hotmail!! I wrote to you spunky mother, so write back when you can! Let me know how myob is goin. I reckon you should speak to the boss of it, not your teacher coz she sounds like she wouldnt know how to help. But especially if Jackie did it over months, not weeks!! Otherwise you will get too frustrated with it.
How is the laptop anyway? I know it was immediately better since you figured out it was coz it was on standby but how is everything else? Rob said he did a bit of tweaking, good guy isnt he?? ;)

Dan and Brij, hope Queensland is nice to you!! And hope you guys live it up while you are there! You both deserve some really nice time off.

Love ab. xoxo

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Back in Uk. All Ok. HAve more pictures to upload but there are a few funny ones up already - look out for terhi with her cat salmiakki - who we renamed Mrs Miagi!!!

Love to all.

Jess, thanks for your messages, will be emailing you soon. Hope Gary goes well at the Alfred - it's a great hospital.


Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Hong Kong

After 9 hours of little or no sleep Rob and I are at Hong Kong Airport waiting to board our second bit of the flight back to Blighty. I think I am over it emotionally - poor Mum and Rob had to put up with a psycho trip to the tulla airport - they changed the route there!!! ;)

Then Dan frantically had to finish a very busy shift at the kids and catch a taxi just to see us off - much appreciated btw.

I start work on Wed, so does Rob. We need to do come catching up financially so that we can afford to keep coming over and having a great time with both our families.

Photos to follow of the wedding of the year... Everyone really enjoyed themselves which is great!!

Love Ab. xoxoxoxo

Friday, 04 May 2007

I think I am suffering from jetlagussitis. it's when you are wide awake at four in the morning and nothing is helping you to get some sleep...

But we finally arrived in yarra in the wee hours of thursday morning (as in we left melbs at 11pm and slept at Seymour service station for a few hours and then drove the rest of the way home). Talk about power naps!!! ;)

Then I spent most of yesterday at Rochelle's salon getting a new look - a funky version of the posh bob. And it's dark brown. I love it. Rob still not sure but he will get used to it.

Then Caz and Stef arrived from Melbs yesterday midday and last night Phil and Debbie came over with Kioma for a chat. Eveyne very excited and looking forward to the wedding.

Rob didnt go to hosipital yay!! But he did get boozed up with our mate Jaiden (me and Terhi were very sensible and intelligent and decided to stop drinking when we were drunk) - so now Rob is suffering with hayfever and a chest cold! The lucky thing. So i've been druggin him up at every opportunity and they are helping with some of the symptoms, as in runny eyes, runny nose, crappy cough, tired lethargic.. Even after feeling like crap he puts a smile on his face anyway.. Oh, how cute.

Might go and lay down and try to sleep. Am a bit overexcited about everything and finding it hard to sleep when everyone else is asleep.

Love to everyone in Engs. xoxo

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From yes
it was danni....
Response: ooooooooh cool
From and guess what??
I do feel better!!! Yay for me. I just have to wait for the all clear that I've passed and then its history!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: .... When do you know if you have passed or not? (Am assuming it is Danni???)
From Danski
Hey dude-
Just read my last message which was when it was only 4 weeks till I finish- now it is less than 2 weeks. And I'm a havin a heart attack coz I need to study, work, do my presentation etc. But- never mind- will get it all done and then I'll magically feel better. K, talk soon. Love Dan. XOXOXOX
Response: nearly there now!!!!!!!!! xoxo
From danski
hey dude
havent downloaded photos in ages hey?? Will get my life back in 4 weeks i hope though when uni is over. Must stop procrastinating though- supposed to be doingt homework!! Love ya and miss ya lots and lots. Love Dan. XOXOXOXO
Response: yeah - am gonna try upload some pics now. xoxo
From even spazier
hi darling, so sorry we have been crap at contacting you but dont feel alone - we havent called anyone in ages - its a bit hard at the moment as people are always around and we are finding our feet - all good though- we love it - just a few things we will need to deal with but it can be fixed! people are nice - island is nice - grand prix this weekend so everyone is full on exited and mostly pissed - we are booked out but quiet as everyone goes out to the track every day! love to you both - will call you soon as i can! love always, even spazier and steffy bjeffy!
Response: happy bday spaz. Hope you had a good weekend wiv the fam - wish I was there but will be visiting soon enough. xoxoxo
From Kioma Martin
hey abbey and rob,
it's kioma how is englad missing u to hope to see u 2 soon

xx kima xx
Response: Hey Kioma!! Good to hear from you!!! England is good but not as good as Yarra probably!! It's raining here. Maybe we should try and send some rain to you guys coz it's dry over there isnt it?
Missing you too matey.
Love Ab and Rob. xoxo
From betty
hey poo,
how are you??
miss you staaaax, wish you were coming home soon(only if your in a good mood tho)
work is good, flat out!!! getting payrise next week hopefully will be substantial!!!
how you doing?
remember my e-mail @ work is
love you long time
Response: hey dropped you an email lil sis. Im flat out too!
Well done on the pay rise!!! You are a legend!
Rob says gday. Love you too xoxoxoxooxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxooxoxoxox
From cazzy
i think it might be the end of it - but still good for people who dont want to have their own facebook page - i think i am a bit over it - i like this one coz i can see your entries and photos easy! just used to it i suppose! dont know if i will keep my facebook page - dont know if i will have the time like i do here!!! we are packin and cleanin and freakin out - in a good way though! getting there!! talk soon, love to you xxooxxooxxooxxoo
Response: yeah, you can get too invovled with the whole facebook thing. the good thing is though everyone seems to share photos and stuff. But im sure you guys will be extra busy in the next few weeks!!! Ooh, it's exciting. Talk soon. Love Ab. xoxo
From danski
K, so they havent banned planetranger as yet. But facebook is banned at work, so no more for me!! (Still havent got internet at Jases and dont think I will. Well unsure really). Anyhoo- just about to finish work... Bit stressed today about everything- have had quite a quiet shift so have done a fair bit of But still have SO MUCH MORE!!!
Love you lots. Talk soon! Love Dan. XOXOXOOXOX
Response: Hey - have spoken to you since and I think we resolved the end of the conversation by both going to sleep! (Me going back to sleep coz it was too early for my hangover head to rise and you going to bed after a big day and not much sleep night before)
Love you too. Thank god it's not the end of planetranger yet...
From cazzy
Hi absterooni, how goes it! Wanted to let you know some goss - stef and I went for a job running a motel/caravan park in phillip island - went for interview last week - looks great - i think we would love it and i think we would be great at it too - so fingers crossed - we should find out in a week or so! sea change - change of lifestyle - get out of melbourne and work together - it would be grouse!!! wish us luck!!! love to you, love always caz
Response: Sounds unreal Caz!! Was just on phone to Mum and she was saying she has her fingers crossed for you both too! Good for you guys - yeah it will be totally different but Im sure you would be awesome at it or something like it.
Ab. xooxox
From danski
Hi abs.
I'm at work and they're gonna ban all our personal emails soon.... So I'm too scared to go onto gmail at the moment coz they are "tracking" all the computers apparently. Prob trakcing this too. Anyway, best go coz bub is coughing and has a trache... love Dan. XOPXOXO
Response: Thanks for the lovely trache thought mate!! ;)
I would be real scared about it too - if only I could get my password to work on our computers at work (I had the training and got a logon password but it has never worked and I am yet to follow it up properly).
Did a night last night and one more tonight and then Sun night off and then Monday night a 3pm tp 3am shift. Ill be a bit tired I think!! Then I have a few days off... My next roster is so much better than this shite thank god! I guess Ill get good unsocial hours for it though.
From Amanda
OK, the dress I actually wore in Year 10 was long and deep red. Bottle green was 8 or 9. But yes, Danni is right, Nana's was a weird greeny colour with a high neck. Anyway, that's my useless information for the day.
Response: Cool! Hey, put a photo of it on facebook!! We can skip down memory lane then.
How you doing anyway??
Emma has put up pics from Mauz's wedding - looks like a great time was had by all. xoxo
From GUESS WHOOO??? :)
hey sweetart!!!
hows it gong?
im 19 in 8 weeks.... omg im 20 next year.... NOOOOO... im getting old!!
miss you heaps. my e-mail is how specail i got my own e-mail.. now i got the net at home we should make a date an i will stay up and talk to you on msn on night...!!!
love you....
peace brudda
Response: Hey BetBet!! Hope you are still on that high you were on when you wrote the message!!!
love you heaps and miss you more than can say. xoxoxoxoxoxo
From Danski
I remember the green dress!!!!! Was it limish green with a high neck??
But now I dont know. I think Alice Gorman or Hannah Cummins wore a similar dress to the one I am thinking of. Wasnt your dress Amanda for the Yr 10 Ball bottle green?
Response: Yeah, I kept confusing it with the one from the Year 10 ball I think too. But I sort of remember a dress with a high collar...
How funny that it's getting worn now. Tis good I reckski.
Hope your ok. Love a.b xoxo
From Amanda
Hi Ab!
Hope you are well. Looks like you and Loz are having fun! I remember running into her randomly in Canberra and I thought I was seeing things. Guess what? Remember that green dress of my Nana's that I was going to wear to the Year 10 ball, and you really thought I should, but then I didn't like it? Well, I am wearing it tonight!! Made me think of you, then I dreamt of you... not that that's anything unusal!!
Take care! Amanda XOXO
Response: Yeah - Lauren was telling me she saw you there!
Hmmm, I cant remember exactly what that dress looks like - but good on you for wearing it now!!! That means you are still as skinny as you were then!!! ;)
Am gonna look you up on facebook actually - that would be a good way to stay in contact!!

Have just had a look for you on it and you're not there. - you have probably heard of it. Emma Lawless is on it!!

From mum
Hello, How are things going. Dad went off to Melb to hosy to-day. Thank the Lord. They are hoping to do some tests in next couple of day's, then finally operate,I guess. He is quite well, just got Gangrene. Ben'sB/Day tuesday, we will go over on Sunday. All kids are good. My diet going well. Lovely day here to-day. sunny. The days are getting longer, will be spring soon, can't wait, has been very cold, but very short winter. Dan is good I think, sounds good. All the others same, havn't asked hard questions lately. Brij seems to like her new job. Ordered new glasses last week, havn't got them yet, they are great, lime green with black arms. Better get some tea. love to you b oth and Laurren. xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi mum! have spoken to you since this message. All is same here. Am picking Lozza up soon. xoxo
From spaz
hey dude, just reading your site - hope all is good = put something in the mail for you yesterday so dont know how long it will take to get there so yeah, hope you like, all our love, spaz and spazier
Response: Oooh! I love mail like that!! thanks caz. havent got it yet but sayin thanks anyway!! How is spazier? Dad told me that you two are workin on weekends together. So sweet. Rob says gday. xoxoxo
From bet bet
krystal says hi back atchya!!
she cant wait to go travelling and come and see you and bobbo!!!
dont know when it will happen but it should in the next few years!!!! you mite be back before then!!!!
love you..... xoxoxoxoxox
Response: Yeah I dunno bout that Bet Bet... You and krystal need to get saving them pennies if yous gonna come over ere!!! That'd be awesome. And remember how I always shout my lil sis??? I would if you came over. I think Im gonna have to stay for at least another year or so coz have just paid so much money for the government to let me stay here... All the time Im thinking Doh!!! xoxoxoxo
From bettswali
allo poppett...
put some new pics on myspace its

love you long time
Response: they are gorgeous betti!!! you are beautiful!!! Hi to kristal and the girls. Rob says gday mate. xoxoxo Love you too lil sis. xoxox
From Danski!!
Hey mate,
Just on the phone to mum... At work. Will do some soon. Best get off the phone now though cos she's cracking it while I'm on the phone. Hope all good. Love Dan. XOXOOXO
Response: All good dan. Ill try and call when you finish your arvo shift. xooxoxo
From mum
Just cleaned up, have had all the kids home. Had a really nice day, and it was a really nice day, we had lunch out in the sun, the first time I have been on the patio for months. We just had sausages and salad, no work, was great, Nat bought round left=over Pav, had a little bit, was un-real. Hope to hear from Dr's tomorrow, Linda is here, so that is good. Ben and Mel were hear too, Mia is absolutely gorgeous. They are all well. Say hello to Rob, must away. Love you xxxxxxxx
Response: Rob says hello back and Rob's family. Miss you all so much. Glad linda is at Yarra - Lauz and i are still planning little swifty getaways... Sun came out this morning for half an hour which was nice... Cloudy now. Probly gonna rain.

Will talk to you soon. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
From nat
Hi Ab, just in from doing the soccer mum thing. My toes are starting to thaw out as i type. Kids are all good had colds and stuff, James has been home couple of days sick too! New car is ace! possibly a little flash for little old me.Pool is finally finished! Yippee! Just need some warm sunshine now to use it!Things are slowly coming together, working on the next project now which is the carport. Can't put my precious out in the cold and frost now can I? Shelley and Glen are coming over for dinner had better go and check the pav in the oven, give my love to Rob, miss you both, Nat
Response: Ooh. I have forgotten the car's make/model - i wanna look it up on the net to have a perv! what kind is it again?
Yeah, tell me about needing warm sunshine. It is bloody 15 degrees here today and it is supposed to be the heat of summer!!!
Gotta go - goin to see harry Potter am excited!
Love Ab. xoxo
From mum
Hello there, no news on Dad yet, supppose we will hear on Monday. freezing here and I just had Pizza, not good, but I have been very good. Dad is watching the footy,very boring and Marsh Big Brother ,so I am on the computer. No news but. How is Robs Pa. Linda is very sad to have left her home, but I am sure she will be happy in the new one. Must away, Love to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Rob's Pa is same thanks for asking. How is our Grumpy? Hope he is ok. Am gonna write and send him and Nan a card (feel guilty going to see Rob's grandparents all the time and not seeing my own!)
Will probably call you tomro. Am at work today and tomro but just 6 hour shifts - they are great!
Love Ab. xoxo
From spaz
hi darl, my thoughts are with you and rob for robs pa, hope everything is o.k, love caz
Response: Thanks Caz. He is still same... Rob says thank you very much.
Ab. xoxoxoxoxoxo
From danski
Hey mate,
Am at the Kids printing out last minute lecture notes... But this semester is going to be better- I have promised myself!! Also, will send you an email on gmail. Love ya, Love Dan. XOXOOX
Response: Got your email ta - migraine?? Hope you feel better. Yeah, I know what you mean about getting more organised.. I feel the same; as in have to just kick ,my butt into gear for this second half of the year!!
Love you too. xoxo