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Kathryn and Adam Do Asia

Welcome to our blog of life somewhere in Asia. Four weeks of excitement and adventure and as little dog as possible.

Diary Entries

Monday, 13 October 2008

Location: Ungarie, Australia

Home sweet home,

How good do we have it here, we don't think that you can really appreciate this untill you go to another country.

We will miss the smog, the crutchless pants and foul odours that come up from no where. We also really missed our night sky, we don't remember seeing any stars at all whilst we were away. Some days in Beijing we did not even see the sun.

The trip was amazing though a great experience and memories we will have for a long time. We now have to get to editing all of the video footage and pictures for everybody to see.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us up to date with what was hapening back home. Will get some more photos up on here at a later date once we get our heads around having to get up and go to work, agh!!

See you all soon.

Adam and Kathryn

Friday, 03 October 2008

Location: Patong Beach, Thailand

Hi all, and hello semi civilisation!! It is nice to back in a nice resort etcm and from we can work out able to drink to the tap water, will keep you noticed on that one though.

Hong Kong finished up well, not sure if we would rush back though??

Where we are at the moment is pretty nice, and convenient. we are heading to Phi Phi island tomorrow for the day of snorkellig and monkeys. We will also hopefully get a elephant trek in as well. Adam's diving might be on the go slow with a big thanks to China and their filthy air, and a big hello asthma again. Yes mum I am using the pulmicort!! I know lucky you made me take it!!

We have found everything outside of the hotel is at least half price so we are off shortly to find some dinner. We head off from here on Tuesday for a two night stop over in Bangkok and then back home. Will update this a after our trip with hopefully some cool pictures.

Ruby if we don't get back to this before your birthday have a wonderful day and we hope that you are feeling better. You will have to wait untill we get home to get your present.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 01 October 2008

Location: Hong Kong

Hi all,

Sorry we have not updated more recently but a bit hard to find internet access. Just a quick one, we are in Hong Kong at the moment, starting to recognise more foods which is nice and less people are looking at us. We went to Disneyland the other day which was pretty cool, and yesterday we went to Macau, which was an hours ferry ride across. It is the LAs Vegas of the East, apparently a table here turns over 10 times the equivalent in Vegas.

We went to the Venetian Casino, WOW!!! This place was amazing complete with its very own internal canal with singing gondola rides. The Casino floor was divided into four sections which we reckon all of Australia'a casino's could have fitted on to one!

Just grabbing some breakfast and making themost of the free internet. We have finally found a toasted ham and cheese sandwhich, yeah.

Off to Thailand tomorrow and we will hopefully get some pictures up there. I thkn we ar eup to around 1500 photos and about 12 hours of video footage. Just having a look around Hong KOng today going to catch the star fery and head out to Stanley.

It is Chinese national day today so they are having a fire works demonstration tonight which should be really good as long as we can find somewhere to see them through the crowds.

All the best,
Kathryn and Adam

Friday, 26 September 2008

Hi All,

In Yangshuo at the moment, we head off to Hong Kong tomorrow night. We are excited because we think we have found a place that we can watch the AFL GF at tomorrow. It is very humid here though. We went for a bike ride today which was really good. We ended up at Moon Hill which is more like a boomerang than a moon but I couldn't convince anyone. I do not think the Chinese have seen many boomerangs!! We then headed out to a cave which we crawled through, boated throug and swam through. It was really good. We finished up with a swim and than the ride back to town. A great day. Sorry still no photos just can not get reliable enough internet here should have better luck in Thailand. Will try though at Hong Kong. This place is unreal, hopefully somwhere we can come back and visit some day.

We went for a walk this afternoon and found what they call the farmers markets. Very interesting, with guts lying basically everywhere, fresh lizard, frog, turtle, duck, chook, snake and even dog. It was really hard to comprehend that there were these dogs in cages that were not there to be taken home as a pet if you know what i mean.

Anyways time to go and have some dinner!!

Bye all!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Location: Xian, China

Hi we are in Xian today probably best pronounced (she arn). It is totally different to what Beijing was like, kind of what we expected China to be like. It is a little dirty, lots of smog, our tour guide today tried to tell us that it was fog?? it ryhmes with fog but fog it is not.

We caught an overnight train down from Beijing, 6 people to a room probably a bit smaller than our bathroom. I couldn't lie flat on my back as the bed was not wide enough for my shoulders and arms. It was fairly comfortable though kind of like cruising in a boat a gentle rocking motion.

We arrived in Xian around 9am Tuesday morning. We saw the drum and bell tower, and rode a bike around the top of the city walls. It is about a 14km ride. The city itself is one of the oldest in China and the original city is completly surrounded by a 14 metre high wall with a moat in front of it. The wall is 18 metres wide, so it is a fairly dominating figure.

That night we went to hot pot which was quiet an interesting dinner. From here we watched a light and fountain show which was pretty amazing. We hope all of the photos turn out well. Today we went out to the terracotta army, and it was very impressive although the tour guide that was supposed to take our group around managed to lose half of us and the majority of the information was in chinese. So we made up what we thought they were trying to say.

We fly to to Yangshou tomorrow morning a 5am start. Keep the messages coming and will try and get some more photos on when we get to Yangshou.

Gumbai, (Cheers)

Adam and Kathryn

Monday, 22 September 2008

Location: Beijing, China

Bye Bye Beijing, We now depart you after a week of exploring and calling you our home.

It has been a great week here as we are getting ready to board the overnight train to Xian. We have seen some olympic moments, some great walls and amazing parks and palaces. We also managed to get our tour leader abducted by the police???

We are a little unsure of what to expect of our train ride ahaed but that is what tis trip is all about.

We actually got sunburnt today, yes i know the sun was out and the sky was nearly blue. We hit the Forbidden City today and we were given strict instructions not mention Tibet or the 1980's incidents as we walked through Tiannamen Square. The Forbidden city is an enourmous place that was built during the Ming Dynasty about 600 years ago. Most of the famous attractions in China were done during this time. It is to hard to expolain but hopefully the pictures will help show the enormity of this place.

What is difficult to uinderstand is that the Qing dynasty was th elast emperor in China and they were overthrown in the early 1920's. The descendents of the Emperor are now everyday people, all of their wealth and property was taken from them and they are in somewhat exile/hiding, from what our tour guide explained to us. Enough of the Chinese history.

From here we went to the Summer palace for the afternoon. We only had twp hours here so we hired a little motor boat to explore the massive lake. All up the park is 2.7 square kilometres, it was built yes you guessed it in the ming dynasty and was used by th emperess as a playground during the summer. So we cruised around at about a good doggy paddle and saw the park from the water.

We re still getting used to the fat tha tpeople keep starring at us and wanting to have their pictures taken with us or secretly snapping photos at any time, very funny stuff.

No photos this time will get some up when we hit Xian.

Again hope all is well.

Kathryn and Adam.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Location: Beijing, China

Kathryn's Birthday, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated this on the great wall of China today. Very early start around 6am to get out there. It was a two and half hour drive. We all sang Kathryn Happy Birthday on top of the Great Wall of China and then ate Custard Tarts as they were the closet things that Icould find for a cake.

We can now see why they call it the great wall, somewhere in its name it should include bloody steep climb to the top as well. We have posted some pictures for you to have a geezer at. Our tour group seems really good so far with all poms and one spanish girl who lives in te UK. See pic for names.

We are a little concerned though over the size of the rabbits, but we concluded that the "GREAT" rabbit must be extinct, most likely eaten as there appeare to be no signs around the wall.

It has rained most of the afternoon and into the night as well, but thankfully not whilst we were out at the wall. It is definantly somethign that everyone must see in the flesh to really appreciate it.

We went to some CRAP Kung Fu show tonight, pretty ordinary but made all the better for the walk there through the rain, arriving late, exiting to have lost our guide to get us home. We managed this in the rain and all and some broken chinese or chinglish. On arrival we find Peter the guide ordering some dinner to inform us that he was taken away by the police. As he did not have his identity card on him this made it worse. After some questioning and a phone call to his mum to get the local police from his town to vouch for what he was doing he was released. They have a saying, much like the one from Blood Diamond, but it is TIS, this is China, we have coined another one, OIC only in China.

All good and well Forbidden Kingdom tomorrow and then bye bye Beijing and hello sleeper train, and the Xian. Talk later.

Thanks again to everyone for the updates and birthday wishes. Enjoy your last week at school guys!!

Adam and Kathryn.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Location: Kings Joy Hotel, China

G'day, the Chinese really don't enjoy that as much as you would think. we don't think Steve Irwin is all that big here?

New place today, new China. We think where we have been staying and eating and visiting has been very westernised, this has now changed. we could have eaten our first dog today, but decided against, and settled for what we thought was chicken and beef. Three dishes for lunch and some drinks all up $12 aussie.

We had a sleep in this morning as we are still trying to get over the flight here. Once we packed up off on the subway to our new stop. It is still funny to see that there are so many Chinese people that must be in Beijing for the first time as they have little idea on how to use the ticket machines and get through the security checks and gates.

At our exit station was when we realised that we had finally found what we expected Beijing to be like, people everywhere, kind of like when they first open the doors at a myers stocktake sale, crazy. We worked it out that if I went first and Kathryn tucked in close behind that seemed to biounce off me and make a nice little clear path. This sounds really bad but imagine 1.3 billion people, and then trying to get noticed, they can be pushy and persistent, they get as good as they give.

SPIT..... It is quiet funny the first time you see grandma hock up the biggest gollie and let it fly at your feet, trust us only funny the first time!!

The new accomodation is very good, clean etc. Single beds again though. We went for a walk through the Hutongs today these are the old Beijing, very tight streets with lots of little shops, and little doorways through to we think peoples homes. See the pictures.

We wnt for a stroll through Tiannamen Square today as well, they were removing all of the Olympic/Paralympic displays, lots of people - tour groups, posing to thave their picture taken in front of Mao and the forbidden city. Security checks in and out, we are wondering if all of the security will start to drop off now that the games have finished??

We meet out tour group tonight and head off for some peking duck for dinner. Tomorrow we are off to the wall at Simatai, and the Forbiden City on Monday. We are hoping to get in the Summer Palace as well.

Kathryn's Birthday tomorrow so will have to find a cake and some candles.

We hope everyone is well and thanks for all of the messages, we really enjoy hearing from everybody and what you have all been up to.

Bye for now.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Location: China

Has it been raining?? Don't forget to keep us informed what is happening back home, e.g football results.


Friday, 19 September 2008

Location: Beijing, China

Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes to date, and don't forget Kathryn's on Sunday.

Another hectic day today, sorry how can it be we are on holidays and having a ball.

I can not remember what we put in the last message, but we had a quiet night last night inpreparation for a big day today.

Kathryn had arranged a birthday present for me, which was a chinese cooking lesson. It was really good they came and picked us up from the hostel and off we went to the college?? It was only Kathryn and myself, the translator and the chef. He would show us what to do the first time and then we would do it. When I said that we would normally be drinking beer whilst cooking he dissapeared to come back with a few beers!! Cheers to Chan.

This took a couple of hours and the food we put out was pretty impressive if i say so my self. We got them to drop us off at the Temple of Heaven this place was pretty specky, it was used by the emperor to talk to heaven. I think all up the park was nearly 300 hectares. We spent a few hours here and then headed opff across the road to the pearl markets.

This place was as busy as the silk markets but the sales people were no where as pushy and rude. We got a few bargains in all I think 10 shirts and a belt for under $100 aussie.

Chill out tonight and then head off to our new hostel in the morning and meet up with our tour group. We are hoping to get out to the Summer Palace as well, but it is a little out of town.

Apologies about the photos but we will try again tonight and see how we go.

We hope everyone is well and will chat later. Not sure what the email access will be like from here on in but will do our best.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Location: Olympic Village, China

Hi all, Just at the olympic village catching up with Kurt before he heads home. They have done a great job with the village. Photo's timed out yesterday so we will try again later. BLUE SKY today yay!! Anyways have to go all the best!!

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Recent Messages

From Grace
You are home now and you seem happy to be home. Ewwww... YUK! crutchless pants... sounds great... NOT!!!
Well anyway... I better go...
Response: Yea Grace it is good to be home
From Ash,Kathryn&Reece
Hi Guys,
Sounds like to are having heaps of fun. Busy Busy here with Champagne Princess having her first "Real" overnight trip last week. All went well. Reece is growing up fast, Pushing 7 months now!! Kathryn we caught up with your family and friends when they came through Airlie which was good.

All the best to you both talk soon

Ash , Kathryn and Reece
Response: Real overnight trip hey, how did it go. We are home now which is good. It is nice to wake up in the same bed 2 mornings in a row. Hope all is well
From Kaye Payne
We missed you both at the little five years old's party yesterday and last night at 'Crown Camp' but we all enjoyed the slide show of your travel pictures during the night.

Ruby is a real little party organiser and with everyone participating in all the party games she had organised, (except for Pee Wee - he drew the line at pinning the tail on the donkey).

Chris thinks she will have a career as a wedding planner. We had 'pass the parcel', 'pin the horn on the unicorn', 'pin the tail on the donkey', 'personalised party bags' for everyone & plenty to eat and drink. All the party scenes were captured on Ruby's new 'Fisher Price' digital camera and her slide show was also very impressive.

See you when you get home.

Kaye Payne

Response: Thanks for the update Kaye. We have made it safely home and will have to get all of our photos organised and video footage edited to show everyone.
From Alison
Have a good relax and wind down at the end of your holiday. What a much better way to keep everyone up to date than postcards!! A bit more rain on Friday night 17mm on our side of town and another 2mm last night. At least there will be a harvest! Manly won the NRL grandfinal 40-0 over Melbourne. Pathetic game to watch. See you next week.
Response: So far so good with the relaxing. Itis great to hear there has been some rain at home. We got to see the grand final here which was good. Head up to Bangkok tomorrow.
From Grace
What you've been up to sounds REALLY exciting. You will have to tell the whole class all about it because I am sure we will all want to know what the experience of it all was like. Anyway I hope you are both well and having lots of fun.
Anyway write back soon.
Response: Sadly Grace it is all cominh to an end. But we are both looking forward to getting home, the simple fact of knowing what you are eating is very nice. We have plenty of photos and pictures to share with everyone as well.
From Ruby, Tess & Lewis
70 points of rain this morning, good rain - looks like we may be getting the header out after a couple of years rest!! Enjoying the PreSchool holidays. We got 6 new love birds today - very exciting to have the birds back again. Ruby is much better after her little stay in hospital and ready for her birthday on Tuesday (we will save you some cake)!! Tess is as lively as ever and we haven't seen Lewi crawl for a couple of weeks now. Look after yourselves, enjoy the last few days of your trip and looking forward to catching up with you both. The Crown Camp Crew
Response: Good news about the rain. are you gettng excited yet Ruby about your birthday, the big 5. Some cake would be nice. See you guys soon.
From Tanya
Hi Kathryn & Adam

Can't believe your trip will soon be coming to an end. Enjoy the rest of your time o/s. The big grand final in the nrl is on tomorrow. I'm not overly concerned as St George aren't in it...... Had some rain overnight which was great, 14mm. It's still muggy, so hopefully we might get some more tonight. Daylight saving starts tonight as well and it's the long weekend, so it's all happening.
Anyway, best go, loving the photos.
Response: Good to hear about the rain Tanya. Maybe with another coach the old dragons might go a bit better next year.
From Kris
Hey you two!!! Sounds like you are having a great time...Kathryn Happy Birthday for the other day. I'm at home at the moment so you can't say i didn't make an effort to catch up with you both... Have fun, be Merry and catch up soon.
Response: Thanks, we spent the day at the wall which was fairly spectatcular. Catch up when we get home.
From The Parkinsons
We have all been following your trip and it sounds like your seeing lots of things and having a great time.We are enjoying the hols. We have had Henry W out to stay for 4 days so that was hectic.James is out at Wests at a camp for 3 days now so we are enjoying the break from him.
We had 86pts last week which was just in time.Gary and I Ellen and James went to Henty Field day during the last week of school ,lots of things to see. Kids met Glen McGrath which made their day. Have enjoyed reading your adventures...Relax and enjoy the rest of your trip.
The Parkinsons.

Response: We are finally relaxing, in Thailand very nice. Good to hear there has been some rain about. We have been lucky so far with the rain. Off to PHi PHi islands tomorrow to play with monkeys and go snorkelling which should be good. Will have hopefully uploaded some more photos. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.
Adam and Kathryn.
Everything fine here at home lovely days and cool nights. Supposed to be 30 today Wed.
Golf day went off alright 92 players and I won nearsest pin on ninth and won third in raffle. Talk at the moment Club wants to close the Golf Course due to costs meetings going on everywhere to try and avert the decision anyway we will see what happens. TC
Response: Thats good the golf day went well. Sounds a bit rediculous that they can not keep it open. I suppose it makes it a little easier to win when you organise the day!! All good here the resort is pretty special, hopefully see the pictures.

From Grace
Hey Mr Currey,
I am on holidays, but I am at school for a little while developing photos for photography. So I decided to check what you've been up to. Sounds like you have been up to ALOT of interesting stuff. I'm not really doing much for my holidays... which SUCKS... but oh well. I'll probably just be finishing off some stuff. Reward day was soo AWESOME... you would have had ALOT of fun if you were here for it. We did all kinds of different activities, poem writing about our teams, looking for different objects, water gun fights, paint fights and we had to eat different foods... none of them bad though. We had to have our hands behind our backs and lucky me I got spaghetti. I got it all around my mouth and on my noise... it was sooo MUCH fun though. I bet Rebecca.T when eating it, which was cool. I don't think there is much to write about, but it sounds like you are having ALOT of fun. Anyway write back soon.
Response: Sounds like the term finished off well then Grace. Good luck woth your developing. We are off to Phi Phi island tomorrow to play with monkeys and go snorkelling at the lagoon where they filmed the movie The Beach, it hopefully will be a good day. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.
From Maggie Payne
Hawthorn defeated Geelong 89-115. It was a very close game, Hawks just got away in the last quarter. Geelong were not kicking very straight and missed a few goals in front, with 23 behinds. We're on school holidays at the moment.
Bye. MP
Response: Thanks Maggie, we actually got to listen to the last 5 minutes on the internet. It looked like a close game. We are in Hong Kong at the moment it is very different to China more like what we are used to back home and everyone has stopped looking at us and taking pictures. Enjoy your Holidays.
From The Boytons
Hi Guys, Sounds like you are having some great and interesting experiences. I hope you havent eaten anything too weird. All is well here. We are getting ready for camping next week. Attempting to put up the tent today to have a trial run. Will be interesting. Mostly organised just a few more things to get and we will be set. Alex is very excited about going. William is still rolling all over the place, you hear a sqwark and he is stuck up against the lounge or in is playgym. It is quite funny. I have been doing a few casual days, holidays now so no more phone calls for a few weeks. Car is still safe and sound. Might take it for a run sometime this weekend. Take care and be safe.
Love Us
Response: Hope the tent putting up was a success. Enjoy the week down the coast. It is National day for China today so there is a massive fire works display tonight which hopefully we won't get trampled at. Fortunatly everybody is a little smaller over here!!
From Carol (Mrs R)
Hi Adam & Kathryn,
Sounds & looks like you're both having a great time. Keep enjoying it and keep safe for the rest of your trip. Adam how's that bonding going? Your 'fog' may have been a little easier to take than our huge dust storm on Monday. See you both next term.
Response: Yeah it has been a blast so far. We are in Yangshuo now untill tomorrow. It is kind of like the major backpackers spot for china. Lots of westerners and I even found a bar tonight that we can watch the AFL at tomorrow
From Stace
Hi Guys..I hope you are well - as usual we are flat out here. Adam I hope you had a great bday. Seems like you both are having a great trip...I hope you guys will come back but?
Anyway see ya next term I am off down the coast to continue teaching myself to surf - to add as well we had a massive dust storm here on Monday and I got caught with my top down on my car. Anyway take care.
Response: Always a bad thing being caugh twith your top down. The place we are in at the moment is great very western i suppose. Looking forward to Thailand. Where abouts are you heading to on the coast to continue the surfing?? Enjoy the holidays we are!!
From Grace
Well it sounds like your missing home then, but having fun at the same time. It would really suck not being able to see the stars and the moon. School is VERY boring at the moment and we still haven't done our maths exam, due to the fact that not everyone has been here to do it anyway.
Anyway write back soon...
Response: Hi Grace the place we are in at the oment is great very touristy. We went to a water cave today and they had a great big mud pool with a slide in it, in the middle of the cave. We cam out for a good swim. It is very humiod where we are at the moment. Enjoy your holidays.
From Rachel Jackson
Hi Adam & Kathryn!
Just wondering if you went and had a jump around on the huge marshmallow thing that's in some great big park in the place you're in nowish (Xian) - I saw it on Kenny's World last night... looked like fun.
Response: Hi Rach, no we missed that we are in yangshuo at the moment starting to get very humid and warm. Off to Hong Kong tomorrow night. Xian was very dirty kind of what we expected China to be like. Glad to get out of there.
Adam and Kathryn.
Alls well at home with Mika still eating and big things from the other end. Onto Parkes Thursday for Ken and Moia's 60th wedding anniversary.
Little bit of rain about last few days and has turned cool again needed to light the fire.
Enjoy yourselves found any diamonds yet till next time.
Dad and Mum
Response: Sounds like your enjoying that a little to much Dad. Tell Mum that she has nothing on the drivers in China. We were in our bus on the way here and think just your normal road well we had four wide overtaking and another vehicle coming the other, in a crazy way it all seems to work. Very humid here like being back on the island again weather wise.
From Yr 12
Dear Mr Currey,
Since it is our last week of school and you are away missing out on the celebrations we thought we'd leave you a little present for when you get back!
Hope you enjoy it!
From your fav year! haha
Response: Yeah thanks girls, enjoy what is left of your week.
From Sall
I know happy birthday in Mandarin, I should have taught you that one, before you left!
Glad to hear all about your journeys!!
Looking forward to hearing about today's adventures.
Response: So far so good. In Xian at the moment definantly different to Beijing!!
From Grace
Hey Mr Currey,
Sounds like things are going well. I hope you are having lots of fun. I BET you won't want to come back...
Response: Thanks Grace we are having a great time over here, but it is nothign like home. We miss the clear skys and being able to see stars at night. We have only been able to see the moon once since we have been here, and during the day the sun looks like the moon if you can see it at all!!
From dane
man you been doing poo poo in that thing it aint no toilet it a stainless steel hole man have fun be good dont read my test hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Response: Yes they are a little interesting Dane, you have to be very accurate if you get what I mean.
From joel
it is my birthday today and i am having a great day
Response: Happy birthday Joel!! I hop eyou enjoyed your day.
From joel
man you been using a crappy toilet but it looks like yous have been having lots of fun so good luck and stay out of trouble
Response: It has been very good so far we are looking forward to a nice steak and lamb chops though when we get home. I ate chickens feet today. yum!!
Hi to you both hope you both had a good birthday. No surprises as yet like diamonds.
Mika is fine eating and jumping onto the back of the ute everytime we go out in the yard. Actually cleaned the carport out and the ute in parked in there.
Football Easts out Brisbane out
Warriors play Cronulla and Melb play Manly with winners playing Grand Final following week. Keep Safe
Response: No we have not found any diamonds yet mum/dad, but thanks we will keep our eye out. We came across our first dog on the menu the other day, ??? passed it up. Hope Mika is behaving herself.