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Adam & Kelly in Scotland

Hi all, here is our webpage that we set up for you to track or progress and adventures here in Scotland... hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave us messages.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Hi Again

Just thought we would quickly share you our Loch Ness tour. It was fantastic, just went last week so expected it to be freezing, still technically being winter, but it was a great sunny day.... well started that way. In traditional scottish style we got every season and type of weather, sun, rain, wind, snow and the fifth (scottish - liquid sunshine) more rain.

We had a fantastic, young, scottish, red haired (seriously) tour guide. No kilt or bottle of whisky in his hand though. He was so enthusiastic and had the best tales to tell it was definately the most interresting and funny tour we have ever been on.
We started in Edinburgh and made our way past Stirling to Glen Coe. It was a long day with lots of driving in the coach but Wil (the guide) was so interresting time flew by. On the way we made a rest stop and thats where we met Wils big, red haired giant friend Hamish.. a big hairy cow (literally). A true, highland cow, he was so cute.
Then on the way to Glen Coe we heard the story of the Battle of Glen Coe. The views of the three sisters (three mountains) were great and they still had snow on the peaks so it was really nice.
Then we made our way up to Loch Ness.... unfortunately we did not see the Loch Ness Monster (according to Wil she had gone to Florida for the winter - dont blame her either it was freezing)..
The Loch was nice but not what we expected. Very understated, no big signs or touristy stuff, no signs even. There was a tourist shop but thats it. We saw about 3 Lochs (lakes that is) on the way up and I think that Loch Ness is only special cause of the 'monster'.. we did hear some more great stories of course..

After that we made our way back down to Edinburgh, more stories and great views and snow, yep it snowed but only for a little while. We got to see great views of the Queensferry bridges as the sun was going down and then went for dinner in town..

It was a great tour and we are definately going to go again and do something else with Wil. He is so funny and so informative

Well, we will keep you posted as promised,
Adam and Kelly

Friday, 22 February 2008

Location: LONDON, England

Hi all,
Well I am back in Edinburgh again now, thought I'd write a bit before I start my full time job in a couple of weeks.
London was great, I worked five 12 hour shifts a week but it was still fantastic. Great to catch up with Ian & Pam, and Karley (thanks for all the help guys). Suprisingly it was also really good to get back into ITU nursing instead of all the ward work and home care I have been doing in Scotland.
I worked for the first 4 weeks but still got a couple of days off and managed to go out for lunch, visit the markets and spend Australia Day with Karley and other aussie friends having a BBQ!!!!! Yep not a typo, we had a BBQ and the sun was shining so much people where wearing sunglasses... it was great.
The hospitals I worked at weren't too bad, not like the good old JHH of course but still effecient enough. I found it hard that not too many people get in and help each other though. If I was fortunate enough to work next to other aussie or kiwi nurses it was okay but otherwise you didnt get any help to move or wash or do anything so that was a bit wierd..

The best part of course was when Adam came down to London to meet me. He came down last friday and we had a great 6 days together before heading back to cold raining scotland... We managed to get up to quite a bit so we felt really good.
On sat we went to the Borough Markets and walked around sampling all the fine food. Gorgeous cheeses (had to buy some and bring it home of course) and the best chocolate brownies we have tasted so far, and the happened to be gluten free - bonus!!!! We then got the train to Chelsea and watched the Chealsea vs Huddensfield game. It was a great game and Adam loved it and wants to see more now. It was so fast and skillful, (no offensive to the Jets - and trust them to get into the final when we are over here).. The supporters are crazy, which we anticipated anyway. Very vocal and excited and sing all the time, so that was nice to experience. We went into a pub before hand and the noise and singing, it was like they had just won the grand final...
We also managed a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. It was really lovely but freezing cold of course. It would have been great to jump into the natural hot springs at Bath instead... The whole town is just so picturesque and lovely, but not a lot to do there.
We did a bit of shopping and went to Richmond for lunch by the Thames River, it was a lovely sunny day and had a great time..
The last day we went to Tower bridge and london tower in the hope of going up and getting some good shots. As you can tell from the photos it was such a misty, foggy day. We are going to go back and do it some other time, not much point going up to the top of the bridge and not seeing anything...
Also, nearly forgot, we had a great dinner in Covent Garden followed by a west end show. We went and saw Chicago, which was good. It is performed all on the same set, with same costumes so not overly exciting but still a good night out... will definately be going to see more.

Thats about it, we packed a lot in and are definately keen to go back. We saw a nicer side to London (also the crap side of the tube, rude people, over crowded oxford st )... but are thinking maybe we should move to London. Just thinking about it at the moment cause we will have to sacrifice our own flat to share and costs are higher but we can travel more from there, more football games for adam, and great food markets...

Anyway will let you know... Hope all is well back home.
Keep in touch
Love Kelly (and Adam at the gym)

Friday, 04 January 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year!!! We hope you had a fantastic christmas and great new year celebrations.. We had a lovely, quiet, christmas. Just us and mum, dad and Jamie. Had the usual hot christmas dinner but could actually enjoy it this year as it wasn't a horrible 40 degrees... it was cool, about 3 degree (outside - had heater on of course) but no snow. Until yesterday - YEAH...

We have no officially seen (and played in) our first snow of the season.. aparently it did snow quickly when we were in Paris so missed that... It started snowing yesterday at dawn and was on and off all day really. We went for a walk down to the canal in the morning and caught in a blizzard (well not really but it was falling snow so we imagined a little)... Had a great time, everything is so beautiful and white, just when it started to melt it would snow again. We then went into town and by the time we got home that night there was enough groundcover to build snowmen (well snow midgets anyway)...

Princes Street and the gardens look just amazing this time of year. Not only is the castle all lit up and the trees leading up to it but the hills are all covered in snow. Heaps of rides were in town over christmas and the german christmas markets, ice-skating rink and all the lights. We had a great Hogmanay (new year) and went into the city for the street party. Couldnt really hear any of the music cause of all the people but had fun watching the fireworks. The highlight of course was the super fast and super high ride we went on - 130 feet high and wonderful, saw the castle from a new perspective (upside down)!!!

Well, now it is back to work and trying to make a living again... except tomorrow thats facials, massages and a trip to the Rosslyn Castle (from Da Vinci Code).. will fill you in soon.
Enjoy the pics and we will speak to you all soon

Kelly and Adam

Saturday, 08 December 2007

Location: Paris holiday, UK

Hi all,
well kellys mum, dad and sister joined us for our week in Paris and it was great!!!! Everyone arrived safely so that was a good start, no troubles with good old easyjet.. Our hotel was a bit out of the way near Paris Disneyland but we knew that. However what it lacked in location it far made up for in style, friendliness and was by far the poshest place we have stayed in. The staff were so friendly, cheese and wine tasting, crepe tasting (unfortunately we missed that much to adam and jamies dismay)..
Our week was filled with heaps of travel and activities, luckily we did manage a stay at home day and got to try some local pastries from the french bakery in our village YEAH.... Adam and dad tried the chocolate eclairs that were filled with real fresh chocolate custard not the dodgy fake cream... (mum and jamie had mini ones - so cute)
We went to the Eiffel tour, doesnt look much until you get close up and then by god its big... we only had a 15 min wait to get in so that was excellent. Dad and I went all the way to the top level (that tiny little rail all the way at the top of the photo) Mum went to the first level (stayed long enough to have a coffee and then went back down). Adam and Jamie only went to the second level but later thought that they could have gone to the top (yeah, yeah).... we managed to cruise by another day at night and saw the tower all lit up. Pretty impressive the whole thing looks like its made from gold..
On the sunday we visited the Louvre, again a great time and were lucky to only line up 20 mins and got in for free (YEAH....good too cause it was raining). Heaps of people but not too crowded. The inside was fantastic and lots too see. Old artifacts, paintings and my favourite were the Napolean apartments. The old furnishings were unreal...Not only was the inside fantastic but you could spend a few hours walking around the outside and looking at the buildings - massive and so intrique.
Came out of the Louvre and saw this horse procession down the street so we watched that for a while (couldnt get accross the street actually)... they were all dressed up in old clothes but couldnt understand what was written... then we went for a coffee. Mum and I got our first taste of Cafe Chantilly (cappucino with a heap of whipped cream on top- yummmmm). We searched everywhere for coffees like that from then on..

We had a break in rain and managed a trip down the river seine on a river boat which was fun... jamie got to listen to her music while we all took in the sites. Really relaxing - adam and dad spoke to some people from brisbane...

Another great site was Notre Dame of course. We went there after the Louvre (and the great coffee) and were thankful to get into somewhere dry. The rain was awful with a fierce wind. We fortunately managed to arrive right on Mass and it was a sunday (much to jamies dismay you should have seen her face :O ). The cathedral was breathtaking. Not as pretty and decorative as St Pauls in London but archetechually lovely. We saw the priests walk out and listened to the organ and church singers so that was nice - very busy though...

Oh nearly forgot...also went to DISNEYLAND.... YEAH. Had a great day, little rainy but not really. No line up and the longest we waited for a ride was about 8 minutes so fantastic day. There were heaps of people there but you felt like you had the whole place to yourselves. We saw 2 show and 2 parades and went on heaps of ride - our favourite one 3 times.... We stayed around til close at 7pm but well worth it cause we got to see the castle all lit up and a massive light show down the street etc... Jamie had a great day also (cause it wasnt a museum hehe) and even mum went on a few rides (buzz lightyear)...

The other major attraction was Sacre Coer which I loved. Not sure why really cause inside its just another church. I think it was cause its on a hill and you had to walk though the backstreets of paris to get there... and the view of paris was amazing from there - again lovely weather....

So thats our trip in a nutshell, tried to condense it but as you can see there was just so much to do and I haven't covered it all yet.....
Have included some photos so have fun...

Speak so
Au revoir

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Location: queensferry, UK

Hi All,
Well I wasn't going to write another entry for a while, mainly because not much interresting has been happening, BUT we had probably the best day so far in Edinburgh - had to tell you about it. Adam and I took a lovely cruise down the Firth of Forth to Incholm Island (thanks to Ange and Andy - and a BIG thanks).
To start, we woke up and it was a beautiful day in Edinburgh, that is, no clouds, no rain and a hot 20 degrees. So we headed into South Queensferry on the bus. As soon as we get there I fell in love. Queensferry (what we saw of it) has the nicest little cobblestone streets, and a beautiful view of the rail bridge and newer traffice bridge. We had an hour or so before we got on the ferry to go to the little Incholm island so we went into the cafe accross from the water and had a coffee. The restaurant had a whole lot of old photos and paintings from when the bridge was getting build hundreds of years ago (over 200 actually)....
After a look around we boarded the ferry and took the 40 min ride to the island, listened to the commentry and had a nice windy ride on top of the ferry (but the sun was shining still YEAH)..
Incholm island is just lovely, so green and lots of hidden nooks and crannies.. we walked the whole island in less than an hour so its not that big. We were lucky there were only about 14 people there the same time as us and spread out we sometimes felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We managed to meet the caretaker and were lucky to get a few stories of the church ruins and how the new church was built and about the monastry etc...
We had a great day and managed to get some lovely photos (I have put them up for you to see).....

So in the midst of finding a job and not having our own place yet it really was a little island paradise for a while... a BIG THANKS again to Ange and Andy it was the best present ever.....

Hope you are all well, and will no doubt catch up soon.
Thanks for listening
Kelly and Adam

Thursday, 06 September 2007

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Hi All,
Well we have been here for a month now and still sticking it out!!! I know you probably wont believe it but not much is happening unfortunately. We are still looking for jobs, I have passed my nursing program YEAH!!! and now just waiting for my paperwork to come through and my checks from back in Oz. Adam has applied for a few jobs and had a few interviews so waiting to hear back also...
In the meantime we have been having a look around. The guys we are staying with took us up to St Andrews the other weekend, it was just beautiful. Took the coast road up and everything out of the window is bright green and lots of old ruins and lots of sheep!!! We had a great walk around the town and through the castle ruins, didn't get up to the golf course though.
Adam and I spent last weekend in Glasgow which was lovley. Went for a walking tour around the merchant city and saw lots of old buildings, churches and museums. A lot like Edinburgh but bigger and not quite as beautiful. But boy does it make up for it in shops.... there are hundreds of shops and some good ones at that. We bought 2 jackets, 3 pairs of shoes and some tops...not much really. (we will be back).
We had a great time looking around the museums, they are so great over here. Not your typical look at stone statues or old clothes type of thing, they are really informative and interactive. Any kid any age would love it (yep adam had a ball).
Nightlife in Glasgow is big... unfortunately dress sense isn't. The young girls were getting around in not much more than beach wear.. it gets to about 10 degree at night aswell.
The weather hasn't been too bad. Not too much rain really. Better than the summer they had anyway.. It is about 19degree today, so getting around in shorts etc. Sun doesn't go down until about 930pm.
Well apart from the galavanting around the country we have mainly been trying to find work etc. Luckily we are able to take a friends flat so dont have to pay bond etc. we move in mid october so are staying with Joy til has been really helpful.
Until then we will continue to drink good beer, eat the great chocolate and deserts they have here and try to look like real poms.....
Hope you are all well. Have tried to reply to you, just to let you know if I reply your whole message comes up for all to read so if there isn't one there I have probably sent you an email..
More pics of course
Love Adam and Kelly

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From Hailey & Julie
Hi guys!
Happy New Year. Your photos look amazing. Go the Manbag Snowman, is Corey becoming a metrosexual??
We are all well, busy back to work and life. We missed you all at christmas.
Love you heaps
Hailey and Julie
Response: Hi guys,
I think corey has been infuenced by adam a little, yes... Edinburgh isn't the same without you Jules, wish you were here... Miss you heaps.
From deb
Hi Kelly, Adam, Jamie, Prue and Corey,
Just checked out photos and wow they look so beautiful. Your dad Kel looks like a funky french guy with his groovy beanie, louvre spectacular and the Tower at night, oh la la! Have a great christmas everyone. It is cold here in downtown Denver. -18C last Saturday brrrr... debxxxx
Response: It was lovely, your photos, very cold...brrr. Talk soon kel
From Deb
Hi Kelly & Adam,

Kelly i here you are working in Dublin. Wow beautiful city hope you have some time to enjoy the scenery and explore the city. Your email is down, do you have another one? Adam, hope you are singing those christmas carols with the crazy Scotts!


Response: Hi Deb, sorry dont have another email address. Am waiting for a day off to log on and see whats happening... havent seen much Belfast, working 68hrs a week.... hows the packing
From Deb Newcastle
Hi Kelly & Adam,
Photos look fabulous and there is oodles more to experience! Hope you have settled into new digs ok. thank you for lovely card Kel, countdown now on. Will call you soonxx wish i was there for a few pintsx
deb ericxx
Response: Thanks Deb,
Will add more photos when mum, dad and jamie come over for their trip. Have fun packing and will come to visit next year (thats only a few months away aswell)...
From Aunty Margaret & Nan
Nan just seen photos and hopes you are enjoying yourselves. We remembered Adams birthday today so "Happy Birthday Adam" are sure your will have a pint or two. Any way keep photos coming Bye now Love Nan & Aunty Margaret
Response: Hi, thanks for the wishes. have had few pints yep, and done some shopping in glasgow..... will talk soon. Thanks heaps for the message.
From adrian
told you the chocolate was better!!
Response: Chocolates....I dont even eat them but thats not stopping me here. they are so much better (so is the beer and the pubs and the supermarkets but dont tell anyone)
From Jess
Hi you guys! Great to see some photos, but i just have one question... Where are the guards with the funny hats?!?!?!?! That's all you think about when someone says they went to Buckingham Palace - well, it's all I think about anyway : )
Keep having loads of fun,
Jess xoxoxo
Response: Hey Jess,
Sorry about the late reply. London is very fashion conscious now you know, no really they come at the changing of the guards..... lots of people takes about and hour and you dont see much... get it on dvd hehe
From Jodie
Hi Kel
Just a quick note to tell you that I have checked out your webpage...its great, what a good idea!
We can follow you around the world! Love the photos too :)
P.S. Its raining here again!!!
Love Jodie
Response: Thanks jodes,
how is joss? I have sent you a lengthy email...,make a cuppa b4 hand XX
From Kylie Mott
Hey Guys,
Seems like you are having a BALL already even if some things haven't gone to plan. I am sure in time you will get it all sorted and be in the swing of London living before you know it!!

The photos look great, it looks so warm there at the moment, unlike the freezing cold weather back here in Goulburn!

Remember to keep in touch or at least update your site and we can follow you from there.

All my love to you both,
Response: Hey Kyles
Hope you are well, how are the kidlets, and Golbourn. Don't worry our weather will definately get worse than you guys down there.
Speak soon kel