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Adele's travels in Africa

this is just a page so you can see my piccies while Im still here instead of boring you when I get home!!!!!!!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Good Morning!

Hope you are all well?????
Well Ive just had the most amazing iced coffee so Im wide awake
Im in Kisumum again, sadly because Sandy is sick, she has malaria for the second time in a month so we've brought her to the AGA Khan in Kisumu, which is the most expensive hospital in Western Kenyan! but nice
so while Sandy was being pricked to death last night for blood I took myself off to the Imperial Hotel
Thankfully not as dilapidated as Blackpool's
It was getting dark and Id had no food and as its too dangerous to wander about at night in the dark I opted for a hotel with a restaurant
OK Im lying, Sandy had luxury so I thought I should get some too!!!!
We havent had running water or electric for nearly a week and with Sandy sick Ive been collecting water for two of us so I was very excited about the prospect of a hot bath
and it was delightful!!!
the 1 or 2 glasses of chilled wine were also very special
So Ive been kind of busy since I last emailed, the server will just not accept photos cos Im rarely in a place that I can get electric or a phoneline for a long enough period so fingers crossed Ill try again soon, if not Im going to try and send Photos via a USB key to Kat who wil email them out, hopefully but Im struggling to find a flash disk too?

I might have to do a pharmacy registration exam in Nairobi at the end of April so Ill definately get to grips with technology there, not very excited about the prospect of exams, I swore Id have at least two years off when I did my last diploma exam but no joy with the pharmacy and poisons board

Petticoat update!!!
Im sure youre all feeling very bad for me with my manky underskirt so I now have a black one with green designs on the lace and a white one with pink designs

So since I was last in touvh I have been implemeenting a new drug chart which kind of caused problems so Ive improved one and just need to trial again
but everyone said it was better and clearer they just need it to be bigger so I was going to get it done last week but with Sandy being ill and having no electric its been a tad of a nightmare finding time

Im now the financial officer for the Matata Puppetry group, which uses puppet shows to educate about AIDS and other Community issues. I have a t-shirt promoting Abstinence (Im maybe not the ebst person to be educating about that particular topic!)

Im still doing my classes at the school on 2 evening and 2 sunday afternoons a month

This weekend Im going up to Kericho which is the tea producing area to see one of our other volunteers and Ill be staying in the convent with them!
Then for easter Im supposedly going to Uganda white water rafting on the nile with 20-30 Peace corps so shall be very good fun, if it happens, things dont always go as they seem

Im also in the middle of trying to organise the pharmacology training for the student nurses so as you can see Im busy, I am missing you all but internet is so frustrating and phonecalls are a nightmare as mobiles are so expensive and there is only one payfone in oyusi that works which is 10 minutes walk away, but I cant go to it after dark!

So Im still trrying my hardest to send photos, hopefully of hunky americans in Uganda so bye bye Oriti Uru!!!!


Saturday, 11 March 2006

Location: kisumu, Kenya

HI, good afternoon its almost 4 here, this is the first time Ive nmanaged to get an internet that works, ie the phoneline works and there is electricity!!!!!!!!

I have to be quick cos the connection is so slow and Im running out of my allotted time

Im trying to email new pics but it will take too long today so I need to get up at a ridiculously early morning maybe tomorrow

my typical day
awake at 6 cos the chickens in the back yard start fighting, then the woman next door starts washing and cooking breakfast

Obviously Im runnning for 50 minutes every morning!!!!!!!
then breakfast a bannana (gorgeous and sweet)
wash in a bowl with cold water in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then start work at 7-45, I know have a nurses uniform (not flattering at all but its thin) but as my normal self, the day i was given my new uniform I managed to get locked out of my room so I only had a blue bra and a g-string to wear, its slightly transparant so now I have a petticoat!!!!!! very norah Batty

We have the report from the night staff on all the patients then we go and visit the patients with just nurses, then we sing hymnson every ward and say a prayer
then I go round separately to see all the charts and woek out what we dont have!!!! ie lots of drugs
then we thoroughly clean all the hospital, luckily the pharmacy is very small so i get to damp-dust!

then ward round with the Dr, takes agaes, but finally he's starting to talk a bit more to me I think he thought I didnt know anything about drugs when I got there
then sort all the drugs for the ward, involving putting tablets into brown envelopes with the patients name on
ythankfully no labelling policy to adhere to
as for CD policy I have now made a CD cupboard and opened up a CD register, for the pethidine, its a drawer with a lock in my desk that says DDA cupboard in masking tape
then lunbch
I usually walk to the posta and back to try and get on the internet
and fail, that takes an hour, there and back after you've greeted everyone and asked how they are and how is the family
the afternoon is pretty slow
I read the paper cover to cover every day, its expected of you, but I have a few things up my sleeve to keep me occupied

then finish work at 5
no coffee break all day so I am almost caffeine free!!

then if its ,mmarket day we walk up and get local food, beans, egg,rice,potatoes and sukuma wiki (very addictive green stuff)
then it takes ages to cook anything cos the cooker isnt very reliable
we are in rainy season so we get in before 7 so it starts raining when we're in the house and there is usually no electric till about 10pm, but Im tucked up under my mosquito net by 9-30 nearly every night cos there isnt anything else to do!
but were moving houses at the end of this month so Ill be able to kit it out with other lamps and things so I can study in the evening and stuff as I might have to do an exam for the pharmacy board
also 2 nights a week I help out at the local vocational school for AIDS orphans (14-18yrs) that is like a boarding school but im teaching healthcare things on a Tuesday and computers on a Thursday
so anyone with a computer you dont want, also any kind of teaching things or play things like footballs etc let me know and Ill arrange the costs for shipping

so better go Ive been ages ill try and send pics soon I promise
other than that I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!

Working all those bloody hours for superdrug was so worthwhile
If youre ever passing Tesco Roundhay send them my love!!!

love to all of you, sorry I havent been in touch much I promise to try harder

speak soon
(African queen)

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: UK

Sat in my mum and dads front room in Blackpool doing my last bits and pieces, been a very busy week (as per normal). Tesco, then Harrogate, then blackpool, then Scotland, then blackpool, then Doncaster and then blackpool again!!!! Then down to London, to nairobi, to Kisimu!!! (at least its warm there!)
Dont expect me to be doing this all the time, dont want to bore you all but as soon as I have new piccies and stories of my gorgeous little hospital then Ill be posting again

Takecare and keep in touch

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