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Let's bite the Big Apple!

After more than six long months in Paris it was high time to take my backpack somewhere in this vast world! The chosen destination: the city that never sleeps, pretty good choice for an insomniac!

Photos - Click Below



A few pics on different places and people


Empire State Building

The highest building in NYC, it was before the Twin Towers.
Less than a minute to reach the top floor.


Election times

A few shots of Segolene Royal's last meeting; pascked with people, more than 40 000 but still wasn't enough for her to win....


NY thingies and funny signs

Just a few funny shots of a few typical NY thingies and a few funny signs... Guess my favourite one!!!


Brooklyn Garden and Museum

On ny first day went to Brooklyn with Carolyn. A beautiful blooming garden, with all different sorts of trees and flowers. Pertect time of the year!


The United Nations

On the east side of the city, a few blocks away from Time Square


Chrysler Building

The most magnificent building of Manhattan



The famous Canal St and Chinatown. Canal St goes from west to East and Chinatown in kind of in between. A sunday arvo, packed with people shopping for fresh (?) food and really cheap souvenirs.


Brooklyn Bridge

Linking Brooklyn, obviously!!! to the island of Manhattan. Built in the XIX Century and still standing, one of the landmarks of NYC


Ground Zero, ex WTC

Downtown Manhattan. The disappearance of NY's most famous landmark. Really emotional, especially when you have known the Big Apple with its Twin Towers... Can't imagine the cruelty of some people...


Miss Liberty

Just a short ferry ride away from downtown Manhattan, stands the mythical Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. A symbol for the American Nation and a gift from the French, at that time I guess Atlantic relationships were in a better shape...!

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Recent Messages

From jealous Jes
oh you lucky girl, you truly do see the beauty in the world don't you. all us viewers were almost there thru your photos gwen!! a couple of you would have been amazing too, but i know what it's like to be shy :)

where to next gwen? i'd love to feel like i am somehwere else again by looking thru your eyes or your lense.....
Response: Where to now?... don't have a clue, any suggestions ?! ;) Thanks 4 the message... Take care xxx
From monique
"Amazing" is the word , but not only when refering to that City I love too , but to YOU !
My ! You have THE eye for catching the beauty , "spirit" or detail of a scene or a place .
You're good ! your photos are as good ! I love the botanical garden ! so serene , colourful and inviting ! Next time I go over , it'll be 1st on my check list !
If you have more , I'm interested ! :)

PS noted something funny ! You did manage something unusual ! not a single shot of the world-wide famous NY yellow cabs that literally swarm over the City !... astounding ! :)
Response: Thank you... When you love something you always get to see the special things in them!!! ;) XXX
From Liz
Hey! I've always wanted to go to NY. How do you find the people there? What about the food? Spotted any famous people yet? Have you dance down Broadway? Have you tried to act Australian to see if you can get away with it? Is the Apple really that big?? ;)
Response: Hey! Just to make it short, waz awesome, people were awesome, the city was awesome and the apple is definitely big but still very 'humane'! Had a ball, should go there, it's really amazing!
Didn't act Aussie, except in pubs!!!! :) xxx
From Laurent
Hey, comment vas-tu?
NYC, c'est presque pas très loin de chez moi, il faut vraiment que je pense à aller y faire un tour, tu m'as donné envie!
Content de savoir que ça a l'air d'aller pour toi en tout cas.
Response: N'hésite pas si tu as l'occasion, c'est vraiment une ville à part! Contente d'avoir stimulé ton "travel bug"! bises et à bientôt
From Carolyn
Hi, Did you take the NYC photos?? Very good indeed. Looking forward to more. Carolyn
I did indeed! Glad that you liked my vision of your beautiful and unique city! x