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Aimee's Thailand Odyssey

I thought this would be easier to keep in touch rather than mass emails, and I can add more photos, let me know what you think - I will update as often as I can and I also hope to add in the past year's travels as well! Enjoy

Diary Entries

Friday, 01 June 2007

Location: Indonesia

Long time no update - sorry been busy
Thought it was time to put some pictures up from our trip to Indonesia, 4 of us went on a 2 week trip to Indonesia - mainly to see the Komodo Dragons.
We first flew to Bali, and had 2 nights there before going on to Flores Island, Bali was fine a bit quiet but we found a nice place with a pool and relaxed for a few days.
We flew to Labuanbajo on Flores Island, the plane was very small - you had to get weighed before getting on the plane (I pretended that my bag was seriously heavy!)
In the seat pocket was a prayer (in every religion you can name) asking that the plane lands safe and if not asking that the crews saves us - it certainly makes you feel safe flying!
Labuanbajo is a great little fishing village, extremely small you can walk it in 5 mins but a nice relaxing place. We organised a fisherman to take us out for a day of snorkeling - we went to 2 nearby Islands and both Islands we were the only ones there, it was a great day, and the snorkeling was good although we got badly stung by jelly fish.
We next organised a 5 day trip which would take us island hopping back to Lombok - stopping on the way at 2 islands which have the Komodo Dragons. The first was Komodo Island - as with the rest of the trip we were the only people on this Island = I am sure in high season it is crammed with visitors but we were very lucky to see it on our own. The dragons on Komodo were only to be found near the rangers hut although we did a 4 hour hike across the island hoping to see some others, it was a great walk and we saw, wild monkey, boar, and buffalo.
The next day we went to the other Island where the Komodo's live (Rinca Island) there were far more Komodos here and they were move active - we actually almost stood on one - the photo near a log as they are great at camouflage - good job we didn't as the next tourists could of been holding up our skulls to take photos with.
After Rinca it was 3 days of sailing and snorkeling - it was great very relaxing - we got coffee and breakfast brought to us each morning (just a shame it was a pancake with the consistency of wallpaper paste and it was at 5am) the snorkeling was great and for the majority of the time we did not see another boat - which became a problem when the engine broke and we ran out of water - I suspect we ran out of food as well because for 3 day we had variations on eggs and rice - was good for the waistline none the less!. It all worked out in the end and we arrived safely in Lombok, got a guy to drive us over the island and we caught another boat to Gili Meno, (one thing it took me about 4 days after the boat trip to get my land legs back - very strange sensations and I was only on a boat for 6 days imagine if it was longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gili Meno was paradise -we stayed at a resort where after the first night we were the only ones there, we parked off and relaxed, got another boat to take us out for a day on snorkeling - this is where we swam with the sea turtles - amazing. Mac got spiked by a sea aneome and Joy came face to face with a reef shark! As for me - I got robbed blind by the boat captain whilst we were stranded on a coral reef (suspiciously the boat wouldn't start!) Eek well its all part of the travel experience!

Well thats tfor now - not sure where they next holiday will be but you can be sure I'll let you know.


Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Location: Thailand

Good morning
Well, we have a 5 day holiday here which is all good, I have the NZ Ball at the end of the week and a bit of shopping and a pub lunch (how decadent during the week) before then. All is well here - it has started to get hotter - it is the beginning of the hot season - you kind of forget how hot it gets here, but my pool is still at sub zero temperatures. Hopefully it will warm up soon, it has a diving board which is the only way i can get into the pool and truly it is heart stopping when you hit the water.
My trip to Penang last week was good, managed to fit in some shopping, and a bit of rest and relaxation, it was very hot in Penang - much hotter than here.
I also stocked up on the gossip magazines - so I am up to play with all the latest news and views from hollywood. (Not much has changed!)
Well that's it - I'll write again after the ball and include more photos!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Good Morning
Its a surprisingly cold day here in Bangkok, a friend phoned this morning to ask if it reminded me of New Zealand, which to be honest it did a bit.
Thought it was about time I wrote another update, although to be quite frank not a huge amount has been happening, but I'll try my best to make it interesting.
We are having a bikini and bbq party at my house tonight for Alex's 3xx birthday (I don't think I am allowed to put her age) it should be a bit of a laugh - although given the temperature I don't think we will be swimming (or wearing bikinis for that matter)
The other weekend I went up to pattaya to see Dion in a Muay Thai fight, (which he won in the first round! - well done) Pattaya was great fun - I had forgotten how well it is set up for foreigners, the food is delicious - on the first night we went to a seafood buffet, which was amazing: lobster, prawns, steak, sushi - you name I tried to eat it! and it was unbelievably cheap!!!!!!
The next morning Miriam and Dion introduced me to their breakfast cafe - well that is going to be my downfall - you could get - toasted sandwiches!!!!! And unbelievably delicious! I had almost forgotten what it was like to eat toast or sandwiches for breakfast - and these ones were the top of the range - so the rest of my holiday was spent waiting for breakfast time so I could get more of these toasted sandwiches!
Enough about food!
We are off to the New Zealand Ball on the 17th February - am running around like a mad thing trying to get a dress made, it will be good fun - have got a good table and of course NZ wine and NZ Lamb is served- so I am going for that alone (here I am talking about food again!)
Well thats it for now - will add more photos on the weekend - my computer at work is a bit slow for uploads

Monday, 08 January 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Howdy all

I hope that you had a great Christmas and ate and drank to your hearts content!

I had a fabulous time – my folks were here and we managed to do a lot – but also take time to simply relax! So what did we do?

Well at the start of December we went south for a week, and stayed with Mac's parents, they live on the river and it was a great experience – they have a very simple existence but still have lots of fun, we sang karaoke and Mum had a ball dancing with Mac's Mum – their language barrier did not seem to matter everyone got on very well, although my head hurt a little from translating – still not as fluent as I would like to be – but that's a new years resolution! (along with giving up the fags!)

Then my folks had a few days at Bang Krut a nice seaside town – where they were able to relax, and enjoy them selves.

Then we went down to bring them back to Bangkok – we had the weekend at Ch-am which was great except for the infamous banana boat ride which ended with mum, mac and I getting attacked by Jelly fish! It hurt so much and 3 weeks later I still have great big scars on my legs!

Maurice then played Santa to the kids at my school – he really enjoyed himself and he's been booked for next year if he can make it.

Then it was off to Lopburi to see the monkeys – again a nice trip we took a friend of mine Kristen and Ruby June her 4 month old baby – it's a nice quiet town with great shopping and the monkeys are something else. Ruby really enjoyed herself – and she is the most amazing baby – not a cry in the whole 3 days traveling – talk about the perfect baby!

Finally it was Christmas eve, we were very lucky to be invited to another friend of mine Lyn and Patrick for a proper Christmas dinner- Lyn goes all out and we had prawn cocktail to begin, followed by a full Christmas dinner – ham, turkey, stuffing, roast veggies even Brussels sprouts! Followed by proper Christmas Mince pies – how she did I don't know but goodness me it was beyond delicious!

Then on Wednesday 27th (and Carol we had a birthday drink for you too!) we celebrated Maurices 70 th birthday, a bit early but it was a special night – he really enjoyed himself! We went to the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant – it is truly spectacular and the profits go back to the community which is nice.

And then they folks flew home! We drove south to spend New years with Mac's family and before I know it, it will be time to return to work, the holiday over!

Wishing you all a very happy new year and all the best for 2007!

Monday, 27 November 2006

Location: Lopburi, Thailand

Good Morning
Well I am back at work after a fantastic weekend in Lopburi, to see the Monkey Buffet.
The Monkey buffet is held each year around the last weekend of November in Lopburi which is 160km north of Bangkok. You can get there by Public Bus (MoChit), Train (Hualompong) or by mini van from Victory Monument - which is what I did - it's cheap and quick at 100 baht and taking just on 2 hours.
We stayed at the Asia Hotel - which was clean and tidy and great value at 300baht for an air con room, the hotel is in the old Lopburi and its walking distance to everything you need to see in town,
We had dinner at a great thai resturant called White House - at 9pm (or same toomb in thai) a good covers band plays, it was very relaxing to sit in the courtyard, drinking a cold beer and listening to good music, the band plays both english and thai songs, the female singer doing particularly well , some of her aucustic songs were powerful. Having been inspired by the band we headed back (after a stroll round town to work off the delicious dinner) the hotel had a karoke bar - so off we went to infliced noise pollution on the poor custumers. Good fun and te only thing i can say in my defense is that at least the English songs had by thai standard sexy videos (girls in bikinis) so it gave the other customers something to distract them from the dreadful singing.
Next morning we had a delicious full cooked breakfast at Nooms (opposite White House)
Then off to the Buffet, the buffet is held to thank the monkeys for the money that they bring to the area, the monkeys are not afraid of people and in fact mind your bags as they have a side line in pick pocketing. The monkey live in and around several of the ruined temples in town - nearby they also have made homes on peoples balconies. It was an amazing sight to see these wild animals so comfortable with large numbers of people, they certainly enjoyed the feast and in particular they are fond of coke, they will come and try to take it from you if you happen to have some on you. This year the townspeople made giant popsicles for the monkeys with frozen fruit and vegetables.
The monkey's are there to see anytime - not just the Monkey Buffet weekend, and its well worth going to the area to have a look. Nearby thee are several Waterfalls, Wineries, Rck climbing and the Sunflowers so plenty to see and do once you've had enough of the Monkey's.

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Hi there
Funny you should say that - i am seriously looking old old old! and its serious polly filla for me!
sorry to hear the old girl is suffering, hope it gets sorted soon,
will post pics of the komodos this weekend, they are seriiously ugly buggars and they stink!
talk soon
From Nixter
Finally got to the site! You look fab girl. You are now bookmarked so that I will hopefully not lose you again.
Be good and skype you later!
Response: Hey - you too - it was nice chatting last night, good luck with the house hunt
thanks 4 the birthday wish hope all is well,
From michelle
Hi there Aimee, Just found your website, thought I had lost it. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Still no cigs!! On holiday at present off to the beach to stay with Sally tommorrow. Hope all is well with love Michelle xxxxx
From tee
Hi! Aimee
I love the website.Thank you for website. I miss you and my brother mag very much.Take care.................................
Response: Hello
Glad you like the photos!
Talk soon
From Jane Somers
Hi Aimee,

Happy New Year to you!

Thanks for your wonderful update - Wow you look amazing - what have you been doing? Are you working out, or is it just the heat - you look so slim!

Our Summer weather has only just kicked in and it is humid. I have taken up Tennis again and was given an absolute hiding yesterday - never mind I just neet a bit more practice perhaps!

I hope you and Anthony are well and all of your family are healthy. Joe and I are well and are both looking foward to a great holiday this year.

Thanks for including me on your website and I look forward to hearing from you again soon - take care Aimee.

Jane x
From Mum & Mott
Great sight!!
Where are we?
From Deadlock
Hi Aimee (Mummy Ha Ha),
you look great and it sounds like your neva home "Party Girl", i'm coming ova in July so safe some party energy for me and cant wait to eat there seafood.
well take care miss ya heaps Love Deadlock :-) oxoxox
Response: That will be great - looking forward to it!
Hi Aimee you look amazing darling.
What a great website.
Happy Happy Party Party
Miss you.
Rob xxx
From Seonaid Lewis
Fantastic Aimee! Looks like you are having a great time!

Love from us all - Seonaidxxxx
From Lynn
Hi, Great site!!! And I saw meeeeee!!! Hey how come I am only in the party section.... Is that all I do? HAHAHA! We have not had a great night out like those for ages. Miss Ya!
Lynn D MC!!!!
From Stephen Cross
Great website Aimee. I hope you've had a good Christmas. Take care and have a Happy New Year!
From Rosanna
Aimee, I love the website. The photos are great! Everything sounds as if it's busy and going well. Can't wait to read more.

Merry Christmas!
Response: Thanks, happy new year to you too!
From Ngaire

Hi,love the website,think it's great.Wonderful pictures you have a lovely place.Think your bedspread is soooooo beautiful.Looking forward to see more.Take care

From Russell


Response: No problem - hope you had a great birthday.
Great photo's, lots more please
very jealous. take care
sarah, whetu, bree & lily
Response: Thanks so much - hope to add more photos in the coming weeks!
Love to the girls
From Christel and Dion
Hi ya!
Hey, great idea!! It looks so exotic over there....must be a great experience. You look great and seems to be having a ball!!!
Take care and have fun!