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Welcome to the travel journal of Lovely Ainhoa. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between going to the beach and discovering new places I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Monday, 08 July 2002

Well...only one day left in Oz for lovely Ainhoa...such a tragedy!!! looking back it seems at least two years have past since i first landed here...but the thing is's been just five months!!! surely... the most exciting and intense five months of my life...!
The last two weeks have been great. Back in Coral Bay...i finally went swimming with the whale sharks...for a bit of adrenaline rush! they are really big fish...! and fast too...and...amazing animals!
Only one bad thing...for the very first time i got sea-sick!!! it was horrible...i felt like shit! had to lie down for a long while until i could feel a bit better...then i jumped in the water again...this time to do some snorkelling and see the beautiful corals and millions of fish of the Ningaloo Reef...(am I allowed to say that this is a much nicer reef than the famous one in the east coast???? yes it is!...or at least i enjoyed more.)
As for my japanese friends...we kept bumping into each other anytime we had to catch a bus...they seemed to be so happy to see me again they would wave their arms and say my name very very everyone in the bus could recognize was embarrassing but very funny!
Coral Bay was one of my favourite spots in the west coast...i could have stay there for very long i reckon!but again, i moved on.
Next stop...the dolphins at Monkey Mia...and Markus and Nathalie...two guys i spent two days with having fun and laughing as ever before...for we shared the same sort of humor.It was great, we did a tour around Shark Bay and enjoyed Shell Beach the most. Millions and millions of tinny shells many we could not believe it if we don't see it! At night, we took our sleeping bags and went to the beach, lie down, looked at the stars and stay there until we froze. Then, back in the caravan...and warm again...we thought we were better off back in the there we went again. Great.And freezing too.
Cervantes was my next stop, a little coastal town where all streets are named with spanish names, such as Barcelone, Seville, Majorca...bla bla bla ...ha ha ...they wished....!!!
The only reason why you would like to stop in this village is to see the desert of the Pinnacles...fair it is absolutely gorgeous...
another reason to stay there..could be just to chill out...i guess!
And now, am back in Perth...and i am staying in my very first hostel in Oz...five months have past since then...five months full of experiences and emotions...five months i am even feeling a bit sure i will miss walking barefeet and marsh-mellows in the fire...and Greyhound driver's white socks rolled up to their knees...and...the sea and the aussie skys...and the southern cross!!!!and many other things i can't name now...there's no space for them all.
Thank you all for following my trip, it was good sharing it with you.
Hope you enjoyed it!


Sunday, 30 June 2002

It is the final countdown.... (tiruriruuuu...tiruriruriiiii....!)- but i am still enjoying loads...and i have plenty of things to do yet!
In Coral Bay at the moment...a tinny little place with just two shops, two caravan parks and a bottle shop. And a beautiful beach with pristine waters, heaps of coral and fish and sun sun sun...i am telling you...too much sun!!!!
Back to the stairway to the moon....i have to say it was absolutely is the first time that i see the moon rising from the horizon just the same way as the sun does...while thousends of people sat on the beach waiting for this moment...their cameras and flashes ready...a real espectacle...The moon did its appearance dressed in orange...and then released the famous orange if inviting us to join it up there in the sky...
Now, i don't know wether you understood me...but it was more or less this way! Ok, it was all about the moon-rise and its reflections on the mud ...for it happens during a very low tide. So simple as this but really beautiful.
After this, we enjoyed the night markets with all its hippy atmosphere that i so much adore!
From Broome to Exmouth...long trip again. As for Exmouth...i did not really like it very much there...still, i spent a day on a bike...riding empty roads on my way to the beach...and around the area...enjoying the funny termites from the Pilbara region...ha ha they look like massive poos!!!!
From Exmouth and from Coral Bay you can enjoy the Ningaloo reef...famous for its i would love to say that i swam with them...but bloody hell! it really is very expensive and i am already skint!!! time...when i am rich!
My arrival to Coral Bay was a funny one...for i had not booked any accomodation at all...neither had my two japanese friends i first met in Cairns...ages ago! We bumped into each other on the bus!So there we were...with our backpacks...not knowing what to do next...for the bus had already gone...and there was no accomodation available!
So we decided we would sleep know...warm clothes...sleeping bags...and red wouldn't be so bad...!
But we were lucky for Jeff, the owner of a caravan park let us stay in his place...after me telling him about our miserable situation...he might have felt sorry for us...
We had very good time with him last night...he is a real aussie you know!. But today it was time to move and find a place to stay...
These two japanese girls are lovely...but the thing is they don't speak a word in see..comunication between us is a bit difficult...but still...they laugh at anything i say! even if i say...i am tired...or...i am going shopping...they would look at me and laugh! How funny!
Today we saw many jumping fish, big ones! All around us! It was cool.
Ok, will tell you more after i have gone swimming with the manta rays...on tuesday!
Ill catch up with you soon!

Wednesday, 26 June 2002

Ok.back again.
This time in Broome, a sunny and "multiculti" place full of aboriginals, boab trees, many different cemeteries (at least three or four cemeteries in a place smaller than White City...bizarre! ) and a fantastic full moon up in the sky for most of the day!
Tonight, the moon is coming to the beach at is going to show us the famous "staircase to the moon", some beautiful reflections i will tell you about soon!
As for that canoe trip that i did in Kununurra (don't even look at the is wrong!!!!)...i would say it was one of the best things i have done during my stay in Oz.
Chris-a funny pom,Stefan -an even funnier swedish- and I paddled along the Ord River for three days, stopping at some stages to set up a fire, cook some nice dinner, drink some wine, sing some songs and sleep again in our know how much i love sleeping in swags...i really mean it...(now girls, you don't have to worry about finding a bigger place...just get me a swag...and i will be happy! )
At night, we took the canoes and the torches and went crocodile-spotting...and yes! we did spot the evil-looking red eyes of the crocs in the water (this time "freshies",meaning...not dangerous...or at least..not so dangerous!)staring at us!!!!uhhhh!!!!
AT day, while paddling, we saw many birds, including the beautiful pelicans, some sea-eagles, many geese and other. I enjoyed as ever!
We did a bit of bushwalking too, and climb to the top of a hidden waterfall...
Unsuccessfully the guys tried to fish...but you know...they realized fish don't like beef (ha ha like me!) and gave up the last day. It was then that we saw many millions of crazy catfish fighting for anything eatable! even meat! nutters!
Yes, you know the best of all? we went wild! i was a real feral chick,you know, barefeet, little cloths on, messy hair...! we did not see anybody in three days (of course, apart from the "mingas" -aboriginal word for tourists, funny yeah?- on the boats that wave at us and even took some photos of us...excuse me!!!!
And the very best,...we had to be "recued" (not that we wanted...but the trip organizer thought it was the right thing...) for it was dark (well, with the little help of an almost full moon...)and we were still paddling back to the civilized world...stopping here and there to enjoy the wildlife and the quietness that sorrounded us! no worries mate!
well, no worries for us...but this poor guy was worried and so was the owner of the backpackers place where we were staying...these are her words: "first rescue in ages!!!!"
well, after all...we had such a great time...back in Kununurra we went to celebrate we were alive and kicking and went down to the local and only pub of this lovely city with this lovely name. This was fun! people there were real aussies and were having a great party, dancing in a musty room around a bloody good DJ who was mixing rock ballads with hard house.
this was fun!!!
the next mornig, my friends left me to go to Darwin...and i got on the bus for another 13hour-trip to where i am now.
tomorrow, off to Exmouth...another bloody long trip...
well, guys, will catch up with you soon!!!

Sunday, 23 June 2002 see? the line in the map has lost it!!!! like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! be ready...i am back soon!!!!
crazier than ever!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

give me two more days, i will update my diary! just got back from a fantastic two three day trip on a canoe!!!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2002


Wednesday, 19 June 2002

Hi i am in Kununurra...well...somewhere up north in Western australia!!!! yes, back to WA, where i started my trip! only few weeks to go back...but still so much to do and see...Boof...OZ is a bloody massive country!
Kununurra (i love this name!) is hot but nothing compared to Darwin...where i almost end up half of what i am now by sweating so much!!!! enjoyed heaps over there though...
i did a trip to Kakadu National Park and fell in love! with the park,that is. Gorges and lakes and falls and beautiful gums and red sand and aboriginals and rock-art and crocs and eagles and lizards and fires and bush tucker and swags and stars and sunsets and sunrises and canoeing and swimming and riding and walking and climbing...and sun sun sun sun and more sun! here we go! this was a great, fantastic trip had to be reasonably fit...or you just couldn't make it! let's say the guide was a real aussie...but a real one! remember Cocodrilo Dundee??? well, our guide was his brother.
so , yes Kakadu was just amazing, now i only think of going back for the wet! and get wet!
Darwin was also good fun, you know, very relaxed and laid-back wonder why...with this terrible tropical way you can move and do anything! so...i just relaxed and laugh with many other real aussies that i met in the backpackers. I can't remember their names.
Anyway, here i am now, planning to do a trip to the Bungles Bungles soon. will tell you more about it!
i miss you all people!

Monday, 17 June 2002

Hi guys, it's still bloody hot and humid and hot in Darwin...i must confess i am feeling vey lazy...and i blame this weather...of course!
Tomorrow i am off to Kununurra (funny name yeah? se pronuncia cananarra!!!!), hopefully i will see the Bungles Bungles (another funny pronuncia como el celebre grupo musical Bangles...pero twice), more rock formations...!i did not have enough with the red center neither with Kakadu...i still want more!!! ha ha ha!...i think i am losing it...guys...i am telling you...this weather....boof! i have to know what...the Simpsons are on!!!!
Sorry mates...i will catch up with you another moment!!!!

Sunday, 09 June 2002

Oh-my-god beautiful the center is!!!!!
Great tour, great company, great guide, great time! really good fun!
this is the resume of my last three days...!
Finally got to see the world-famous rock!no wonder why it is famous...! we were nice guys and didn't climb know...the aboriginals could get it is a sacred place...! but the climb really looked promising...!(did you know every year many people die while climbing it????the aboriginals take this as a well-deserved punishment...)
Not only Uluru, but walked a lot through the Olgas and Kings Canyon too. This was even more enjoyable!
And why is the center called the red center...? well...because everything there is red! sand,red kangaroos, red rocks,red fires, red red wine...!...I became red too: red clothes, red feet, red see...we slept in swags again(i am becoming a swag-woman)...boof...with so much sand! my sleeping bag turned red too (originally it was blue)...we even looked more tanned... (you know...we took no shower for three days...) is a lovely colour! not???
At night, around the fire, we murdered some marsh mellows and enjoyed a lot!!! it sounds evil...but they were so yummy!!!!
Saw camels, dingoes and crazy territorians red kangaroos! the way back home was very exciting as we had to avoid the suicidal attacks of the red kangaroos...pretty hard job to be honest! somehow we managed not to kill any...although you could not believe how difficult this was! some of them would stay in the middle of the road...waiting for us to run over them...or so it looked like!
Crazy kangaroos!!!!
Once in Alice, i had a shower...and lost my lovely red colour....oh no!
tomorrow i am going to Darwin...Will spend many hours again on a bus...but this doesn't worry me anymore!

......somebody is being very lazy....and that's why my line is still somewhere in the east coast....where's is my line pedorrito????

Wednesday, 05 June 2002

Alice Springs and the red center....right in the middle of Oz! here i am now! freezing nights and mornings....and hot it's winter...believe it or not.
after a short 26-hour trip from Townsville, in the east coast, south of Cairns, to here. But...i am so used to this long distances...that i don't even notice it! you see...whenever i get on a bus...i am so ready for it!...loads of food, a book, some music, a big pillow (the last one i snatched it from a backpackers...and i still feel a bit bad....but...come on 26 hours without a's too much!), my sleeping bag, and so on. lucky i had to seats...and lucky i am a little girl and i can curl up without difficulties...i slept most of the journey! outside...just a looooooong looooong road....and loads of nothing around...this is the outback again....yiiiiiiiha!!!
Mission Beach was perfect. Did i say something about a house hanging from a tree???? well, forget it! this was the best place i've stayed in so far! yes, sorrounded by the rainforest (altough not so wet as in the Daintree and the wet tropic!)...and with a very relaxed and hippy atmosphere....! it was great! but no, it wasn't a hut!!!
the first night, met Tony and Dany, both from London, really funny people. Spent more than three hours playing with the hammocks...and fighting with some massive cushions...while watching how a giant spider had some lunch, dinner and even breakfast the next eating a poor cricket that got stuck in its web! it was more or less like watching the discovery channel...but more real!!!
I did all i could to find a success!...still...i had a photo taken by a traffic sign with the picture of a cassowary on it! you see? simple!
mossies met me again...i have to say i don't understand where so much love com from!!! how on earth can they love me so much????
As for now...not mossies but flies again! i reckon they are Kalgoorlie's flies'relatives!!!! they look alike and they annoy the same way!
Tomorrow a three day safari and camping tour in the red ceneter is waiting for me! will tell you when back.
missing the sea already! boof boof!

Friday, 31 May 2002

Today i am off to Mission Beach...yeah, going south again...this tropical weather is so annoying! feeling sticky all the time...hard to sleep at night...bitten by see? my life is so hard!
Yesterday i went to the Reef and did scuba diving and words to describe the feeling of being there...deep in the water...swimming with all the fish and the turtles...touching the coral...bla bla bla...absolutely amazing.
good news for the lovely house...! we will need to make some room in our know...i took so many photos under the water!!! hopefully there will be one of me and the turtles! of course...we need more room in the sea...and more rooms in the house....! Yeah?, yes, the reef was lovely.So it was my trip to the rainforest, up in the north of Cairns. This time i stayed in a lodge right in the middle of the forest.i don't want to be boring again...yes...beatiful,gorgeous, amazing, impressive and so on. MAs de lo mismo!
Keep meeting people everywhere i go. Nice people. LAst night went for dinner with J, an american guy i met on the boat. Met ANdrea again,my german friend from Fraser island...met the two crazy girls from the know...the world is so big and so small at the same time! now i am trying to avoid all the barbies from Fraser Island...Andrea told me they are around...boof!
So, yes, today i'm travelling. I will be staying in a hut hanging from a tree in the forest!
More and more coming up soon!
By the way..somebody told me my line (in the map) is now it should be in Cairns...but it is still in Airlie beach...well it's ok...i am going south again so i will catch up with it soon ;-)!

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Hey Ainhoa
How is it to be back in stinking London again. I hope that the reunion with all your friends and family was all that you dreamed it to be.

Well, here I can tell you that it was not me who slept with the lecturer. The lecturer screwed me with the marks, and I may even fail. bo hoo...... Perhaps I can get some clues from Dingy Dingy on how to be-friend lectures more effectively.
Response: Nick!!! Glad to hear from you! well yes, with my family it´s all it was in London with my firends...but sometimes i close my eyes and dream am Aus!!! oh-no it´s going to be harder than i thought!
Check your e-mail!
I miss you guys!
From Pippa
Hi Ainhoa!

Very jealous of you having such a good time in WA! I also love love love it there and hope to spend some time there whenever I get back home!!
Look forward to seeing you when you get back!

Pip xx
Response: Hey Barcelona at the moment...will go back to London...sometime...i am still shocked by having finished my being here again! oh-my-god! :-(
From Nick
Hey! Where have you gone? Are you hiding? Have you gone walkabout? Decided you don't want to come back to crowded stinky London? Or maybe decided to marry a real Aussie and stay forever in Kununununarra? Oh come on!
Response: oh-come-on...just having fun!!!! soon there, in crowded stinky London....boof!!!
i am defenitely coming back to WA!!!!i love it here!
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Estoy aburrida y te envio otro mensaje: me han echado de Telefonica!! lo mio no es "teleoperar", son una secta!! Todos con sus auriculares y sus microfonos tipo Madonna y la botella de agua para que no se les seque la garganta!! Parecian una congregacion de pastilleros! Ha sido mortal, no se como he podido superarlo! Menos mal que no me han renovado el contrato, sino hubiera acabado como ellos........ Que miedo por Dios! He estado a punto de caer en las garras de TElefonica!! Todo el mundo a mi alrededor era idiota... y los que no lo eran se habian vuelto.... Terrorifico, lo he pasado muy mal, no se si despues de esta experiencia voy a volver a ser la misma... No puedes saber lo que se siente cuando te pasas la tarde atendiendo averias, gente gritando, gente que no tiene a nadie mas con quien hablar que la teleoperadora de turno, gente que llama solo para insultar.... BUAAAAAAAA, BUAAAAAA.... Grcias al SEñor por no haberme dejado caer en la tentacion de ganar dinero sin mover el culo de una silla!!!
Ha sido muy triste, pero se que tu no lo puedes entender... Nunca has estado en un lugar asi... ESpero que nunca tengas que saber lo que se siente "teleoperando".
Hasta pronto!!
Response: teleoperar???? te refieres a cuando ofreciamos extra de extra de extra de queso y doble racion de bacon para que la pizza le quede mas sabrosa mi senor cliente?????
ja nunca mas!!!! eso quedo atras!
From Sonia
Informanos de horarios de llegada para prepararnos, es decir, para procurar no estar esos dias en Barcelona... ES que, tia, eres una pesada... He tenido qe pedir unos dias de vacaciones para poder escaparme esos dias!! Todavia no se a donde ire... Quizas Paris o Lisboa. Pero asegurame las fechas no vaya a ser que coincidamos en Barcelona y, la verdad, no es lo que mas me apetece en este momento... Ya diras algo!
Response: vale nina...lo que tu digas...solo espero que tu cara sea de las primeras que vea en el aeropuerto...
y digo en el aeropuerto de en el de Lisboa....que si hace falta...te sigo!
From Sonia
Ah! Ahora sabes lo que es tratar con japonesas!!! Yo llevo ya un año de training! Imaginate a mi en una clase con seis señoras japonesas amas de casa que no hablan ni ingles ni español!!!! Amables son, eso si, muy muy amaaaaaables.... Pero un tanto aburridas para el resto de los mortales! Piensa que se escandalizaron cuando les di una fotocopia en la que se veia a un hombre realizando las tareas de la casa!!! Oh my God! A man doing that! Ahora las prefiero una a una, en clase privada, asi las puedo controlar y martirizar mejor con ejercicios de pronunciacion de rrrrrrrr y algun ejercicio en el que tengan que expresar sus sentimientos ("Que bien! Que bonito! Que pena! Me alegro mucho!" y expresiones por el estilo), con el que se mueren de vergüenza. Ya ves, vaya rollo te he metido sobre las japonesas!! Nada niña, que tu line se ha vuelto loca, que ya te has recorrido todo un continente!! Que te quiero mucho y te leo y en tus palabras veo lo guapa que estas y lo feliz que eres!! Un beso mi niña guapa. Solo faltan 12 dias!! EStoy ya harta de esperar!!
Response: mis amigas japonesas armaron una cuando me las volvi a encontrar en un autocar...yo bajaba ellas subian...y en medio del follon empezaron a agitar los brazos y a gritar mi nombre con una alegria que me dejaron perplejisima!
son muy amaaaaaaaables! si!
menos de una semana!
From Karraska
Sólo te quedan 14 días para el placaje final!!!! La cuenta atrás ha empezado....
Response: un dia mas en Perth...dos dias mas y en Londres...cinco dias mas y en Barcelona...jua jua jua ...are you ready carrasca????
From guarrindonga and ba
we wanna see the red eyes of crocs in the water too, but the only red eyes that we can see are from our okkupa..our guess..a lovely mouse that is taking the pis of us ha ha ha, to small but to clever and fast!!!
13 days left YES piccolina YES we miss u a lot
guarrita!que estoy muy contenta de que seas tan felizz..rrr.. se te nota la alegria.rr entre tantas canoas, piraguas,crocs...rrr a ver! que se te comen antes de que vengas!
rrrrrr.... errresss.. un beso fuerte!
muaaaaaaaaaaaaa ti voglio bene muaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Response: Is it the same mouse that used to leave the slices of bread half bitten...every now an then? or is it a different mouse...? a real one???
que digo queeeee...solo quedan nueve dias oh-my-god...que digo queeeee....espero una fiesta de va en conya!
molti baci y un millon de erres!
From Sonia
Hola amor! Por fin puedo escribirte despues de tanto tiempoooo..... EStoy trabajando mucho muchisimo como las niñas buenas, pero esta tarde tengo libre y me voy a la playita, que aqui tambien hace un calor que te mueres. No puedo esperar ya mas a que vengas... Y te voy a confesar algo: no voy a leer estos dias tu diario porque me lo vas a contar TU, EN PERSONA!!!! Venga, va, porfi, vuelve yaaaa..... POrfiiiiii.... Un beso mi niña guapa!
Response: voy palla! muamuamuamuamuamua!
From Rafael
Yo, Rafael,hijo de Rafael y su esposa Marina escribo a mi ínclita ( y por cierto unica) hija Ainhoa, para notificarle que mi salud mental y fisica se deterioran a medida que aumenta mi edad. Esto viene a cuento de tu observacion ue aludia a mi ultima carta "escribes como un viejo" pues bien, tanqueta mia, poco a poco y sin darme cuenta estoy llegando a una inquieta senectud.
Como introito ya vale, no?
Y ahora vayamos a lo interesante.
1º- ¿Como estas?
2º- ¿Eres feliz?
3º- ¿Cuando coños vienes?
Yo estare en Barna seguramente la primera semana de Julio. Tu, segun creo,llegas el 13 del mismo. Te va a tocar un viaje a Pamplona antes de volver a las brumosas y lugubres islas de las que te has enamorado.
bueno, es mi ultima carta. La proxima te la dire en persona y en verso. Besos mios y de Asun.
(Ainhoa, va mi saludo, pero yo no rubrico este "rollo", aunque me incluyan)POr cierto, para que lo entiendas, me dice Rafael que somos unos incultos porque el inicio se refiere a una obra literaria de Mika Wualtari, Sinue el Egipcio.Obra antigua, por cierto.....; como tu padre.
Response: bueno bueno...como esta el patio...!
ya hablaremos sobre senectud cara a cara eh???
respondo: estoy guapa, sana , feliz e impaciente por regresar.
quedan poco mas de quince dias para estar por barcelona...y un poquito mas para estar por Pamplona...y un poquito mas para volver a Londres...y un poquito mas para volverme loca.
muchos besos Rafaelito muchos besos Asun
oye papi que ganas que tengo de verte...y de darte un pisoton en uno de tus callos...ya de esos pisotones propios de tu nina la tanqueta.
se que lo esperas impaciente!
From jankel
hola!! cada vez que veo las fotos me das mas rabia! para mi ya es una aventura ir a trabajar cada dia al hotel, (estoy donde trabajaba Tizzi), asi que imaginate cuando veo tu paseito....
un beso y hasta pronto
Response: hola Jankel!!!!yo empece con un paseito tambien...y mira como he acabado...recorriendo entre 25.000km y 30.000 km en cinco meses....ahora lo unico que necesito es un paseillo como el tuyo!!!!
un besote, nos vemos pronto flatmate!!!!
From Nick
p.s. If you have lost it, my mobile number is 0402355560
Response: Got it!
From nick
Hola Amigo!
I have been trying to call you, however I guess that the Vodaphone network must really suck up north.

It sounds like you are really having fun in Darwin and Kunurra, but down south we are all missing you like mad!!

I am sorry that Spain got kicked out of the world cup. Caspar is also devastated!

When you get in range of the mobile network, send me an SMS and I will call you back.

Love Nick
Response: Hey you! yes, my mobile is getting a bit crazy...just like its owner!!! too much sun! as i said, i will talk to you soon, promise!
no worries about Spain...not that keen on football. ;-)
...mmmm....i have to buy credit for my mobile as well!!!! will soon!
any rain?
miss you!!!!
From dingy dingy caspar
Hi Ainhoa

Well where r u and I have sent u so many smss'-
c'mmon you gotta respond back.

Miss u

Response: I am in the real Oz!!! with real aussies and salties! my mobile is having a short holiday you know...most of these remote places get me no reception!!! will call you and Nick soon!!!
Dingy dingy!!!
desde Castellbisbal te mandamos muchos besos.Manolita Jorge y Mami. Hasta pronto!.Hola Ainhoa, estamos viendo las fotos, y no encuentro ningun trocito del cocodrilo que tiene a tu madre tan asustada.
Tengo ganas de verte y que nos cuentes tantas experiencias que tendras vividas. Preparate para soportar a las amigas de tu mami que te vamos a acosar.
Un beso muy fuerte y hasta pronto. Manolita.
Response: Ya os ensenare fotos de cocodrilos ya!!!! son cocodrilos saltarines! ya vereis!
Tengo muchas ganas de veros a todos! un beso Manolita!!!!!y otro a Jorge!