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Thursday, 13 September 2007

oh....... I am terribly sorry to all that I have not updated for a while, to tell the truth, not much has happened in the last 3 months, yet a lot has happened at the same time...

I have been working as a bar maid in a bagno in Marina Di Ravenna, I have been working a lot, nearly every night since I have started there which was the begining of may... As my days consist of sleep because I work until on average 1 am, and start from 12 midday onwards, so as my days are all exactly the same, it feels to me as no time has passed at all.... Yet, when I look back on my time here in the Romagna area, I realise that I have spent time here with my mum, and my sister, met a fantastic man, gained wieght, had a tan then lost it (from too much work) had an accident on the bicycle and grazed the right hand side of my body,. which I may add, the only place that will leave a scar is that of my right elbow!!! Yet, that is a funny story to tell, because as only Alena can do, is to forget that the breaks were not working!!! And with speed, a little gravel, a lot of sand, lack of breaks and a small hill means a crash... all well and good now, except that the scab is itching like crazy!!!

I have plans to return in the not to distant future, but as the life is unpredictable, you never know, things may change again!!! But, I start to tell of my plans and what is happening now...

At last I have stopped working every day and now I work only friday saturday and sunday nights for another 3 weeks, I have had only 2 days off so far, the first with sleep all day and the second I have taught myself to knit!!! oh, the strange things alena wants to learn, the next I want to do is a mosaic, I am living in Ravenna which is the city of mosaics in Italy... today Mauro and I are going to Milano Marittima which is apparently a super famous, rich hot spot with loads of super cool clubs and what not, the Bagno I worked for had affiliations with one of the clubs there and there was a big party for the 2 places, but alas I had a fever and flu at the time so could not partake in the festives... But, it will be a nice place to see I think... rambling, sorry.... continue

ok... so essentially for the next few weeks I will be relaxing at home, sleeping and knitting and mosaicing or what ever tickles my fancy, I work the remaining 3 weeks then I am off to como again for a week or so, its my darling friend Michelas birthday one day before my darling sisters birthday... so I would like to see her, I miss my friend!!!

then after como, (nothing is planned yet, just information gaining at the moment) I shall return again to Ravenna for a week or so here, then I would like to go to the Czech Republic for a few days, then I dunno... Brazil has been mentioned, and after these Australia was in the offing... as to whether I stay or return to italy depends solely on the relationship I am in now... as things stand I think to be in Australia for only a holiday... but again, the life is unpredictable and you never know what can happen in just one day!!!

As yet I have not booked any tickets, I have not done any organising, just thinking about what I would like to do, where I would like to go, how I would be doing it and who I would be doing it with...

As for photos, I will try to next week put some pictures on, but I have not found an internet cafe in this area which enables me to use my own computer... but I have just realised that I have a usb on offer on this computer... hehehehe, I ask, if I can I will update some photos today or tomorrow, but as it is a timely process, I will choose the picture carefully!!!

I go, write again soon, big kisses and love to all...

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Italy


My loved ones........ I am great, today is thursday, I just got back from a trip to France for 4 days down on the pale blue coast, I decided to have a holiday from a holiday!!! hehehe, and now I am back to my original holiday and decided that I should take another holiday from this holiday and go off to Liguria, the Cinque Terra and see my fabulous mumma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I will add photos and a more indepth account of my 2 additional holidays... hehehe, I am so cruel to all you working hard... hehehehe

BUT, I love you all anyways and will write when I get back from the coast and put more photos of france and my trip with mumma....

write soon, all my love to everyone and kisses everywhere!!!

very happy girl here today, been 5 months since I seen my mummy!!!


Monday, 23 April 2007

Location: Italy

Dear All...

Today is monday, I am tired for no reason at all, didnt do anything overly exciting this weekend, just chilled with friends and relaxed - as I am getting quite used too!!! But, being monday, the memories last of the days of too much work and study, so alas, I still suffer from monday itis...

Ok, updates... mmm... OK, as you are all probably well aware, mum arrives in Italy on the 25th, which is in 2 days time, I am exceptionally happy to see her and to see how all things are going at home, it doesnt feel like I have been gone long, but its nearly been half a year!!! AND, I must admit that a lot has changed with me, new haircuts, new styles, new tattoos and the most important, I have learned how to relax and just enjoy... So, it will be interesting enough to see how things have changed back home, or is everyone caught in a slower rate of change as all things are the same for them???

Ah, many plans have aspired in the last week or so, this weekend I am off to France down the south near Monaco and Nice with michela for 4 days, then I am back in como for a little and I will try (if I dont have to teach) to get down to the Cinque Terra to meet mum for a few days then back to como until the 9th May, then we are off to the Adriatic Coast to go find beach jobs and apartments for michaela's imminent arrival on the 25th!!! these next few weeks are going to be hectically busy which is a remarkable change from the sameness I have been in for the last few months... So, as it goes, I will be over by the beach for the summer going to work right on the beach which will be so fantastic... AND, I get to see my best friend again (Stefano for all those who dont know) and also Mattia, another friend I made in Australia... oh, and there is Bavi aswell... many people I havent seen for a while!!! Which will be lovely... and when the summer is over, Michaela is gone off to England I shall once again return to Como for the remaining months of my time in Italy before I head off to England myself....

BUT... I asure you all, the photos of the time michaela and I spend together will be worth logging on and inspecting... imagine 2 Vlazny sisters carving it up on Italian beaches - 2 of the funnest craziest funniest girls from OZ together again... hehehehe, and with michalea adding to these diary entries will give you peace from my way of writing and a fresh face to the photos will be a wonderful change!!!

Oh... YAYAYAYAYA.... mum, michaela and VEGEMITE!!! this is the best ever!!!

will write and add more photos when I return from france

all my love to everyone

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Hello all my loved ones...

hope your well and happy, life is treating you the way it should and your keeping out of trouble.... Here, I am happy, not quiet so well (party last night), life is treating me fantastically and I am probably getting myself into trouble... but aside from that... I went to a Cartoon Character fancy dress last night, it was very amusing and fun was had by all... well, nearly all, there was a sleazy hook who seemed to be a little annoyed that all the women there were turning down his horrible advances, but because of his nature we can disclude him from the "by all"!!! Not sure if that will make sense to a whole lot of people but cryptic speech is my fortay (spelling unfortunately is not though hehehe)...

not much else to report, the weather today is cloudy which is a change because over the last week the sun has been shining and it has been quiet warm, but I am not complaining at all, this is the perfect sunday day when you had an extended dinner party friday night, not enough sleep then a fancy dress... perfect day for tv, food, bacon and egg rolls, any other hang over foods or beverages and more tv... which I am sorry, I am going to go do now... so enjoy your day/night which ever it is when your reading this, I send my love to all and kisses to some and regards to the rest


Saturday, 10 March 2007

Ok, Im back, back to normal, head not messed up by horrid hangovers today, but tomorrow alas, again it will be so... tonight is the night Miky and I have designated for a girls night... I most likely will havemore photos to put on for you next week, I take the camera today to Brunate, the day here is lovely, sun out, many people around and quiet warm... not australia warm, but warm enough compared to the cold...

Just wanted to say a quick hi to all with my head in full function and to say to all I miss you, kisses, love, hugs and smiles, hope you dont miss my crazy antics too much or my slightly warped humour either, dad though can fill my shoes on that one, so can Michela (as long as she doesnt tell her story of "black-a-matta")

big kisses

Friday, 09 March 2007

Location: Italy

to all my loved ones at home... I explain to you now why your lucky (refernce to photo page)... your lucky that I took the time out of my busy schedule (hehehe) to upload the last lot of photos, waiting for them is extremely boring, I would have a better time watching paint dry as there is no preordained period of time to wait until you walk away, with waiting for the pictures to upload, you sit in front of the computer and watch the spinning arrow with 20 minutes to go, having the time period in front of you makes the time go a LOT slower and if you browse, it takes even longer..... BUT, I waited (and waited) purely because it has been a while since I did put some pictures there for you...

truth be told though, I have really not done anything overly exciting that I should ring home about... just teaching still and trying to learn this language, its actually quiet hard for me. My teacher informed me that he has only ever had about 5 people who find it so hard to learn another language, they were all crazy scientists... I was pleased that he likened me to someone like that of high intellegence, but more pleased that he likened me to someone slightly crazy... hehehe, and for all those that really know me can see how this could quiet possibly be true!!!

oh... not much to report, but I have drunk a little to much this week and my brain is really not functioning on all cylinders, so the disjointed ramblings you get in this entry, I send my apologies, but it was worth it... hehehe, monday night I met 3 lovely funny american ladies and drank coctails until the bar closed at 3, then it was off to the lake to drink on the warf, lucky I had steve so we could listen to music and dance and drink more and more wine.... and last night was march 8th, here its some random womens day where they give out wattle flowers to all the girls... Mattia the fruit man gave me a hat instead because he said a hat was more fitting to give me over flowers... go figure!!! but, I went to dinner with 18 girls!!! oh, that was intersting, a lot of food and even more wine, lovely night but now unfortunately I pay the price of overindulgence...

ummm.... not really sure what more to write, I have spoken to my immediates a lot over the last week, and I am extra pleased to report to others who dont know, that in 6 months or so, this site will be occupied by 2... occupied by 2 crazy Australian sisters who have an extremely similar disposition and views on how to laugh and have fun!!! I am overly excited that Micheala will be joining me in Europe for an extended period of time, so the photos you will see then will be of a similar nature, but instead of just me pulling faces in all photos (sorry mum, I know you want some which are not silly... but...) there will be now 2!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA.....

that is something for you all to look forward to with high expectations of many more random funny tails....

baci to all

Monday, 19 February 2007

Location: Italy

well well... what can I say about what I have done in the last month... or a more operative statement "what I have NOT done" to tell the truth, I have really not done a lot, still relaxing and relaxing and more relaxing, not sure if you could get any more relaxed than now...

I have made a wonderful friend Eva, I am going (I think - but you all know about me and plans, they change more often than my underwear...) anyway, I INTEND to go to Switzerland on tuesday for Carnival with Eva... I am not sure of what carnival really is, but they play jokes and dress up, like halloween but not "scary" so I should have some more photos to upload for you soon and possibly some more interesting things...

I have probably told most, but I met a fantasticly interesting man a while ago and he is off working around the world but introduced me to a friend of his who happens to own a jewellery shop, I met with him last week and he asked me to design some things and possibly make some jewellery soon (not sure as I got a little confused as to what he really wants from me, but anything involving jewellery I do know, so doing whatever wont be hard!!!) So, tuesday when I meet again I may have some interesting news... Tuesday seems to be the day that it will all happen, then wednesday I am off on a trip to sort out some papers... not sure where I will stay, maybe Bologna again, I like that place, its where I first found wolly... I have seen him a few times since then and always manages to make me giggle quiet ridiculously... which I am sure most could imagine as I did and do laugh extremely often, as my crows feet can show!!!

I go, my hands are cold, outside on the balcony inthe cold to get reception, now though, I need warmth, update soon with some pictures

baci to all

Monday, 05 February 2007

Location: Italy

hello too all, sorry if this makes no sense, but I have had a crazy drunken weekend with random australians I met here in como hehehehe/... still slightly intoxicated but I am putting this here now so I dont forget to write about it properly when I get around to updating this page

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Location: Italy

sorry to all if you saw the first video "mi sono persa" there were mistakes and it has now been updated with correct spelling and slightly different........

more photos and diary entries soon, at the moment I am trying to study the wierd italian language!!!


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From mick
googled you.great to find me if you wish,it be good to hear from you
Response: I am having trouble emailing... but trying!!!
From michaela sister
decided not to come.. italy sounds boring... KIDDING!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA oh im so funny
buy a bottle of red.. i leave in 27 days.. not that i am counting.. about to send out the invites for my farewell do in the city.. uh oh!! here's hoping i come out of that one with all my limbs in tact!!
much love my darling sister!!
Response: dont worry sis, you dont need your limbs here, you can lay on the beach for your whole time!!! I can be your gofer too... hehehe, your SLAVE BOY!!! hehehehe love you!!! oh, by the way, will go through a number of reds before you get here!!! so now I dont buy for us... kisses sis, love you!!!
From MiCl
Happy happy birthday, buon compleanno, tanti auguri, my sweetie...
from milan, from the office i'm thinking of you!
i'll see u tonight to celebrate your day and to give you 26 kisses!!!
ciao tesoro.
ci vediamo dopo!
From Judith from Wangi
Hi Alena,
I know you don't know me - I am a schoolfriend of your Mum's. We had a lovely lunch by the Harbour in Newcastle yesterday and she was telling me about Italy, your blog and her travel plans. Just had to have a look - great pics ... very artistic! Was telling your Mum to put Lucca on her list of places to visit - a treasure. Continue to have fun.
Response: Hello, glad you liked the pictures!!! mum arrives here in 6 days!!! I am so excited to see her... oh, been craving aussie's for months now!!! will try and get to lucca, if not with mum, after she leaves, all the time in the world!!! thanks for the message baci
From Cuzzy Loz
Hey there, Love you. Beautiful photos, just to let you know I am still looking. Some nice looking Italian men mmmmmm...... xoxox
Response: oh, you havent seen the half of them!!! looking forward to the south Italian ones to go see sometime, darker hairier and sleazier... hehehehe, then I'll have some pic's for ya!!!
From Leah, Alex, Nana and
Hey little miss Alena! Well, here we are in Coal Point having a couple of left over baked chooks from Christmas! Yep, it's me, Alex, Hunter, Maya, Kobe, Nana, Jan and Alex's dad Paul. So, we have now shown nan the pics of you having an extremely good time! We all agree that you are looking fabulous and happy, and nan has really enjoyed looking at the pics so keep it up! Maya and Hunter also enjoyed the shot of Wally, can't believe that someone can actually look like that!! I had dinner with Carl this week too, great to catch up as I am now a student at Syd Uni - you can never be too busy I reckon! Sounds like Jan is very excited about seeing you in just a few weeks, and watch out Europe when Michaela gets over there later in the year. Nan says "Hope you haven't lost the pelican , miss you, don't get too plastered". Loads of love from the Flints, Jan and Nan!!
From Daniel
Wooowwww !!!!
I'm happy to see that you're having such a great time.
Thanks for sharing your experience (and great photos) with us.
Take care

Daniel & Cia
Response: HEY!!! telling me not to get plastered is like telling the pope to no longer be christian!!! yeah, the wolly made me laugh for a long time, had trouble explaining it to the italians though... and tell nan that NO, I still wear the pelican everyday and the australia map... glad your all enjoying the pic's, I put more on soon, going to swiss on sunday I think so I will have more soon!!! hopefull at some Lindt chocolate factory!!! YAYA... miss you all, love you
From Michaela
im so jealous!!!
first thing i am going to do when i get there is punch you in the face!! then give you big kisses!!
ps.. i now have my passport, and have printed out the visa application.. so the ball is rolling my love.. the ball is rolling...
you look so beautiful in all your photos, even if you are pulling faces and have crows feet!!
Response: crows feet make me more beautiful... shows that I smile!!! a little too much, but smile all the same... hehehe
love you, and dont forget that I hit back... baci sis
From Cuzzy Loz
Hey, yes I can get onto your blog from school. Yay! Looked at all your photos and read your messages and now I am crying! Wussy Loz, it's hard being away from your family, hey; but at least we know they will always be there when we get back! The mountains are great. I'll send you some photos of the Aussie bush soon... I'm in Arnhem Land. Love ya, Loz xoxo
Response: hey cuz, glad you can check out some of the pic's, there are some nice ones!!! Cant wait for the pics of the Aussie bush, yeah, hard being away from family if your in Darwin, but, I am in Italy, so (sorry all) but the experience here outways missing everyone too much... but, love you all anyways... baci
From Micl
Hi my Australian sister...
i see you all the day but i was reading all about your italian impression and i'm happy you find it so beautiful... i suggest all your friend and your family to come and visit this country now that you are here!
i'm working now in the office and i'm alone and bored in this moment.
i never tell you because we see each other all the day but do you know that i love you?
i'm happy you are in my house and you are loving so much my city.
i hope all the best for you!
big big kiss.
Response: oh my darling... I know I do and I hope they come... I see you often too but I dont say it either... thanks for everything, you are an amazingly beautiful person, never change... kisses and loads of love...
From Michaela (real siste
hello my sister!!
i miss you!!
you look so so so happy!!

no worries.. give (i have forgotten her name) my number and i will take her out... he he he he... cant promise she will go back to italy in one piece.. but i will take her out!! : )


Response: here name is Lucia, but it is said like Luchia... thier language is strange... miss you too.. all my love
From Cara
Hey hey my zircon friend!!!
I will say on behalf of all the people fighting the working week headaches that i'm jealous much :) your smile lights up my day. keep well- which i'm sure is very easy in italy. speak soon Cara
Response: thanks my dear!!!! I have managed to heat treat myself and give me greater dispersion since coming here.... hope your job is well and the manufacturing is working out...
From Loz
Merry Christmas Cuz, thinking of you over there. I am at Nath's, freezing here compared to the NT; and I bet you are even more freezing! Let us know if you get a white Christmas. Love ya, Loz
Response: didnt have the white christmas, but had the white new year... fantastic!! email soon x
From David & Aunty Cathy
great photos; beautiful place..
best wishes for a merry christmas and happy new year
Response: had trouble emailing you... mine is
hope the family is well and everyone happy.. xox
From Susie Austin
Ciao bella!, Just spoke to your Mum last here I am checking out your log..can't believe you are've probably crossed our path already as we too we there in August 4 weeks!...your are right when you say words alone defy description of Italy and it's beauty..just have to 'be' there.Great to catch up with you ..looking forward to checking back, your photos are stunning, have a wonderful Christmas. Lotsa luv Susie & the Austinsxxxxxx
Response: thank you!!! hope you had a merry christmas and happy new year... was thinking of you in Venezia, home of the glass.. send my love to all
From Nanna
I looked at he photos and Leah and Alex's and i look forward to seeing some more.

Love from Nanna
Response: Hey Nan.. just put some new ones on for you, will have some more next week... miss you, love you and the pelican is still on!!
From dad
just arrived from nz, saw photos, awesome, i'm so pleased you are having such a wonderful time, miss and love you, speak soon, thanks for welcome back sms

love you
From Loz
WOW your photos are so cool... keep them coming!!!
Response: will do my sweet....

bored today... foggy and cold... joined they gym though!!! keep me occupied for a while
From michaela
me so very jealous..
me thinks me dont love you anymore...
who am i kidding??
Response: hehehe... its cool sister, you should be jealous... food and men are too good!!! big kisses and get yourself here!!
From Jenn
Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way : )

Response: oh... its too cold for the damn flowers!!! at the mo I am just relaxing going to gym and learning the language and eating my face off!!! drinking too much... the roses cant get better than that!!!