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Since our first website is full(of photos) we have started a new one so that we can continue to show you what we are doing and seeing during our time in South America.

Diary Entries

Monday, 23 October 2006

We have made a new page for our
Yes travels is spelt wrong!!!!

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: Peru

Hey Hey
At last im going to write about the munnik holiday to Peru, but unfortunately no photos can be included as my camera got stolen out of the flat!!!
It was lovely to see the family again and to spend time with them. The first couple of days we did, food, funiculas, shops, hills, churches, museums, pisco sours...we did it all!
Skiing was awesome as i was pleasantly surprised that i hadnt forgotten how to ski! We had a wonderful time on the slopes and in the cosy apartment...playing cards and catching up.
Next stop was Peru... I really enjoyed Peru and the people where so friendly and they spoke proper Spanish...unlike the Chileans...the Peruvians pronounce every letter and dont use nearly as much slang as the Chileans. Cusco was very high up, 3000masl, and so our first day was spent in bed aclimatising...just up my street!!! we then walked around Cusco"s little alley ways which reminded me a lot of the streets of Zanzibar! Julia got food poisoning from the dodgy local restaurant that we went to. I had the same later on...really gross!!!!! anyway...we went to lovely markets and ate wonderful food...most of the time!
Next was the train ride to Machu Machu Picchu was incredible...we went at 5 in the morn and saw the sun rise over the really was beautiful.

The jungle was awesome too...saw toucan sam the frootloops "man" in a tree and parrots and lots of lovely colourful birds!!! We stayed in a nice lodge and did many walks in the jungle! The food was great!!!!
We had to spend 16 hrs in Lima airport...eating Mcdonalds and playing cards...refugees to the max!!! Then it was time to say goodbye to the family...very sad. I arrived in Santiago at 12 30 in the morning and it was pouring with rain...a friend of mine, Mauricio, fetched me from the airport and took me back to the flat. Only to discover that i had a week in the flat by myself as Phil was away with her family in Argentina and CJ ..the other gappie.. was in Bolivia with friends!! So i had a very lonely the flat and feeling sorry for myself!!
CJ eventually came home and we descided that it was a good idea to get out of the flat as it was very we got a bus to Buenos Aires (23 hrs) and ate alot of steak and did some sight seeing. We then took a bus to Rosario, just north of BA, which is Che Guevaras home town... we went to his house which was very disapponting as it was just a block of flats which people where living in...we then thought that we would buy lots of Che t-shirts for friends...only to discover that there where only 3 che shirts in the whole of Rosario!!!! very we soon got over it and took a bus back to Mendoza (arg and chilean border) only to be told that the border was closed as there was too much snow for vehicles to pass!!! started the next day!!!
So we were in Mendoza for 6 days...walking around and finding things to do as Mendoza is not the most happening place i have ever been to!!!! Eventually we got a bus which left at 9 45 in the morning...all the buses where completely full!! A group of Chileans where even demanding that the Chilean government send them a plane as they needed to get back to Chile!!!! they where on the news! Our bus trip is supposed to take 6 hrs but ended up taking 10 hrs! The traffic on the pass was unbelievable...we moved about a metre every 10 mins as the pass is very steep and very narrow with many corners and only one vehicle can turn a corner at you can imagine the drama with huge long trucks coming up and down the pass...
Then to make our day even longer...there were drugs found on our bus at the border post!!! So dodgy looking young people where picked out and questioned...that would include us as we sure looked dodgy in our dirty clothes as we certainly had not planned to stay for 2 weeks!!!!! Eventually we left and got home to lonely Phil at the flat and 8 30 on SAT night. I went staright to bed and woke up 13 hrs later....

So I have had an eventful holiday...but back at work now and they have paid us for the week we were stuck in Mendoza so that is great!!!

Much love Alex xx

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Hola Amigos

have just realised that there hasn`t been a diary entry on this website for quite some time. On Saturday I returned from my holiday with the Beasle in Argentina. Alex and CJ are unfortunately stuck in Argentina(Mendoza) as the mountain pass has been closed due to too much snow. It doesn`t look like it`s going to be opening anytime soon as it is snowing in Santiago today. Not quite at the school but some cars arrived today covered in snow. anyways enough about the weather.

A couple of weeks ago the Munnik tribe arrived in Santiago for a visit. We had Kate and Julia to stay in our humble gap flat. Julia didn`t last long in the flat. We suspect this is due to the general lack of toilet paper and nutritious food. The Munniks then went on to skiing in El Colorado and then to Peru. By the sounds of things they had an amazing time!
Two weeks later the Beasle crew arrived.Chris came to stay with us and tolerated our poor standard of living. Bench and i took him out with mates and he was bombarded with questions from Chilean girls who were facinated by this new Gringo. Then Alex and i took him out with other mates where he was once again surrounded by Chilean girls who were this time teaching him how to dance(come on Kreeees bailando).

We then went on to El Colorado for a skiing week. Sadly there was a blizzard for two and a half days so we only actually got in one full day of skiing. It was worth it as I finally learnt how to ski and the rest of the family enjoyed it. We then flew to Buenos Aires where we took a bus to Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu falls trip was quite an experience as we did everything `backpacking style`...quite difficult for the parentals I think, but they managed the long bus journeys and hostels and even enjoyed it!

Alex and i will write to you all soon ( as soon as CJ and Alex get out of Argentina)

lots of love

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

HI Everyone!

i apologise for the lack of new photos. We are all going on holiday soon so there will be lots to show. Last month we got a new housemate from England...C to the J. now affectionatly known as BENCH! As we watched him play rugby the other day and he was rubbish. its all a big joke cause he is quite the jock at he says ha ha. and he was hung over at the time of the game so thats his excuse. anyways he´s good fun.

Alex`s birthday was about a month ago. We woke her up early and made her a fry up breakfast. She was spoiled with gifts and affection from her loving housmates. In the evening we had some new gap student friends round for drinks and a braai(not barbeque). All went well and we landed up in Murano with Alex wearing a Burger King hat all night.

Two weekends ago CJ, Alex and myself went to Vina for the night. we stayed in an apartment near the beach and had a great time. On the Saturday we went to watch CJ´s atrocious rugby match. The rugby boys kindly gave us a lift back to Santiago on their bus which was great. We had to get back early to say good bye to our housemate Emily who has gone back to sunny England. Only Alex and I got to the airport as CJ was fast asleep and Nick had broken his ankle...such a reliable bunch.

Otherwise life is pretty normal in Santiago and we´re still having a wicked time

lots of love
Philly and Alex

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Hi Everyone!
Right well this is a new website as the other one is full of photos etc. We recently had our mid-term break. The four of us went by bus to mendoza. We spent two nights in Mendoza eating great steaks, drinking good wine and shopping. We had fun but decided that there was more to Argentina than Mendoza so We went up North to Salta. Salta was a lot warmer than Santiago which was a relief. After an exhausting 18hr bus journey we checked into our hostel which looked depressingly like a thai prison. It was beyond awful so we only spent one night there. That day we got to the cable car which takes you to the top of the mountain. From the top we got a beautiful view of Salta and felt like real tourists.

The next day we moved to another hostel which cost the same but was way nicer!!!! That day we went quadbiking which was definitely the highlight of the trip.We went to San lorenzo(just outside Salta) and rode around the forests and mountains for two hours. Nick and I were the dream team for sure and almost crashed several times. It was great fun and we all got back in one piece.
The following day Emily, Alex and myself went for a walk in the forests/slash mountains. We followed the river to avoid getting lost and had a great walk. That night we went out and were bought Champayne by an older chap who threw the cork at me cause I wasn't watching him as he danced around with the bottle...interesting. To be different we went to the casino and each gambled 10 pesos...about R20. Alex came out a peso richer and I came out 2 pesos poorer. Niiiiiick lost everything but to him its 2 quid. big deal!

The bus trip back was 25 hours long and hence very tiring. It was good to finally be back at the Grange and in a comfy bed.

hope you all well
love Philly and Alex

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Recent Messages

From BoBo
I hope i have not missed it already but philly when is your birthday this month?? Hope you guys are traveling nice. Our hell week last week is over thank god! 7210 word essay was no fun. G wrote about 8000 words. love ya lots like jelly tots
Response: yip you missed it!!! friday the 13th...nice friend you are! Travels are great...go look at our new site.. xx
From Brian
Hey Alex! Nick Gibbons came rowing with us this morning at good old Elgin and I stumbled across a pic of us getting our medals from that (Middle-Aged) Women's VIII that I coxed and u rowed in in Jan;>..just reminded me of u!Seeing as 2day is sat, I'm guessing u guys r in Colombia, hope you have an awesome time and watch out for those drug lords(",) BRiAN
Response: Hey hey brian!!! ya hey i really miss rowing and nobody rows around here! lame. yip i remember that race...we won hey!!! lotsa love xxx
From Bobo
Hey dudettes! Hope you are travellin hard and seeing the world in all the weird and wonderful ways!! Have fun and be random...
Response: yeah man...we are leaving on thurs for colombia...very excited!!!
miss you xxx
From georgia
hey pookie and phil hope u guys are well!! everything is good here!! its getting nice and hot and days on the jammis stairs are long! cool pictures!! i will send u an email full of news when i get round to it!!! miss u lots and lots!!! love you
Response: please please....i want news!!! we are leaving for our travels on thurs..miss you is crap here at the mo!!!! lotsa love xxx
From HS
Hey hey hope you guys are well, I'm doing great et and I broke up and been having such a jol at Rhodes, looks like u having such a great time lots and lots of love
Response: hola! aaahhhh how long was it...sad? thanks for your chain mail...snds like you really are enjoying life! miss you lots xx
From Nick
hey hey, new pics are coool, looks like an amazing place.
be safe on your travels and will see you when you guys get back. :-)

Response: yip yip...have a safe trip home!! see you soon... xxxxxx
From BoBo
Travel safe gals!! Have a uber cool jol!!!!
Response: thanks bobo!!! miss you lots xxx shot for the pics they are awesome!!!! xx
From BoBo
So all the training paid off! We won boatrace. Was pretty cool with a camera mounted to the boat and helicopter following the race. We ended up racing UCT in the final. The UJ okes coiuldnt believe it neither could the UCT guys. THis past week has beeen plett rage all over again. Gota do a 12k cycle race just now. Gona be death! Bling boet ey! love bobo
Response: yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
jono you rock so proud of you...wish i saw it...against uct hey!!! what a lag! miss you xx
From koo
hey pheelee.. just ben looking at all th pics, looks like u havin an awesome time :) im looking after ur city, well just thought id say hi, will write soon..miss ya x
Response: Hey Koo

Cool to hear from you

Glad you looking after Cape Town, looks like I`ll be back in early December

From Mr Niiiick
Just wondering where those photos are that you're sposed to be sending me. Don't mean to be selfish but don't currently have anything to show for my time in chile except a certain fuzzy toy that i have no right to possess! Miss you all, by the way.
Response: Mr NIiiiiiiiick

good to hear from you buddy!
Why dont you send me a mail and maybe I`ll send you pictures in return
we miss you Niiiiik
Hey, Philly! Your new hairstyle is awesome! Any excuse for a party!
Mum and Diddy.
Response: Thanks Mum and Dad
From cj
judging by the photos you are still having a wild time. I miss the flat and the partying and the people. Nice to see Ben in your jacket, alex. I have a photo of me wearing it on my last night. Hilarious. I have a hangover to end all hangovers I think my face is about to fall off my skull and my mother is on my back about packing stuff for uni tomorrw. She thinks I need to put some time and thought into it...... Anyway Im off to have lots of water. x
Response: Bench!!!!!
Nice to have a message from listen here we need those photos from you...please scan them. hope the hangover ends and good luck with uni. We miss you Muchos

lots of love
Phil and Alex
From nick
heya girls. sweet diary entry, i am muchos bleak that you havent got any pics, i told you chileans were dodgy.
Alex i am still expecting an email by the way, feeling the love, but hey its cool.
anyway will spek to you soon.
lots of love me XXXXXX
Response: listen here buddy...Alex is a busy man;)

We still love you Nick

lv Phil
From georgia
hey pookie, got your email so now feel slightly more up to date!holidays start on fri which should be good and going to vmk for the partie op die plaas - will miss u there!will write to u soon and tell u all the news!!love you and missing you lots
Response: cool man!!!!! sad im missing the partytjie!!!! love you lots xxx
From BoBo
Sounds like the adventure of a life time young mullet! 2 weeks today til race day. Its quite bad cause its all i can thnk about. Got 100pages of zoo to learn for tomoz and its note reallly hapening that well ey. Got a new phone cause i lost my other one. Its has a torch on it-best invention ever! I was lank stoket about that. aodsjaijdaodjaoasoad love Bobo
Response: ya was awesome!!! Im so jealous of you lot rowing...stay focused on the rowing...bin the work!!! phone sounds bueno! miss you lots xx
From the birthday girl
Hi plonkers
hope life is treating you well since you've finally moved on from burger king to lovely nutritious soup!! Maybe you won't get so sick anymore.
by the way it was nice to speak to you on my birthday Zandi?? but i still had a fun time... apparently there were some flowers from you. thanks- and I got your sms' so now have your new number.
Love Kate
Response: Thanks poo!!! hope you had a good one...tried to call sooo many times!!! glad you got the msgs...yip hope you liked the flowers!!! lots of love Zandi xx we are very much over burger king at the moment as we all got a bit sick after the last meal!!!!
From HS
Hey love, Si's was way too big...god i'm still recovering, I have just been on a geology fieldtrip which was so incredible we went fossil hunting and found some yay. Shit one about the camera and fone. Hope u well have a great time, love to all Lots of love me
Response: man!!! hope you had a great anniversay!!!! sooo spoilt!!
lotsa love HB xx
From lou
hey guys! how are you two??
phil the holiday pics are awesome!! Looks like you had an amazing time. thinking of you from ALLLLLLL the waaaaay from the other side of the world. love lou x
Response: hey!
we are good but very tired today...late night. Enjoy your last month aaaaaalll the way from the other side of Mundo
love Philly and Al
From BoBo
hi gals! got 29% for my chem test. We better win boatrace. Its 31days to go and then its party time. UCT has organised an after party at the backpackers place. What legends! Hope you gals are loving it and living it up. mwa
Response: HEY bobo
shot on the chem...snds like me!!! sure you will win boatracei feel it in my bone marrow!!! party will be fab...yip here is great!!! lotsa love xxx
From HS
Hey love, did u get my last message? lot and lots of looove me
Response: Yip just rplied thanks xxx
From HS
Hey Hb

The big hole was great actually, did a lot of things: ghost tour, helicopter trip, game drives so had a great time. Et is well and sends his love he come to rhodes for the first week so i'm all alone...rhodes is great i have si's 21 next week and trivasity so very excited however second yr is a bitch. I heard Kate and Jul's visited u lucky bugger i hope to see pics soon, look after urself lots of love to phil too love me
Response: Hey HS had lotsa photos but my camera got stolen along with my phone!!! sounds like the big hole was great...have a jol at Si 21st...send him my love!!! work hard lotsa love HB xx
From georgia
write me an email and tell me what u been up to u piece of poo!!! love you
Response: sorry...i will promise!!!!
love ya lots xx
From BoBo
Eish! looks like you gals are seeing lots and having fun. Hope you back at "home" alex and not at the border any more. its storming here at the mo and they told peepz in PE to stay at home and that work and school was canceld.Lucky buggers. We stole trays from our dining hall now and went sliding down the hill into the river. Hit my head one time but good times!. love you guys. rock on!
Response: Hello BoBo
You really are creative...i would never have thought of that(sliding down the hill on trays). ALex and CJ are home.Yay! which means Im no longer so lonely and sad.

lots of love
Phil and Al
From Lara
hey philly,
just wanted to say hi... miss you! will write ya back soon.. promise ;)
lots of love
Response: hey La
Hi to you too.would love a mail from you. have been wondering how you've been.
love Philly
From Robynne and Clint
Hola Phil
Como estas?
Escribar un poco en Espanol, necito una escribar amiga:)
Nice pout!
Looks like you having an awesome time!
Have fun

Response: Hola Robynne and Clint
I agree
you tengo que escribar en Espanol amigos
but maybe when i have something to say
love Philly