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Alexandra goes to Oz

Welcome to my travel page! I hope this will be a good way to keep in touch with you all.

so have fun...

Diary Entries

Monday, 25 February 2008

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

This is the place, where you eat ice cream fo breakfast, where you go shopping in your Teddy bear jammies, where you find laughing dophines painted on walls; this is the place, where you see lawers drinking their afternoon tea next to Hippis smoking pot, and where you hang yout just to be cool.

Byron Bay is pretty much one main street with a funny freaky atmosphere!

You can't put feelings in words when you are standing at the light house and imagine you are right now at the most eastern point of australia. imagine if you get up before sunrise and you walk all the way up to the light house you are the first person in Australia who actually watch the sun comes up. bad luck, if there are so many clouds and it's raining cats and dogs that you see nothing! but anyway you would be the first person.

early the next morning I was getting ready to travel to the most popular City in Australia.. Sydney

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

Sun fun and nothing to do, but Pary!
thats the first impression of Surfers Paradise!

I'm such in a good mood, because I meet my lovely neighboor Fabienne! she's going to school here for study english! We have a great Weekend ahead of us! and I'm sure it'll be great fun!

The Gold Coast is a city and local government area in the southeast corner of Queensland, Australia. It is the second most populous city in the state and the sixth most populous city in the country. Gold Coast City is renowned for its sunny subtropical climate, popular surfing beaches, expansive waterway and canal systems, a skyline dominated by high-rise apartment buildings, active nightlife and wide variety of tourist attractions.

in fact here is the sun shining, the wind just about perfect and the people funny!

All my cut and dried opinions about surfers were disapeared after this hilarious weekend! Fabienne slid in the role of a perfect personal tourguide and showed me different places!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Location: Brisbane, Australia


finelly we are arrived in brisbane. no more storm on the high seas, no more mud climbing or wildness in the rainforest or the outback. altought we arrived in the city jungle with loads of crazy people. :)

First thing to do after all this adventures in Queensland we desidet to relaxt in the Botanic gardens. I was told, that there are loads of fantastic guided walks along heritage and history and loads of highlights! for the moment Sybille and I were pretty much just happy to doze for a while and let the weak sunshine kiss our skin.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens: Queenslan's oldest heritage park
the gardens were establiched in 1855 on the site of the Government Garden, the gardens were created in the early days of the Moreton bay penal settlement for food crops.
Under the first Superintendent, Walter Hill, the gardens were used as an experimental farm and an educational establishment.

We enjoyed the atmosphere by strolling among beautiful old trees, some planted at the time Brisbane was first established. It's a fantastic place to relaxe and a kind of tranquil green oasis, only minutes from the city centre.

As nice Brisbane is, it meant that our, Billy and mine, journey togheter is finish. It was such a pleasure that we met each other.
but one day we travel to Mexico for sure!

I had some more days in Brisbane to visit some school friends from Brisbane. It was like back in Perth, such a great time!

But finelly I had to say good bye to Brisbane and its great people and travel further down the coast! I was as much exited as sad! this is endit a strange feeling!
However, Surfers Paradise was calling me....

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Location: Fraser Island, Australia

...and the journey begins..

Fraser is a mixture of myths, mysteries, history and world heritage AND loads sand!!!

Surprise! the sun is shining. and we started our journey with fraser explorer. firs, we drove along the ocean highway of seven- five Mile beach. it was great. we visited the Wabby Lake, its colour is a very nice kind of green. anyway we went for a swimm and it was fantastic. Sibylle and I met some swiss people, but also german and very funny Irish and english people as well. we strolled through ancient rainforest were rare king ferns (over 3 meter) grow along the meandering Wanggoolba creek at central Station. next we drove to the most famous lake on Fraser. the lake McKenzie with its clear blue water. it was great fun to jump in the lake.
while we discovered an other forest walk our tourguide Kamerun told us that we are actually standing in a real Oasis. its called a subtropical rainforest on sand. how cool is that?!?

2 day
we explores several of the 127 magnificent hues at the coloured sands on the way along the coast to the pint Indian head. we climped up the hill to the lookout and felt just great. the wind was quiet strong and it was a bit dangerous to walk around the top but the views over the carol sea was just fantastic. we stunned at the sweeping views over this miracle of the nature.

at lunch time some nosy dingos turned out of the bushes and settled down arround us. it was a strange feeling because this dingos were wild and you never now. so we just made sure that there is always a certain distance between us. but I have to admitt that they were a kind of cute. there was a strong volition to pet them. but it would have been to dangerous. anyway they are misterious animals.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Location: Whitsunday (Airlie Beach), Australia

sail the whitsundays...

We are leaving the Marina Harbor with the Race Winner boat Siska andheading off to the White haeven Beach.
On the way our Skipper allowed us to put the sail out so we could have the real sailing experience. we sailed along some of the 74 Islands and had a lot of fun to call out a variaty of pirates attack cries and other stupid stuff.

after a while it starts to rain again and it didn't seemed to stop in the next time.
when the thunder storm broke out If you belive it or not, I was sooooo happy to have my ginger pils with me it was tooo crazy on the boat. the waves were so high that it felt a little bit like on a rollercoaster.
after a while every body was such happy to go on land to climp the hill of the Whitsundays to reach the lookout of the white haeven beach. It was puling down and all of us had nice yellow raincoats which were very fashionable. through mud and little water falls; we made our way to the top. on the last few meters I nearly crashed with a guy in swimming shorts. I took a second look and realised, what a suprise, its Andy and right behind him Irene. both of them went to the school in Perth. sometimes even Australia can be small.
We reached the top and had an amaying look over the white heaven beach. the sea was greesn, blue and turquise between the white sandy beach.
we spend the night in more quiet Harbor close to the Whitsunday Island.
in the time it was dawn, the storm became stronger and stronger. heavy thunder burst the clouds and day-bright lightnings discerp the sky in cycles tuned to seconds. it was soo frightening at the time the waves started to grow. it was still warm and muggy in the cabin so I decided to go on deck for a while. I couldn't belive my eyes. the view was panoramic. every second the lighnings, the lights from the Harbor village and the moon which made the seagrass shining with every wave. this all together was fantastic. fortunately I was not the onlyone who couldn't sleep so I could share this great atmosphere.

The next morning we were on our way back to the Marina Harbor. an one more time I was sooo happy to have my ginger pils. over the night the storm had agitated the sea and waves were up to 5 meter. it was a long long way home. but it was also an experience. at the time we arrived the harbor we couldnt belive our eyes. every boat were smashed up or totaly broken in twoo half. we heard of an other boat which the people had to be rescued by helicopters. up to 50 boats were smashed up. we were lucky that we arrived the main land safe and hale.
we met us in the evening to have a beer or two and to clink glasses for our Whitsunday tour and that we returned hale and hearty.

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Location: Mission Beach, Australia

14000 feet
60 sec - freefall
landing at Australias ultimate drop zone..
14km of white sandy beach!!!!

today is THE day!
I was told that you're never the same person after a sky dive. so lets try I thought and jumped on a cresco 450.

I was relaxed and calm and actually I couldent belive what I really do in that moment. but at the time the door had been opened; my stomach had suddenly ants in it, my blood begann to boil and my haed turned into a deep red. a second later I screamed while Marcel and I fall.
Accelerated freefall drop to speeds of over 200km/h! I saw the beatyfull few over the tropicel Island and the Great Barrier Reef - no word could explain the feelings it was more then absolutely awesome and hilarous.
surprisingly it didn't feel like falling more like flying or flooding.
anyway I guess I'm the same person as before just with one bloody f--king awesome experience more. :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Location: Cairns, Australia

After a long long term to decide I made up my minds and booked a flight to Cairns.

My first dive!!

from Port Douglas the most famous Habor in Australia for High Society we took a boat of the HABA Company to get to the most famous Reef. After a really wavy boat cruise we got to the Great Barrier Reef. after a 25 minutes crash course in diving where our instructor explained what we have to do, how we have to behave and what the most important underwater signs are; we were ready to go under water. However, there were still some scary things when you think about what could happen: if you pump a balloon and take it up to 10 metre under water it is shrinking to its half volume, but if you take it over water again it gets its normal volume back. if you pump a balloon underwater and you take it over water what do you think happens? yeb it explode imideatelly!! imagine this balloon is you lung. the golden rule is keep breathing. this bang into me like a ton of stone that a few minutes later when I wore all the suff like mask, fine, and the whole diving gear, i just told my self " keep breathing, keep breathing, keep breathing. after a while I recognised, hold on, what is the other stuff i have to do and what is the sign for "I have a problem" and what should I do when something was wrong. I guess I was looking that lost when i sat on the jetty for divers, that one of the Instructor came to me and explained in fiew words the "golden rules" again. ( i don't tell you that he had such a nice smile that I couldn't concentrate what he said)
However, the next second I found my self in and than under water and everything was running automatically.
I slightly sank down 4, 6, 8, 9 metre and the only thing I was really thinging about was " woooow" to make a long story short it was amazing! (fuking bloody awesome) to say it in australian english. :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia


busy side walk coffees, loads of traffic, overstressed business people, crowded trams, and an international language cocktail are the first impression when you are walking trough the streets of Melbourne. all in all its an amazing Town.
The biggest passion from the "Melbournians" is the sport. and luckily I was there right from the beginning of the Tennis Open.
and of course I bought a ticket for a Match with Rogi. one of his lastest which i didnt know at this time.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Location: Great Ocean Road, Australia

Great Ocean Road

our first stop was Murray River which build with the Darling River the biggest River system of the world. 80% of the south Aussies live from the water of this River. over 300 sorts of birds and 28 fish sorts live in the area arround it. (we saw at least 10 sorts of the birds)
Close to the River is also the biggest Hill of the continent Kosciuszko Hill.

a few hours later we cross the victoria border. now its 10 hours difference to Switzerland. Our Driver Mac told us what we had to know about Victoria. the most interesstig thing is that the people in Victoria are driving in controverse to the rest of Australia on the right site. the funny thing was that we were the only one who knew about that so we had to avoid to everybody else. it was great fun.

Grampiens National Park
we spent one night in Brambuk close to the aboriginal Culture Centre. in the evening our tour guide told us we should have a look behind the little forest there is a open field with some kangoroos.
when we arrived at this pretty nice field in the middle of the forest in front of the grampians mountains, we could not belive our eyes. the field was full with wild kangoroos. it was a kind of magical to walk in between all these kangaroos.

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Location: Adelaide, Australia


its a nice little city with a nice atmosphere.
as a traveler you feel quick wellcome. William light has built it 1837 as a kind of Chess board so you have a good overfiew where what is.
Barossa Valley
Adelaide has a lot influence from the germans. also the famous wine area over the Adelaide hills. of course i had to try the famous wine from here which are Shiraz, Cabernet, Semillon, Chardonnay and Riesling.

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Location: Alice Springs to Adelaide, Australia

the easiest, most comfortable and grooviest Way to go to Adelaide is with (tommelwirbel) GROOVEY GRAPE!!

On the way to adelaide we passed the Border form North-to South Australia. which means another hour more difference from home.
after few hours driving Lawrence, our driver, suddenly stopped the bus and made us to take our cameras out imediately. we jumped out of the bus in beliving to spot a Kangoroo or another rare spoted animal. as we were out of the car, Lawrence smiled at us and said: "look at your right, look at your left, fornt and behind you. there ist nothing. nothing but red dust miles and miles around us. thats why you came to Australia- to see nothing."
for me, it was amazing, when you're sitting in the bus you see the desert arround you, but if you jumed off the bus you feel it. the heat, the hard breathing air, the red earth the shiny horizon and you hear the crickets chirping as loud and as high as you never heard before.
another few hours later we sopped at the longest dingo fence ever. its 500km long and endet in western Australia in the rabbit fence (i hope you remember)
this dingo fence should protect the sheep in the south from the dingos in the north. which could be very interessting if are behind this historical fence..
to make a large story short: we had a lot of fun

Coober Pedy
usually the temperature is arround 50 degrees 365 days in the year, thats why the people live underground. "kopa Piti" is an aboriginal Language and means "white man in hole".
every thing is underground, the hotels, some shops, the bars and also the only one diso in town, the desert cave. if you are a girl in my age and you would lay on thew bar desk and let the bar ceeper drink tiquilla from your belly, you would get free drings the whole night. if the bar ceeper was one sentury younger it would be worth a serious mind, but......

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Location: back to Alice, Australia

Kings Canyon

after we finished our 3 hour walk in the heat and the boiling sun on the top of the Kings Canyon we were on the way to Alice.
in three days we made 1500 km and our tourguide Tilly ( a real Power Woman) was still to have for loads of jokes.

Friday, 04 January 2008

Location: Red Centre, Australia

Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon

the next 3 days were awesome. i walked arround the Uluru climbed trough the Olgas and discovered the magical Kings Canyon. i joined a group with 21 people, whitch was almost too many for a tour like this. but i met nice Korean girls, crazyly talkative german people, special cze people, friendly french people and a true blue Aussi.

the Wakatarra National Park where we camped was a nice place. we baked our own bread, called Damper bread. in the evening after it has cooled down a little bit (from 47 to 39 degrees) we lighted on a fire and sit around it. while we talked from special things from our countries and stuff like that, suddenly we heard the dingos singing. it was a strange feeling and it sounds very close. so I got imediately goosebumps when three of the wild dingos cross our camp as it was a normal thing. altough they were just looking for food, it was a magical moment.

Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Red Centre - here I am......

in the late morning i flew from Perth to Alice. after two and a half hour I arrived in the middle of Australia. it was 46 degree and the air was stimy and it felt hard to breath. but you know what i couldn't stop to smile- i was in the middle of Australia :) !!!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2007




Friday, 28 December 2007

Location: Perth, Australia

x-mas at the beach?

strange feeling christmas whitout Guetzli, candlelights and cold days. we had around 40 degrees and on the boxing day until 46. we just lay at the beach and did nothind, just enjoy the time.
it was not really christmas espacially because so many things were missing especially family and friends.

i've got 3 days in Perth left and i try to enjoy each minute as much as i can.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Karijini to Perth

After leaving Karijini we took a look around the mining town of Newman. the landscape was still flat and dusty but green Trees and Bushes made a contraste in this fiew.
on the way to Perth we passed through many of the large shep stations of the Gascoyne Region, some over 1 million acres in size. That last night we camped on one of thouse stations.
Actually three of us (Marina, Anna and me) didn't really camped. we banned our tour guide in the hammock and slept instead of her on the top of our bus. it was full moon and we had a fantastic fiew over the milkey way.
early in the morning we got up to continue our way. our mood was not the best, because everybody knew in few hours our trip in another world would be finish. altough we spent just 10 days together, we had from the start a great time togheter.

three o'clock in the afternoon we are back in Perth; tired, stinky and totaly redbrown but absolutely bloody happy!!!

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Hani scho abcheckt! :) jede Zischtig isch free Barbecue und sBier isch nur 5 $ Statt wie susch 7-8$! Es het viel swiss people doet. aber dMusig isch no glatt. Am Donnstig isch i de Noechi vo Perth, Northbridge Brasilien Night! das isch au ganz luschtig doet:). seisch em Michi en Gruess und Danke fuer de Tipp! Liebi Grueessli