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Alex's Travels in New Zealand

Welcome to Alex's Travel Page. Here is where I kept a record of my travels in New Zealand. I stayed over in Singapore before flying to Auckland where I worked and played before exploring the North islands and then skiping over the South Islands.

I'm now back in England but will one day have some more travels to write about.....

Diary Entries

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire, England

I've not gone outside yet but from the radio I hear it's a beautiful day. People having bbq's and sat at caravan sites with cans of lager. I thought instead of just leaving this site open to the possibility that I may return and write something else, I thought a proper goodbye was in order, if only just for my benefit. I've saved this site to one of those very useful pen-stick things and I have a very romantic notion of how when I'm grey and old, in that order that I will look back and see how I made it to New Zealand. I had a great time, met great people, saw and experienced some amazing stuff and at times I was lonely and sad and if I really wanted to stay I would've changed that easily. Those things you can change but my heart just wasn't in New Zealand and lets not forget a small thing as I ran out of money too.

In this life you shouldn't have any regrets and I was so lucky to meet some amazing people like all my friends in Auckland. Bex, Annika and Sarah, never forget the night with The Fray, it rocked! my Brazillin friends Rafael and Jackson, My dear Belinda- we had Rakino's, Lilianna who tried to teach me Spanish and many who only touched my days for a few. Friends that you do make, some just lose contact with you but other's even if you don't hear from them for a few months you have a friend for life. I also got to meet great people from the farms I worked at including Paul (scorse) and had a great NYE along with his mate Jay. Not soon after that I cruised over to the South islands. Nelson, I met Hannah and Marguerite and Motueka another hot spot for me where I made some great friends at The Laughing Kiwi. I learnt there importantly that you can be liked and no particular reason for it. Emilie, Katie and Tina who I worked and lived with on the apple orchard and not forgetting our boss Shane and his crude jokes So perhaps I wasn't so lonely but I'm still looking for that place in the world where I will think Yes I made it, I'm here.

Now back in England I've been shown true kindness by my longterm friend Clare and her Craig. I've been able to spend time with my brother and for the first time just trying to enjoy the moment of life and not worry about whats next. Also hoping to live back in Brighton and see all my friends there including friends I made whilst working at the surgery and of course Kitta aka Anna but I'm just all about living for now.

I still have dreams about going away somewhere else longterm again, learn from what I did in New Zealand but first I'm job hunting.

And yes I know nobody will probably read this but I know I will in years to come look over it. I would like to say Thank you to everybody that left me messages and read my entries and to everybody that I got to meet on my trip. It was nice to know you and for those who I'm still in contact with, you know where I am.


Much love as always


Friday, 06 April 2007

Location: England

It's time to get all my foto's up and tie all loose ends. Keep looking in as there will be more foto's coming up but seeing as I'm not in New Zealand this site will come to an end but I will keep a blog on another site for friends that I've made in the world and wanna keep updated on my progress. blimey gov that was a mouthfull!

Thats it for now.


Monday, 26 March 2007

Location: England

A start of a brand new week. I woke up at 2am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. My head must be thinking it's afternoon. I also had a really scary experience as I was falling asleep. I felt like I was half way between being awake and asleep. I could feel this physical sense of being pinned down and I couldn't move. When I opened my eyes I saw the shadow of a person on my pillow and could feel some sort of presense yet nobody was in the room. It spooked me but I was able to get to sleep quickly after that.

Today was going to be the day when I went out looking for a job but I decided to just relax. I also have no clothes to wear. I'm sat in shorts and t-shirt while the washing machine does it's magic.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: UK

I'm now back in England and so far so good. The flght from Singapore was no problem apart from that I got Orange juice spilt all over me but accidents happen. I felt totally spun out walking through the airport to collect my luggage and then out of the gates to meet my friend Clare. I had this romantic image of that I would run up to her with tears running down my face and hugging her till she'd say, Alex put me down. Instead as I walked out I saw a wave of faces just staring at me and just as I got halfway I spotted my dear friend that I hadn't seen for 9 months. I kinda felt like it was yesterday that I last saw her and of course we hugged and I was so happy to see her but after being friends with someone for nearly 12 years and only getting to see them at least once a year you find you don't need to make a song and dance because she knows.

From Thursday until now I've just been taking it easy. I feel in a state of shock to be back. I don't regret it for a moment and I'm so happy being with Clare and her Boyfriend Craig. I feel so at home and looked after. Today we went shopping and tonight my other long term friend Lisa is coming round and we're going out for a few and maybe a dance.

It just feels like I'm hungover and I hope it passes soon. I can't be bothered to write anymore. Maybe this would be a good place to stop.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Location: Airport, Singapore

I've made it to Singapore. There was slight turblance but nothing major. Spent the whole flight watching terrible movies although I saw a really good one with good old Denzil Washington de juvu.

I'm stuck in the airport till 9 tomorrow morning and plan to go and have a nap about 12 in the transit hotel.

That's really all I've got to say. I'm very looking forward to getting back to England.


Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: Chirstchurch, New Zealand

Got back into Christchuch about an hour ago. The journey back was good apart from the bus drivers annoying commentary. It was so bad and loud that I used my ipod to drown it out. The bloke in front of me turned round and put his fingers together at me. I was just had to put up with her. Apart from that I had some trashy magazines, a good book and a yummy lunch made for me by Sally, so it won't all bad.

We stopped off just outside of Christchurch to drop some passengers off and a man and his son come off the bus to greet his other son and Mrs. He had a fag in his hand and gave it to his eldest son to hold. I think its not fair to judge but I felt a bit sad watching the kid having to hold his father's fag while he took out his luggage and his wife playing on her phone not thinking much of it....

Tonight is my offical last night in New Zealand. I've found a place to enjoy my last drink here, it's called bog. I had it recommended to me and I hope they do a nice Sav Blanc. The wine of choice and regualrly enjoyed in the company of my first friendly face here, Bex.

I had a lovely time in Gore. It was so relaxing and it was nice to be able to slow down before the anticaption of flying home kicks in. It still hasn't and I don't think I'll get that till I'm on the plane. Not really much else to say apart from what I got up to yesterday but as I'd rather tell you all about when I know for sure I'm spelling correctly. Anyway I'm off to toast NZ, the great experiences I had here, the awesome people that I met, the friendships that I've made and will be that for life and John back in Gore who won't have someone to drink all that lovely red wine he has. Sally didn't drink due to a lent thing and I said if I had one tonight I would toast, so cheers!

So long NZ, I'll be back.

Much Love


Sunday, 18 March 2007

Location: Gore, New Zealand

Gore is home to brown trout and is quite deep south. I arrived Friday and had a nice glass of red wine waiting for me and some lovely food. My kiwi hosts are great and have been so kind to me. I know them through mutual friends and this is the first time I've met them, John and Sally. John knows his fish and is a fishing guide and makes me laugh. Sally is so kind and caring. Yesterday Sally and I went to the cinema to see Ms Potter. It was filmed in the lake district in England and I would love to visit the area. I have a feeling I went as a kid but maybe that was all a dream...

Today we drove to Bluff, the nearest you can get driving to the end of the south islands. We had lunch at a lovely resturant called the drunken sailer and I had baked blue cod. We then drove to Rooton rocks. It was beautiful watching the crashing waves and the rustic grass blowing in the winds. We stopped for icecream before driving back. I then met Sally and Johns next door neighbours who we had some bucks fizz with (champy's and oj) before having roast chicken and a few glasses of wine. A nice end to a lovely day. Tomorrow we are setting off early to go to te anaura. I've totally got the spelling wrong and will correct tomorrow. It's the gates to Milford sounds and has some lovely views over the lakes. We are going to have lunch there. The end of my trip is near and I don't feel sad, just reflective really, reflecting over the experiences i've had being in NZ and the people that I have met and will continue to stay in touch with after I leave. It has been amazing times and I leave having no regrets and not wanting to change a thing. If things could be changed it could mean that I might've not met the people I did and I wouldn't change that for anything. My travels won't stop here and I have many more up my sleeve so I beg you not to stop reading.

Love as always


Thursday, 15 March 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

It is freaky how similar Christchurch is to England. As I was coming in on the bus I felt I could be back home going through London. The centre of Christchurch, the square makes me think of London too. like the old parts.

I bumped in Katarina, one of the german girls I used to work with at the laughing kiwi. I think she thought I was abit crazy when I kept muttering to myself how Christchurch reminds me of England, it kinda freaked me out.

The journey from Nelson to Christchurch was long but really nice. Beautiful scenery all the way. It took me forever to find my hostel thou and it was only round the corner from where the bus dropped me. After dropping my stuff off at the hostel I decided to explore around the city and that's when I bumped into Katarina. We went to the gallery together and brought icecream afterwards and sat in the gardens. It was nice bumping into her again.

Tomorrow morning it's back on the bus again at 8am to travel to Gore. I'm not looking forward to the journey as it's slightly longer than the one today but again I'm sure I will be impressed with the scenery.


Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

I'm now back in Nelson. I was here for 4 weeks before travelling up to Motueka. I'm also staying in the same hostel and got huge hugs when I walked through the door which was really nice.

Yesterday was my last day of apple picking and it's a nice feeling to know that I won't be doing that anymore. The weather has suddenely turned really nasty, cold and wet. I was actually picking apples in the rain yesterday and raindrops dripping in my eyes from the branches, nice.

My last weekend in Motueka was good. Me and the girls were not sure about going out as the previous weekend was so quiet but it ended up all good and we even got to meet the local rugby team.

So back to yesterday. After finishing work and getting a few pictures and said my goodbyes to everybody it was off back home. Me and the gals got a couple of vistors from people that I worked with and I ended up staying up till late packing.

I woke up many times in the night because it's so cold now. My room mate wears a beanie to bed she's so cold. The all the heat goes out your head theory being tried and tested. The girls drove me into town in the rain. They were not looking forward to having to work in it. I hope you didn't have too!!

And so here I am, in Nelson safe and sound. I've found that all my trousers that I have with me have holes in them and places you don't want holes. I so wish I could sew. I brought a needle and thread from the $2 shop and hope I can do a botch job to last me until I get home and can buy many more pairs of trousers.

It's offical. Here in NZ summer has ended and if it hasn't then it bloody feels like it.

Much love to you all


Sunday, 11 March 2007

Location: Motueka

Motueka isn't the greatest places to go for a night out but after being here a good few weeks I think last night me and the gals finailly hit it. You need to follow the crowds. After coming back from the beach I was a bit like 'don't know if I could be bothered to go out, but duh it's Saturday night and my last Saturday night with the girls before I depart. So off we went into town. It started off in the sports bar and we ended up in some crazy sports night club where I tried to be cute on the door when asked for id, what age do you think I am, I asked sweetly, umm he didn't like that. Us gals ended up meeting the local rugby team and Tina and I trying to get Katie and Emilie to catch this old bird in this stunning gold dress. I ended up drinking quite a few jugs and got delivered back to the batch this morning. I had to give Motueka a proper send off!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Location: Motueka, New Zealand

It's the weekend at last. It has been another hard week of apple picking and I've now turned to my ipod for pain relief. If it wasn't for the lovely people that I work for and my boss Shane who is such a dude I would scream! When I told Shane I was leaving he tried to convince me to stay. I didn't have the heart to tell him that even if i did stay I would must likely quit apple picking. I have no regrets about doing it but it's mind and body destroying. I met a welsh dude called Dav....As in the only gay in the village and me and the gals nearly strangled him when he was like 'yeah I really love apple picking, it's so phyisical and good for the body.' Word of advise you don't say that to 4 sweaty gals senstive about their tummys.

Anyway glad the weekend is here. Me and the gals are off to the beach. I finish apple picking on tuesday then I'm travelling down to Gore (bottom of south island) to spend some time with friends before going back home. I'm so excited about going back to England and seeing all my friends. I'm going to spend time with Clare and Lisa. We've known each other like nearly 12 years. Also not forgetting trips to Brighton and Devon and then hoildays to new friends I've made.
Anyway enough already. Much love as always

Saturday, 03 March 2007

Location: Motueka, New Zealand

Wow what a week it has been. It's been get up work, sit in front of the tv with my housemates and then bed. I'm slowly getting better at the picking but only slowly. It's also got to the point that when i close my eyes for bed all I see is apples! crazy hey!

The most I've done now is two bins in a day. If you saw the bins then you'd understand. Yesterday I was picking pears. Man they are heavy.

Despite the hard work. I do love the job. I'm outside in the fresh air getting great exercise and working with great people. I especailly adore my lovely batchmates, Emilie, Kaite and Tina. We have so much fun and get on so well. If it wasn't for them I think I'd go crazy. Our boss, shane is magic. He makes sure everybody has a smile on their faces and helps pick if needed. He also gives us all mints throughout the day which may have magic coating to keep us going through the day.

My 1 piece of news is that I'm going home. After careful thought and spoken words with loved ones I feel it's time. I will be home 22nd March and of course will keep this site going. I still have loads of pics to put on so keep with me.

With love as always


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Recent Messages

From Annika
Hi Alex,

how are you?

Response: Dear Annika

I never look at this site now but thought I'd have a peak. I'm fine thanks for asking and hope you are too.

Much love

From Bex
I hope there might be some updates on here soon from Germany!! Yay!
Response: Ha ha ha ha.

You little monkey. It would only be my dear lovely friend in NZ that would write something. ummm maybe I'll create a new site just for my germany visit.

Much love

From kitta
It's all good lovely. You've had some wicked experiences and so many, many more to come. So many more wonderful friends who are going to touch your life and you touch theirs. You have written an exciting, newsy and often amusing and yet heart stirring account of how your trip went and more to the point who you are and what you're all about.

You are now an all new you :). And I love you for it. I think you're brave and positive and philosophical and you make my life a happier one.

Take care lovely and keep up all the good work.

Anna AKA kitta supreme xxx
Response: Hello Darling,
Althou I've said goodbye I can't keep away. Something in me tells me that someone might've left me a message and here you are. Thank you for your lovely words, they touched my heart and soul. I'm always there for you even though presently it's at the end of a phone.xxxxxxxxxx
From Bex
That was a lovely farewell message! And I too am looking for the right place to be, and will be looking in a few more places this year I think........!
Response: Hi Bex,

Thanks Luv. Pleased to get your message. I only logged in as I saw some errors, oh well who cares. Look forward to seeing you oz foto's. I'm staying tuned to your PR site.
All I can say is there is alot of choice out there but it's going to be fun finding out where you wanna be.
Huge love and Huge hugs
From Bex
Where are you going to do your new blog??? I will miss this one!
Response: Hey Bex!
Nice to see that you're still reading. I have two friend accounts with hyves and facebook and will mostly blog there.
Look forward to hearing of your adventures of OZ when you get back to NZ
Much love
From Annika

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Hope to see you soon in Germany or England. Much love
Response: Hi Annika,
Thanx my love. I enjoyed the rest of my time in NZ thanks. It was lovely talking to you. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.
Much love too!

From kitta
Can't wait for your return! maow wow wow! MIss you sooooooo much. We've got so much to talk about. Can't wait to see you :)

lots and lots of love
kitta sumpremo
Response: I can't wait to see you either. I hope it's sooner than later.....
lots of love.
From Clare Carroll

Did you know there are a couple of farms nearby that do "Pick you own fruit".....ha, ha, we should go....!?

Hope you have a fab last week in NZ

See you soon
Response: Ha Ha ha.

See you soon my lover!
From Bex
Here is hoping this cold snap is just temporary! Bloody freezing up here too!
Enjoy Nelson.
Response: Ha ha... I just sent you an email asking about the weather, now I know. There's been bursts of sunshine in Christchurch today. Nelson was nice, saw a few old faces....
From Bex
Apple picking huh? Not sure I would choose it, but you gotta give it a go right? Roughly only one month til i go to Sydney, yay, a holiday from work! Very interested to hear how this week goes for you! Good luck!

Response: Hi Bex,

It's been a hard but an enjoyable week. Yesterday I was picking pears. I love being outside and I have a really nice boss. The gals I live and work with are so wicked!
Wow just a month to go. You must be very excited. We must talk before I go home.
Much Love xxxxxxxxx
From kitta
Hi love

I'm going to Morrocco with Nicky ( my sis) on feb 26th horrah! So I'll be a litte bit nearer you for a week :) maow! Can't wait to get out of this headspace for a week and have a few distractions.

I didn't get either of those two positions singing or brighton museum so beginning to worry that I'm going to have to go into London or work in a shop :( Anyway I'll worry abot that in March!

Love you lots
kitta xxx
Response: Darling Kitta,
Thats very exciting. I'm very pleased for you. I think it will be good for the both of you. Thats a shame you didn't get those jobs. Stay focused thou and yes don't worry about it till you get back.
Enjoy your time!
Much Love Alex
From Sarah B.
Hello Alex darling,
Long time no write, eh? I've enjoyed reading your entries. I can only scan them as I'm on the net at work and could get in trouble. I'm still at AUT. my assignment goes until April. My South Island trip was wonderful, but we got horrible food poisoning in Greymouth. But overall it was great-Milford Sound, Fox Glacier, whale watching. I want to start up one of these planet ranger sites to show my photos. I will email you soon. I hope you are enjoying your time and know that I think about you every day too. :) xx
Response: Sarah! I'm so pleased to hear from you. I lost my phone and so when you have a moment......
I'm pleased you got some more work with AUT. I was thinking about how you found the south island, sorry to hear you got food poisoning, you poor thing!
Yep I agree, start a travel blog asap...It's quite addictive. As you can see I can't stay away for too long.
I miss us not meeting up for coffee and a treat....
Much Love
From Bex
Abel Tasman sounded great!!! I am jealous, stuck here at work.
Chin up, the next adventure is coming
Response: Hi Bex,
Yes it was pretty awesome. A total must to do. Yep trying to keep my chin up. I've met some wicked people in the hostel I'm working at so it's not that bad...
Take it easy and hope all is well....
From Liz, Hove
Alex, have been following your travels for a few weeks now (I was reading for a few hours when first logged on!) and so glad you're having such a wonderful experience, you've got me hooked on your diary, so interesting and I will def. keep reading! Keep having fun. Liz. xx
Response: Hi Liz,
It's so lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much for reading.
Yes, I am having a wonderful experience and have many adventures still to come to keep you hooked!

Love Alex xxxxx
From Clare Carroll
What do you mean you're at a loose end for two weeks? You're off to Abel Tasman aren't you? You'll have a great time there. Don't worry too much about starting at the fruit farm. Thought you were gonna phone me on Sunday evening? I did wait for your phone call........
Response: It's because apple picking season does not start for another two weeks.
I've just come back from Abel Tasman, it was awesome.
Yeah, that was crap of me not to call, can't remember why I couldn't in the end. I will call soon thou. I hope all is good with you.

Much Love
From kitta
Hi lovely :)

I'm glad that you're making nu friends all the time. Kumi sounds nice and that's great that she was so up front straight away cos I spose most people think that cos you've got this amazing opportunity to travel that you shouldn't be unhappy or lonely as it's a privilege. But I'm sure that most people get lonely. Only the most hardened people don't like having friends and can cope with hours and hours by themselves. I'm sure that you and Annika will keep in contact for a long time :)

Much love as always
something always comes up!
kitta xxx
Response: One of many good things about travelling-making new friends and ones that will be in your life for a long time.
Hope all is good with you. ....Axxx
From Bex
Hi!!! I just looked at all you pics, the ones of St Pauls, were cool, my friends got married there two years ago, was a beautiful ceremony.
Will go reply to your email now, thanks love
Response: Hi Bex,
I loved looking around St Pauls, I thought it was sooo pretty. Ha ha ha i've just replied to your email now.
Much love and hugs

From Clare Carroll
Just googled "Abel Tasman" - it looks great! Wish I could visit the park, I love doing long coastal walks.
Response: Yes, I can't wait. I will take lots of photos for you to gaze at....

Hope all is well.

Love Alex
From Annika
See you very soon :-))) I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Much love.
Response: Hi Annika,
I just read your email. That's so cool. We will see each other sooner. I'm so excited about seeing you.
I've heard the Nelson Lakes are awesome, we should go!
Much Love Alex
From Bex
Hello my love! Sounds like Nelson is treating you very well, and as for the person putting you down, who cares!!!! That is only one person out of how many you have met that love you to pieces? Way more people love your company than those that dont.
Everything is the same up here in Auckland, the nice weather has finally kicked in, and I went to Big Day Out last week. Holiday on Monday, yay!!
Response: Hello Love!

Thanx for that. So true, who cares!
Glad to hear the nice weather has kicked in. It's kinda hit and miss down here. How was Big day out? I thought of you and yeah, enjoy your hoilday. Business as usual for us bed-makers, he he haaa :) xxxxxxxx
From Clare Carroll
Hello, glad to hear that you've met some nice people. Not fair that you are going to the beach though! It's Friday afternoon at matter how busy I am, Fri afternoon's always drag. My mind has already forwarded to being at home and relaxing with a beer, lime and of course a few cubes of ice.
Response: Yep Friday afternoons is what that's all about.. Looking fwd to the aftermath. To be honest I loose track of my days. Don't really know what day is which, to the next. The beach here in Nelson is Gorge! Most of my friends have left now but still hanging out with my co-bedmaker thou.

Hope you had a nice weekend and talk soon I hope....

Lots of love and hugs

From kitta
Maow! You've been busy! The bed making is funny - I've done that before in a hotel in Southsea nr Portsmouth. It's hard work but satisfying I think. Do ;you do envelope corners with the sheets? ;)
I've got a temp job next week in Haywards Heath at the Princess Royal Hospital being a kitty typist and booking appointments and note taking. Maow. I'm scared, but really how hard can it be? Also it's a better rate of pay than I was getting at the Argus! That shows you how poorly paid my job was there. I saw a DTP operator job in Central London the other day (doing what I used to do) for £35k a year! And that was for 25 hours a week! Unbelievable. You have to be prepared to go into London though and I can't be bothered. Still waiting to hear about those two jobs. Will let you know :) much love my lovely other maow. Maow.
kitta xxxx
Response: Maow Back at Ya!

Yes I have to do envelope corners, I'm totally crap at it.
It's all good here having daytime free to enjoy the sunshine.
Well done you on getting your temp job. It's good that you're scared, you wouldn't be human otherwise. When I walked into the the resturant for the job i'm doing he asked me to work that evening. I was really scared but so pleased with myself at the end of the night. I lasted throu without breaking a plate or spilling anything.

I'll be thinking of you and look forward to hearing your news on your other possible jobs.

Big Huge Love

From Annika
Hi Dear.
That's so funny that you met Ronny again. Wish you luck with a restaurant, I'm sure you'll find something nice. Really hope to see you on the South Island and to do some traveling together.
Response: Hi Annika,

Hope you enjoyed Your little hoilday. Yes waiting to see Ronny again on the south islands......

Yep, would be really nice to see you on the South Island.

Huge Hug to you!

Love Alex
From Clare Carroll
Hello, it was lovely speaking to you last night. I went to bed straight afterwards & Craig said "Who was that?", so I thought I would be daring and say "a ha, it's my secret lover" (as it's very rare that I'm on the phone after eleven pm)....... did he react with rage, despair or jealousy....?? Nope, he just yawned and said sleepily "Erm, don't think so, I know it was Alex". So, I felt lame.
Anyway, hope the rain has stopped. Making beds for accom. sounds fine, no pressure and nice and relaxed
Response: Yep, I felt the same too! I felt much better about stuff after our chat. The film was excellent, you should go see....
Your a tease not lame, he he he.....
The rain is still going but when you're in the city it's not so bad.

Love Alex
From Lorraine
Happy New year Alex!!
First week back at work so thought I would catch up on your page and photos, Glad to see you are moving around and going for different experiances. Enjoy every moment even if there might be lonelier ones then others June will come round V quick !
Take care my friend lots of love L xxx
Response: Hi Lorraine,

Well nice to hear from you. Now I'm in the centre of Nelson I feel better already.
Hope you had a lovely Xmas and New Year.
Send me an email with your no so I can call you honey!

Love Alex