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Hi Everyone Welcome to my travel page. Hope you enjoy looking at my pictures. Please send me lots of messages.

Photos - Click Below



These are pics of Sydney, my favourite city in the world. Enjoy!



These pics are of the Neighbours trivia night. It was great fun.



These are pics of when i had a day of doing neighbours tours. I did one in the morning and went to Ramsey Strret. On the night i went to a trivia night and met some of the celebrities. It was fab! Enjoy!



These are pics of Ayers rock at sunset and sunrise. It was amazing to watch. Enjoy!



These are pics of When i went on a three day tour to Kings canyon and Ayers rock. I had a fab time and camped in the bush for two nights. Scary! Enjoy!



These are pic of when i went to the great barrier reef snorkelling and when i was at the reptile centre in Alice spings. Enjoy!



This are photos of Cairns. I had a really good time there.
Skydiving, Snorkelling the Great barrier reef and went to a aboriginal culture park. Enjoy!



I stayed in Airlie beach and went sailing around the Whitsundays islands for a day. It was fantastic. Enjoy!



These are more pics of Fraser Island i have a few more to put on this page when i have time. Enjoy!



Fraser Island is a big sand island. The only way to get around on the island is by 4WD vechicles. It's a reallt beautiful place and lots to see. Enjoy the pics.



These are pics from when i went to Underwater World at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.
There's many more but i'm limited to how many i can put on. Enjoy!



A few more pics from Australia zoo. There's many more to see but i've not put them on yet.Enjoy!



I had a fantastic day at Australia zoo. It was a real shame that i didn't get to see Steve Irwin.
Anyway enjoy the pics.

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Recent Messages

Hi Ali his is just a quick one before you return to england Iam glad you had a lovely time I missed you Loads anyway Soon Ali I am going away on friday so I will see you in Two and Half weeks Ail
Love From Laura xxxx
From From Anne Simpson
Hi Alison, Just tried to send this off but I wasn't on line so I'll try again - the last one you'll receive and prob the only one after you got back! Just to say I really enjoyed the pics and admire your courage in doing all those extreme activities. See you tomorrow - quite a change from all you've been doing! Anne
From nina & millie
weel. not long. you prob won't see this till your back here so welcome home, we've all missed you loads. sydney looks amazing, although you look funny in the chinese outfir.. we've all just been down to richmond to the fair.. it's bloody raining!!! typical.
well hope the journey is safe for you!
Response: Hi Hope the weather gets better at home when i get back. just waiting around at the hostel until i can get the train to airport. I'm really bored. I hope i can sleep on the plane so that time will pass quickly. Anyway see you wednesday. Lol Alix
From angie and mark
Hello Alison, you look as if you are having the most wonderful time ever, what a month you have had indeed. Your pics are fantastic I expect you are planning your next trip already. Look forward to you coming back and seeing pics and hearing your stories. What a life!!!!!!! Oh, nearly forgot I've been cycling to work and thinking about you while I am doing this, you have a great bike Alison, you need to cycle with me when you get back, I'll get a bike and we can go in together!!!! Got your Mum out twice she is much fitter than me and managed to get up that huge hill in arkengarthdale without coming off (I walked that bit) Safe journey home,See you soon Angie
Response: Hi Angie, It's nice to hear from you. It was my last day in oz today. I've had an amazing time, but ready to come home now. Glad you like the photos, i've got loads more but can't put them all on here but will show you them when i get home. See you soon lol Alisonxx
From Catherine
Hi you,

It looks like you'ver been having a great time again, I am so envious!! Seeing the spiders and reptiles almost brought tears to my eyes, I would have ran straight away from them, you are so much braver than me! Give me cute puppies and kittens any day! Well, enjoy the last few days in your favourite city and take care! I'll see you when you get home.
Response: Hi Catherine, nice to here from you. I got you the flip flops today in black. There so many colours that you can choose from now. I fly home tomorrow, not looking forward to the long flight but looking forward to seeing my family and friends. I'll ring you when i get home.x
From Tracey
You might not get this as you might not read it before you leave, I hope you do - if not you might read it when you get back.
My hols was great,but still a week to go yet, i might be up at reeth visiting on Saturday 2nd June,if so I will pop see you, will be intouch before then - not really sure which day your back, but txt me when you are back and I will ring you hun.
Well Alison all i can say is really well done you look like you really have had a trip of your life and all the things that you have fitted in ,in these four weeks is great you are so so lucky - also you look great , really healthy and tanned and you have lost weight, the trip has done you the world of good you can tell as you look fab! and I just cant wait to catch up with you and see you and here all about it for real.
Txt me when your back in England hun or when you get this ( if your back when you read it) - have a safe journey back and take care and yiopeeeeee get to speak with you soon, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tracey , Paul and of course can`t forget Lucy,the cat!!! xx
Response: Hi Trace i'm in Sydney for my last few days in oz. It's so nice to back to the city i love the most. Not got much plan to do here apart for shop and relax. Anyway hope your having a good hol and i will text you when i get home. Lol Ali x
From nina and millie
well millie is better now and she said thank you for the hug but would much rather one from her aunty ali. the pics are amazing, i can see why you got up so early to see sun rise, enjoy sydney and see ya soon.
love nina and millie
Response: Hi Glad Millie better. Can't wait to give her lots of cuddles. Had a good day. i went to the chinese gardens and had a pic taken with me dressed up like a chinese lady, Then went to the wildlife world and finally went the botantical gardens which is right next to the opera house. Tonight i went down to the habour and sat and had fish and chips. The bridge and opera house were lit up. Anyway just about to put some more pics on. See you very soon.xx
From nina and millie
not sure if you'll be logging on before you get home but if so, then we all looking forward to you coming back, i'm sure you're not though. hope you had a good time visiting your pals and that you got to fruit shack. millie got £71 in splashathon so she did really well. she isn't very wel now. two top teeth coming through. see ya soon.
Response: Hi Sorry to hear that Millie is'nt well , bless her. give her a big cuddle from me. Hopefully i'll get some more pics on in Sydney before i come home. I'm leaving Kerry and Brett's tomorrow friday and i'm getting a lift to Sydney with Brett's auntie and uncle so that's saved me a bit of money and travelling time. Can't believe i'm coming home, i think i'm ready now as i'm missing everyone so much. Going to do some sovneir shopping in Sydney for everyone back home. Anyway can't wait to see you on Wenesday. Bye for now. Lol Alixxx
From mum dad
you are looking a lovely colour,everyone will be so envious. We, dad n I are having a barbi tonight. hve a great time with the stars and with Kerry and Brett. love you xxx
Response: Morning, god i'm so tired. the nieghbours night was late. I got up at 6.30am, i've got a train to catch.
I met about 4 of the star cast and had pics with them also got their autographs too. Time is really going fast now. Anyway see you soon. Love you lots Alisonxxx
From nina and millie
well millie has just completed her splashathon. she was very good, i helped splash her legs and she splashed me with her hands. love the pic's. the reef looks amazing! you have managed to do so much. glad to here you going down to stay with your pals. have a fun time. chat soon. miss ya loads
nina and millie
Response: Hi well done to Millie. Did she get many sponsers? It going to be really nice to see kerry and brett and hopefully the fruitshack to see pepe and pattrick.
Anyway bye for now Alix
It all sounds so great, the photo's look really good. You must feel really proud of yourself doing all this on your own. We are very proud of you. Have fun in Ramsay Street. Hope you are able to catch up with your friends in Sydney and The Fruit shack. Time wise you have done very well. love you lots, Mum Dad. 20.5.07
Response: Hi I'm really pleased i've managed to do everything i wanted to do so far. I've just being to Ramsey Street and it was fun. Saw one of the cast, Dylan. Tonight i'm going to a neighbours Trivia night i'll meet more of the cast. Dr Carl Kenndey's band is filming live tonight so i might get be be on his music video. How cool is that. I'll get as many photos with the stars as i can. Going to stay with Kerry and Brett tomorrow for a couple of days bEfore going to Sydney. Hope your both ok. love you lots too. Alisonxxxxxxxxx
From Tracey
Hiya agin, managed to get on to send you one last message before I go away.
How glad i am that i did as the new pictures are wonderful and i am so so jelous of you as it just looks truly fab - you look well and like you are having a great time, and enjoy your last week or so there just as much as you have been.
I am off work today as I have a really bad cold and feel rubbish, I prob could have gone in for my last day before two weeks off but I am very loyal to them and they all knew I was not well at work yesterday, so I thought id take the oppertunity to ring in sick and try and get better before we go on sunday.
You take lots of care Alison and at the end of the week i might be able to sneak a quick look and another message on here when i get back - I hope so as I love looking at it!!!
Lots of love and hugs.
Response: Hi Trace, Your probably on your hols now. I've just being on a three day tour to Ayers rock and Kings canyon. I had a fab time and camped out in the bush both nights. The first night was abit scary and cold but fun. I saw Ayers rock at sun set and sun rise it was beautiful. Hopefully i'll get some pics on here of it soon. Anyway you won't get this til you get back. Hope you have a fab hol and relax. Lol Alisonx
hi ali I hope you enjoyed the Snorkelling and skydiving and see you soon ali
Love From Laura xxx
Response: Hi Laura, I really enjoyed both the snorkelling and skydiving it was great fun. Just being to Ayers and kings canyon the last three days, it was fun and was with a great group of people. Anyway only 9 days left here. See you soon. Alix
From nina and millie
hiya. got the post card today. thanks. lovedthe pics, and the wet suit really suits you ha ha. the pic looks so nice of the sun coming down.
well the weather here is really horrible so hope you're getting better weather than us. so was alice springs a nice place to go around? you'll prob have been to ayres rock before you get this so i hope it was good therre and impressive as it sounds and looks in pics, i'm sure it will be.. now, about that swedish guy!!! you gotta work your magic!!!!!!
well nothing to say much here really, oh, millie can climb the stairs now so thats very worrying. ordered her birthday cake. so exciting.
hope all is well and chat soon.
miss ya. xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Glad you got the postcard. It's the only one i've sent apart from the one i sent to my mum and dad. I've written other ones out for other people but i forgot to send them, and it's too late now. Anyway i can't believe that Millie can climb the stairs she's a little monkey.
Had a wicked time on the three day tour. Met some great people and one really annoying man who really got on my nerves. Only 9 days to go, i really don't want to come home yet i'm having too much fun. Will try and get some more pics on when i get to Melbourne. I'm flying there today. Anyway bye for now. X
From Tracey A
Hi again.
WELL DONE!!!! Another skydive,you`ll be becomeing a professional at extreme sports next.
Still sounds like you are having great fun and I am so so pleased,I keep checking on here to see what u are up to,you lucky lucky thing,I cant beleive you have been gone two weeks already it seemd to be going quick but it sounds like you are making the most of it which is great,you wont want to come home hun.
My weekend has been a quiet one,only got a week at work then got two weeks holiday and we are going to Newquay (rubbish in comparison with where u are), but the break will do us good.
We leave next weekend,I will try to get to look at your sight again and leave you a message before we go,because I wont be able to look whilst i`m away and then you`ll be back.
Cant wait for when you get back and we can meet up and I can here all about your time away and see all the pics and videos/dvds ( but without trying to wish your time away for you).
Well going to shoot off for now Alison you have a good time in next few days and I will come and leave you another message before I go on me holidays u take lots and lots of care MISS U!!!!!! Lots of love Tracey Paul Lucy.xxxxx
Response: Hi Trace, Hope you have a great holiday in Newquay. I've just being snorkelling at the Great barrier reef today it was amazing. i saw a reef shark , loads of beautiful and a dolphin. The weather wasgud today 28c so i got abit burnt even thoguh i put cream on. I'm going to Alice Springs tomorrow, i'm abit nervous cos i've heard it's a bit of a strange place. Not long now til i come home it's going so quickly but i'm having a great time. Anyway take care have a fab holiday lol Alisonxx
From nina and millie
well what a decision to make, whether to go for a swim in the lagoon of not, me and mille will be going to richmond swimming pool tomorrow so not as fun and exciting. hope you find somewhere to put more pics on.. looking forward to seeing more. we are all well, been to french market today, spent to much on stuff that didn't need!! i'll give millie a hug for you! enjoy and chat soon
Response: Hi It was great down at the langoon. very hot and the warm was very refreshing after sunbathing. Hope you had a good time swimming iwth millie. When is she doing her sponsered splash? Went to the great barrier reef and it was great fun. I went out for a few drinks last night with a girl from the hostel i'm staying at. didn't stay out long as i was up at 6.00am this to go snorkelling. Anyway probably would of spoken to you when you get this message.x
Hi everyone unable to put photos on at the minute as the hostel i'm staying won't allow me to do it. So hope fully when i get to Alice Springs i will be able to. Please keep sending me messages though!
From nina and millie
glad you did the sky jump and not chickened out, i know i would have. just can't wait to see the video, your face was fab on the last one.. so what are your plans now.. are you heading over to alice springs next? at least it is a flight and not another long coach journey. well chat soon. miss ya laods, it's weird here without you. enjoy and have fun snorkling. hope ya see some pretty fishes.
love nina and millie
Response: Hi I really glad i did it and it was a bonus getting to do it from 14,000ft. I can't watch the dvd yet until i get home as there's no dvd player here. I could maybe look at the photos i've got on a cd. I'm going to Alice Springs on Tuesday. Not sure if i'm going snorkelling as my money is starting to get low now. I'm just having a day of chilling out today, i might go down to the lagoon for a swim. Anyway give millie a big cuddle from me and i'll probably give you a ring on Sunday.xx
hi ali i am missing you have you found any hunky men and i have been to the cottages and have you had any good food over there and booze and did you get drunk i have been to the hospital and i am glad you be back soon everyone is ok and say hello
Love From tracy jones
Response: Hi Tracy, It's nice to hear from you. There's lots of hunky men down here. walking around with their tops off. I've had a bit of seafood and a couple of beer with some people i met here. Did you enjoy yourself at the cottages then? Not long now til i come home, the days are going by very fast. Take care see you soon Alix
From nina, millie and ber
hi... has the weather got any better then? do hope so then the snorkling will be better, bright colour fish and fancy coral... wow. well aj, janets daughter has had a baby boy, 8lb, healthy and named him quentin. i'm sure we'll have p[hoto's soon i hope.
beryl still not 100% and not at work, she should have recovered more i think by now but she is taking it slow and easy, when she listens to us!!! mille is still not walking. she is well. hope the sky dive is good and you have nice weather to see lots. miss ya loads.
us xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Weather is still not any better. I'm doing my skydive today. It's not raining at the moment but it's very cloudy. That's wonderful news that aj's had a baby boy and he's a good size too. Tell your mum to behave and to listen to you. Anyway better go i've got to catch the bus to skydive place. If you don't hear from me then you know it's gone badly wrong. Take care. Miss you loads too. Lol Alixxxx
From Pat Jameson
Hi Ali
Looks like you're having a great time, good pics I like the one with the snake at the zoo. Think I'll stick with the baby lambs here in Yorkshire, i'm not as brave as you.
Just having a quick look before work, we all miss you and are looking forward to seeing you.
Take good care and have a good day. See you Pat
Response: Hi Pat it's really nice to hear from you. Glad you like the pics. I'm in Cairns at the minute. The weather is not so gud, raining alot but very warm. Anyway keep checking the pics i try and put them on when i can. Alix
From mum dad
A'' SKY DIVE '' you said you would say when you had done it. Please take care. love you mum dad x 11 May
Response: Yes a SKYDIVE. I can't wait, just hope the weather is fine to do it. I'm getting a dvd done and still photos as well. Love you. xxxx
From sophie grainger
hi hun i bumped into your dad in tescos and he told me to have a look at your pics.They are amazing and im so jelous.H ope your ok
Response: Hi god i have'nt seen you for ages. How are you? I'm fine having a great time here in oz.x
Thanks for the massage ali so you did look scared so you were very brave well done ali
Love From Laura xxxx
Response: Hi laura, I'm in Cairns now just arrived today. I'm booking my skydive tomorrow.Hopefully i'm going snorkelling whilst i'm in Carins on the Great barrier reef.Anyway bye for now. Alix
From jan + co
hi ali u sound to be having a brill time. love your pics looks wonderful. everyone says hello and will see u on your return. take care love jan and everyone else at 59 newbiggin.
Response: Hi It's nice to hear from you. I'm having a great time here, i don't want to come home. Meeting loads of people from all over the world. Hope work's ok. Keep the messages coming Lol Alixx