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Ali's in Kenya

Hi this is my Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my adventure's for all of you to read. Leave a message for me and I will try and reply as soon as I can.

Diary Entries

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: Kenya

On Thursday Myself and Allan had to take one of the lad's from our football team to the hospital as he has broken his hand during training, what an experience that was it is a horrible place won't go into details about what I saw as it was not nice at all.
On thursday evening we gave the football team there football boots that we have baught for them they were so pleased. I dont think I have ever seen a group of Lad's be so greatfull and excited it was really amazing to watch. That is a memory that will stay with me forever. They then went and played like we haven't seen them play before they were brilliant.
Over the weekend we went to and place called Kisumu which is on the bank's of Lake Vicroria. The view from our room was just breathtaking which made up for the interesting evening entertainment but obviously this didn't stop us having fun.
On staurday we went on a five hour boat trip on Lake Victoria, we went to an Island for a few hours where i learnt how to fish the kenyan way unfortunatly I don't think I am that good at it as I didn't catch anything. We then went to a restaurant arriving in style by boat.
On sunday we all got up at 5.30am to go back to the lake for another boat trip and to watch the sun rise while beening on the lake, this was a fantastic sight.
Today I have been at school where we have been writting letter for me to bring back and give to the children in the schools that the warden's go into this will hopefully help the children here with their English and teach the children at home about a different country and culture. The children seem to really enjoy writing their letter's and are very excited about getting a reply and answer's to all their question's.

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: Kenya

Hi everyone.
The past two day's have been hard work but really enjoyable and rewarding.
As a team we have nearly completed one house. Yesterday we managed to complete the outer stucture and the frame for the roof and today we have nearly finished all the wall's. you might think this could be easy but with bent hammer's, nail's with no head's and trying to dig foundation's with just a metal pole is no easy task. It is hard work and a little frustrating, ok very frustrating. Saying all this when you take a step back and look at what you have achieved and when you here about the people that will be living in the house it is an amazing feeling and worth the work.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Location: Kenya

Hi everyone well I am here at last and i have had a fantastic few day's.
I eventually got to Nirobi on Wednesday and travelled to Nakuru on Thursday.
Thurday evening I went to help coach a football team that is made up of young boy's that live on the rubbish dump this was great i will be doing it every evening from now on.
Friday was my first day with the children in the Walk Centre which was amazing. For some reason they all wanted to touch my hair i think short spiky hair on a women is a new thing for them. We attempted to teach them Left and Right you might think to yourself this is easy but oh no definatly not might have to come back to that lesson at some point.
Friday evening we travelled to Lake Naivasa we stayed at a lovely holiday park and we were all really happy to see a great shower. Saturday morning we went on a boat trip on the lake were we saw Hippo's and lot's of different types of Bird's. We then went to a place called Hell's Gate which is a national park full of all different animal's. This was an amazing experience to see them in there natural surrounding's but also a bit scary getting so close, I will put some photo's on so you can all see. We then had a relaxing evening over a nice meal and a drink.
Today we travelled back to Nakuru and went to watch the football team that i am helping out with unfortunatly we lost but we will do better next time.
This week I am going to go building on the rubbish dump but i will tell you more about that during the week.

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Recent Messages

From Luc & Dee

I can see you are obviously very busy with no reply!!?

Hope you are enjoying - we'll see you when we get back form holiday x
Response: I did reply you need to look at your last message. How you doing? I'm still having an amazing time.
From Dad
Saturday 2/9/06. We have Olivia today, Elizabeth & Curtis have gone to a wedding. Tomorrow me and mom go to Joanne's wedding at the same hotel that Elizabeth had, staying over night so we can have a few drinks. The weather here at the moment is not very good, lots of rain and very windy hope the sun shows itself for the wedding. If I remember right you go on you saffari this weekend hope you have a wonderful time. See you soon lots of love mom & dad
From Mr B
Hey up
Sounds great, popular as ever then! (spikey hair).
Take care Mr B
From Martin stubbs
Hope youre enjoying youre time in the sun. If your interested we youre trusty colleagues the Longsight foot soldiers are currently getting wet through every day as he above is making us pay for the sunshine in July. What does Zebra taste like? Martin.
Response: Hey mate hope your all ok. Just to let you know it is really hot here the sun is really great. Oh and my waterproof's are in my locker if you need to borrow them. xxx
From Dad
We got on to the web site in the end. I have read your log so far and sounds as if you are do good work for the people there. Is it right that you are working on a rubbish tip, if so when you come home we will have to put you in a bath of disinfectant. keep up the good work and try and send some photos of all your work and of the football team, better luck with the next match. Lots of Luv Mom & Dad
Response: Hope the weather was ok for joanne's wedding. Am still having a great time and ye I am building on the rubbish tip so the bath sound's like a great idea. Had a great weekend but will e mail you to tell you about that. Ho
From Mel
Hi Ali, Glad you got to Kenya in one piece.I know you can help in lots of ways and the children will enjoy being with you. Looking forward to seeing some photos.
Take care,
ps, dont forget to come back.
Response: will be putting photo's on have tried but we had a power cut while they were down loading and it took me two hours for nothing but will try and down load some tomorrow
From Lucy & Dee

Glad tohear you got there OK, at last!!!
It sounds like you are having an amazing time - although they will never win at football with you teaching them! Beckham you ain't!
We've just done something very silly and bought a house! But we'll tell you more when you get back. Speak soon

Love Us x
Response: A house what you doing have you completely lost the plot? Saying that i hope it's nice. we have bought football boot's for the team as most of them played bare foot so hopefully that will make us play better. see you soon ali x