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Alicia & Adam's OE!!!

Welcome to our travel page!

Hope you enjoy checking out what we're up to - please leave a message, would love to hear from you. :)

Alicia & Adam xx

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Recent Messages

From nonny
wow i love seeing the places with snow switzerland looks so lovely with snow. i was hoping for photos of lake bled since that is where adam did the deed :) oh yes and the ring is stunning :)
Response: Isn't it just! There's some of Lake Bled under the Slovenia page, and of the island in the middle, i took loads of it!!
From Kat n Opal
Awwwwwww the ring is soooo beautiful!
Response: Oh thank you!! Its pretty aye, very sparkly. Hope all is well! xx
From Jenna
Ohhh wow your ring is so beautiful tishy. Im so happy for you both!! Good choice Adam xx
Response: Thank u!! He did well didn't he ;-)
From Basia
Just catching up on the last photos before you put up the latest ones!Great shots of Cinque Terre!
What about Leeds?
Probably nothing worth taking!
Response: Leeds is a hole - nah just joking ;-) Our camera had run out of battery so we couldn't get anything!!! New photo's up now!!
From Jenna
It's been a while since i have looked on here ad it looks as though you have been busy!! THere are some great photos - its good to see you are still haveing loads of fun. The places are just amazing. Counting down now till you come home :) xxx
Response: Counting down too, cant wait to see you! xx
From Mum K
Interesting in Spain a? Quite different. The streets look really clean. Wasn't so keen on the bullring! Kinda gives me the creeps! Great to see Adam looking so happy to see his Mum and Dad. You all look great.
Response: Thanks Mummy, yeah it was quite freaky imagining what would have gone on there! xx
From Nonny
wow i havent looked at the photos for a while you guys have been up too so much it all looks soo amazing you will never be able to come home to NZ compared to all this, it is sooo boring and depressing!!! & cold!!!
Response: well i'm getting a little home sick now so it might not be tooo much longer! dont worry it will be summer soon in nz and winter here so we will be the depressed ones in a few months when its dark at 3pm!
From shayna
Hi, your clothes look really nice & trendy. They suit your style :-)
And you look really skinny, especially in the photos in Paris - the one before Notre Dame, on the bridge.
Response: Thanks Shayz! I don't think i'm skinny anymore after all the gelato's and cocktails in Costa del Sol... back to the gym tomorrow! xx
From Marmy!!
Best you get some decent umbrellas!! Great photos and you are both looking so happy. Some warm fuzzies for me seeing Paris again. Can't wait for the next lot, Linda used to teach English in Spain. Have a neat time with Bashia and John. XX XX
Response: Thank you :-) Just have to wait for camera bits before i can put Spain photos on, they are in his suitcase which is still making its way back from our trip! Lots of love. xx
From Barbara & Kris
Hi guys!

Great too see these pics - you both look well. Pleased to see you are making the most of it and getting around to see plenty of Europe and further afield.

You're making me very envious but Kris and I are off to Rarotonga with Julia next month for her 30th (9th July is her birthday if you can't remember Adam) so looking forward to a nice break in the sun.

Take care - love to you both. xxoo
Response: Cool how exciting - what a great way to celebrate her b'day! Nice to hear from you. July is our next trip, going to Brussels for the weekend, and then there is a long weekend in August but not sure where we will go yet. Love A & A xx
From Bronwyn
wow all the photos are so amazing im soooooo soooooo excited. only 10 more sleeps :)
Response: Only 6 more now!! Can't believe your nearly here... can't wait to see you! xx
From Aunty Robyn
Hi Tish and Adam,
Glad to see you are still exploring! Barcelona is such a cool place.
Love to you both,
Robyn,Chris, Ashleigh and David
Response: We had an awesome time, was great catching up with the shayz & blair to celebrate their engagement! Love to you all as well! xx
From Mum K
Great photos and what sights. I am in envy. Looks like lots of fun was had by you all in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Do I see a touch of sunburn Tish? Fab work guys. Got me excited when I saw your W/W High St flat and Shayz and Blair tucked up in your lounge. How about one of your new place. XXXX
Response: yep i'll put some of our new place on the next lot - got a little bit of a tan but all gone now!
From Katherine n Opal
Hello Sweet n luvly world travellers. I loooovvvvvveeeeee the photos... although I did notice there are no photos of all of the beautiful european art! My favourite photo is the one of Tish making bread he he he. Miss you soooo much lots of hugs and kisses. Hi to all of the family too! Congratulations Shayna!
Response: Hello! Miss you too... hope all is well. Lots of love xx
From dad
Great photos. Say hi to shays.luv ya xx
Response: Thanks! Will do, she comes back to london in 3 weeks. lots of love, A & A. xxx
From Mum K
Well done guys! I'm impressed. You found so many different things in Budapest. Really an amazing place with such views. I wish we had found the Labrinth. Looks cool. Might just have to pop back fo a day???
Response: Ok you can stay with us! Yeah it was pretty cool, and really massive too - it was all underground so was quite dark and damp but it had cool sound and lighting effects.
From Basia
The photos from Budapest are really good-amazing old buildings. i didn't expect that there would be Roman ruins there too! You really learn something from travelling!
Response: I know, it was quite amazing seeing them in the middle of the suburbs we didnt really expect to.
From Jenna K
Hey guys,
Those photos look cool man!! I like the Cathedral Stairs ones its cool with the spiral. Your looking a little pale there though guys hope you do get outside for Summer haha miss you heaps xxx
Response: Ha ha very funny - u just wait till a few months and you'll be pasty white while we're soaking up the sun ;-)
From shayna
Hi tishy, your photos look amazing in Budapest. Good photography!!

Response: Thanks - cant really take the credit tho most of them are adams!
From Jenna
Hey peeps, Cool to see the photos of Brugge and more of Egypt and everywhere else up. Looks like you had a wicked holiday over Christmas and New Years. Counting down till you come back :)
Miss you Lots!
Response: Miss u too!! xx
From Julia
Hey Guys!

Had dinner with Basia & John on Sunday and Basia gave me your link to your photos...they're great. Wasn't Egypt amazing!!! I may be in your neck of the woods again for work in May (i'll let you know once its confirmed). Take care.

J :)
Response: Cool let us know, will be good to catch up again.. i think we owe you a meal this time :)
From Julie
Hey - finally checked out your website after Carol reminded me about it in the weekend. Great pics - those sexy looking women in Brugge are cool! I've managed to get my photo's printed and nothing more - not at all organised like Carol is. I'm still getting my head around moving countries in a few weeks - house gets packed and sent next week and I'l be camping at home after that. Adventures all round.

Cheers dudes
Response: Cool hope all goes well! xx
From MumK
Well done kids! Best photos are of Brugge - very attractive people in that place??? The photos you took are really good. Egypt you had to experience. They have bigger camels there than in Dubai. We look forward to heaps more. XXXX
Response: yes very beatiful aren't they, especially the younger one i must say xxx
From Aunty Carole
Hi Tish & Adam,
Great photo's! Lovely for you to look back on. Need to change the date on your camera though! Brendon & Tash off to Melbourne for two weeks on 10.3.07. I am looking after the two boys in Hamilton so will get to see Mum & Jenna again. xxxx
Response: bugger you're right, we're a year ahead of ourselves! will have to change it. hope all is well ;-)
From lisa
Hey Alicia,
glad to see you finally have some photos up! Your photos are awesome and it's good to see you're getting out of smoggy old London.
Ange Simmonds is back at work after having a baby. Tehani has had her bub and is still off. Even Hannah from Refunds is 6 months up the duff. It's lucky you left when you did!
Response: he he - sounds like there must be something in the water over there!