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The trip down under WA

Welcome to Ali's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Photos - Click Below



These are a few photos i took when me and monique travelled the East coast in her Station wagon. Enjoy!


New Year's Eve in Sydney

These are a few more photos of New Year's Eve. Enjoy!


Christmas Downunder!

These are a few photos of Christmas Eve , Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. Enjoy!



These are pictures of where i've being working whist being at the Fruitshack.Enjoy!


The Fruitshack

These are a few photos i took while i was at the fruitshack. Enjoy!



These are photos of when we have parties at the fruitshack. Enjoy!



These are a few more photos of the Fruitshack. Enjoy!



These are photos of the Fruitshack. It's in a town called Leeton in NSW.
I'm having so much fun , and meeting loads of poeple from all over the world. Enjoy!



These are a few photo of the BIG city of Sydney , Enjoy!



These are a few photos i took whist in Sydney , Enjoy!



These are a few photos i took whilst i was in Sydney , Enjoy!


A holiday up North

These are a few photos of when i went on holiday with the family i worked for. Enjoy!


A holiday up North

These photos are of when i went up the Western coast of Australia with the Wasmann family i worked for as a nanny.



These are the photos of me doing a skydive. It was a birthday present from the two families i work for. Enjoy!


a nanny downunder

These are a few photo from when i went to wave rock and lake Grace and Wagin. Enjoy!

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Recent Messages

From Nadine
Hi alison, The pics are great, cant believe its nearly time for you to be coming home! I bet your a little upset to be leaving such a beautiful place. Well I know the date you get back but I will let jetlag take its place before i come banging on your door.
Looking forward to seeing you again. All my love Nadine xxxx
Response: Hi Nadine , Thanks for a nice message. I arrived back to manchester at 8.25am on the 1st. Then i have a long drive back to Reeth. i'm to try and stay awake all day so i can get back in to a routine. Hope your well. Can't wait to see. i have lots of photos to show you. Take care lots love Alisonxx
From Tracey
The untitled photos are very good and proberbly the last batch that will be on there are they?
Anyway nothing much to say as I spoke to you on the phone the other day which by the way was loverly only just got one more thing to say.....SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS HUN YIPPPPPPPPIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!
Response: Hi It was good to talk to you the other day. i will put some more photos on. Ones of Brisbane and family i stayed with. Yes i will seee you in 2weeks , can't wait.xxxxxxxxxxx
From beryl
hi ali,i'm sure the time is flying by for you now,you'lll be feeling sad at leaving all your new mates,but remember you have a load of old ones here waitting to see you.i hope you enjoy your time with your family back in perth.don't worry about your application form as you've been put forward for an interview,they will be held on the eigth of march,time not known yet but you'll get it through the post.i'm going to wales on the 3rd till 7th march,it's that time of year again,3yrs since mam died....anyway,i hope to see you soon,really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your news,till then take great care,love from us all beryl xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Beryl , How are you? I'm gud , only 9 days to go , till i leave OZ. I will feeel very sad to leave a great country. i was so glad to get the application sent off , as it was stressing me out! Can't wait to see you again , will have a little prezzie for you. Until then take care lots of love Alisonxx
From Jan and Jim
Hello Alison, many thanks for your postcard, just received it today, nothing else as yet. We look forward to seeing you in March and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip down under. Safe journey back to Perth and home.

We had a great time in the USA with Angela and Justin, what a strorm whilst we were there, snowed for 30 hours and we had 20 to 30 inches, a years snow in a month, bloody freezing, didn't see a blade of grass for 2 weeks. Slept well last night our first back. missing them already, we had some quality time together. lots of snowy pics to show. Take care. love Jan and Jimxx
Response: Hi Jan and Jim , gald you recieved postcard. Only three weeks left , ican't believe it's gone very fast , cos i've being having so much fun!
Will have to meet up for coffe and something when i come home.
It's great that you had a good time in USA. Cant's believe how much snow you had there. Did you go skiing or anything?
Are Angie and Justin well?
Anyway take care , see you soon lol alisonxxx
From sandy
hello ;ittle alison .
The pictures there are very good . i hope everything all right .
It s very a shame we can make it for Perth , but i m sure i ll see you again.
you can see i am travelling alone , big change i miss already the farm .
I travel just 2 weeks so it not too long .
Have a geat time see you soon .
Take care
Response: Hi Sandy , gald you like photo. i'm well , working in Brisbane still as a nanny. Csn't believe won't get to meet up with you in Perth. We will have to meet up back home in near future.
Hope you a brilliant travelling for two weeks. It will strange for you , as you've being at the fruitshack for a long time. Anyway take care lol Alisonx
From Laura
Response: Hi Laura it's so nice to hear from you. I'm looking forward to coming home to see you all. i have'nt , met an aussie to bring home. Had such a great time here , and want back very soon. Hope your well , and see you in 3 weeks time. Take care love Alisonx
From Tracey
Hi Alison.
I love the new pics they are great seems like you were having a lotta fun round chrismas and its fantastic that we can all look at you and what you were up to over the festive season.
Anyway about six weeks to go yes im counting down now (sorry) take care will email you seprate.
Lots of love Traceyxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Trace , Glad you like photos. i had a brilliant time over christmas and new year. Yes i can't belive only six weeks to go , it's scary! i'm having second thoughts i wish i could stay here for another year. But i am looking forward to seeing you and family when i return home. Take care lots of love Alisonxxxxxxxxx
From Lel
hey alison, hope ur ok. sorry i haven't left anything for ages, just got my computer back up and running. Well home soon, can't believe it we r all looking forward 2 u coming back.
take care and speak soon love lel and russ x x x
Response: Hi Lel , i'm so so sorry i did'nt send you a christmas card or birthday , it was very mean of me. i will send you a email instead. Hope your well , take care lots of love Alisonxx
From Tracey
Hi Alison.
Congratulations on landing the job as a nanny for your final weeks in oz.
Seems like your having a lot of fun still and I still miss you.
I am glad your having fantastic weather coss ours has been "terrible" of late but is getting a bit better now.
Enjoy the sun in Brisbane and I will send you a seprate email with any Reeth gossip on,keep the pictures coming on when you have time wont you as they are always such a joy to look at.
Take lots of care chick,love Tracexxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi , Good to hear from you. Did you recieved your present and cards that i sent.
Only a few weeks left , i 'm starting to get excited and a little sad that i have to leave australia. Brisbane's a lovely city , and the family i'm working for are so nice. I'm going on a day trip to a beautiful island . Will take lots of photos to show you. Anyway i'm looking forward to coming home to see you and tell you all about my adventures and gossip. Take care lots of love , miss you! Alisonxxxxxxx
From Jan and Jim
Hi Ali, Happy New Yar.Hope you enjoy your travel north with your friend. w are fine, off to the USA soon, Yipee!! Wather been yuk hre but we survived. had a lovely New Years Eve with Paul and Beryl, great nosh and company. Take care, hope back isn't too bad, go careful. Hi to your family. Love usxx
Response: Hi Jan and Jim , Happy new year to you! while your having horrible weather , we're having fantastic weather , it's really hot , and i keep getting burnt! i should have a nice tan to come home with , to make you all jealous. i t great news that your going to USA to see angie. Say hello from me. Anyway take care , will see you when i return home. lots of love Alisonxx
From Karen
Hi Ali, Looks like you are having a brilliant time, good on ya ? Where r u now? Keep up the good times, see u in the near future Love Kaz xx
Response: Hi Kaz , so nice to hear from you , not long now til i come back to WA. i have just had an interview for a job as a nanny , and got it! i start tomorrow. Anyway take care , hope you and Richard are well. look forward to seeing you soon lots of love Alisonxx
From Kerry Plenty's Mum
Thank you for making it possible for me to see Kerry having fun and enjoying herslf at the fruitshack.Not hard to see why you are all so happy there.
Carry on enjoying your travels.
Love Anne Plenty x
Response: Hi i'm so glad you like the photos , i have lots more photos of the fruitshack , just have'nt had time to put them on yet. i met up with Kerry over christmas and new year eve , had loads of fun. Hope to see her when she returns home to England. Take care Alison
From Judith Malton
Happy New Year
I hope you had a good one. I was talking to your Dad the other day and he reckons you had! I said i would try to send you an e-mail if i had time. I cannot believe your year is nearly over it has flown by for me anyway i don't know about you. it looks as though you have had a fantastic time you can tell us all about it when i see you.
Love Judith. x
Response: Hi Judith , it's so nice that you've visited my travel page. I'm having great time , and not now until i return home. I'm in Brisbane , and i just got a job as a nanny for a lovely family with three boys. i can't believe the year has gone so fast. Will be very sad to leave the country. Anyway take care lots of love Alisonxx
From beryl paul and nina
hope you had a nice christmas and new year out there. i'm sure it was completly different weather to that over here. where are you now then? i haven't heard off you since christmas day? tried sending texts but they don't appear to be going through! weather awful here.... were back to work now, all ok there. looking forward to you coming back, plenty of shifts going!!!!!!!!!! nina back at uni now and enjoying it. changng her car for a purple one, still a mini but a diesel and all extra bits on it(nina's typing this for me as i speak). hope this finds you well and let me know of your plans for the rest of your time out there. getting my nvq award 26th jan at county hall and tanya too so that should be a nice day, free lunch too! take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday1
beryl, paul and
Response: hi Beryl , Paul and Nina , Thanks for the lovely message. I'm very well , but getting a bit of back pain from still. i think it's from carrying my backpack. Anyway Christmas and new year was fantastic , but the weather was'nt good on christmas day , it was very dull , but still went to beach! I'm in New castle travelling up the east coast with a friend who i met at fruitshack. Anyway will send you a postcard to tell you the rest . Take care lol ali
From Dom(enic)
Hi Alison,
a great page! Very nice pictures (thinking about copying some of them to publish them on my page - :) ) Looking back I think that I should have stood longer at the Fruitshack and the cheesefactory because it was a great community. But . . . to late, now I'm in Singapore doing my internship.

Stay in MOCEAN,

Response: Hi Dom , it's nice to hear from you. Gald you like photos. i wish that i could go back to the fruitshack too , i had such a great time there , but i have to leave to go home on the 28th Feb. Hope you have a great time in Singapore , Good luck with your internship. Alisonx
From chris ladkin
searching the internet for the fruitshack as my daughter is there,and saw photos of her dressed as a grandma and another just enjoying herself,thank you for sharing them wth her Dad and myself.Her name is Catherine Ladkin from Leicester.
Response: Hi glad you like the photos. i met up with Catherine in Sydney for christmas and new year. i have photos of then to will put them on soon. Now she's returned back to the friutshack so hopefully i will see her when she returns home to Leicester. Alison
From Drew
Hi Allison
Happy 2005
Did you get the pic of Mum & Tracey i sent you

All the Best

Drew Andrea Liam & Ethan..
Response: Hi Drew yes i recieved the photos and WOW don't they both look fantastic! I can't believe how different Tracey looks. Best wishes for 2005 , and look forward to seeing you all soon. lots of love Alisonxx
From joanne
Happy christmas and very best wishes for the new year. We've just returned from skiing in switzerland for xmas we all had a great time. Glad to see you have a date to come home it will be great to see you. I sent you a text on xmas day i hope you got it. I thought it might be a day when you really missed home but looking at your photo gallery -- its not as lively as that round here, you still look to be having a ball. Hope you have a great new year party. with love Paul, Joanne, Thomas and Adam xx
Response: Hi Joanne and family Happy christmas to you all. I had a brilliant day , the weather was'nt that great but i still went to the beach , and then had christmas lunch. i have photos will put them on as soon as i can. Snyway not long now till i return home , which i'm a bit scared about , but excited as well. Best wishes for 2005 lots of love alison. A BIG hello to the boysxxx
From jan and jim
HAPPY XMAS ALI. Have a wonderful time in Sydney. Hope you are feeling better. Take care. Love jan and Jimxx
Response: Hi Jan and Jim , Happy chistmas to you both. Hope you had a lovely christmas and new year. i had a wicked time on New year eve , i was down at circular quay watching the fireworks. i was very emotional when i saw the fireworks. i was with all my friends here and i was very drunk. c u soon take care lots of love Alisonxxx
Alison remember chuck to also give me your xmas address in sydney ( in advance)....cheers.
Miss you Tracexxxxxxxxxx
Have sent you an email seperate!!!!
Response: hi trace , soory i have'nt emailed for a while the computer broke down. Hope your well. Have a date to come home it's the 28th Feb 2005. Can't wait to see you. Take care lots of love Alisonxxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s will sned email addresss by email.
hello darling,thanks for the text messages,it's good to know u r ok.we r ok here,working hard as usual!!!could do with a break in aussie myself.i'm hoping to meet up with janet and jackie soon for a birthday drink,it will be nice to be together again,i see jan and jim quite often but have only seen jackie once since she finished work.remember to give us your address in sydney over xmas time.sarah at work often asks about u,we all like looking at the postcard u sent of the hunk,quite gladdens our hearts.take care darling,missing you loads but very proud of the way you've achieved so much out there,love beryl,paul and ninaxxxx
Response: hi Beryl , Paul and Nina , it's good to here from you. It's your birthday soon , i wish i was there to give you a birthday hug.
Wiull send you address soon. i will send postcard that i have for you from when i was in sydney , and will send one from Leeton where i am now. Anyway take care Lots of love Alisonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmiss youloads!
From lel
hey alison, hear ur on the mend- i'm glad u r. Tracey told u i passed my driving test-yipee about time! Hope ur ok? Just looked at your photo's of the fruit shack, they look good, but duno about where ur stopping! Dad, em and emily all send their love and wish you a speedy recovery.
Take care and wb soon love lel and family x x x
Response: hi Lel , Congratiluations on passing your driving test. It's great that you have a car as well to speed about in. I recovering really well , hopefully i will start work soon. Going to sydney for christmas , i have a job as a housekeeper in the hostel i'm going to stay in. Glad you like the photos. Yes the shack is a real shack , the toilet are very rough , but you get use to it after a week. Miss you , take care lots of love Alisonxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Trace
Looks like a good night out your all havin.
I think the latest pics are fantastic,it all looks so nice ( and hot,look at that blue sky ),our sky has turned grim as its getting chilly again.
Nice to see you still sleeping with your eyes open haha!
Take care.xxxx
Response: hi Trace , glad you like the photos. I plan to more on this week sometime so keep checking. It's starting to get very hot here and the flies are driving us all mad. I scare everyone in morning it's dead funny. A few days after the accident i was asleep one afternoon and one of the girl came to see how i was , and thought i was dead cos my eyes were open and i was laying really still. ha ha. Anyway take care , tell Lel i have replied to her message and Congratulations on passing her driving test. miss you loads Alisonxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hasppy Bonfire Night, you have missed it, never mind lots of fireworks on New yars Eve. Hop you are recovering well, look after yourself. Love Jan and Jim. xx Brrr it is getting colder here.
Response: hi Janet and Jim , i missed going to a bonfire. It's to dry here to have one at the Fruitshack. I'm recovering very well , still get pain in my back at night. I'm booked in at a hostel in Sydney for christmas , so i will see lots of fireworks. Hope your well. It's starting to get hot here , so i can get a nice tan to come home with. Take care lots of love Alisonxx
From Caro
Hi Alison,
Just reading your replies to others and it sounds like you are getting better. Hope they are looking after you well there. Which is painful - the shoulder or back? I've tried to phone you lots but your phone must be off.
Sophie had a dancing concert last weekend and it wa slovely to see her on stage in the sparkly costume - all the time i spent sewing on sequins was worth it!!
Please get better soon.
Lots of love and hugs,
Response: hi Caro , Good to hear from you. Sorry i missed your calls last week. I'm really much better. I still get pain in my back at night , but my collarbone is mending really well. i don't need to wear the sling anymore. The photos that you send me were gorgeous. Odette looks so grown up. Anyway i'm going to put some photos of the fruitshack on here now. Take care lots of love Alisonxxxxx