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Welcome to my page. Thanks for taking the time to check i'm behaving!
Really excited to be here in Nakuru and i hope that you will enjoy seeing how things are going. Please feel free to send me a message and i'll do what i can to reply!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Location: UK

Just a quick update on Ken. He is now on crutches as the last operation was a success and he is looking forward to returning home to Nakuru soon.

Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: UK

My last diary entry!!

Sorry for not having the opportunity to update you over the last few days, it’s been pretty hectic!

On Wednesday evening at football, Ken, the man responsible for starting the dump's football team, broke his leg. I thought I had seen the last of the hospital but it was not to be!

Ken is as inspirational a person as you could wish to meet. His work in starting the team for the boys who live on the dump has provided about 40 boys with motivation to give up drugs and to attend an early evening English class. His passion for football is contagious, and his good nature unrivalled.

Alex brought his Toyota estate to the pitch and we loaded Ken in to the back after putting his leg in to a splint. He was in agony (not a word I would use lightly after this night). We took him to the local hospital where we got an X-ray. There were no doctors at the hospital and they had no Morphine. Ken was falling in and out of consciousness due to the pain of being trolleyed around (largely unnecessarily) from waiting room, to X-ray, to waiting room, to ward etc. While he was conscious, each join of the paving stones that we had to go over brought screams. The X-ray revealed that he had broken his femur just below the hip. The hospital's answer was to put him in a ward until a doctor could see to him. With the possibility of Ken sustaining brain damage from being unconscious, and the prospect of leaving him lying there for days just waiting to be seen by a doctor, never mind being operated on, we decided to buy some morphine, administer it and take him to a private hospital near Nairobi.

This was not a decision taken lightly. There is a main artery running down the leg near to the broken bone, the consequences of any damage to this were potentially fatal. The road to Nairobi, which I had previously found exciting due to its rugged, untarmacced surface and remoteness from civilisation, suddenly filled me with dread. I had not counted on having to gamble with a friend’s life. We reached the hospital at about 12:30am.

Surgeons operated on Ken on Thursday but during the night the bone popped out the side of his leg as they had botched the operation. He was operated on again on Friday morning. When we visited him on Friday afternoon he informed us that doctors were not happy with the second operation either and they were due to do a third operation on Saturday.

I hope that Ken is better soon. And will update this diary when I have information.

Well that’s what dominated the end of the last week but despite taking Ken to hospital, worrying about him and visiting him, there was still opportunity to visit the Giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi and to eat out at Carnivores Restaurant.

The Giraffe Sanctuary was fun and we were able to hand feed Giraffes which was fun, if not a little slimey!

Carnivores is my type of restaurant! For all vegetarians, stop reading now, I hope you have enjoyed my journals. For the rest of us savages Carnivores is one of the 50 best restaurants in the world (according to some official info). About £25 all you can eat meat fest. Whilst your flag is raised waiters will bring skewers of meat, cooked on a massive BBQ, to your table until you give up and put your flag down. Lamb, Ostrich, Pork, Crocodile, Chicken, Camel, Beef.... I was also offered a potato but I refused.

And now I’m home! It’s a little odd, and feels like I dreamed the whole experience. I didn't, but I will certainly dream about going back.

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: Kenya

Teaching this morning. We have been writing letters to a school in Manchester. This was really good. In Maths we drew pictures using only triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. Ali drew a scary face on the board during break as we were preparing the lesson. One of the younger kids who came in to the classroom saw the picture and started screaming so we had to rub it off.

This afternoon we wnt to the Menegai Crater which is nearby. We veiwed the crater from a high point which enables you to see nothing but a vast expance of countryside in every direction. It wasnt perhaps the safest place in the world since there were steep sided cliffs on every side. The cliffs went so far down, you could just about make out the white specs that were in fact cattle, at the base of the cliffs.

Going off to football training now.

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: Kenya

The weekend was really enjoyable. We went to Kisumu which is almost directly on the equator and further inland than Nakuru, the weather was great. Kisumu is where Lake Victoria is, or at least where part of it is. Lake Victoria is the second biggest freshwater lake in the world. Its waters lap gently on to shores in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. During the four hour journey I slept, or at least did something that is as close to sleeping as one can get on a kneecap smashing, head banging, bone shaking matatu. So, naturally when we arrived at our hotel i was ready to sample the food and the hospitality. We ate and were merry!

Perhaps we were a little too merry! We just made breakfast at 10:00 and then walked down towards the lake. This took a little longer than expected and we got to the lakeside at 12:00. It was worth it. However, due to our afore mentioned merryment we failed to remeber to bring any food or drink. Still, i soon forgot my hunger and thirst as we hopped on to a dubious looking, but sturdy enough rowing boat with a trio of guides that we hired to take us out on the lake. At my request we also tool some fishing equipment (a stick, some line, a hook and some bait seconded from a local perched on a rock nearby). Titus (Captain), John, and Daniel (crew) rowed us out to the sunken island (not sunken at all in fact, but damn beautiful!), on the way we saw a few Hippos and other fishermen, but generally i sat in awe of the size of the lake and listened to Titus's tales of crocodiles, and the history of the lake under the hot sun rocking contentedly in the boat. To me this was heaven! When we reached the sunken island we waded through the shallow water, reeds and sand until we reached a fantastic spot with a small secluded beach. We had not seen any other tourists otherwise known as mzungu all day and i could not imagine bumping in to any other human being here. This was our island and i sat and fished happy as could be for a couple of hours before i finally got dragged back on to the boat for the return journey.

On the return, the clouds came over and Titus (and crew) showed impressive stength and durability to beat the storm. Not only did they beat the storm but they were able to pull up at a restaurant on the shore. Talk about arriving in style! We 'refreshed' ourselves and ate the best meal i've had since coming to Kenya. It was made better by the fact that the i had just spent the day on the lake from where my delicious dinner had been caught. titus refreshed himself rather too much. His passion for the lake became even more exaggerated and i have to admit it rubbed off on us and we were pursueded that watching the sunrise on from Titus's boat on the lake was the best plan for the following day.

So, early to bed, early to rise. Taxi to the lake at 6:00am, on the boat. Take a look at the photos, they don't capture the beauty of the place, but neither can words. Titus was there at exactly the time he said he would be (despite my doubts given the state he was in at the restaurant on the previous evening!). We spent 2 hours on the lake watching people working, fishing, washing, just getting on with their daily lives. The lake shapes the way of life for the people who live here. By the way, hippos can be scary if you get too close!!! We spent too long on the lake in the morning. I'm glad. We had to get out in a nearby village which we walked through to get to the main road where Titus sorted us out with a few boda bodas to take us back to the hotel. The village was so peaceful, the cows were sleeping, the people were just starting their day. The huts were made from mud, poo and straw. It was like a scene from a book. Boda bodas? Pedal bikes with a seat on the back. What a way to get from the village to the hotel in time for breakfast and to check out.

The matatu ride back made me wonder why i slept on the way there! Stunning countryside, so big, so erm rural! and so, so big!! I managed to lose myself in thought for four hours, staring out the window. Every now and then it reminded me of England, but only for a couple of seconds before i'd see something that would remind me that i was in another world; children no older than five or six wandering round with no supervision, nor need for any; Cows, donkeys, goats just wandering in to view with no apparent owners; Twists in the road opening the scenery up to reveal the vastness of the countryside which we could never have on our little island; The few seconds between the rain shower starting and the fully fledged storm when it feels like an English shower. Like i said i was lost in though for hours, these were just a few of them.

It was back to work today, i'm teaching again. The kids were as pleased to see me as i was to see them. We are writing letter sthis week to children in of the same age in a school back home. Its fun and the kids cant wait to find send their letters and get their replies.

You are a lucky lot today! New photos, and something of an essay!

Thursday, 31 August 2006

Location: Kenya

Today has been a day of extremes. We completed the purchase of the football boots for the lads off the dump and had a match between ourselves. They loved it and i was so happy to have been able to help. However, during the match there was a house fire on the dump in which a 4 year old boy named Mwangi was burned to death. His mother was drunk. There is a picture of him on the untitled photo page.

My thoughts are preoccupied with Mwangi, to the extent that i nearly failed to mention my visit to the hospital today. One of the lads had a broken hand so Ali and I took him to the local hospital. I was taken aback by the conditions. during the 3 hours we were there we witnessed a woman go in to labour in the waiting area. She subsequently lost the baby. After she had gone another very sick lady was laid flat out on the same bench where the other lady's water had broken (still not mopped up) she was lying in her own excrement. She was still there when we left, nobody seemed very bothered about her and there was little opportunity to speak to staff to ask them to help her. I hope she gets better.

I am in Kisumu over the weekend and will update on my return hopefully with more pleasant news. More photos to follow soon as there has been a power cut and am pressed for time.

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

I've been building on the dump this week. We are building small houses out of branches, stones and corregated iron for the roof. This is pretty hard work! I think i'm actually starting to develop muscles! I'm certainly developing blisters! But it is equally as rewarding to see something i've made to seeing the kids understand something i have taught. We were digging foundations for the poles of a structure today using tools that were like big long chisels. I wondered at first why we were not using spades. This soon became apparrent after we had got passed the initial layer of rubbish and topsoil, as we were digging through rock. My team of 4 dug five holes about 2 ft deep in about 4 hours. This is hard work made worse by the stench of the rubbish we are digging the foundations in, and the accompanying flies!

I've spent the afternoon in town sneaking in to shoe shops with a ruler trying to work out from their foot measures, what size feet all the lads at football have as we measured them with a ruler last night at training. The plan is to get them boots before the match on Thurs. Half of the cost is being met by another volunteer, the rea\st by me and a couple of others. The lads will be made up to be able to compete on an equal footing as it were! Off to training now so photos and another update to follow shortly.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Location: Kenya

Hi folks, Sorry I’ve not posted anything since Thursday, been really busy! Ally has now arrived which is good as there are going to be less volunteers this week as 3 of the girls have left.

Despite seeing some of the largest expanses of land imaginable, I am reminded that this is a small world. Lucy, one of the girls that has just left has a sister who has just started in the Development Department of the one and only Great Places! If she’s anything like her sister then the HR Department have done a grand job on the recruitment front!

Teaching went really well on Friday, with the kids using the Hockey Cockey to learn their left from right. This was Ally’s idea but it seemed to be me doing most of the singing!! Still I guess if they learned something then I don’t mind looking a little daft (as I do most of the time anyway). We had to conduct the whole lesson outside as Sheri (one of the boys in my class) was getting a burn treated on his leg in the classroom. He lives where the ‘changa’ (local homemade booze) is brewed. We have our doubts about how accidental the injuries are. If it were me having alcohol wiped on to open wounds infested with flies I’d be screaming like a baby but not one noise came from Sheri though you could see his tears. Once they’d finished I went in and taught him what the others had been learning and he picked it up really quickly and we had fun doing it despite the fact he must have been in some pain.

After a tiring week we decided to hop on a couple of matatus to Lake Naivasha (see photos) My shoulders and knees are a bit bruised from being thrown against the windows of the invincible matatu, but it was well worth it for the hospitality and relative luxury of the Crayfish Camp. We had initially planned to stay for one night but at only 2000 Ksh per night we decided to stay an extra night. Saturday morning was spent on the lake in a boat looking at Hippos, Flamingos, and Pelicans. This was great, particularly the Hippos, which just seem far too big to be hanging around in a lake (see pics). The afternoon was spent walking around Hell’s Gate National Park. We all had a really good day and due to Liverpool being on the telly at Crayfish we decided it was getting a bit dark for the ‘scary at the best of times’ matatu ride back and booked in for another night! Checked out the local nightclub at about 3:00 am. This was basically a big corregated iron shed with a few chairs and barrels for tables. Rolled in to bed about 5:00am, got up at 8:00am, got matatus back to Nakuru, played football with the team, lost, got back to Alex’s, had tea and here I am writing my journal! Speak soon!

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Yesterday i took a football coaching session in the evening, there were about 20 boys aged about 13 upwards from the dump. The 'pitch' was an unkept field which was bumpy and had lots of holes. The center spot was marked with a big boulder! The goals were made out of branches. some of the lads had football boots and some played barefoot. However, this did not stop them flying in to challenges against the lads with the boots. When they play matches most of the opposition have boots so the dump team are always at a disagvantage and likely to injure their feet. I am thinking of buying boots for them before sunday's game. Boots are about 800 shillings (about 6 quid) so should be able to supply all for about 70 pounds. Despite the conditions there are some good fotbalers amongst the lads and they learn very quickly.

The kids at the walk had were all bought a mattress and a blanket today by one of the volunteers that had raised some money. When the truck pulled up to the school piled high with colourful mattresses the kids went crazy, dancing and shouting. it was amazing to see.

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Recent Messages

From Sue Owen
Hi Alan
Welcome home - and welcome back to work!
I have just got up to date with your final entry and pics. It looks like you had a fabulous time - with some sadness too. It has been great to read about the Walk and has made me feel rather nostalgic. I wish I was going again!
Response: Cheers Sue! I'm missing it already
From Audrey
So sad about little Mwangi but glad to know you had such a great week-end on Lake Victoria sounds so peaceful(the ups and downs of life) . What sort of fish did you catch? anything we would recognise? How is the little boy with the broken hand, hope he is improving. Looking forward to seeing all your photos when you come home.
Keep up the good work Allan but do take care.
Response: I caught a very small Nile Perch (well the guide caught it on my rod so i'm claiming it!), apparently (according to my more knowledgable fishing friends) its a sought after game fish. Dan seems ok with his hand, shame the same cant be said for Ken's leg (see last journal entry). See you soon!!
From Mel
I have really enjoyed reading your diary and looking at your photos sounds like your all having a good time. Fun and somtimes heart ache, keep up the good work, its good to see the children smile.
Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading more on your adventures.
Response: Thanks Mel, can't really put everything in words and pictures but i'm having a go! we went to the Menengai Crater this afternoon, i didn't bother taking photos cos there wouldn't be any point as the thing that was so amazing was the size of the place neither words nor pictures would do it justice!
From Dad
Just looked at latest pictures, I know you think the football pitch is poor, don't want to worry you but have you looked upwards. That crossbar is frightening.
M & D
Response: I know, I tried to fix it with some duck tape that one of the volunteers brought. It didn't work but its good for fixing boots! Anyway the Goalkeeper has a broken hand so he wont have to worry about getting a nail in the head for 3 weeks. The lads are actually managing to play some pretty decent football on that pitch now though. And the few twisted ankles and bruised feet are small price to pay for the fact that before this team wasa started all the lads were on drugs. Now they train every night and all are clean. Nobody seems too bothered about the crossbar!!!
From Chris-Wirral Athleti
alright mate, bit of better news this week!

Wirral Athletic 2-1 Mayfield
Rimmer 23, Gaz 59
Jeff, Rory, Mark, Joey, Pete, Chris Mc (Colin 46), Rob, Gilly(Paul 87), Smith(Stapo 87), Gaz, Rimmer

New signing Paul Mitchinson made debut, Signed him as cover goalkeeper and outfield player, looks useful!
Again we do like to make life difficult for ourselves, Started off ok, passed better, went 1 up through Rimmer, then for some reason took our foot of the pedal, got on the refs back alot(who was bad by the way, you'd have been sent from the sideline trust me!) stopped concentrating and conceded a sloppy goal. Before that Jeff had saved a penalty, which should never have been so justice done!

Got better second half, Gaz scored to put us ahead, good finish, but we cannot kill games off, cross bar and poor finishing not helping the cause today! But overall a win is a win. Roll on next week and the cup, something we do well in! Have a good last week mate, look forward to having you back!
Response: As you say a win is a win and we are back on the right track. Thanks for the update and give the yourself and the lads a pat on the back from me!
From Mel
It was really sad about Mwangi, and to hear about the conditions of the hospitals it makes our own issues none important. Hope you all have a good weekend. x x
Response: Thanks for the message, it does make you apprecciate what we have at home and puts things in to perspective a bit. The weekend was brill though!
From Carolyn Phillips
Sounds like you're all busy bees over there, keep the good work and your spirits up.

Thinking of you all, take care

Carolyn x
Response: Thanks Carolyn, good to hear from you. Had a fab weekend and we are all ready for the final week!
From Maggie Shannon
Hi to Allan, Ally and Amy, great to read about your experiences - sounds awesome! We are all thinking about you, glad Ally made it eventually. make the most of your time there and give our best wishes to Alex and teh kids,
Maggie x
Response: Thanks maggie. It is an awsome experience, feeling pretty bad about today but overall this has been one of the best exeriences i could have wished for.
From Sue Owen
Hi Allan
Sorry it's taken me so long to getting around to leaving a message for you. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time despite losing things - luggage, travelling companion.... I have read all of your logs and I really wish I was there again too! The animals, lakes and scenery really are magnificant aren't they? But of course it's the children with their big smiles that really touch your heart. Have you come across a boy called Felix Washina who is 10 or 11? If you do please get a pic for me. Give Alex my love and tell him I still think of him and the children often. Take care with the alcohol and avoid te stuff that makes you go blind!
Response: Thanks Sue, it has been a hard day as you will see from the journal but we are indeed making a great difference to the lives of the people here, time has flown. The kids are amazing. Keep in touch.
From Trevor
Hi Allan

Thanks for livening up a dull old, rainy old Oldham day with your tales from Kenya. I think the Massai "take your spear with you down the pub" idea is good. Could help me get served more quickly.
I went to two matches on Saturday - Huddersfield Town V. Forest at lunchtime (1-1) followed by Man. City v. Arsenal (1-0) at 5.15. If any of your kids there can score goals let me know.
Keep up the good work.
Response: I've been measuring them up for boots this week so hopefully by the time they get them they will be banging them in left right and center! However, after coaching these lads, you would be glad of a game where the art of defending prevailed!! I'd bring you a spear back but i think the airport might have something to say about it!
From Audrey Rourke
Hi Allan,
What a wonderful experience you are having. I can't wait to read your accounts each evening - beats watching 'corry' hands down.
Keep up the good work, look forward to hearing about it first hand when you come home. Take care.
Response: Its funny, with a combination of arduous days and the fact that we are two hours ahead here, comments such as "blimey corry finished half an hour ago, its past bedtime" have been heard on a nightly basis! Really good to hear from you hope everyone is well.
From Murph
Al, thought you would like a little summary of the WAFC 1st weekend.

Friday - Riverside Town 0 - WAFC 4.
(Jeff. Rory, Mark, Jamie, Joey. Rimmer, Chris Mc, Rob, Gilly. Smithy, Stapo)
Good performance overall against a poor side. Could of been 7 or 8. A few bits to work on but overall very happy.

Sunday - WAFC 2 - Mersey Rangers 3 (2-1 with 5 to play)
(Murph. Rory, Chris Mc, Mark, Joey. Rimmer, Gilly, Rob, Jonny B. Smithy, Stapo)
A very poor performance against a very poor side. We looked slow and lazy and didnt seem to have any desire. Result was compounded by personal errors particulary by the GK for the 3rd. Whoops!!! A little bit of soul searching to be done before our nxt fixture.

Anyway, things are good at home. Good home win for LFC on saturday inc. a screamer from D Agger!!
On a personal note, I move Thursday so you'll have to pop over and see the new pad when your back!

Looks like its an amazing place and your having a great time! Keep up the good work!

Take Care

Response: Cheers Murph, If the lads could see how enthusiastic the guys i am coaching in the evenings here are, they would never miss a game. These kids would kill to play football on proper pitches, wearing proper boots. Some of them have been asking what they would have to do to be able to play in England. I havn't the heart to tell them that they've 1 in a million chance.

Yeah, i get my new pad the day i get back so there should be plenty of house warming parties to go round. Managed to watch the Liverpool game, what a goal by Agger! It really is amazing here keep in touch and keep well.
From Dad
Glad you are back on line again, nother couple of days and your mum would have sent me over to check you were ok. From what I am hearing and seeing, that might not have been a bad thing, I envy your experiences.
The pictures of the kids are great. I promise not to mention spelling again, but Hockey Cockey , is that how it's spelt ? 8-) Dad
Response: You really should try it here, everything is simple. Everything that needs to happen kind of just does without fuss. I've been building all this week, getting in some practice for the new house! Dunno what mum would make of it here. Its not quite as simple as 'dont drink the water n you'll be fine' You would never get her on to a matatu! I don't know if thats how its spelled but singing it with 30 screaming kids in the baking hot sun first thing in the morning with something of a fuzzy head was of more concern than the spelling!! What a goal by Agger!!!
From Chris-wirral ath
Alright mate, looks like pretty life changing stuff! Bit of good news bit of bad! Indifferent start to the season. 1st game, 12 men. Jeff, Rory, Jamie, Mark h, Joey, Rimmer, Chris Mc, Rob, Gilly, Smith and Stapo, Murphy sub. Passed really well, played some good stuff, won 4-0, smith 2, rob 2. Second game different story! 11 men Murphy(goal), rory, mark h, chris mc, joey, rimmer, rob, gilly, johnny b, smith and stapo. 2-1 up 3 mins to go, lost 3-2! Appaling effort from the lads, turned up in dribs and drabs, effort poor! proper telling off after game! apologised and said they will put it wright next week! Hope to have better news then! keep up the good work, and enjoy yourself! I'll keep you informed! later mate!
Response: Cheers for the update, we really should not be losing games. If the guys saw how the football is played here, and the enthusiasm despite the lack of pitches, and boots maybe they would have greater commitment. Still, I dont want to get preachy! I've measured all their feet with a ruler this week and there are plans to get them boots if they win their next game. You should have seen how excited they were! Makes you realise just how lucky our team are, if only they realised it too.
From Nas
Hi Allan, hope all is okay - just a quick reminder could you save all your pics onto discs too, we will need high res pics to use back here - your pics look great by the way! Wot is your contact email?
Response: hey Nas, I've not quite filled the memory card yet but when i do i'll save them on to disk. Amy has got hers all on USB as well. Thanks for gettin in touch. The contact e-mail is
From jenny arnold (auntie
we are very proud of you alllan
Grandpa would be over the moon to hear what you are up to.
Granny is.
its great to see a relly on the internet !!!!
enjoy the rest of your time and i shall continue to read your updates.
Response: Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the web page, i will try and make the journals as interesting as poss but it is really hard to explain this place! Thanks for the message. Keep well.
From Alex
i didnt realise you were using this as a scouting mission for wirral athletic. had you had a few tuskers when you wrote about fotbalers and indeed risse (riise)
Response: Nah, but at least my attempt was better than dad's. We had a match today but we lost 5-1 so i guess most of them would meet the required standard for the mighty wirral!
From Masood/Hamaad/Atif/R
Hamaad - Are you enjoying your self.
Atif - Thankyou for helping the poor people.
Raza - man utd are the best better than liverpool.
Masood - The game is boring, I'm watching Only fools and Horses.
Response: Yes i'm enjoying myself a lot thankyou Hamaad, The children are very hard working and enjoy school so it is enjoyable to work with them. It is very rewarding to help people Atif. There are always people who you can help. Raza, Man Utd are rubbish, I think you need some new glasses!
Masood, i didn't get to see the game but we are through and thats what counts!
From Dad.
Sounds fantatsic. Mum can relax now that she knows that you weren't eaten by something on Safari but now is not happy with your spelling. You can't win.

Response: After the way you spelled risse she should be havin a go at you not me! I'm off to watch the match tonight. It starts at 9:35 Kenya time so its gonna be something of a late one! A few Tuskers will be sunk!
From Alex (ur brother)
Can u get me one of those brown t-shirts you're wearing on the photos (thats not a joke). size xxl obviously (thats not a joke). keep applying sun cream to the top of your head where there should be hair
Response: Yeah, should be able to but there aren't many kenyans who are as fat as you so it might not be that easy! (well you did rip the hair!)
From Fliss, Gillian & Kim
Hi Allan, Did your toy animals come in useful on the plane????
hope you are having a good time, and hope your not eating all of the villages food supplies, make sure you talk slowly and clearly so that the children can understand you, we are sure your the first scouser they've ever heard.
Take Care, Fliss,Gillian & Kim xxx
Response: They wouldn't let me take the animals on the plane incase i used them to detinate a bomb :-(
Of course the children understand me, i'm the only one out of us all who pronounces words properly!!!
From Masood
Ally had her passport stolen, I think she may get there eventually.
Pictures are amazing! children look so happy and yet look at their surroundings! It puts the " I want" attitude into perspective. I''ll be going on the site at home to show the kids what a wonderful job you are doing. I'll ask them to send you a message as well.
See you soon
Response: Yeah tell them i'd really like to hear from them. I'll be happy to answer any questions they have about the kids or anything else. You're right, it does put things in to perspective.
From Clare aka Barbie
Hey There!!

Bet you didn't think i would be clever enough to work out how to email you!!
It looks like your having fun!! Looks and sounds like a real adventure, i'm sooooo jealous!!! Please bring me back that little happy orphan he looks sooo adorable, don't think i could cope with being over there and seeing children like that though, i'd just cry!!!!

Anyway enough about you!!! I went to Ibiza, had a fab time!!! Thunder and lightning on the first day but it cleared up by the 2nd and turned to brilliant sunshine!! We went to a couple of clubs and bars and i got the nick name Malibu Stacey!!! And we managed to only have one argument which is good for me! Hey!!!

Hopefully you'll get this and email me back otherwise i'll be very disappointed!!!

Miss You Piss Head!!!!

Lots of Love.

Clare xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Glad you had a good time, I could think of worse nicknames you could've got! Yeah one argument is pretty good going, i take it you lost as you are usually the one in the wrong!

Its amazing here, its not easy but you just adapt really quickly.

We get brilliant sunshine all day then thunderstorms in the evening. Check the journal and pics for the road back from Masai Mara! just looking back at the picture gives me a lump in the back of my shorts! x (try not to swear as i can't figure out how to edit your e-mails! Wash your mouth out with soap and water)
From Gaz at the Leeds
Yo Evo,
Checking in to say hello, done a bit of research and the climate seems quite amiable - cool in morn, pleasantly hot in afternoon. Don't forget Kenya have a cricket team, see if you can get a game!
Make sure you get a pic of a baboon so that rimmer can finally see what his descendants looked like!!
Response: baboon successfully uploaded! Going on safari tomorrow until sunday will be like taking a stroll down Sandy Lane! I'm gonna try and teach the kids cricket next week as i've imparted all my football skills in two days! Also gonna teach them You'll Never Walk Alone! Later
From Dad
Just in case you don't get the important news out there Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 in Community shield on Sunday. Reiser & Crouch
Response: Excellent. I'm gonna teach the Kids to sing YNWA next week when i get back from safari! All the Matatus (little buses) have either Man U or Arsenal on them so i've got to redress the balance!