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Now then family, this has just taken me half an hour to set up, so if you could please take the time to read it that would be grand.
Should probably have started this earlier. Oh well...

Diary Entries

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Location: buenos aires, Argentina

ok so am back at the computer... its about two in the morning and the hostel im staying in is packed with young 20 year olds out to party in BA. Have had two nights in a row of going out so will give it a bit of a rest.
not sure what ill get up to tomorrow. either a football match (river plate-independiente) or there's an antiques market in place called san telmo... think will surprise you all and go to market. besides already been to see La Boca- Maradonna was apparently there as well.

Made very good friends with the hostel owners down there in Ushuaia so stayed longer than i had planned. was actually bit of a wrench leaving. but such is travelling on your own. you constantly meet people with whom you share experiences, but sadly have to say goodbye to every one of them as you part ways. The intimacy develops much quicker as you want, or rather need, someone who can understand the enormity of what is happening at that moment. Pictures help, as do words. Yet they all fall short at truly conveying human experience... you just can not grasp nor hope to understand, if you havent seen with your own eyes what someone else has. Ushuaia is just another isolated town at the end of the world, and unfortunately neither visual nor oral aids can help me to explain. I can tell you what i did though.

Three out of the nine days I was there, I went skiing. The resort is tiny and the snow was bad, but the people once agaion were unsurpassable. Dave, the 41 year old australian who makes snow in utah... Ben, a dj (remember you're never more than 10 metres away from a dj)... Valerie, who spoke the most enchanting swiss german even if it was utterly incomprehensible... BAsically had a great time. And did it all in jeans as well... Sweet memories of Isola 2000, eh?

Contrary to what you think, snow making is very interesting. ALthough I did find an answer to the eternal question of whether you can use one of those snow canons to completely cover someone in snow... Disappointingly you cant so i dont want one for christmas.

Also went for a dip in the Beagle Channel down there, which only alcohol could make you do. The picture is pure genius. Went walking in the National Park and saw a beaver dam if no beavers.

One more question to you guys and more specifically Phil, Julie and Laura? Do you ever feel slightly fraudulent saying you're danish. I'bve always said Im Danish and never considered for a minute I was English. But could the dark day have arrived? Are we actually English? 17 out of 22 years of existence spent in another country. Should I really be saying Im English, but born in denmark. If you think about it, nationality is pretty key to the question who am I. Your name, age, profession, nationality are the most common details you give which tells another person who you are. Are we lying? And when did it become a lie? Jesus christ, how easy is it to write like Carrie from Sex and the City. Should I be thinking of starting a sex column? There I go again. Ha! Or lol, which Laura always uses and which I've only just found out means Laugh Out Loud and not Lots of Love. Cryptography is essential if you get an email from Laura.

Right I'm off to bed. The people behind me have gotten to an intolerable stage of intoxication.

Good night and lots of love, hugs and kisses xxxxxxxx

Monday, 26 September 2005

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina

well this webpage thing was a pretty good idea in theory, but, as is pretty obvious, in practice not great! just got little too much stuff to do really... Sorry!

Am still in a place called Ushuaia. From Puerto Madryn I was supposed to come straight down here, but last minute changes meant I went to El Calafete for three days first. When you see th pictures of the Moreno Glacier I saw there, you`ll understand why I had to go! Its 60m metres tall and 4 kilometres wide and blue as the sky... And it runs into a lake, so you see huge chunks falling off! Sweet... (lie number one- every time anything fell off i turned my back! But I did hear them though!)

After this I caught a flight to Ushuaia, where I have been for five or so days. Am staying until thursday and then fly back to buenos aires to catch another flight out to either salta or bariloche, but have not decided yet.

Down here in Ushuaia I´ve been skiing for three days of all of the ones I´ve been here. Met some lovely people, which makes it all the more difficult to leave, but unfortunately I have to!

I will write again soon with something more significant to say, but I have been having the time of my life...

By the way, welcome to the german side of the family, and thank you to everyone for the messages. BVery much appreciated xxxx

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Location: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Ok so I´m back sat at a computer. Still in Puerto Madryn.
So, allan, why are you in this tiny little town on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina? Well am just waiting to get out of here to continue my travels. A 17 hour bus ride will see me down to a place called Rio Gallegos, and from there will get a short 10 hour bus ride to Ushaia- the most southernly settlement in the world (a lie as if you look on the map there are others further south). Here I will see lots of penguins, as well as probably getting very cold. Hopefully there will be some skiing, but if not there is a small glacier where I could do some hiking...

Puerto Madryn is one of several Welsh settlements in Patagonia, though some moved further inland. Why exactly they chose to settle here is baffling. The town is surrounded by a dry, dusty, barren landscape with tough, thorny bushes rooted in the dirt. At siesta time you see these rolling through the deserted streets like in the old John Wayne films. Though I may not figure out the Welsh riddle, I certainly know why tourists come here. There are whales swimming around in the water, so close to shore you can see them without jumping in a boat. I did do the latter anyway anmd some of the pictures I stole of a guy I met- my camera´s memory was full- are pretty spectacular. They swim around the boat in little groups of two or three, diving in and out of the water.

Tried to upload some pictures for you to look at, but the connection is pretty slow, meaning that it would have taken more than half an hour to upload one picture. Will wait til hav faster connection.

My last posting that I lost did have some profound thoughts on life and travelling but that will have to wait til another time. Looking forward to seeing most of you at graduation, and you´re all so good at keeping in touch guys. My inbox is literally overflowing with all your emails ;)

Take care and I´ll try and get some pictures up soon as am sure that will make this webpage a lot more interesting xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Location: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Rather unsuccesfull start to this journal thing. Just lost very long entry and no way am I going to re-write it. Way too hungry. Will try to at least post some messages or photos later... Argentina very cool country... Love you all...

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From Alex Ferguson
Dear Mr Michaelsen,

I understand that you are a very busy young man, but I feel that your long awaited Old Trafford debut is called for. Rio is simply having a torrid time against such world class strikers as Brian McBride and Tomas Radzinsky.
I think that terms can be negotiated over the international break, so please call me on 0800-RIO STINKS.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Ferguson

PS where is my promised 25 million pound transfer kitty?
Response: Dear Mr. Ferguson,

thank you for your interest. I'd love to. You really have solved my dilemma as to what I will do after I return from my travels. Look forward to seeing you and the boys at Carrington, as well as eating fast food with the Glazer family.

Kind regards,

Big Al

PS Im not sure. But surelya more pertinent question would be why you didnt point out that american and european football are not really all that similar
From The most beautiful g
hello allan, just wanted to say helllllooooooo!!! and when you coming home i miss you! By the way i said nothing about the bonking it was all Julie! (you know what shes like!) OOO i havnt told you, me and dad went to edinburgh for the open day and i absolutely LOVED it!!!! the course is so flexible in the 1st and 2nd year that i get to take another subject, which im really excited about. The city was beautiful, the accomodation was amazing!! (dad said out of all the places you guys have lived, it was by far the best!!) and also i already saw lots and lots of FITTIES!!hehe only messing. NOT REALLY! btw that email i wrote you, you never commented on how funny it was!? when i was writing it i was in histerics (how do u spell that??) i was well chuffed with myself! obviously it musn't of had the same impact on you. lol nevermind! anyway, keep on having fun, be careful and thou musth not forget that thou most beautifulist sister loveth thou!! hehe what do you think of my shakespearean writing??? good shit, eh?hehe i know i know im a dickhead. anyway love you lots laura xxx btw am so excited am going on my selection week thing for project trust soon! i hope i get picked! cant wait to hear more about your not so weird and wonderful travels!
Response: laura
reading your emails are indeed challenging if nothing else!!! your writing style is... unique.
Knew you'd like edinburgh. very cool city and sometimes wish i had gone there.
did you contact steph or not? I'll be in trouble if you didnt!
keep up the shakespearian writings and its hysterics xxxx
From julie "the shiznit"
yeh i wasnt entirely sure whether only u could read these msgs or everyone....wooops....anyway. Laura and i are going to denmark tomorrow for bebes birthday. We shall miss u. Oh and if u have time and remember send helene a text on her birthday next weekend, she s very upset that no one is coming to her birthday when so many are coming to bebes so laura and i are taking her out for the day while we re there to make her feel special....
The internship was very interesting and altho i did totally unrelevant things like going to the post office and packing clothes away i learnt an awful lot from just being there and listening in to everything that went on. I had minimal input on some decisions but all of them seemingly unimportant- eg that we shouldnt product place penguin (the label) with cat deeley cos she couldn't pull it first thought that they wanted me to be proactive and just say "Well i think..." without being asked but then realised that the reason they didnt ask was cos they didnt give a damn what i thought. That was cleared up with a distinct look of "f--k off u silly little girl" Although sometimes i had some wicked ideas and then they were very appreciative. I also got to write some press releases which was fun- creative writing but she changed my last one and left it sounding my humble opinion... Definately don't want to be in PR....The women were in their early 30s late 20s i assume and they did not include me alot which was fair enough i suppose we dont have anything in common. But it was still an enlightening insight to the shallow and two-faced world of fashion PR which was an experience in itself! What else....Starting my final year on wednesday and am sometimes looking forward to the challenge and proving my self worth but other times feel completely overwhelmed and scared and would prefer to just not. But am looking forward to finishing durham and being let loose on the world and everything it has to offer which seems infinite in comparison to my life at durham (the smallest place in the world).
You continue to impress me with your travels and your incrediably articulate descriptions of a world that couldn't be further from mine right now. Cant wait to see your pictures and hear more about it.
All my love
take care
Julie xxx
Response: well internship sounds cool. dont worry i didnt get to do all that much at mine either, but know exactly what yopu mean. learn a lot from just being there.
in buenos aires and having the time of my life here. without a shadow of a doubt... i need a place here. you should see the clubs- f--king loads and f--king huge, though music can sometimes be hit or miss...
take care xxx
From Berrit&Holli
Na, Du Sack!
Kommen gerade mit Deiner Mom aus der Kneipe... nein, ich meine natürlich aus einem netten Restaurant.

Danke für die Geburtstagsgrüße,... das üben wir aber noch, oder?

Egal, wir hoffen, es geht Dir gut und Du kommst gesund nach Hause und wirst ein seriöser Mensch :-))) Dream on, sagt Deine Mutter gerade.

Alles Liebe aus Hamburg.

Have fun.

Response: Darling Berrit,

Happy Birthday!!! Du weisst dass ich noch nicht so erwachsend bin!! Alles geht sehr gut hier, und eigentlich spreche ich ziemlich viel detusch mit anderen Leute. Freut mich dass ich noch ein bisschen deutsch kenne.
Wie geht's mit Oma? Ich habe nichts neues gehort.
Hoffe dass alles gut geht.

Love to everyone xxxx
From dada
savner dig meget
Response: savner dig ogsa.
er tilbage in buenos aires og skal vider til sted der hedder usuhaia pa sondag eller mandag.
skal nok prove pa at ringe lidt ofter, men everything is so easy here that you dont need to worry.

love to the family and jackie as well xxxx
From julie
hello ashlee, love hearing all about ur "South anerican travels" tehe... the more you tell, the more i want to see it! News on my front is that im at a health spa with dad with the worst hangover i ve ever had, i went to Maria GrachVogel (designer) fashion week party last im wandering around in a white bathrobe trying to hide from everyone how unsteady i am on my feet and how worried i am that i may be sick on the masseuse with whom ive been booked in with....its a hard life...
Im looking forward to seeing all ur pics when u get back and richard lewishohn says hi, he thinks ur the shit, which i believe u are... anyway gotta go, reason i havent written earlier is that i ve finished my work experience and phil toook his compf rom the flat so have none, lots of love, miss u loads please look after urself and come bakc soon and safe.
julie xx
ps laura and i think u bonked ur beautiful argentinian lady friend- well done u sly dog u x
Response: you and dad are absolute wasters... and look at you going to obscure fashion parties. any chance you could fill me in on how your internship wnet or will i just never find out!?!
will see you in october and thanks for the bonking comment that went up- on the webpage for the whole family to see... silly girl.

take care xxxx
From O.Hoff/Hamburg
Hallo Allan,Deine Reiseberichte,die Estrid mir schickte,klingend spannend.Weiterhin viel Spaß und pass auf Dich auf, es gibt auch schlechte Menschen.

Gruß Olaf
Response: hallo olaf,

gut ein bisschen neues aus deutschland zu horen. tut mir wirklich leid dass es so schlecht mit oma geht. kannst du mir vielleicht ein mail schreiben, so dass ich ein bisschen mehr daruber wisse? danke.

hatte vollig von "klaus" vergessen aber wird dass sofort auf dem internet finden, wenn ich ein computer finde, dass nicht so verdammt langsam ist!
es ist wunderschon hier aber hi tech ist das noch nicht.
hoffe auch dass mein deutsch verstandlich ist.

love to jule,

From Ingrid & Dan
Hi Allan,

Sounds great, can't wait to see some pictures.

If you can find photos of more South American glaciers before and after global warming, I would appreciate copies of them for my anti-Bush propaganda war.


I & D
Response: dan,

you are a hardcore bush-hater!
there are lots of slogans anti bush here. even saw a variation on the Kill Bill logo, saying Kill Bush!
Unfortunately the glacier is still unbelievably impressive, but it has stopped advancing- was the last glacier to do so. guess thats something.

hope all is going okay over there with oma and if she can remember who i am then send her my love. i think about her a lot.

lots of love to everyone,

From Allan Michaelsen
Kære Allan hvoe er det herligt endelig at høre fra dig. Carl havde sendt en besked fra dig tidligere, men den blev slettet her på min computer på gr. af virusfare. Det lyder så spændende hvad du skriver om dine oplevelser. Det der med hvalerne er da bare for fedt !!!Jeg var i Norge for et par år siden for at se hvaler ,men det lykkedes os ikke at komme ud og se det ,så det har jeg til gode.Her hos mig er livet ikke helt så eksotisk ,men alligevel godt. jeg har wæret på weekend i Dorrits sommerhus og næste week-end skal jeg op til Torkel. Der skal være premiere på en film som er optaget oppe på øen og i hans hus. Fra i torsdags var jeg sammen med Simon og Helene ,(sov der ) og i går Lørdag var vi oppe og besøge lea på hendes Rytmiske Højskole. Hun har det også super og er totalt glad for at være der. Hun har fået nogen rigtig gode venner og en virkelig sø kæreste Michael som virkede rigtig fin. Hvordan mon det går med dig,Møder du også folk som du følges med på et stykke af vejen eller rejser du mest for dig selv.???i mit almindelige liv er der fred og ro. Jeg går på arbejde og i fritiden ser jeg venner ,går i biffen , i går var jeg ude i den nye opera og høre Verdi `s opera Macbeth sammen med min ven Annette,en rigtig flot opsætning med nogen forrygende gode sangere. Jeg er ret vild med opera og den nye opera bygnign er flot.ja hvad kan jeg mere fortælle , efteråret er så småt ved at nærme sig,træerne er ved at få farve og det er koldt om natten.Miriam er afsted med årets nye studerende på ruskursus ,som hun arrangerer sammen med nogen andre. ,de er afsted i denne week-end. Det kræver meget planlægning,men det lyder som om hun synes deter sjovt at deltage i ,og det er jo gor træning i forhold til at lære sig at møde nye forskellige mennesker..I aften skal jeg op til middag hos bebbe og bisse de er heldigvis still going strong. bebbe får nu nogen behandlinger på hoften som forhåbentligt gør at hun har mindre ondt.Jeg printer din mail ud og tager det med op til dem. Så hvis du på et andet tidspunkt vil sende dem en mail, skal jeg nok tage den med til dem. I dag skal jeg også møde en lille ny dansker. Mit ældste gudbarn(,Pia`s datter Malene hr fået en søn og ham skal jeg se for første gang i kalder ham Elvis fordi han har så langt sort hår !!!!Jeg glæder mig til at se dig når du vender tilbage til oxford. Inden da skal jeg et lille smut til London bare en week-end . Jeg skal over og se Frida Calo udstillingen på New Tate Moderne,men det bliver bare et smut. Ellers har jeg ikke nogen fantastiske rejseplaner,men det kan jo altid komme og jeg bliver i hvert tilfælde inspireret af denne her tur du er på. Pas godt på dig selv og jeg kan jo høre at det er en fed oplevelse. God fortsætning.
Mange mange kærlige hilsner til dig fra mig Sara
Response: sara darling,
tusind tak for din message her paa. read it a while a go but only got round to replying now. let me know how frida kalho was and how long it runs for. like her paintings as well.
and congrats on godchild. how many is that? remember to give bebe a bg hug from me on her birthday.
lots of love xxx