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Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: Cordova, Argentina

Hola! dont think that i started to write some bullshit about my trip, i just want you to know that my new pictures are at

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Recent Messages

From israel
Good onces,
Im in venezuela right now and next week in Colombia.
The final date to Israel is the 24th of June. When is Neta's wedding?
Response: thanks,
so i am not the only muchiler at south america... 5.9 is the wedding date. see you
From Niv Segev
Whats up man? i saw the pics and they are amazing! i stayed with my mouth open.. keep having a great time, take care and continue to write...
Response: thanks a lot,
i hope that you guys having fun also...
From Hermie Neto
Hi Alon !!!
How are you? Hope that this msn finds you fine!!!
Thanks for write me! I have news! I plan travel to Roma next June. Mom and Jr say Hallo !!! Come back some day to Brasil, you have friends here! Take a care !!! Greetings to Olta !!! Missing you !!!
Response: hola!
i am glad that you will travel too, i am sure that you'll have fun.
did you got my letter?
From E T
amit told me about this site only yesterday...
i hope u r having a great time and i know that i have been ZEVEL since u been gone...
wonderfull pictures...
come back KVAR, ANI MITGAAGEA...
Response: hi man,
i having great time and i am glad that there will be friends in Israel when i will come back
From Erez
Nice hair man... I'm working at my own as well...
also nice to see you were drinking coke at our birthday- I bet I did that too...
Response: you need some more time to get to my level of LIFA... i now remembered the bet you did at your 17s birthday.
From Monique

Was so nice to meet you and Dor!!!Unfortunatelly was only for one day...:-(
But I hope to see you again sometime!
Response: come to Israel and we will take you all to a boat and to barbique and to a football game... :-) just joking, thanks for great time!
From Celma Porfirio
Dear Alon,

Do you remember me ? I´m Celma ,Hermie´s friend... I saw some pictures of you and it was incrediable , good hear that you are in Olinda nice place ...
Enjoy it !!!!!!!!!

Have a good trip...keep in touch!!
Response: how can i forget...
i´m having great time.
i´m waiting for the carnival. fun to hear from you!
From Erez
Long time we haven't heard from you. Could it be that you're too bussy? I hope so for your sake...
keep having fun.
Response: i was needed to plan where i´ll be at the 14/2
From Hermie
Hi mr. nice guy! Where are you? Thanks for the picture! Hope that this e-mail finds you fine! Back to Brasil soon! My family say Hallo to you and ... Olta? Watch out Guy!
Response: her name is Ortal.
we´re now at Olinda.
send your family our love
Goddamnit, i can't take it anymore!
u guys and your photos! it's too much!
anyway, i hope the next photos will be of you smooching some hot chikita...

Have fun, and keep writing!
Response: i´ll try to arrange some photos for you...
From Jinji (Nir)
How are ya ?

looks like your on a beggining of some great advantures :)
it's funny to think that just not-so-long-ago we were together in Glilot/Alfred at the army :)
witing for more great stories/ pictures
From ori
indeed it'a s hard life... you little shit !!!
where was the last photo taken ? that part of the beach looks awesome
Response: it was a Laguna that we took a Buggy to see it...
From Balistra
Have a good time and keep in touch!

Hope to meet you there with dor!

Response: thanks!
keep writing, and most thing- come we´ll have fun