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Welcome to my spot on the web to share photos with friends and family while on the road.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to travel, explore and visit friends around the world. I started in early July and expect to be back in Canada in early December.

The rough itinerary for my sabbatical is as follows: studying French in France (July to the end of August with quick visits to Holland, Norway and Italy); volunteering and diving in Mauritius, the Seychelles and Réunion (end of August to early October); overland trip from South Africa to Kenya (October to mid-November); Egypt (early November); Jamaica (end of November/early December); back to T.O. in December for Sarah and Jamie's wedding!!

Please feel free to leave comments or drop me an email about what's new with you! I'd love to hear news from home (and beyond!)...

Je voyage pour verifier mes reves, Gustave Flaubert


The Trip... Some quick numbers:
17: Number of countries visited (France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and Jamaica)
20: Number of flight segments
8,000+: Kilometres travelled by bus/truck/train in Africa
3,562: Number of digital photos snapped

Photos - Click Below



(Nov/Dec) My trip finished with a two-week stay on familiar territory... Jamaica. First stop was a family reunion at my cousin Laura's marriage to Clarence. The wedding was beeee-utiful and there wasn't a dry eye during the speeches! The rest of the trip has been dedicated to pure relaxation... Negril, Discovery Bay and even a little sightseeing in the interior of the island.


Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

(November) I decided to spend the last week of my trip doing what I love best... enjoying the sea, sun and diving. The diving in the Red Sea has been _incredible_... the visibility is great and I have never seen coral like this!! Dahab is a seaside town on the eastern side of the penisula; it was originally inhabited by the Bedouin, but getting increasingly touristy. I booked into a seaside hotel and wake up to the Red Sea and views of Saudi Arabia. Aaah. Why leave?


West Bank, Luxor, Egypt

(November) I crossed the Nile on a ferry (1 Egyptian Pound = $0.20 USD) and explored the West Bank on my second day in Luxor. Thousands of years of history to take in... amazing!


Luxor, Egypt

(November) Here are some more shots of Luxor - taken on the east and west banks of the Nile.


East Bank, Luxor, Egypt

(November) After three nights in Cairo, I took an overnight sleeper train 750km south to Luxor.


Cairo and Pyramids of Giza

(November) I made a last-minute decision to fly from Nairobi to Cairo and spend my last 10 nights in Egypt. It has been a fabulous stop!!


End of the Overland Trip

(November) It was sad to say goodbye to everyone on the overland trip -- four guys went off to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Amy and Lesley continued touring in Kenya, Leah is off to see the gorillas and everyone else headed home... All in all, a great trip with fantastic company. Over 7,000km, 7 countries and lots of laughs and memories!


Game Drive, Ngorongoro Crater

(November) After spending a night camping on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, we took a game drive into the vast expanse for some unforgettable animal sightings!


Maasai Village, Tanzania

(October) We ended the day with a village walk in a traditional Maasai village. We were hoping it would be a cultural experience and a chance to see how they live day-to-day. Unfortunately, it was more sales-pitching and arm-grabbing than cultural sharing... too bad. Still neat to see what we did, though... the Maasai are a truly exceptional indigenous group.


Oldupai Gorge, Rift Valley

(October) After the awesome game drive in the Serengeti, we topped off the day with a trip to the "Cradle of Mankind" - the Oldupai Gorge. It's best known for the work of Louis and Mary Leakey and the remains of the oldest hominid footprints! C'est cool....


Serengeti National Park

(October) We drove from Arusha to the Serengeti and slept over night, outside in an unfenced campsite in the middle of the park. Luckily there were no animal sightings at night! However, we did see looooooots during the day!!


Northern Tanzania

(October) Before heading to the Serengeti, we spent a few nights outside of Dar es Salaam and along the Pangani River. One campsite won out as my fave...!


Coast of Zanzibar

(October) Life is rough... I must admit! Yet another beach resort! Ha! This was a great, relaxing stop on the trip and a nice break from long drives on the truck :)


Stone Town, Zanzibar

We spent one night and two days in Stone Town... enough to take in the sights and sounds of the winding streets and the smells and of a spice tour.


Hike in Malawi and Road Life

(October) We travelled through Malawi with another stop along the lake (Chitimba), did a 30km hike (yikes!) and then carried on north to Tanzania... Some snaps of daily life.

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Recent Messages

From Derek
Hey Amanda, the photos are pure class!! I wish I was with you lot for the last 6 days or so of the trip, looks like you had a great time and a few drunken nites, happy days!!
Response: Thanks for the comments, buddy! We missed your good cheer after leaving you in the sketchy parking lot in Dar! Sounds like the adjustment to the working world isn't tooooo bad, though?! Chat soon! -amanda
From Amy
Hey Amanda, finally managed to look at your photos... They are so amazing! Wish we were all still soaking up the sun in Zanzibar!! Now it's back to selling the holidays!!
Take care waterpump!! amy
Response: Hey there --
So great to hear from you! Let me know if you have any pics available on the net -- would love to see some of the snorkelling trip to Mnemba! Hope you're enjoying the summer Down Under!
From NJA
WOW... an amazing journey... unbelieveable photos... an experience that will be with you for a lifetime... I'm glad that you are coming home to share even more!
Love ya NJA xo
Response: NJA! Can't wait to see you this week... it's been tooooo long!!! Big hugs, ak
From Marie
kiampsies!! I can't even believe your pics - the lions close up, gorge jumps, and gorgeous it!! So thrilled to continue following your adventure of a lifetime! Miss you lots!! Wish I was right there with ya! Big hugs!
Response: kiaaaaahmps!! thanks for the note! i owe you an update email... sounds like you are super busy with work and travel, eh? can't wait to catch up in person when you guys visit the t-dot in december! hugs -- kiamps
From Bridie
Hey Maa-nda, miss you already. Hope to see you in Aust someday! Love the photos, am still waiting for Ow to send his up, I had mine delevoped yesturday and love them. Will email soon, Love Bri
Response: Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you got home a-ok! Will definitely make the trek to Oz soooon! Sorry to hear about Owen's photos of Zanzibar... argh. We'll all have to share :)
From Princess
Hi miss Canada Amanda. Love your pics. Sorry didn't get to see ya in departure lounge at airport. I got home safely and back to work today :( Getting some pics uploaded too (busy at work!) - so will send you link. Hope you enjoying Cairo. fi x
Response: Glad to hear that you got home safely! No worries... the departures lounge was a bit of a gong show by the time I got up there! Can't wait to see your pics!! -ak
From ErinG
Hi Amanda! Erin told me about this cool site. I hope you are enjoying Egypt...when you get back there will be a ROCK game waiting for you! Take care....ErinG
Response: Hey Erin! Great to hear from you! Look forward to seeing you and the rock sooooon! -ak
From Juan Carlos
I'm looking at this great movie: "Amanda's around the globe in 80 days". Exciting and exotic. You better give me an autograph when you're back.
Response: Ha ha. Imagine that... I still have a few countries to cover before I can claim that! Hope all is well with the new house -ak
From Ear-in
Hi KIA, I am in Montreal at a show and looking at your pics during the downtime. It is so nice to see the sun You look like you are having so much fun :) Where are you now? - Erin
Response: Hey Er! Thanks sooooooo much for your updates. I love getting them...sorry I can't reply in as much detail. I am in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania... heading into the Serengeti next! Hope that work slows down for you at some point sooooon!
From Udge
Hi KIA, Although I havent been sending you updates about my life I have been enjoying reading about your exciting adventures! Love and miss you tons!!
Response: hi udge! i just got your update ... glad to hear that things are going so well! snow?!?! it's early, no??? see you in a few weeks! love amk
From Dad
I was thinking I could follow you along in your adventures, but not sure I could do the gorge jump! Zimbabwe looks beautiful. So proud of your adventures. Amanda!
Love, Dad.
Response: thanks, raykee. i have more pics to upload... will get to that in a few days... for now, it's all about the crystal clear waters off zanzibar :) you would love the beaches and history of this island!
From Grandma
Your website is so attractive, informative, and so full of beauty, excitement, and love of living. Hang in there, sweetie. Wonderful job you are doing. "Love ya".....
Response: Thanks, Grandma! Hope that you had a good trip back to BC after your Ontario trip! Hugs to you and Gpa! xo
From Rachit
I saw the pics..

Thankx ...

Response: Thought you might like seeing your mug on the Internet!! Keep on touring, buddy!!
From Elena da roomie Maur
OK girlie, now you've convinced me - I HAVE to see Seychelles before I leave this part of the world! It's totally fab. Hope you'll enjoy a different kind of adventure now - watch out for hunting cheetahs and say hello to Mama Africa for me! I miss you already... Till we meet again, you globetrotter! ;o)))
Response: Awh! As I write from the Internet cafe, I miss life in MRU! Thanks for everything.... and especially the last minute camera rescue!!!!!!!
From Marie aka kiamps
My first time on the site, and I am blown are experiencing the best the world has to offer: Friends: new & dear, spectacular historical cities, and now you are truly in paradise - practically untouched, beautful islands! And to see the phases of your travel journey is truly a treat. I am so thrilled for you - an experience of a lifetime. Maybe a stopover in Oslo before you head back ;) miss ya lots!!! Hugs and kisses....m.
Response: Kiamps, it was SO great to chat last night. Great to catch up on deets.... glad to hear life in Oslo continues to go well... Bisous!!
From Christel
Hi Amanda,
What wonderful travels, exotic places, awesome beaches and and fun you are having!
Thank you so much for sharing them with us. It's neat to follow your travels with the photos and descriptions. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Response: Thanks, Christel! I hope that all is well at the office :)
From Dad
The photos are getting more beautiful (white, white sands and blule, blue seas) and the adventures more daring (swimming with sharks?) as the days and weeks go by. Take extra care of yourself on your trek from SA to KENYA. I love you lots, Amanda.
Response: Thanks, Pops! Will be a good girl.... Love ya!
From Kia-in-training (aka
Amanda! I've just logged onto your site for the first time, it's FANTASTIC. I'm totally jealous of your trip, and now wish we could have included Mauritius and Seychelles into our five-month trip! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your pics from the safari, and hear all the stories! I hope the chacos are serving you well! Keep the photos and stories coming...we love them!
Response: Hey dudette!! I'm wearing the chacos right now... so functional! Hope all is going well in the run-up to your _wedding_!!!!
From Thuper
Wow! Seychelles looks like every dream and movie about paradise...I am in awe of your daring and adventuresome spirit! Keep feeding us pictures and stories to match. Can't wait to hear about Réunion and Joburg! Love you lots and lots. xoxo
Response: Hi lovely!! So great to hear from you. Thought you would like those pics :) Good luck with the final move-in this weekend!! Send furnished pics, k? The start of a new and exciting phase....!!
From Steven Alegrias
Hola Amanda!

Some great pics in here. Looks like you are having a blast.

Response: Thanks, buddy! Hope all is well in the T-dot... have a Burrito Boyz treat for me!
From Tonisha
AMAZING!!! I live vicariously through your photos :) I'm glad you're having such a great time, enjoy the rest of it and be safe!
Ciao for now,
Response: Thanks for the kind words! Hope that all is well with your new job and apt! -ak
From Subashna
Ki maniere? (tee hee :-P) The pictures are fab!!! Looking forward to more. All the best and keep safe!
Response: Thanks, lady!! Have an awesome time on your Asian adventure. You deserve a vacation like no one I know!!! I expect lots of pics! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
From Erin
Hi KIA! What stunning photos and I love reading about your trip - I feel like I am there with you. Looks like you are having the time of your life! You should be a professional photographer. Love you lots! Erin
Response: Thanks, E! You are so sweet. Miss ya! Have some sushi for me...
From Pascal
Of course mauritius is like heaven!!(Mamamaala) you've got to come here! Yeah Amanda is an angel coming from canada ;) and i've got the chance to talked to her.. really sweet girl.. Happy to meet her.. Aie aie aie.. biz ;)
Response: Thanks for the kind words! As Mauritians say... Allez-bye! -ak
From Mamamaaala
Hey now KIA! Your photos and commentary just keep getting more beautiful. Mauritius looks like Heaven and you are an angel for volunteering when you could be on the beach! We love you.
Response: Awh, stop!
Love you, toooo!