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Welcome to Aims's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read.
Recently i've travelled and worked in Oz, and have future plans explore the entire earth.
If you're not busy... come and play too!
If you visit my site, let me know by leaving a little messgae. do it... do it now....

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

Just a little update....
I spent the 6 days in Holland visiting my good friend Rosannita and her familia.
We spent a couple of days beaching it, yes in May! At scheveningen... how many times i have tried to say this place right, i think ive got it about 2% of the time....
We lounged on the beach boulevard and ate some good fishes. We tried to see the tulip fields, but they were already cut down... so saw a lot of green fields!! real nice! but we did go to a beautiful flower garden and saw the GIANTEST flowers in all the land. So all was welll again!!!
The next few days were spent lunching in Utretcht, dinner at the hippie beach cafe Bora Bora with my good Dutch/aussie friend Dennis, Cycling to the old sity of Leidon, birth town of Rembrant and celerating 400 years since his death... very cultured and interesting place!
On tuesday we explored Amsterdam, or hamster jam as it's otherwise known. we joined the tourists in visiting the Sex musuem, which , for 3 euros is a bloody bargain!! best 3euros i spent all weekend!! Seriously interesting and shocking all at once.
Saw the ladies in their windows flashing their bits.
watched the world go by at a canal side cafe..
and then flew back to london at sunset.
bloody excellent people, excellent places. high Five.. WOO!
X love to you all

Tuesday, 07 February 2006

Location: ENGLAND!, UK

WOAH life goes on.....
You come back to the civilization that you know and you think maybe things will be very different after so long...but they're not...!
Things seem to have shrunk when you come back to England. Some of you have done to Oz to UK thing, doesnt the world seem to have halved in size?!
just me then...
OK, back tracking to the last time i wrote which was in Sydney for the 2nd time. Meeting up with old buddies and my sister which was lovely. She had the whole weekend planned before i got there, typical of her! We had a great time going to the Jazz festival and markets and botanical gardens and such...
I spent my birthday on Bondi Beach, lazying around and playing in the sea, then had a lovely BBQ with friends with masses of food and drinks and a big fat chocolate cake.

We went shark diving too that week which was exciting as! check out the photos, and you can see my face the whole time. Wasnt actually that scary as there was so many of us, so you felt safe that the sharkies would have a choice of food should they change their mind as to not eating humans!

Then off to Melbourne to meet up with my good friend Keira who i havent seen for years. Wonderful reunion, go and do the typical Melbourne thing of life in the cafes... breakfast lunch and dinner
I stay with some lovely lovely people Victoria and Phillip, friends of Keiras. Comfortable, homely environment to finish my trip. I was worried that the week would drag and be a slow drawn out end to my trip, one more week toooo gooooo.... BUT IT DIDNT!
No no!! i met a friend from Sydney by accident and we hung out and went some exibitions and partied on Australia Day. It was only 44 degrees that day! we opted to stay inside for the air con... a pub was the best option... and it was tradition!!

Catherine bought me a ticket to go to Big Day Out for my birthday- a one day music festival that travels Australia, She came to Melbourne to join me for jan29th... very awesome... saw Kings of Leon, White Stripes, Magic Numbers, Sarah Blasko and some cool unkowns.

Tuesday i went surfing to Phillip island... the waves were pretty huge and a bit too big maybe for a little learner like myself. I got to my knees a few times, stood up for about a millisecond and then jumped off, bashed my knee on a rock (took that bruise home-bit of proof), got caught in a wave and the board hit me on the back of my head... i think i would feel left out if it didnt hit me on the head-that happens to all the pro's!!
A few more cafe and wandering outtings... and then bye bye butterfly.
Again i return to England.... a journey i seem to have done reguarly now. Now i am focussing onmy interviews in 2 weeks and finding the fundings for my next trip!!
Dont worry i'll let you know!

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Only two more days to go....!!!!

Monday, 16 January 2006

Location: all over the place... updated, Australia

Hey again folks....

i have been rather slack on the old emailing of late, i think!!! sorry about
I havent written since christams actually.... oops.
i hope you dont think you're not important or on my mind, because you all
are at some point in the day.
I hope that everyone is well and healthy and happy and not feeling the cold,
and wrapping up warm and smiling and laughing and eating well and sleeping
enough and partying too much, but not feeling the affects, but feeling that
you got trashed and had fun!!
I hope that you hjad a good new year and that so far, you have been planning
new things and looking forward to whats ahead and not worrying about what
has been and gone. Dont worry about money, easy come easy go... take it from
me, professional bum for a living.
I cant wait to get home and work my butt off again to pay for all these
trips, worth it, but man, its expensive living, as you travelling folk will

Have written a couple of emails and uploaded phtos but they never seem to
get finished and sent without some sort of mess up. Last ones finshed with a
storm and a power cut and a horrified face for about 10 minutes.
No worries, i didnt have to pay because she saw my face. i've been round the middle, through the desesrt, through the rainforest,
through some coral, past some sharks, back down, sailing through the
whitsundays-purest white beaches and learest water ever, bussing it down with the happy people of greyhound bus
services-they're not happy, no no, most miserabel people in the history sad faces..., hanging out with crazy people, seeing old faces from early
travels randomly from town to town, new year partying, 4X4 self drive tour around the biggest sand dune
island, almost rolling the car, everyone crapping themselves... good god.
Sorry its been ages since ive wirtten this and i feel
like ive told this all a millions times already....
so sorry if i have!!! Stayed in Noosa, which is one of the most expensive
places in Queensland to stay but we thought we'd try out an unknown hostel
called Gagaju and venture into the unknown with our two friends Alena from
Germany and Natasha from Canada, cool chicks... we found our selves back in
the national park forest/bushland camping out in a cool little hippie campsite with THE most comforable hammock type beds, sink in a tree stump, bugs galore, but great for chilling and getting space from the world. loved it. Co-run by a guy named Alan who laughed like a pyscho killer but was a generous helpful guy who made us a a great pork roast dinner. who said you could only have canned foods whilst camping...huh!

ummmm, blah blah blah, had great time, got no money left, havent seen any
dingos, or crocodiles, but PLENTY of huge spiders and hairy things and
scuttling things and bettles and cochroaches and bats, and lizards and
jellyfish... lovely.... plus a girl just got eaten by sharks, so pretty glad
not to be seeing them.
My lovely sistrer Samantha is currently is Sydney and im going to meet up
with her for the weekend she is here, i lucklily made it back down from brisbane in time as we hired a car with a guy i knew in the tourist hell hole which is surfers paradise and
had a road trip for the last couple of days, camping at the lovely hippie
town of byron bay, which was awesome and driving down the coast past the big banana of coffs harbour... so worth the stop honestly! (seriously, it;s just a big banana, and they sell lots of bananas there...)

OK, shut up Amie.. HAVE TO GO....
im home on 3rd feb so get those phone calls coming after that. will be great
to see everyone and i hope dont i annoy you all too much with... 'when i was
in australia' stories..... you know you love them!!
got many more 'me attracting wierdos' stories....
they never end.
great stuff people. be good. i love you all... going to melbourne in a
couple of days, or maybe staying in sydney for my birthday... aheeeemmm, <amie coughs> 21st..... excuse me.... talk soon. let ,me know how yo all are... i mean
chao chicos

dodd X


Saturday, 24 December 2005

Location: Australia

Merry Christmas!!!
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, i hope that you have a lovely time. Dont forget to give everyone hugs, all day. Im sending you all mental hugs.
It's actually opuring with rain at the moment, it'll pass im sure. We're on magnetic island for these next couple of days, we arrived on wednesday and decided to stay for longer, it's a beautiful island.
so far we've been lazing at the pool, topping our tans, Ive been walking through the bushland for a few hours trek and Catherine has been horse riding. today we are getting the ferry to townsville and doing some shopping for eachother!
Tmro we plan to have a BBQ on the beach, not allowed in the water though - stingers! uh oh. but we have a pool so it;s cool. met some great people here, some have been leaving on the days up to christmas but we theres still some good people here. ANYHOO>.... hope everyone has a fantastic new year! Shall be putting some more photos up when i can, but its a mission as it takes so long here. so maybe not for a while! Take care everyone.
Hope to hear from you all soon, and i hope that you all have lovely drunken fabulous ends to the year!
X aussie dodd.

Saturday, 17 December 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

Yo yo people....
it's been a while... i apologise, but i have been quite the busy bee!!
I am trying to remember what the hell ive been doing lately. I left emaling for a bit because i wasnt doing that much, just hanging out in Sydney and going out
, Catherine Roberts came out to join me (a friend from home) - i cant remember when the hell the last tme i wrtoe was, so im probabaly repeating myself. But it's been cool, we're hvaing a great time,.not annoying eachother too much yet. all is well in our worlds, .... she better not be writing anything different....!

Anyhoo, we stayed in a little subuirb called Newtown for a week with a friend from one of my works. Had a some BBQs, went to the beach, oh oh, we visited summer bay beach from home and away... really really pretty and not touristy at all! there were hardly any people there as its about an hour from sydney city driving. The houses there are gorgeous and some of the most expensive in sydney! oooh! i put down a deposiut for a house there... aiming high.

I said goodbye to all the lovely people i met in sydney, jacked in my jobs, and on saturday 10th dec qwe flew to Alice Springs in the centre of Australia. Got to Alice, middle of nowhere, hot as hell, dry heat, so hungover from the friday night in sydney, from which i got home at 7am, needing top pack and leave by 8am, err, yeh, you know i like to leave things till the last minute...!!
it was fine, we made the plane though!

(catherine just asked me how to spell 'saturday',. i think the sun is getting to her brain already)

OK, so get to alice, wierd outback world, book our tour for Uluru, for those of you who arent with the aboriginal lingo, thats ayers rock.
We left nice and early and spent 2 days touring Kings caynon, took a nice hike uphill in about 35+ degree heat. mmmm, toasty.... then it turned to rain, which was welcomed!! then thunder and some lightning! pretty good!
We saw the sun set at Uluru, Catherine got biten by an abnormally large ant, and then camped out for the night which started off as stars, then quickly turned to thunder and lightning again. i sat up all night watching the lightning which was unreal. just as my eyes maybe closed at about 4ish, oh time to get up for the sunrise!! disappointing sunrise at uluru because it was too cloudy, but its nuts how mad everyone goes around there. All the tourists are clickj click clicking away, at what....? the same rock over and over and over... and its the same... the sun finally came up and people are runnnning back, to get a good shot, sprinting down the road to get their spot back. insane. naturally me and another girl Laura were taking the piss, sprinting and shouting at eachother on, 'GO Go GO, we gonna miss it....!!!'

So, walked the base of the rock.... round the rock , just round and round in one direction... can you hear the excitement?
Anyway, as a whole the trip was great, camping, excellent, good couple of people we met who were fun and had good sense of humours, but the rest of the group were a bore.

THEN, we start off on another road trip through the outback with a compnay called desert venturers. 3 day tour through the outback, stopping in the middle of nowhere and seeing vast plains of nothingness, spotting kangaroos, and dead ones. Dave and another guy had to kill one which someone had run over and left in pain.
That was the best thing to do, it was in somewhat of a state. put the bus in silence for a while. But, thats life!
carried on driving and generally seeing the sights of the redness of australia. It weas fantastic. Most of the people on the tour were great, a dodgy threesome of dutch girls (no offense dutchies) who had no idea how to communicate, but other than that, some aussies, swedish guy, and me and catherine there to mix it up.
Dave the driver, is a legend. And i never use that phrase... ever.
knew everything there is to know, took us on walks and i got the best view of a kangaroo of the group when it was jumping through the canyon and past my FACE! honestly, if i took another step it wouldve jumped straight into my head!! it was about a foot away. amazing!! then we saw some dead ones, ahhh not so amazing.. but thats life!
Ummm, my time is running out again. i am trying to load some photos but these comuters are the worst in the world!!!!!!!!! ahhh, it's starting to stress me out!!! plus im hot and need ice cream. sorry people in the cold world, such are the woes of my day.... which flavour to have... mmmm, toughy.

What else, ah, man theres lots to tell.. Cairns is lovely. i really like it here, very peaceful for a city. If anyone has been here we went to the Woolshed last night, trashy bar where backpackers go to meet backpackers and then dance to songs that makes you feel like yes you could be back at ikon. At one point they played 'eneter the dragon, do you really like it....' me and catherine found it funny for about ooooh, 12seconds.
Anyhoo.... ummm, downt the coast soon. diving in 2 days, then to airlie beach for christmas, sorry i have only just got an address. If you want to look it up it;s at the BEaches hostel but we'll only be staing there till the 29th. So dont worry about sending anything, unless you reeeeally wanna!~
but i'll be home in about 6 weeks.... hold in the tears amie... so will email again soon...
def before christams anyhoo.....
photos on the way...
keep me updated with all of your goings ons.
Love you all and wish you could all be here.

Tuesday, 06 December 2005

Location: Bear Island, Sydney, Australia

This weekend was a gooden...
Went to see Foo fighters play Thursday.
Went to the Nokia Xmas party on Friday, free drink and watching people making fools out of themselves on what seems to be the only night of the year they go out and let loose. pretty amusing!
Went diving on sunday, saw a shark, dont worry, a port jackson shark which is tame and doesnt bite. I was pretty calm when i saw it as 10 minutes before i had seen the biggest fish in my life that appeared when i least expected it and was about 2 inches from my face!!!
I was turning around to see where my buddy had gone and BAM! IN my FACE! honestly, it was just over a metre long, it's face was about 7 inches wide, a big blue Groper. Common in Sydney waters.
I took a big breath in, and then tried to calm myself as it swam around us, checking us out. Then it just swam along with us for a good 10 minutes!! it was amazing.
Straight after that left us the shark swam on past... my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest! But, you have to keep calm, so my head was going crazy, keep calm amie keep calm... a shark a shark... keep calm.... and on it went!
We saw some sea horses, sea dragons, mulitcoloured sea slugs... mmm, pretty. Was scary but cool. 8 dives done now.

Got last day of Nokia work today, then last pub night tmro... then me and cathers are off on our road trip baby! woohoo!!!

Keep me posted with you and yours people.
Dont forget to leave me a messge. X

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From Melissa Stinson
Simply Amazing Doddy!! I am completely jelous and want to see more pictures so I can live your farytale from Minnesota, USA!! I now know that I do NEED to go to aussy and will save my change until then! We do need a little camp reunion....why not in austrailia?

xoxo- gyminy
From candice
oi missy, when we going out.
From amber ur lil couz
hiya aimee luv da photos, rly kl 2 c all the places u went! cant wait 2 c u luv amber
From STu
where are you!!! i love your pics.......looking forward to you telling me all about it! it looks fantastic....its cold and snowing a bit here boooo!

From Louisa S
Hey Amie!
Fantastic web page - enjoyed reading your adventures and seeing your pix. Really odd for me - reading all your news was just like the little Amie I knew, then seeing the pictures revealed the grown woman!!!
You are looking fab and obviously having bags of fun - keep it up!! Maybe we can meet up when you get back. Till then take care

Louisa xxx
Response: Thanks Lousisa! Talk to you when im back to arrange a reunion!
From Rosanne
Thanks for your card! Has a beautifull place in my new room in The Hague!
I'm ok, school is hard allready and it takes a lot of my energy so i'm home every weekend to get my batteries filled up again.
I'am jealous on the photos, love to go scuba diving with you! You look good man! Uhh chica. Can't wait to call you, hug you and here all your stories and see all your photos!
Miss and love you,
PS Love from my parents
Response: Rosannita, our adventures will come, my precious. X
From Jane
hey you, not long now to your home...... Can't believe how quick the time has gone, only seems like the other day you were going!! Happy Birthday for Sat, we'll have to make up for it when your back!! Hope u c Nicole's email and can make it. Can't wait to see you xxx
From Kelly Reynolds
Doodles, i know its always for ever until we speak cos we are always in different countrys.... or different sides of a country..... kelly usa amie england... amie other side of usa kelly still there! kelly home... amie usa........ kelly france amie home.... kelly still france amie thailand??.........amie home kelly still france.... kelly home amie oz........ amie soon to be home kelly soon to be moving to isle of wight with boyfriend...of 10 months.... haha so somewhere over the rainbow we will see each other again...... i've been crap at keeping in contact... since i have been bk for a couple of months i've bin studying....... and now im looking to go work on the holiday camp that my boyf is at...... so im sorry for bein a shit contacter. ( if thats wat its called) i hope our friendship never dies Ethel........ and i hope somewhere, somehow , someday we laugh and giggle till our belly's are sore!!!
big big big big hugs and a kiss , kelly and family x
From nikki
AAAGGHHHHHHHH!!! u got ur tounge pierced! yay did it hurt u? it killed me! xxxxxxxx
From webbo
ok sent u an email, asking when ur back so ignore it coz now i know yaaaayyy! cant wait doddo, plus i did get ur bday right.....kind of! anyway safe journies blah blah luv u long time see u sooooooonn!!!! xxxxxx
From Dan
Nearly finsihed the panto season and then back to normal life!
Not had much internet access in Torquay but at my mum's now so thought I'd check out your site - Wow you have been busy! Thanks for the occasional texts by the way, it great to hear from you. Anyway I'll probably send you an email soon, but take care and I'll see you when you get back.
Lots a Luv, Dan
From candice
Yeahhhh your back on the 2nd Feb, cant wait to see you, have to go out asap wooo hooooo!! Miss you hun. I ll try and work my magic and blag our way in free somewhere!!!!!xxx he he!
Response: yeeee. youre more excited than me! but there is fun to be had in the english world. good to hear back from you. so glad youve kept in touch. XX
From Goldie
Doddy you leg-end. Glad your having a great time and just remember; money is there to be spent, i'll buy you a drink when your back!! Looks like your having fun and aceing for exams at the university of life! haha. Glad your safe and well and i'll let you make me feel jealous when you get back.
Love the Big Goldie Bear x
Response: cheers goldster. much appreciated. i'll take you up on that drink i hope you know!! XX
From Michelle & Gus
Hello dude!! Photo's are wicked. I saw that you stayed at Base on Magnetic which i did too. It was really windy when i was there but soo postcard pretty. We're glad your having fun & can't wait to see you & ur photos etc. Love u very much dudette!! Have fun in the sun u little taned minx you!! te he he!!
Response: Thanks baby and gustopher Love you guys too. cant wait to have fun in the snow and make you love it too! Xxx
From Auntie Deb
Hi Amie
just sending you lots of love and hugs and to wish you a very Hoppy New Yearxxxxxxxxxxx
From Rosanne
Boehoe, crying a bit...missing you and so thinking of us, Peru and what to learn from a trip and the adventures, like your cool fish adventure!
Will look later how and where I can put some photo's now learning francais mon cherie!
Au revoir!
Je t'aime!
Response: Dude, love and miss you all the time. XX
From Jane Bigden
Amie, I'm sooooooooo upset i completely forgot about this page till now.......... Just read your last couple of adventures, i was thinking no email from Amie for ages and then rememvbered about this. Hope road trip is all good!!! Keep the stories coming. Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: thanks janey. keep me updated!
From Carly

And i didnt know about this page because.... tut tut miss Doddy!!!

WOW! A Shark!! Ahhhhhhh i wana come, sigh! :o((((
Sounds like your having a great time, missing you here, keep updating us and send me an address for your xmas pressies.... your not getting away that lightly madame!

MWAH! Love you lots and lots, be careful and remember keep off those cars (Amie, Carly on de cars!! hehe)
Keep us updated on adventures....

Lots of love and hugs C :o)))
Response: thanks carls. will email soon! no time right now!
From Trish
hey hey gayo you brown biatch. Tidy little adventure site you've got here bud. Bet you're looking forward to your trip (who's going with you?)! Look out for those pesky kangeroos- they'll total your car! No f--king snow yet in Zurich, why am I even bothering? Well I'm not, off to Italy on Fri than to Paris on Sun. until then mon cherie, take care of yourself and captain eat a lot! Love albino
Response: laters dude. love hearing about your european adventures. See you in the cold world soon! X
From Taylor
Hey aims whats shakin!! f--k I am jealous of you...but soon it will be my turn to travel the world and just have a good time!! anyways taker easy and have some good times!!! talk to u soon...later sexy!

Response: Thanks Tayster. let me know when you go out and about and play in the world. i might be around! be good and keep sending me those keg party invites, one day i might come! X
From kiwi head
yo dude, Glad your having a great time. What a brilliant little web site. i love it!! Photo's are pretty cool.
Missing you man. sent u an e mail yesterday about Jason...
Love u dude xxx
Response: i saw the email dude. jason yeah!! thanks! i'll pay you back! miss you too Captain sleep a lot.
X thinking of you
love captain work a lot X
From Sue
Shocking! you are so brown... you make me sick!! photos are cool, keep up the good work pet
Response: well, you make me sick!!
i'll try and keep it up, chuck. be a good girl now Susan. XX
From Candice
you r soooooooooooooo brown, looking really well.
its looks so nice over there and you got your tongue pierced oh my days!!!!!xxxxx
Response: thanks dude. heard you've been getting people into clubs for free by saying you're all dancers??? very funny! go you!
keep updating me on life on planet candice.X
From Rosanne
WHAT! Oh, and i got something piercied! That's a big motherf--ker! We talk about this, boehoe, you didn't listen to me, boe hoe :(

Well hope it doesn't hurt a lot because you're not at home, so help is not so close now.
Cool pics!
Love to see you in such a long time! Nice site, buddy.
Miss you.
Response: I know i know! i said i wasnt going to, and then one day, i just thought - ah why not! i'll take it out when i dont like it anymore. missing you buddy. would like to see the pictures of Peru, put them on a page like this, it's easy peasy.
got something on it's way soon in the post soon chica. X sending my love to you in big bundles. X
From Don
Hello beautiful!
Tis lovely to get all your travel news - even if it does make me a little envious!
Which unis have you applied for? Congrat's!
I er managed to meet a lovely woman at the indie club in Chelmsford last month. Sally is (eek!) 40 but acts looks much younger...she possibly has a better backside than either you or Sue, has beautiful blue eyes and long brown hair...and er...*eat my words alert* er...has some little tattoos too! I know, I know...guess it proves how much I like Sally that my anti-tat campaign is suspended!! She is a singer, works during the day at Broomfield hospital microbiology dept ("with wee and poo...") We get on very we'd been living parallel lives before we met. Have very vaguely known her to nod a shy hello to for four years but finally let my curiosity take me over last month and she wooed me at the Bassment club. She was so much nicer than I could ever imagine her to be.A soulmate for sure. Guess it's the first time for a few years I've felt so in love. Aw.

Anyway, keep the updates coming pretty lady


Don, Amelie cat and...Audrey cat (my latest moggy!)

p.s. what're ya listening too?
Response: Donald! what a lovely surprise to see your name appear! And it makes me so happy to hear you have found a lovely lady. And oh how i laughed to hear she has the markings of a "working class construction worker" - not my words!! ha!
Listening to Joseph Arthur, but am limited to whatever is on my mp3 mini discs now. usually the garden state soundtrack, mmm.
Keep in touch Don, great to hear news from your side of the world.