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my crazy journey in Brasil

Wow I finally made it. Over a year in waiting and I'm here. I will post my experiances here good or bad, and I hope you all will enjoy.

Photos - Click Below



I spent four days in Recife last week and will look for a place to live there. It was great and I got to see a soccer game and plenty of girls.


Natal & Mercia's brother's b-d

More of Natal and Mercia's brothers Birthday and some of her family.


my time at the beach

Here are some things I have been doing at the beach, and pics of the beach in genreal


Natal, Ponta Negra/SP

so this is Natal and i am staying with Jose's parents. This is the beach close to his house and some of the views from it. The house is beautiful and I am very grateful to his parents. oh yeah and i guess him too. HAHA


Rio and São Paulo

Hey these are some scenic photos of both Rio and SP, people along the way and food that I am eating. Mom thats for you.

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Recent Messages

From Elizabeth
I hope you are doing well!
Give us news....
Ah! Honey vc precisa voltar para o Sul,rapido antes que morra com a cultura nordestina.....
Response: kkkkk. eu gosto a cultura aqui. claro! mais com certza ta muito difference do Sul, e tb eu saudade la.
From Heather
Hey You,

Hannah keeps asking about you. she say I want to talk to amy. I'm glad that you posted your numbers. I will give you a call by the end of the week. I'm glad that things are going really good for. We all miss you and can't wait to here more about your journys.

Love ya your little sis :)
Response: aahh. She is s cute. I just got her pics from her b-day. what a princess. she is definately your kid.
From Mariana Lafratta
Hey Amy....

I guess the things there are going so home, new view, new ideas...

um beijooo minha amiga!
Response: coisas ta boa aquii, desculpe eu demorei. eu vou legar voce isso semana
From Heather
Hey You,

I finally got my computer working and now have a new email..... This is totally cool that we can read about your trip. I'm glad that you are haveing more fun now. :)

Hannah Got her Brithday card.... she loves it . she stuck it up on her dresser.

Try to email when you get this

Love ya
your little sis
hey, I am glad shee liked it. I was hoping she would, given that she likes pink and the princess thing. hope you are well.
From Jose garcia
You are cute sitting like a girl..I would hit on you hehehehe
I loved to see the picture of Dilma...
kiss to her and to you
Response: oh yeah. hey baby bring it on
From amber
you're getting so good at portuguese that you're getting bad at english. hehe. well, happy belated birthday. i'm reeeelly gonna try to come visit you buutt only if we can dance in our undies... to salt and peppa (with hott girls). ok? ok. miss you. bye.
thanks for writing dude. The undies are totally arrangeable. The girls. Well we will have to find some hott ones first
From Andrea
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good day.

I am jealous of your adventre thus far. It sounds pretty amazing.

Take care

thanks, I hope you are well and that the summertime is proving to be fun out there in SF