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Amy's trip to New Zealand & Australia

Hi! Welcome to my page! Thanks for taking the time to see what I have been up to. I'll try and update this as much as possible so please keep in touch and send me messages! Missing everyone already! xxx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Location: UK

IM HOME!!!! Ive put some last pics on the page. See you soon! xxxx

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

So this is going to be my final entry while im here in Oz, I go home tomorrow, boooo!!! Im so sad to be leaving, it doesnt seem real that im going to be home soon!!
We went to Cape Tribulation the other day, and stayed there for 2 nights. Its really gorgeous there, its just a really small place and there isnt much there, but its where the rainforest meets the beach and its just really pretty. We stayed in a nice quiet hostel that was surrounded by trees and stuff in a really nice setting. We got a tour thing and on the way up we went on a boat over Daintree river and saw lots of crocs! Then we went on a walk through some of the rainforest which was good, but it started pouring down, and then it didnt stop for the rest of the day!!! Luckily though we woke up the next day and it was a beautiful sunny day, and it has been since. So glad for my last few days here the sun has been out. We went on a horse ride the 2nd day which was great! It was so good to have a ride again, and the weather was gorgeous, we went all through the bush and through streams and things, and then onto the beach. It was all morning and one of the best things ive done here! The next day we got picked up by our coach in the afternoon (we spent the day sunbathing by the pool!) and went for an ice cream in an exotic fruit farm. they make ice creams in all sorts of unusual fruit flavours that they grow there. it was yum, we had 4 different flavours but the only one i remember is passionfruit! then we went to a lookout where you could see all the way to Cairns, some great views, and then we went on a walk to Mossman gorge where there was a huge lake and everyone got in the water. We got dropped off in Port Douglas at the end of the day which is a really pretty small town, it reminded me a bit of Noosa, its where the more well off people go! Tom Hanks and Steven Speilburg are staying there at the mo as they are filming nearby! We didnt see them though!!!! We went out for a wander around in the evening and had a mexican meal for our last nice meal together. It was gorgeous and we all stuffed ourselves and felt sick after!!! Then on Friday we went on a boat to the great barrier reef and had a day out there, snorkelling. George did a scubadive but me and Lou didnt have the money to do that so we just snorkelled. It was still amazing though. The fish and coral are really colourful and there is loads. Lucy and George both found Nemo but i didnt!!!! Saw lots of other fish though. Its amazing how clear the water is, crystal clear, its completely different to the mersey!!!! It was a great day and we did lots of sunbathing on the deck too.
Last night we all went out in Cairns with some of our friends and had a good night out, all of us were really drunk after playing drinking games in our room beforehand with goon!
Tomorrow morning were going into Cairns for a last look around the shops and then our flight back to NZ is at 13.30. The journey home begins from there!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.
I will put some more pics on when I get home. So for now its bye and i will see everyone really soon!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

Well were here in Cairns now, spent 2 days in Magnetic Island and Mission Beach, where all we did was chill out and sleep! There wasnt much else to do there really without spending loads of money which we havent got! We went out in Magnetic Island for a few drinks and then we went out in Mission Beach too, but apart from that we have done nothing!!!! We are all catching up with ourselves a bit I think after Airlie Beach! The weather hasnt been good since we left, just cloudy and a bit of rain, but its no good as we wanted to get a bit of sunbathing in! Hopefully it will improve for when we go to Cape tribulation and Port Douglas. Its still really warm though, its quite muggy.
We went into town in Cairns before and had a little look around, its nice, bigger than Airlie Beach where everything is more or less on the one street, but its still quite small which I like. We saw Tony when we were in town who we worked with in Beaches, he is working here now, so were meeting him tonight, and Lucy and Georges mates from home Veech and Gav are coming here tonight so we'll all be out. Think there will be a few people out tonight who we have met along the way too. A few of the girls who we went to Fraser Island are here and we keep seeing people we have already met! The hostel we are in is really nice, its called Calypsos and has a jamiaca theme, loads of trees and a pool in the middle. it only cost us $24 each for 3 nights and we have our own room! Getting things cheap because were from beaches! Also got our own room in Mission Beach free for 2 nights!! haha. Thing was though that I lost 2 of our 3 keys which we had to pay a deposit of $20 each for. How stupid!! I have been loosing everything recently, think my brain is not working!! The hostel there was lovely, with a big pool in the middle and all the rooms were around the pool, loads of trees everywhere and hammocks and stuff.
Anyway im off, were going to the bottle shop to get some goon (cheap and nasty boxed wine) to drink tonight before we go out. Should be good!
Loads of love, Aimo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Location: Magnetic Island, Australia

Well were finally somewhere new! Arrived here this morning.
Had a good last day yesterday. We went out for breakfast to a nice restaurant called Capers (a treat when your backpacking!) and then spent the day taking pics and wandering round, then we went to the 'Parrothead' party in the 'arvo' on the Esplanade and had a cocktail there.It was held as at the mo there are some boat races going on around Airlie so everyone dressed up, not us tho! then we Went out last night for our last night and had a really great night. Everyone came out. We only had 3 hours sleep and nearly missed our bus this morning as me and Lou slept thru our alarms! Just lucky that one of the cleaners came in and woke us. she is really lovely and bought me and lou a glass angel thing each that i think you hang up in the window and it reflects the sun and makes all different colours. How sweet! But anyway we were all still drunk for most of the day! Funny times!!!!
Our last week was great. We went to another of the Islands last Monday as we had more free tickets. We went to Hamilton Island and chilled out there for the day. Its a big Island with quite a few hotels and people live there too. They dont have cars tho, people get around by driving golf buggys! Funny seeing them parked in their driveways!! its really lovely, apparently Nicole Kidman has a house there. We went to the pool and spent the day sunbating and had a few cocktails.
We hada 5 hour bus journey here, and then got the ferry over. The hostel were in is really nice, its right on the beach. There is a very loud bar tho so we may not get much sleep tonight!! im going to bed in a min as im sooooo tired...... Tomorrow were gonig to spend the day chilling out and sunbathing, making the most of not working!!!
Have had such a great time so far with lots of happy memories, now were going to really enjoy our last 2 weeks before coming home. Were here for 2 nights, then off to Mission Beach for 2 nights, then we are going to Cairns for 3 nights, Cape tribulation for 2 nights, Port Douglas for 1 night, and Cairns for another 3 nights and then the journey home begins....... we booked it all through Beaches so got lots of discounts!! were going horseriding in Cape Tribulation which im really looking forward to, and there are a few people who we know in Cairns to meet up with so should be fun!
Right im off to bed, zzzzzzzzzzzz.... will write soon and put some pics on. Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: Airlie Beach, Australia

Still in Airlie although its our last week next week, then were travelling for another 2 weeks, then we leave! its going so quick! Im going to miss it here so much..... I think because coming home is gettting nearer and nearer Im really appreciating how amazing it is to be here.
Anyway, me and Lou had a great two days off on Monday and Tuesday. We went for a 8 k bush walk on Monday up Mt Roopa, and to a place called Swamp Bay with George and two other girls that work in Airlie, Hannah and Rachel. It was good to get out and do something with our day off instead of spending it hungover (!) or just sunbathing by the lagoon. The walk was nice and at the top there was a lookout that gave an amazing view of the Whitsunday Islands. Then we walked to Swamp Bay, it was a deserted Beach and it was sooooo peaceful. We all fell asleep on the beach, even though it was all pebbly and uncomfortable! Were not used to peace and quiet esp in Airlie! I nearly stood on a snake too! I was walking in the front really fast as I tend to do (!) and I put my foot down, and a snake was about 2 inches from where I stood! It slithered off really fast, but I was so scared! It was quite small and brown, I think it was a brown snake, and they are venomous! I screamed and ran into Lucy behind me!!! The rest of the walk we were all on edge thinking everything we saw was a spider or a snake!!!
Then on Tuesday me and Lucy went out on the ferry to a place called 'Daydream Island'. Its one of the Whitsunday Islands and it has a resort on it. We got free tickets from one of the girls who we work with which was so good! We had a lovely relaxing day and just sunbathed by the pool, and had a look around. It was so nice. That night we all went out as it was Alex's last night here and had a good night out, and thats it! Im in work now, just come back in, im working a split today so walked to Coles (supermarket) in my break to get some food. Its about a 30 min walk and its really nice because you walk around the marina to get there and get to see all the boats and look out over the sea to the islands, aaaahhhh its so nice!
Anyway, we have next week left in work and then we leave on the 15th we think. Crazy how fast time is going!!.......
See you all soon. Loads of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Location: Australia

I've added some pics so have a look!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Location: Ailrie Beach, Australia

Woohoo - new mobile number: 0420635350!! Im on a different network though now so if anyone texts and i dont reply its because i have run out of free messages. The other one I had gave me more free. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Location: Airlie Beach, Australia

I know I havent written for a while, but the reason being is that there really is not much to telll! Were still having a great time and loving every minute, but we are all working now, and still in Airlie Beach! Lucy is working in Beaches with me, and George has been working in a cafe, although she wasnt getting enough hours, so is starting in a sandwich shop just over the road from Beaches tomorrow. Were prob going to stay here until 14th Aug as on the 13th an Ozzy group called 'Sneaky sound system' are apparently playing in Magnums (one of the bars here) and we want to try and see them if its not too expensive. They have a song called 'Pictures' that we all love and its coming out in England soon I think, so it would be great to see them play. Then we only have about 2 weeks left! Ahhhh its going so quick now! Cant believe it!
Went out on a 'Moke' on Monday with 3 lads who I work with, its an open top buggy thing with an engine, it was really cool! We went to a few of the sights around here that I dont normally get to see as they arent walking distance. was good to get out of Airlie, we went to a place called Cedar Creek falls. Is a beautiful waterfall. I have some good pics, i'll put them on here soon.
Thats about all the news I have at the mo. We have had quite a few drunken nights out here, its been fun! Although I lost my mobile the last time we were out, Im sooooo annoyed! So if anyone is trying to get in touch that is the reason you cant! I am getting another one so will let you know the number when i do. Lucys mob is: 0410127415 if anyone wants to text just use that for now.
Sun still shining here, woohoo! Cant believe its their winter, lucky people who live here!
Hope that everything is good at home, and Im missing everyone loads. Will write and put some pics on soon. Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Airlie Beach, Australia

Still not much to report, Im still working. The weather here has got alot better and has been sunny now for a few days, plus its forcast as good for the next week so hopefully it will stay nice now! I spent the whole day yesterday sunbathing by the lagoon here. Nice! Got a good tan again now, it was starting to go!
I went on a boat day trip on Monday for free through my job (how good is that?!) So it was great because I got to see Whitehaven Beach in the sun!!! There are some pictures that were taken on a website: Go onto Whitsundays, then photo galleries, then search photos, then put in July 2007 and keyword 'reefjet' then the date was 02/07/07. Our pics are DSC0110-DSC0118. On the pics we're on whitehaven beach. its so beautiful, with white powdery sand and crystal clear water. Even better in the sun! I did some snorkelling again too and saw some amazing fish and reef. I went with Nic and Mel who are two girls I work with in Beaches, and Alex came with us, he works at another hostel Koalas. George came, but she had to pay, and unfortunately Lucy couldnt as she doesnt have the money, but she will be able to do it once she starts working here at beaches (next Wed!) so we'll all go again.
I got my tongue pierced last Monday, its still a bit sore! Its good though because its really not obvious as it is quite far back. I like it!
And thats about all I have to tell at the moment! Lots of love to everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Location: Australia

Not really got much to tall after the last time I wrote! Im still in Airlie working and having a great time with all the people I have met here.
Lucy and George came back yesterday and I think Lucy will have a job in Beaches too in a week or so when one of the other lads leaves which is really good. Weather here has been awful the past week, so i have felt pretty homesick a few times!
Had an amazing experience the other day, I was waiting for the coach doing one of the bus runs, eating an apple, and these two birds that look like mini parrots flew down to where I was. They are really colourful, greens, yellows and reds, and they were so tame. I was throwing little chunks of apple on the floor for them, and the next thing they both flew and sat on my hand, and where eating the apple from my hand!! I couldnt believe it, it was sooooo good! Its something i will never forget.
Im now going to have a sleep as I am so hungover!!! The past few times I have been out I have only spent 10 dollors and managed to get so drunk!! I have got drinks bought for me, plus there are huge benefits of being a lightweight when you are so skint!!
I was going to get my tongue pierced today but I am feeling too rough and I think I would faint!! Sorry Mum and Dad, I know you wont like it if i get it done!
Also I am no longer vegetarian! I am ashamed to admit that I caved into a Big Mac and cheeseburger to cure my hangover. Im so dissapointed in myself!!
And thats the update!! Im off to bed. Lots of love to everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 June 2007

Location: Australia

Ive put some more photos on now, have a look! xxxxxxxxxx

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Recent Messages

From Stefie
Aim .. can't believe it's over- i am in my empty/packed up room and said byyee to everyone now ='( ... My airport transfer picks me up at 3pm so am stating my homeward journey a little after u ... see u when we get there! lol! xxxxxx
From Chris B
Hi Amy
Just got back from my cruise of the Med, feeling blue and wishing i was still on holiday, had a fantastic time but after reading about your trip, my 2 weeks is just "a piss in the ocean" (excuse me). You are on a never-ending break, and if I've said it once, I WILL say it again, you could not have picked a better time to go as we just have had the wettest, coldest summer (HA) of all time! You would have been in boots and jumpers everyday at Wirral Met!!!! So that should help you cope with the cloudy days in Cairns! Keep on enjoying, lots of love Chris B xxx
Response: Hi Chris!
So glad you had a nice hol, cant wait to hear all about it! Luckily weather has gone sunny again and im having the best time! in port douglas now after having an amazing time in cape tribulation, its just lovely.cant belive how soon it is till im home, im hoping its going to be an indian summer and the sun is waiting for me to get back!! haha. will be in touch and we'll have to go for a wirral met pub lunch. see you soon! lots of love. xxxxxx
From netho
Hi Hun

you seem so organised for the last couple of weeks! not like you!! he he! weather has gone bad again but will hopefully pick up and no doubt it will be boining over enrolment (you won't miss that!!) can't wait to see you

loads of love

lisa xxxx
Response: Cant wait to see you too!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From carl law
Hi Amy
Looks like your having a great time over there and your tan is looking better than ever. Hope you are well and will catch up with you when you are back in sunny Heswall.
Carl xx
Response: Heyyy Carl! Yeah having the best time! Finished working now so have 2 more weeks to top up my tan to the max!! haha. Hope you and the girls are all well. Look forward to seeing you when im back.xxxx
From Netho
Hi hun

Can't believe you will be home soon. you look like you have had a really great time on the pics. i thought you might stay out there and live and desert us all!! :>( i will pop you an email tomorrow been mad busy in work today.

speak soon

love lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Lis! Yeah Im having the best time, i want to come home and see you all but i also want to stay, its amazing!!! dont worry tho i will be back to annoy you, hehe. not long now! love you loads. xxxxxxxxxxx
From Stefie
owww it's going to be sooo sad isn't it - I really miss my Aussie lifeee when I am in the Uk - I have got so used to living here these last couple of years =( U won't have too long till uni starts tho! Well def have to catch up and go for a drink and talk aussie-stuff - haha! I have to see ur tongue ring too! hehe! Can't wait to see Cassie again too! hehe! =) xxxxxx
Response: Oz is great, im defo going to have to come back soon without a doubt. Yeah i am looking forward to uni tho, thats gona be so good!!! See you sooooonnnnn!!!! xxxxxxx
From Stefie
Hey Aim - WOW ur flight is hardcore! lol! Mine is just my ussual - drive up to Brissy then-Singapore(v briefly-Dubai-Manchester (no stop overs, just straight home- but I have done it 12 times in the last 2 yrs so gotten used to it! lol!) I leave in the eve (au time) on Aug 27th and arrive in Manchester lunchtime UK time tues 28th aug. Hehe sad to leave but looking forward to see Paris - bet he's missed Cass - we will have to re-unite them and taje them out for a hack since they are so good together! loL! and yes will deffo have to meet up, are Lucy and George home when u are too? xxxxxxx
Response: Yeah that will be good to take Cass and Paris out! I cant wait to see him, I have missed him! Lou and George are home on 4th Sept so just a week or something after me. We will all have to go for a drink. xxxxxxxxx
From Stefie
What day do u fly home Aim? Since I didn't get the perm visa =( =( =( =( .... I am leaving before grad so moved my flight from 2nd oct to 27th Aug! So probs sim time to u!?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: So you still having no luck with the Visa? No way! Gutted for you....
Im flying on the 27th Cairns-Brisbane-Auckland, then on the 28th Auckland-Singapore-London, and I fly from Heathrow to Manchester on the 29th in the morning. Im going to be TIRED!!!! Haha. What are your flights?? We'll have to meet up in sunny old England and have Oz withdrawals together! xxxxxxxxxx
From Dippo
Helooooooooooo Gorge!
Hows tricks?
Been reading your amazing diary, you sure are having the most fantastic time on your travels. You have seen some breathtaking sights and done things only most of us can dream of! You will never forget this experience I bet you that! Stace said something funny the other day, she rung me up and said 'Aim should be getting married in brook meadow today'!!!Ha. You take care, see you very soon. Love to you and Lucy xxxxxx
Response: I know, mad that I would have been married by now!!!! I am having the most amazing time. Cant wait to see you and catch up. Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Greggy
Hi hun long time no speak, bet your still not as brown as me haha, cant believe you got your tongue pierced ouch must feel strange.
Take care Greggy xxxx
Response: Hey Greggy! Yeah feels like ages since I saw you, will be good to catch up when im back. Hows things with you? Miss you lots. XXXX
From Stefie
Hey again - going to Brisbane for the weekend but will write that facebook email 2 u when get bk! hehe! xxxx =)
Response: OK! Have a good time in Brizzy. xxxxxxxx
From Stefie
Hey Amy! I went on ur pics on the website - looks so nice! Work is getting a bit heavy at mo as head toward end of semester .. grad isn't till early oct tho .. have been trying to get residency but it's more difficult than it was meant to be with having studyied here! oh well! hahah Can't believe u got ur tongue pierced (v brave) - have u tried any smooching with it yet - is it good! haha?! Did it stay swollen for ages?!
(Actually I have another question for u too - but it's not about the tongue lol - I'll write a priv msg to u about it on facebook later tho! hahah! Keep having fun!!! =) xxxxxxx
Response: Oh no, cant believe your having trouble with the residency. Im sure you will get it tho, 100 times easier than what I would if I tried, your lucky! Tongue is still sore after 10 days but its not really swollen now! Havent tried kissing yet but think it will be weird! Great to hear from you, hope that Uni is going well and work isnt too tough. Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Netho
Hi Hun

i knew you would cave in for a big mac!! ha ha! i would have screamed if those birds came any where near me. Dave is off to Benidorm tomorro. and i'm starting flat project no 2. Kitchen.

hope your ok?

love you lisa xxxxxxx
Response: Hi Lis!!
Wow cant wait to see your flat when im home!! Im OK, Just on my day off with a sore tongue, haha. I got it pierced yday....! Love you loads. Miss you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Stefie
Amy - i dunno what it is about the Australia Zoo Koalas but they DO stink! I held one 4 a pic and I smelt HORRIBLE after!!! But I have held one somewhere else and it didn't stink!! lol! xxxx
Response: Ha ha, I know!! Hows things going with you?? The weather is AWFUL here at the mo. Not happy!!! xxxxxxx
From Mum
Fab pics! Thought you said the sun wasn't shining much?!Looks brilliant, it's great to go to the site and see what you've put on. I missed it too when you didn't write for a bit.Guess what, Sarah from work, who won all the trips with the lottery programme just had her honeymoon on East coast for the last 3 weeks and they came to Airlie beach and went round the islands.They travelled on the Eureka 2 boat - what a small world eh! Will tell you more when we speak. Lots of love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Response: Glad you like the pics! Yeah we got a bit of sun so it wasnt too bad!! I have just found out with my job I get free sailing trips and stuff! Its so good, so hopefully im going to go on a day trip to Whitehaven beach when the weather is a bit better, and im going to go quad biking and horse riding all for free!! Yay!!! Love you loads. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Pauline
Hi Aime, wow what a time your are having in Oz, can't believe all the things you are doing you lucky lucky girl. I was getting withdrawal symptoms cos you hadn't written anything for ages!!! Keep having a ball, we all miss you here at WMC. Take Care and loads of love x x
Response: I miss you all too!!! Hope that things are all good there and you're all enjoying the windows being open without me moaning!! Say hi to everyone!! Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxx
From Stefie
heyyy where are u guys now - seems AGES since I saw u! Had any luck with ur flight at all? Say hi to Lucy & George for me too =) xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Helloooo!!! Were in Airlie Beach, i just got a job in Beaches hostel, its great!! Getting money!! I know it does seem ages since i saw you. Flight all booked for 28th Aug, has been a hassle and had to pay more but it will be worth it! The girls say hi!! How are you?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From nicky
Hi there
Your mum gave me the details and just checked out the site, its really great and so glad you are having a great time in Aus. Pity we will be there too late to see you but cannot wait to get there. Hope the whitsundays where fun and you enjoyed the sail. Lots of love to you both Nicky
Response: Hi Nicky!! Its great to hear from you, were having such an amazing time. Shame we wont be able to see you here, but im sure you will love it too! Thanks for messaging, hope that you are having a great time on your travels, it all sounds so good, we love hearing about it all off mum! Lots of love, Amy and Lucy. xxxxxxxx
From Fran and Jord
Hi Hon,
Sound like you are having a great time. Love reading about your adventures. All our love Fran and Jord x x x
Response: Hi GUYS!! Ahh its so good to hear from you both. Having a fab time, cant wait to catch up with you when im back. Hope everything is going good at home and the wedding plans are coming along well! Lots of Love Aim. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Chris B
Hi Aim
Just catching up with all you latest news, how great meeting Terri Irwin, I so loved Steve arrh. Your photos look amazing and you are SO damn tanned. We've had some pretty decent weather in last few days, but nothing compares believe me you did the right thing, sounds like you are having a brill time! Taking Scott to the airport on Saturday morning, he is off to Camp America for the whole summer, just packed his backpack and thought of you, so that's why I'm here catching up on your news. Keep smiling and having fun, lots of love Chris B xx
Response: Hi Chris! Wow that will be so much fun for Scott, Im thinknig id like to do a summer in a fat camp in America maybe next year or the year after, it would go well with my course and would give me lots of experience! Im going to update the page hopefully tomorrow and put some more pics on, my time is running out now tho!! Thanks for keeping in touch, hope your enjoying the summer!! Great to hear from you. Lots of love, Aim. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Dippo
Hiya gorge!
Hope all well, sounds boss what you have been up to lately. I so wanna go now ive read all about the places you have been visiting. Im in magaluf as am writing this as im on kellys hen party for 4 nights!!!
Keep telling us all about your travels! Lots a love. Dippo xxxxx
Response: HI!! Hope you have a great time in Magaluf!! Im really enjoying it here thanks hun. Wish you were here!! Love Aim. xxxx
Was sooo fun seeing u guys too! hehe! (But I was jealous u were so brown - i need to get bk on it! hahah). Fingers crossed u can change ur flight - if ur on the waiting list - u will usually get something - esp as u have asked this early on! =) xxxx
Response: Awwww I hope so.....!!! Im so jealous you live in Surfers!! Speak to you soon, Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxx
From Netho
Hi hun

Just looked at your pics looks like your havin a great time. Am bit hungover today footy was on last night, liverpool lost the final! Gutted! i have booked to go to florida for next year but i've sent you that in a email. have a great time love you and miss you loads xxx

lisa xxx
Response: Just sent you an email chick. Florida sounds amazing!!! miss you and love you loads. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Greg
Howdey dudey amy I have been enjoying reading your last posts all sounds very exciting indeed, pictures look great, would love to go surfing on bondi beach but would be a bit concerned about the great whites having a munch on me. Love Greg x x x
Response: Hi Greg!! Yeah its so good here. Just saw a huge snake too!! Ahhhh.... miss you lots dude. Love Aim. xxxxxxxxx
From Grace
If you go to Australia Zoo, get lots of pictures and stuff for me! I'm so jealous!!! Love youuuuuuuuuu
Response: Yeah it was great Gracey! Cant believe we met Terri Irwin, hehe! Was thinking of you while we were there and wishing you were with us. Hope your OK now Mike has gone. Love you miss you sooooo much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx