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Andy and Davinas fun travel page

Hi everyone! We are a couple just beginning an Adventure together to explore some of the world

Diary Entries

Monday, 24 March 2014

Location: Highlands, Scotland

Well a beautiful drive up thru the amazing village of Glencoe and into the snowy highlands on the way home. We built a fabulous snowman and saw the most amazing scenery of the craggy mountains, wind whistling over the peaks picking up the snow dust and making some gorges look like there was an avalanche happening. beautiful sunny day

Monday, 24 March 2014

Location: glencoe woods, Scotland

Well today off to my forest, being Lord of Glencoe wood because my lovely daughter Jenny bought me a parcel of land 2 years ago for my birthday. Best birthday prezzy ever. We popped in to ensure the groundsmen have been running the place properly. It turns out to be an actual lovely place with a trout stream, lots of trees, birds everywhere and we enjoyed a picnic in the mossy forest while taking in the view of the Loch on one side and the snowy mountains on the other. great day thanks to Lady Jenny's thoughtfulness :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Location: Scotland

Friday what a lovely drive thru Campbell town and on to the Mull of kintyre. South-end a really old graveyard with one headstone carrying the skull and crossbones. what a view that graveyard has. Davina had the same size foot as St Columbus an Irishman how left his footprints there when he popped over for a closer look at Scotland. This must be one of the coldest places we have ever been to with the wind whistling about 30 knots and 2 degrees air temp. Lovely flowers think it is spring, as they are all beginning to bloom. But I doubt it is coming for a few weeks yet.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Location: UK

Well We found a nice car online a little Audi A6 to cruise around in after much looking. We flew down to London and battled the traffic out to a wonderful little village called Kidderminster. What a nice surprise the motel was with some of the most wonderful tasting French food we have eaten in a long time. The next day onwards back to the land of the brave (Scotland). It was fun on the big freeways they have here 3 or 4 lanes most of the way. Don't sit on the 70 mile an hour speed limit however as all the little old ladies and men woosh past you wondering if you have broken down. Was nice to make it home and wander up to the grey gull in Ardrishiag for another nice dinner.

Sunday, 09 March 2014

Location: Loch Fyne, Scotland

Well exciting, we arrived in Scotland to some pretty cold weather, but after a week we are beginning to enjoy the daily walks. It has taken a bit of time organising all the paperwork for an extended stay here. Today we trekked around Loch Collie-bharr so beautiful with the mossy forest surrounding it and beavers chewing trees and making a few extra dams beside the trail. It was quite surprising to seee them thriving there after being reintroduced not too long ago. Swans and ducks have taken up residence in the beaver dams.
We have been searching around for our own transport this week and looks like we have found a nice Audi estate at minimum cost. We will fly down to London on Tuesday and pick it up, hope it is as it seems on the advertisement. We will then enjoy a nice drive back up to where we are staying over 2 days if we can find our way out of London

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Location: Townsville, Australia

Hello everyone :) At last the day we begin our travel is tomorrow.
It has been quite a crazy few months organising visas and mail and shutting down most of the things we have had in our normal lives here in Australia.
So tomorrow we head away to Scotland our first stop via Singapore and Dubai.
I hope you enjoy following some of our adventures even though you are stuck at home in the daily grind, going to work every day lalala sorry

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