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Andy's Journey

im back in austrlia now, and it has never felt better. im spending time with family and friends at emerald beach nowz. and when im ready i will return to newcastle. take care everyone xoxo

Photos - Click Below


WHY ? OH why ?

here are some photos taken by my sister when the waves were hitting and also the aftermath. these are very emotion shots, and each one says so much! peace xoxo


fishing trip with max

yo, here i got to fish in thailand for the first time and learnt how to drive a long tale boat. was very exciting.


Final day scuba diving

Here is some photos from BJ and I last day on our open water scuba diving course


ton sai page 2

here is another page of photos, please leave a massage if you wish


Ton Sai page one

Herez a round of photos, check em out m8



Here are the first of my photos, it takes forever to upload. will have more pages up soon! xoxo

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Recent Messages

From Karlz coffs
hey dudes
its me karlz ur luv jks the photos r excellent had good time seeing u i coffs hope to catch up with u throughout the year hope bj is alright in thialand with her friends i will e-mail u soon to see how things r goin

From Yvonne Harros
Hi Andy
Just looking at yours and Belinda sites they are great. We had a great time at Emerald Beach made even better with the safe return of you and Ang. Will check in often to see what you are all up to. Stay in contact.
From candice..
hey matey!!! wat doing? wow these fotos are sick... just got back from coffs yesterday.. well me and marissa are going on a 'roadtrip' this year and we'll come and visit... say hey to dave for me!!! take care.. and marissa abd i cant wait to c u..
l8a m8!
From Lucy Medley
hey Andy,
its Ang's friend Lucy. I am heading up the coast to Minnie Waters today. Can you get ange to give me a call on 0413470653.
have tried to email her but my email is stuffing up.
thanks. are u guys in grafton?
what's ur home no.
so glad that you are all safe.
take care
Response: hey lucy, were at emerald beach. i will pass your number on to ange
From Corrine
Hi Andy,

Your photos are great. Am very happy and relieved that you and Ange and BJ are all ok. I can only imagine what you guys have been through in the last week. I hope you are going ok and I look forward to hearing some of your travel stories next time we catch up.

Take care
Love Corrine
Response: man, its so good to be back in a normal life! thank you to all you who have helped and support us
From leashy
hey andy bob!! looks like u havn a gr8 time travellin round nice fotos 2!!! b safe hav a gr8 chrissy n new yr. b safe. ill email u soon. leashy x x x
From Joel Curran
Hi mate

Sounds like you're having a ball. Sooo f--king jealous. Just had a weeks holiday but was painting a house, fun but pretty tiring. You had better get your arse back here or you'll miss pre season training....and you wouldn't want to do that would you??? :)

Have a blast

Response: lolz, just changed my ticket, ill be home tomorrow to train :)
From BJ
Andy- cool page! You get some awesome impromptu photos :-)
From Cornholio
Wats doing biatch? looks like your having a good time...

rememeber wat i said... stay away from the boy-girls

cheers mate
Response: to late, i already have found a husbane/wife in one package to bring home lolz
From Amanda
Hey my sexy friend! It looks like you and your friends are having a blast! Be Safe, stay sweet! (Merry Christmas!)
From Hoe
Andy pandy, you have a lot to learn about Art my friend. Looks nice, enjoy yourself. Peace
Response: nice one borther. see you next year @ newcastle
From katie
ps, salmonella will kill you andy!!! do not eat any chicken from random ladies, thats katies health tip for the day! all the girls at mole mansion miss you like crazy, hope you are having an awesome time. take care, will email u soon.
love katie and the moleys
From katie and nik
hello sweetheart,
dont know if u will actually get this but ill try anyway. just looked at all the photos from this year, and now we miss you and you not being able to spell, idiot! hope you are having an awesome time and we cant wait to catch up with you. nik and i are in narrabri and we have been caught in a flood, so we are stranded here cos they closed the roads, aahhhhhhhhhhhh. miss you heaps and heaps, hope you are keeping well and not doing too much damage to ur body :)
love you long time
katie and nik xoxo
(aka lesbian lovers)
Response: lolz, good to here from you girls. im here n having fun, hope newcastle is treatin you alright xoxo
From Hoe
Andy you fat GAYO!!
Response: blah blah blah
From BJ
Yo Bro! Great photos, but we will be getting even more exciting ones when you get to Thailand :-) See you over there in a week or two...
Response: you right about that bj!