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Welcome to Andy's Travel Pages. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my tales & adventures from the Kirkos World Tour 06/07 for all of you to read. Please feel free to email me or leave me a message to let me know how you all are and what you are up to.


Diary Entries

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Location: Rushden, UK

Well, first I will tell you about Singapore...

Arrived about 8pm, found my driver and got in the Van to the hotel. Walked into the foyer in my flip flops, combat shorts and crappy T-shirt and immediately felt like a tool! Nice 5* hotel lobby with me and my scummy backpack!

My room actually got upgraded, so I had this huge room about the size of my house back home! One of those computer control panels that opened and closed the curtains, controlled all the lights etc! Woohoo!

Anyway, that night was Chinese New Year. But feeling quite tired and not actually having a clue where I was in relation to anything, I just went to bed rather than try and find the parties.

Next morning I got up and went on a half day tour of the city. Was quite interesting. I quite liked Singapore, very clean, all these huge shops (that were sadly shut due to the New Year) and no crime (they have the death penalty and flog you). But it felt a little bit soul less. Kind of like Milton Keynes feels if you know what I mean.

In the evening I went on the night safari. Which is basically a ride around the huge zoo on a tram, but the animals are free to roam up to the tram (except anything dangerous like the tigers!). There was also a really good show, that showed off various animals of the night. Was quite good fun, if a little touristy!

The next day I just had to hang around the city. Which I wouldn't of minded if all the shops were open and it wasn't raining! But there you go! Got picked up for my flight back to Britain at 7pm. Flight was not until 11.30pm.

As I hung around the gate I noticed some chunky blonde Aussie guy that looked familiar. Sure enough it was Shane Warne. Looking around the gate for people to recognise him! He was in first class on my flight home.

Being a bit of a chubby bowler I was worried he might unbalance the plane, but worked out ok!

Flight home was as expected, long! Nearly 14hrs, I managed to get about two hours sleep. But that was it. Busying myself watching every film I could!

Sure enough at the baggage reclaim was Warney, picking up all his cricket gear with his wife. My parents said when he came through the arrivals he was waiting for people to recognise him, and all the people were like, oh look dear, its that horrible man from the cricket!

Spotted my parents pretty much straight away! My Mum had a little tear in her eye, bless! To me, it just felt like they had dropped me off 5 minutes ago!

I really don't know where the time has gone! The first weeks did drag, but New Zealand and Oz, just seem to have flown by in a blur!

The thing when you have been away fro a long while, is you don't know where to start with the stories. If you have been away for two weeks, you know you have a few that are fresh. I have been away for so long, I have too many to tell! You end up saying nothing! It is very weird!

My Sister brought my little Niece Mia and my new Nephew, Ellis over to see me yesterday. Mia has grown no end and is a little chatter box now. Ellis is very sweet and very well behaved!

So I guess now, it is back to reality. The job interviews will be falling into place, but I am in no rush. I will make sure I pick a good one rather than take the first.

So soon, my adventures will be at an end! Just another Brit in a suit, chasing the pay cheque and living for those Friday Night Lights of the Weekend! Well, I can console myself with the knowledge that for some, that is as good as it gets and they never get to experience anything else!

It may have been for a short while, but at least I can say that I have done something different, that I stuck my head above the line and had a look at what else is out there!

So, thanks very much for all the comments, emails and messages! They were much appreciated! I hope you enjoyed reading my diary as much as I enjoyed living the experiences that I have written in it! If it has given you even the slightest feelings of wanting to go away yourself, then I would pursue it with everything! What you leave behind will still be here when you return and the memories you get, well, those are yours to keep!

Until next time.........

Friday, 16 February 2007

Location: Kuta-Bali, Indonesia

Well, there was a beginning, a middle and so there must be an end!

I will try an get to a computer in Singapore, but this will probably be my last entry whilst I am actually overseas! So suck up that sea air one last time!

The mossies found new places to bite me last night. One place you wouldn't put mossie repellant is under your watch strap right! But it seems one of my friends managed to make it under there and leave me itching all day today!

So, I guess you need to all dust off your best china, have a hoover up and roll out the red carpets, because I am starting to make my way home!

Over the last few months, I've found myself in one conversation time and time again. Basically it revolves around the idea that we would never quite be able to explain the feeling traveling gives you, to someone that has never been. Even someone close to us.

Over the next few weeks, I am sure I will bore many people with my tales of this and that. But I think that it is true, I will never quite be able to explain it truly to you all.

In some people's eyes I was a fool to go on this trip! I had a well paid job, a house, a nice car and family and friends who looked out for me. But for all that, I still felt fed up with life. That surely something better was out there! Well, I was right, there is something better out there, you just have to be brave enough to find it!

Sure enough the life I have been leading whilst I have been away is not sustainable. My bank manager knows that! But, look at the things I have done in my time away....Skydived, bungy jumped, walked on a glacier, ridden over mountains and through rivers, swam with dolphins, quad biked, snorkelled on the great barrier reef, had Christmas Day on Bondi Beach and New Year at Sydney Harbour the list goes on, add to that the friends I have made along the way and you may begin to see the point I am trying to make!

Which is this! It may only have been for a short time (god knows where it went!), but for that short time, I lived the life I wanted to lead! I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and it felt bloody good!

I strongly recommend to anyone sat bored at their desk, or doing whatever, if you have the slightest urge to go see a bit of the world and see what is really out there, then go for it! You will be scared, I certainly was, but will you regret it? I highly doubt it!

Well, here endeth my preaching!

As they say in New Zealand.. "Go hard, or go home!"

Well, I have gone pretty hard over the last few months, so maybe it is time to go home!

Look forward to seeing you all soon!



Thursday, 15 February 2007

Location: Kuta-Bali, Indonesia

Not done much today, bit of shopping for gifts, but as I have no room in my rucksack, that is very limited! So sorry everyone, you either do not have a present or it is very small and tacky!

Woke up to the now usual raft of new mossie bites! They always seem to find a spot I have missed with the repellant! Today it is the back of my thumb! Which is now very itchy! Thanks a lot!

I have developed a don't bother asking me look with the hawkers, but some are still not getting it! The type I hate are illustrated by one guy today, who crossed the road, blocked my path, when I walked past him he grabbed me on the arm. I am still walking and he is telling me how he has great sun glasses, billabong T-shirt just like the one I have on (given it was a special edition only available in Hawaii, I doubted it) and shorts just like the quicksilver boardies I had on. I replyed with, well if they are just like the ones I have on, I don't need to look do I , as I already have them! He pondered this for a second and then said, oh well what do you want, I bet I have it! Given I was on my way to lunch I asked him if he had a decent hamburger! The taxi driver near me laughed at that one, before asking me if I wanted transport, to which I replied no thanks I have feet! Oh, bet they were calling me all sorts as I walked away!

Well, last full day in Bali tomorrow which will be spent by the pool and trying to force all my stuff back into my bag! Saturday I am leaving at 2.30pm for the airport, the hotel are letting me keep my room late and not charging me, which is nice of them and they take me to the airport for 2 quid!

To be honest, I just want to get home now. Looking forward to seeing Singapore, but I feel like the end is near!

On the travel front, Nic and Laura are now home, Angela lands the day after me, Matty has another month and Ruth is also home just after me. So lots of people I know have all come to the end of their trips at the same time! Dave though is now so in love with NZ he is thinking of coming back to Oz, and getting a working visa for NZ and doing the ski season! Jammy git!

He and Matt are due to do Nevis on Saturday! So I look forward to hearing about that!

With regards to the diary, I am unlikely to have time to update it from Singapore. But as I am going to try and stay awake for Tuesday to get used to UK time, I will put some photos on from home. So please keep checking to see those as some of them are very good!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Location: Elephant Park-Bali, Indonesia

Hey, thanks for all the Happy Birthday messages! Much appreciated!

Woke up in a foul mood! Didn't sleep at all well and was fair to say I was unimpressed at being 26! So sorry to my parents, who got the brunt of it! Pleased to say things picked up!

Bus to Elephant Park was o.k, young Ozzie couple that I got talking to and a couple of Scottish ladies that once they had established I was English didn't want anything to do with me! Good to see Racism is alive and well North of the Border!

Ran over a dog on the way to the park! To be fair it did run straight at the mini bus and the driver had nearly stopped! Was only a minor collision and it got up, barked at the van and slinked away! Van 1- Dog nil!

The Elephants name was Ramona, I could see she was going to be trouble straight away! She was 10 years old and therefore a lot smaller than some of the other elephants taking people, but she made up for it in cheekiness! Before I even got on her she had collided with one of the other elephants.

Once in the seat we headed off, with my guide telling me about her and that he loves her as she is so cheeky! She was grabbing at anything food wise she could reach and trumpeting loudly when ever the guide tried to steer her away. The Ozzie couple in front, Luke and Tracy were laughing at me because they could see she was playing about!

Then it happened, the elephant in front stopped and so did we. Obviously easily bored Ramona spotted a nice bush about 10 yards across the forrest off the track and we were off! I was grabbing hold of my seat like a man possessed and the guide was clinging onto her ears for dear life. To be fair, it looked like a tasty bush and eventually we made it back onto the path!

Wandered around a bit more for about 30 minutes and then waded into the lake. Was a bit worried was going to get wet as she was a lot shorter that the others, but we stuck to the edge and I was spared the elephant dung infested water!

Was really enjoyable experience, made all the more fun the Elephant was a little devil!

After the ride I fed her some bamboo and then she picked up a wreath of flowers and put it on me. Which was funny!

Had lunch in the park restaurant and then watched the elephant show. Although this was a bit tacky, it was a good example of illustrating just how smart the elephants are! They led each other over obstacles, sat down when told, stood on each other. Slam dunked basketballls and took penalties (to be fair they were better than England, with only one of them missing from the spot and that hit the post!).

After that had a look around the park, shop and Musuem before leaving about two for the hour or so trip back. Thankfully we didn't run over any more scabby dogs!

Luke and Tracy said they will be out tonight after their valentines dinner so may go grab something to eat and head down to the bars to see if I can spot them.

So despite being in a bad mood this morning, I really enjoyed the visit to the park. Tick another box, another memory for the pile! After all, that is what this trip was about!

Monday, 12 February 2007

Location: Tannah Lot, Indonesia

Guess I had another insight into how slow the tourist trade is over here and also just how strong our currency is in relation to the rest of the world today.

Got picked up at 2pm after melting this morning in the sun to go horseriding. Only me in the bus, so I thought ok, the others must be meeting me there.

Wrong, it was actually just me! We pulled into the yard after the hour or so drive and there were two horses ready to go. A grey and a chesnut mare. Thankfully as those that know about horses will appreciate I got given the grey! I had realised on the way there that no one had asked when I booked, whether I rode lots or what height and weight I was. Which is a bit unusal, they must just play roulette to see who gets what steed!

Got sat at a posh dining table and given a mineral water and then one of the grooms asked some questions about what I did back home and proceeded to tell me how he is too busy to take holiday's as the horses always need something doing to them. Those out there that have had horses will no doubt know that feeling well!

So I was introduce to my horse, which was called Grease/Greece. Not sure if it was named after the musical or the country. But as I am a fan of John Travolta and Greece should never of won the last Euro Champs I tend to lean towards Grease! I also need to realise how tall I have become as I thought Grease looked huge on the ground, but in my photos I look a bit leggy on her. Makes me realise just how big Alaksa, the excellent horse I had in N.Z really was!

I got on and then the other lad who was wearing just thongs on his feet jumped on the other horse and told me to follow him. I found this confusing as the other groom had Jodphurs and riding boots on, all to bring me some mineral water! Anyway, seems to be the way things work down here.

So we headed out of the yard and straight onto a huge black sandy beach. We walked on this for a bit, then the guy asked if I wanted to go faster. So off we went into a trot and then a canter. Grease was gaining fast on the other horse so I tried to reign her in a bit and basically nothing happened. Which I found a little unsettling to begin with, but after a little battle of wills she decided to ease up a bit.

We then left the beach via a stream and rode up into a village. This was a glimpse at real Bali life. The houses were very poor and people we at work in the fields. Kids came out of the houses to point and wave at the white bloke on a white horse with a funny hat and sunglasses. But was actually quite good fun. When I said hello, they said hello back. They were happy for me to wave at them and not just hold their hands out asking for money like the kids do here in Kuta. We spent the next couple of hours or so meandering through other villages, with various states of amusement at me along the way, both by kids and older villagers!

Then we got back onto the beach. It was too rough to take the horses in the water. The waves were dumping quite badly and he didn't fancy my chances of staying on, so that was a shame. But instead we decided to let the horses have their heads a bit and went for a gallop along the sea. Was great fun! We had to dodge the villagers who were picking up the dead fish on the sea front.

This was one thing I noted when we were first on the beach. There were dead fish everywhere. Not just little ones, but puffa fish and some that would have the avearge Brit screaming Shark if the saw it out in the water. My guide said it was because of the rough sea's, but I wasn't so sure.

Once we had galloped a fair way and walked back, the sun was coming down. So they took me to the beach front hotel where I was to have dinner and watch the sunset. Was quite weird. They took Grease off me then. Was worried how I was going to get her back in the dark!

I then walked into this 5* Hotel complex where I was met and taken to the dining arear, which sat high up on a mound. Apart from a couple of Korean girls I was the only guest insight. So I had dinner, by myself on this terrace overlooking this huge beach watching the sun come down behind the clouds of the massive thunderstorm that was brewing! Very odd! That said dinner was very nice! Just felt a bit of a tool up there, with the villagers scavenging below!

After dinner, my bus was waiting to run me the hour back to Kuta all on my todd again!

Very enjoyable, I love riding and galloping along the beach was great! Just a bit odd having all that done just for me!

One thing I will remember from today was a Mum carrying a little girl of about two who was staring at me. When I waved, the Mum was so pleased I had noticed her and her child amongst all the fish gatherers I thought she was going to explode! She grabbed the little girls arm who was laughing at me and waved it back so hard I thought it may come off!

Nice to see that being a piece of white trash on a horse can make someones day!

Tomorrow I am going to try and get some gifts, without being ripped off. There is definitley a white persons price policy here!

The Wednesday it is my Birthday! That is right, my Birthday! Cheques in the post please! So I am off to the Elephant Park!

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Recent Messages

From Ash's Dad
Well done Andy.
Have enjoyed reading both you sites especially the x-refs.
Couldn't put things any better than your dads last post.
Response: Hi,

Thanks V much!
I was really glad Ash and I got to meet up and hang out!

It has taken a lot of guts to do what he is doing! But having seen it all for myself, as you have, we know he is happy and doing something that a lot of us forget to do! Enjoying life!

Good on him! I know will be glued to his diary from now on!

Cheers for your messgae!

From mum
well you are on the plane now with shane warne eh not a bad start to a long journey , cant believe you are actually coming home and where has the time gone rally looking forward to seeing your tan lots of love and WELCOME HOME ANDREW!!!!l
Response: I was worried that having that chubby spinner in the first class cabin might of unbalanced the plane!
From Dad
Hi Mate.
Last message that l will post, just to say that l am glad you are on the way back & above all on the way back safe. This web site has been in-valuable in not only reassuring us that you are safe & well, but also allowing us to see where you are who your friends are & what you are up to ( well the bits you want us to know anyway)!! Glad you are coming home, no one can take away the memories of what you did or the fact that it took a lot of nerve to go out there on your own to do it, but l am sure you will be better off for it. Welcome Home.
Dad XX (ps 3-0 in 26mins what about that )
Response: Yep, not sure what I would have done without the site.

Weird to be home!
From Lyndsey
Oooooo you're coming home!! How exciting. Cant wait to see you and hear all your news.

Lyndsey x
Response: Very strange to be back!

At least the tropical weather here is sure to make my tan last a while! Can you recommend a good tanning shop?!

Well done on passing your exams! You deserve it!x
From Mum
Hi Andy going to seem very strange not getting up in the mornings and turning on the computer to see what you have been up to the day before. Still you will be right under our noses for a while and that will be good to.Looking forward to seeing you 2mos hope you have found something to to do in Singapore even if the shops are closed.Leigh if there is anything we can do we will, you are a good friend to Andy so lean on him for a while our door is always open .Andy se you 2mos lots of love mumXXXXX
From Leigh
Many thanks to you and your mum for your kind words. The card was lovely.

I am struggling to make some sense out of what happened. I just can't see how this other driver didn't see Shane.

My life will never be the same again.

Saying all that, it will be nice to have my friend come home after being away for so long.

Please be safe, Andy.

Response: Wish there was something more we could do! I can't begin to think how tough it must be!

Will be in contact once I am back mate. For now, we are all thinking about you and your family!x
From Mum
Hi, Andy, Dad off to the night shift me trying to get your room sorted stuff everywhere glad we didnt downsize or you would be in the garage hey thats an idea!!!Feeling really sad to hear Leighs news it is a lesson to all of us it doesnt matter how safely you drive or ride a bike it only takes a minute of lack of concentration by someone else and someones world
collapses.Thinking of you Leigh.xx
Andy bank should be sorted fingers crossed.Enjoy your day by the pool and try to get a good nights sleep you will need for journey home !! See you soon sunshine lots of love Mumxxxx
Response: I was thinking the same thing, you can take all the care in the world, then someone comes along and it doesn't matter a damn! Awful!

Day by the pool was halted by a tropical storm!

Got an interview on the 26th! Think someone is keen to get me working again hey!?x
From Mags
Hi there. Just catching up with what u been up to. (U see, I am very busy now I'm a fully fledged mummy!) Nice pics of Fiji. Will have to show Phil. Glad u enjoying yourself - take care Andy.
Response: My sis tells me it is hard work! To be honest, all I can see is that you get to sit around a lot and drink tea!

Fiji was nice, but everyone I have spoken to, preferred Thailand! So he need not get to jealous!

Thanks, hope you and the family are all tip top! Will try and catch up when I am back!x
From Dad
Laying in bed 11pm cold & raining outside with work to look forward to in the morning, phone thrust in my ear by Mum to wish you happy birthday. !
Speak to you & you are the one with the Ache, new day birthaday, Bali, elepant trip,
Think about it !!
My rant over with glad it got better hope you had a good one.
Love Dad X
Response: I was tired and hadn't had anyone to moan at for two weeks! Should of tried ringing me this am! I was even worse as I had a hangover!

Yeah, I know what you mean though! It is very easy to get Blase about things! Sometimes you have to remind yourself that this really is probably as good as it gets!

I am sure you will get me back at 5am on Tuesday anyway! Make sure you bring my New York Coat!x
From Lyndsey
Happy 26th Birthday Andy.
Have a wicked day and hope whatever you do is lush (theres that word you love!)

Lyndsey x
Response: I don't think I have heard that word since I left! Oh how I miss Kettering girls!

Apparently, Stu, Ham & I will be hanging out at the pool place in Rock & Bowl very soon! Can't wait!

Cheers dude! I had a really good day thanks! My Elephant ride was wicked!

See you soon.x
From Wotsits
Well a very happy birthday to you. 1 year over the quarter century! Watch how fast it goes now. You will certainly remember your 26th. Hope you have a really lovely day and remarkable evening!
Jennie is home now after being rescued up the river and jungle. She is not too well though they know how to give you a tummy to remember down those parts. I am told she is planning a trip for this Christmas as she wants to get to the Pole.
Milan the man has bought your team for your return but is not saying how much he is giving for new players. Said on our news that he was expecting it to take about 3 years to establish themselves in the Prem but just laughed at the comments about playing in Europe. Well its just got to get better for us all. I'd better go and do some work now - can't wait any longer for the delivery of my red roses - there's only 26 miles of corridors in this place so they should track me down!!!!
Response: Hi, thanks very much!

Glad Jennie is back. Yeah they can definitley give you something to remember!

Good news about Leicester, expect to see Harry Wheeling and Dealing his way in over the next couple of years!

Hope the special delivery made it! See you soon!
From Kirsty
Happy Birthday Hun!!!!

Did the birthday suprise arrive??? I ordered it days ago!

Hope you have a wicked day!!! Will be thinking of you.


p.s. bet you cant wait for your birthday meal that I will be paying out for!!!!
Response: Thanks dude! Yeah I got it ta! Emailed you back!

Ohhh, we off down the harvester?! Love the Salad there!

Cool, look forward to seeing you soon.x
From nan and grandad kirk
hi andy, happy valentines birthday, enjoy it! thanks for your email, no comments on the porn sites!?!?!?!?! the LAD is your double, lovely! we are both well, looking forward to next week, enjoy the rest of your time you layabout! love you nan and grandad xxxx
Response: Thanks, see you next week!x
From stu & grace

Response: Need to get Amish to take a look at your caps lock key mate! :-)

Cheers guys! See you next week.x
From Michelle
Hey Bro,

Happy Birthday. You're nearly catching me up! Hope you have a lovely day.

We're all fine apart from all these people saying Ellis looks like you. Just hope he doesn't get your attitude!!

Not long before we see you - when is your next trip planned?!

Have a great day
Michelle xxx
Response: Yeah, you better hope he doesn't!


Think it will just be two week holidays from now on! Responsibilty calls, I am nearly middle aged!x
From Amish
It's your Birthday tomorrow and I can't be there, but I'll send you, a special birthday wish, and a little prayer.

Have a Happy Birthday. I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true. May you have a great time, tomorrow and find happiness in everything you do.

See you soon mate- Amish :)
Response: Did you write that yourself mate!? Or your Mum tell you to say it!? Hehe!

Cheers buddy! Look forward to seeing you next week buddy!
From lyndsey
I bet you're excited about seeing every1 again!! You better catch the last of the rays before you come home so you are nice and brown. Rember to exfoliate :o)

And if you dont mind i'm 19 not 21!!!! hehe x
Response: Thanks for the cosmetic tips!

Yeah I am looking forward to seeing people again!

You had to go and rub it in a bit more didn't you!!??x
From Mum Dad
Hi Andy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you enjoy your day wish we were there with you to see the elephants if it is anything like Goa you will have a great time.Dont forget to get some cash out before the 16th here in case the bank works its magic again hopefully Duncan willsort it!! Have a Great day lots of love MUM and DADxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Elephant ride was great fun thanks!

Thank you! Yep will visit the cash point.x
From Pat.
Hi Andrew,
Happy Birthday for tommorow with love from all the Ingall /Dormer clans.

I must say I have really enjoyed reading your diary,and will miss popping on to your site to see what you have been doing.

By the way your new nephew looks so much like you definetly a Kirkum.

Response: Thanks, say hi to all the gang for me!

I know, will be weird not writing it. But I will be adding more photos when I get home so people can see Bali and me on a surf board. I can then save the diary to keep, so that is pretty cool!

Glad to hear Ellis is a good looking lad! Looking forward to seeing Kelly's two soon! Bet Gracie has grown no end!x
From Dad
Hi Mate. What about that then won the Rugby, & cricket, then Foxes win away never any doubt really, then Spurs fall to Sheff Utd, what a weekend, good wasn`t it?? Have yourself a great day on Weds we will all be thinking of you & miss sitting here watching you unwrapping all those presents you get when you are your age !!
Love to you & stay safe see you soon. Dad XX
Response: Yeah, cos opening 3 cards is such an event at my age! Haha!

I know, couldn't believe it, typical I have left Oz when we thump them! The Leicester score was a much needed surprise!

I actually felt sorry for Stu, never nice when your team gets done on your birthday by a team managed by such a prat as Warnock!

Hopefully I won't get stood on by an Elephant! The brochure says they have insurance! Which is I am sure more than some of the activities here!x
From MUM
Hi forgot to tell you Ellis is now 9lbs 4ozs nearly as big as you when you were born!He doesnt look big just long and hasnt lost any of his black hair as yet.Mia looks so big next to him think you are going to be really surprised at how much she has grown and can say and do, take care love mum(off to walk the dogs)xxx
Response: I don't think I will be surprised by Mia. She was nearly as big as you when I left and if she can talk half as much as her Dad, then I know what to expect!

Sounds like Ellis is doing well! Looking forward to
seeing them soon.x
From Nan Grandad R
Hello Andrew, computer has gone down here at the old folks home so have asked your mum to send our Birthday wishes to you.Debating whether you are really 26 or not makes us feel very old.Not long now till you are back home looking forward to seeing you and hearing your verdict on how much Mia has grown and what you think to your new nephew!Enjoy the rest of your time away have missed you lots love nan and grandad Rxx
Response: No doubt one of the old men trying to download porn on it and crashed the thing!

I am still trying to figure out if I am really going to be 26 too! Makes me feel old!

Thanks though!

Yeah, looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love Andrew.x
From Mum
Sounds like horse riding was great fun, it does make you appreciate a different way of life style when you come across poverty doesnt it tell me who has got it right I dont think it is us!!!Hopefully you will really appreciate simple things now at home rather than as we all do take our lifestyle to be the best maybe the ozzies have it about right. Will try to call hotel 2mos at around 11pm (if I can stay up that long) Mia is staying and I have her all day Wed.Well take care of yourself lots of love Mum One week to go!xxxx
Response: Well, I am pretty certain we don't have it right!

But talk to any of the natives here and they would love to have our way of life! Grass is always greener!

But think you are right, the Aussies seem to have figured it out. Not bad for a bunch of convicts hey!?x
From Lyndsey
Ahh, thats a shame about the postman not being able to reach you, and I was gonna send you a huge brithday card and pressie aswell!! Never mind. Not long til you are home now tho......
C u soon x

P.S Just read your message to Stu and are you gonna be a whole 26 years old too on Weds?? I feel so young.......
Response: Yeah, I bet you were! You can still send it, my parents will look after it until I am back!

Week today! Kind of exciting, kind of scary!

Yep, hope you have been on that sun bed, otherwise you might want to leave it til my tan fades before I show you my pics!

Yes I will be 26 on Weds! You feel young, because compared to me you are young! But I have the benefit of all those years of wisdom.... Bullshit! What I would give to be 21 again!

See ya soon!
From Nan and GrandadB
Hello Andrew, thought we would wish you a Happy Birthday for Wed hope you are still enjoying yourself make the most of it we are really looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures.Have a good day out with the elephants geting quite old now !! Take care lots of love nan and grandadxxx
Response: I take it you mean the Elephants are getting quite old now and not me!!!!????


Thank you! Yes looking forward to boring you both to sleep with my tales! Not long now until I am home!

Missed you both!

Love Andrew.x