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Monday, 21 April 2008

Location: Petra and Waddi Rum, Jordan

How can one describe Petra? Bernie did not enjoy his 1st horse riding experience down to the Siq at Petra!! The 1.6 km walk through the Siq (canyon) was stunning with vertical sides, carvings and two water courses cut out from the rock. There were also statues of gods, people and animals carved into the rock. The 1st sight of the treasury was amazing and according to the guide books we picked the perfect time to see it as the sun was diagonally across the facade. We had a local guide walk around with us for 4 hrs pointing out the important features and uses for the caves and carved out buildings. We were shattered by the end of the walk with him as, to get back to the car, we had to walk uphill for another 2 miles in the heat!! Petra is everything we expected and more. It is too spectacular to describe - even the pictures don't do it justice.
Aqaba (the seaside port on the Red Sea) is a building site and the 'beach' is slowly being eaten up by hotels. The sea was relatively cold but it was interesting to see the borders between Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Our driver Abd took us to meet his friends to show us a typical Jordanian house. We had tea, coffee and a delicious snack made from vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat and veg. They were very welcoming and spoke very good English.
How can we describe Wadi Rum? It is not a well known tourist destination but it should be. It is out in the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was based during the Arab Revolt. The scenery is made up of desert and towering wind sculpured rocks with narrow fissures. We stayed in a Bedouin camp and had a wonderful Bedouin meal . The meat was cooked underground (similar to a Maori hangi) and melted in the mouth. Jordanian dancing was also on show.
Jordan is a country with varying landscapes and wonderful places to visit. We would recommend a holiday in Jordan to one and all.
This is our final entry on the blog. The pictures of Jordan will be put on when we arrive back home.
The last 4 months have been truly amazing. We have enjoyed all of our experiences (apart from living out of a suitcase for so long) and there is nothing that we have missed out on from our list of things to do and see. Given the chance we would do it all again (apart from 1 or 2 hotels!). We hope you have enjoyed reading about and seeing highlights of our travels. We look forward to boring the pants off you when we return!!
All the best

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Location: Dead Sea, Jordan

Hi everyone - Jordan is a fascinating country with a varied landscape. The cafes see men and women smoking the 'hubble bubbly' pipe filled with all sorts of fruit flavours eg strawberry. I was offered a liquorice 'smoke' by a Jordanian sitting next to us in one cafe but I declined.
We went down to the Dead Sea and Bernie had his 1st experience of 'floating' on water! He said it was bizarre feeling the fatty tissues ie stomach going upwards rather than downwards and his bottom still sagged while trying to float on his back! I had difficulty floating as well. He did start feeling nauseous and put it down to high atmospheric pressure due to being well below sea level. The drive to Mount Nebo was breathtaking. We went through rugged, stoney desert terraine passing bedouin encapments and wild camels. It was a winding and steep ascent to the top and good job we weren't driving. The view was amazing. Unfortunately the church was undergoing restoration and so we could not go in to see the mosaics in situ. Madaba's church of St George has the oldest map of Palestine on the floor done in mosaics. That was interesting seeing it in pictorial form.
The company we chose to take us round Jordan has been very good. Our driver is very informative and helpful and was well worth paying the extra to be driven as a couple and not as a group.
Petra tomorrow!
All the best

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Location: Amman, Jordan

Greetings from the realm of ancient Philadephia! We have had a fanstastic day for our 29th. - despite the jet lag (we were up & about, well nearly, at 05:00) - marred only by Anita having a bit of an upset tum, soon rectified by Immodium, thank goodness. Jerash knocks Pompeii & Herculaneum into a cocked hat. The area is enormous and the city walls used to enclose a city of 20,000. The Romans developed it in the 1st. century A.D. as a major city, though it had existed form thousands of years before them. It lies near the old trade route from China and straddles the River Jordan. When trade declined in the 4th century it declined until hit by an earthquake in 749, when it was virtually abandoned. The buildings became part covered in soil, like Pompeii. It was re-discovered in the 19th. century, but more or less left alone, apart from stone robbers. The west of the site was bought by a Swiss business man, who is leading the restoration. The carvings on the Corinthian capitals are beautifully intricate, those on the recently excavated pediment and frieze to the gateway to the Temple of Artemis are exquisite and almost perfect having been covered up for 1,200 years. The hippodrome would have housed 15,000 people. The amphitheatre has an almost complete stage and basckstage, which must make it one of the best preserved. The acoustic point in the Orchestra is exact - even a whisper is returned to you. 4 hours passed very quickly. Jordan gave us perfect sight-seeing weather.
Afterwards we went to Ajluna castle, established by Saladin. It must have been a place to send soldiers as a punishment: it is filled with stairways heading off in different directions. It has a large number of levels and half-levels. The views are magnificent in all directions. The Department of Antiquities is doing a good job, albeit slowly and with a passing attention to health & safety!
Tomorrow we are going to the Dead Sea, for a 'swim' in the mud, and then on to Petra.
Best wishes to you all from a very pleasant Jordan.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Location: Amman, Jordan

Hi all - will learn the hello in arabic! Well we got to Bangkok airport with 6 hrs to spare (had enough of the city) to find out that our plane took off 5 hrs previously! They had changed the flight time and nobody informed us. A very helpful lady rang up Royal Jordanian Air and managed to book us on a flight leaving at 00:30 --an hour later than ours should have left therefore we had 7 hrs to kill at the airport. Eventually we took off 1 hr later than scheduled due to the traffic on the runway! The flight was uncomfortable. The plane was far too hot, our seats did not recline and breakfast was very basic. They did serve up a nice dinner at 2.30 am! I kept telling Bernie I had a bad feeling about the trip to Jordan - were we going to find that our booked individual tour was a internet scam? Well when we finally got through immigration quess what.....there was nobody there to greet us. Luckily we were given the contact number of the supervisor and a very nice man at the airport information phoned him for us. There had been a confusion about the flight numbers because of the change but they could not have been more apologetic. So much so that they gave us a free tour of the city with dinner in a local restaurant where we sampled the Jordanian dish of mansaf (lamb and rice cooked in yoghurt).
Although it is hot here it is not humid and there is a pleasant breeze. It cools down quickly at night.
Well as our body clock is telling us it is now midnight (although 8 o'clock Jordanian time) we are off to bed. More about Amman tomorrow as the hotel has free internet service.
All the best

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hi all from a hot, humid, smelly and dirty Bangkok!! The flight over was barely one third full so we had a choice of where to sit but as it was a no frills airline there was no drink or food on offer! At the airport the tourist information kiosk was very helpful telling us how much the taxi should cost (as they are now all metred there is less opportunity for being ripped off). We also booked a tour of the city for the afternnon. The hotel is 3 star - clean and in the centre of town but our room was right next to the air-con cooling tower so the constant drip, pump noise and motor noise made it difficult for me to sleep (Bernie was off like a shot). Thank goodness for the earplugs that Rachel gave me for the plane flight!! I will be complaining. There is also smoking allowed in the Bangkok hotel rooms so our room smelt of smoke.
The tour of Bangkok was very informative. We had a guide and a driver. The 1st stop was the Royal Palace Temple with an even bigger reclining Buddha painted gold! As we had arrived during the Songkram festival to celebrate Thai New Year the Temple was crowded with people and stalls selling food, flowers and joss sticks. We were doused with water on several occassions which cooled us down a little. They take this festival to the extremes by standing at the side of the road with water pistols, hose pipes, tubs of water etc and woe betide anybody who goes too close (especially in tuc tucs and scooters). It is taken in great fun. I can't see it being allowed to happen in Britain - it screams health and safety!!
Their temples are quite different in building style from those of the Chinese with lovely gable ends and bright coloured glass to depict gems.
After visiting a ruby and a silk factory we went back to the hotel. Later we did a walk around the hotel where the smells coming from the food stall at the side of the roads were appalling. We did find a lovely Thai restaurant and had a lovely meal for the princely sum of 4 pounds for the two of us! Today we have a day to kill as our flight to Amman is at 11pmn so we are hitting the shopping malls as we are templed out!!
Final stop Jordan. Hope those dinner invitations start arriving with us as the guest presenters of 'The Daring Deeds of the Intrepid Lyons Explorers Extraordinaire' (with slide show included!!!). Allow three hours for each section.
All the best

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Hello all from my old holiday island called Penang which is up the west coast north of Kuala Lumpur. The day that was meant to be a relaxing time for us turned out to be a big sight-seeing day instead. We hired a car and driver and visited many temples and went up Penang Hill. The Snake Temple was not how I remember it. It was far more tame with very few poisonous snakes around. We were told this is due to the impact of the jungle clearance for factories (there is a factory right behind the temple) therefore the micro-climate for the snake has changed. There was a snake farm in the temple which we went to see and for once the snakes in the tanks were quite lively (because the torrential rainfall had woken them up!) One snake, the spitting cobra, made me jump in fear as it lunged towards me spitting very poisonous venom but fortunately there was glass in the way so I was safe! Bernie had a big 'hero' moment when he had 2 vipers put around his arms and an enormous Burmese Python on his shoulder. It was more terrifying when one of the vipers started climbing up his face.
The Burmese Buddhist Temple and the Reclining Buddha Temple (they are on opposite sides of the road) were very peaceful. The Reclining Buddha Temple was extremely colourful with cremation urns of devotees displayed in niches under the statue.
The train up Penang Hill took 30 minutes in 2 stages but the view made up for the slow ascent. There was not much to see up at the top but we enjoyed a nice plate of nasi goreng (75p each).
Returning tired to the hotel we took advantage of the pool!
Today and tomorrow we are spending the time recharging our batteries by swimming, reading and going to the night market!
All the best

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Location: Penang, Malaysia

It was the shortest plane flight we have taken so far - less than 40 minutes in the air to reach the island of Penang. Our hotel room is fab with a big balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean. As it is only on the 2nd floor we are very close to the beach and can hear the waves lapping on the shore. Went for a dip in the sea and it was like walking into a bathtub - not as clear as the Barrier Reef but who's complaining. We can see very small islands dotted around and ships and fishing boats passing by. How romantic! We need a few days of relaxation because of the tiring time we had in KL. It is nice to have a sea breeze wafting into our sitting-room.
Off to see a snake temple tomorrow - yes they do have LIVE vipers dangling around the temple!!
We can't believe our travels are nearly at an end - 12 days only left and I am definitly not doing a countdown for our return. We are only looking forward to coming home so we can bore all our friends and relatives with the 2000+ photos we have taken.
Hope you are all in good health.
All our love

Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Location: KL, Malaysia

Well we have walked the pavements of KL in the heat and humidity to find the memories of KL. We have been super sleuths asking taxi drivers and local people the whereabouts of certain streets and locations. It has been hot, thirsty work but well worth the effort!
Jalan Parry had a name change to Jalan P Ramlee which is just around the corner from our hotel. The flats are still standing (just!) in the middle of the night club district, office blocks and high rise appartments. The flats are in a bad state of repair on the outside but are just as they were inside. We were cheeky enough to go into the old flat which is now office space but the layout is exactly the same with bathrooms leading off from the old bedrooms. The people inside were fascinated to hear that I lived there 40 years ago! All the land around there is worth a fortune because it is very near the Petronas Twin Towers.
The old Majestic Hotel closed down a long time ago to become an art gallery. It is in a sad state of neglect but the security man said it is going to be restored in the next few months but could not tell me into what.
The Convent of the Good Shepherd was very hard to track down and no longer exists. Three independent people have told us that the Pavilion Shopping Centre (right opposite our hotel) was the site of the old school.
Batu Caves remain very much the same but the city of KL now reaches them!!
The old Weld Supermarket site is still there (just around the corner from our hotel) but it is a shopping complex with no supermarket inside. One taxi driver told me proudly it was the 1st supermarket to be built in KL. I told him that I knew the 1st manager!
I have gone down memory lane foodwise as well, sampling the delights of yong tau foo and rumbletans!
We took a bus this morning to pass 188 Jalan Ampang for the last time and to try to find the site of 'Chop Hock Choon'. Imagine my delight at finding not only the site where I expected it to be but also there is still a Hock Choon supermarket!
KL abounds with the shopping experience, most of them being malls with expensive shops eg Gucci! I did manage to buy a Gucci watch in Petaling Street in Chinatown for a mere fraction of the cost!
Unfortunately no-one could tell me the location of the old British Army complex with its swimming pool. One person said it would probably now have flats and houses built on that site.
We have enjoyed ourselves in KL but have found it very hot and tiring finding all the old haunts and we are now looking forward to a bit of TLC time in Penang, sunning ourselves on the beach!

Monday, 07 April 2008

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello everyone from a hot KL. Well I am reliving my childhood as I sight-see around this bustling city. Things have changed enormously since I was here 40 years ago but there are still pockets of the old KL left. I was very emotional when I found what I think was our old house (ready to be demolished). We had to clamber through tall grass (Bernie got very badly bitten) and through a hole in a fence to reach the site - all the time looking out for snakes! The house has exacatly the same layout with a few minor changes. Unfortunately we disturbed a tramp who is squatting there so we had to beat a hasty retreat!! If it is our old house it seems to have been waiting for me to see it before it got demolished. With the help of mum and my sisters they will verify if it is the house or not.
I also went to St John's Cathedral for Sunday mass. That is the church we used to go to 40 years ago. It is unchanged except that the old pulpit had been removed!! The mass itself was lovely with great singing from the congrgation (and Bernie of course!).
The Petronas Twin Towers are awesome. I think they are one of the loveliest buildings I have seen so far on this trip. Because they are made of polished steel on the outside they shine during the day and look very magical at night with the spotlights on. Our bedroom window looks out onto them. We went up to the skybridge on the 41st floor and had a wonderful view of KL.
Today I am going to track down my old school called The Good Shepherd Convent and see if it is in the same building. We have to catch a taxi to get there but that wouold only cost about 3 pounds!!
Well hope the snow melts before we return!!
Take care

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From yvonne
Congratulations travelers you did it. hope England isn't too cold for you!
i am sure the family are really looking forward to seeing you. Have a good rest to catch up,
Lots of love xxx
Hi Anita and Bernie,
Just a short one to wish you good luck and a safe journey home. I am looking forward to Tuesday for your return.
Bye-bye. Hope to see you soon.
Response: Planning to come and see you on Monday. Will ring you Wednesday.
From Rachel
All sounds fab! It's come to that time in your trip though-I need you to confirm with me your flight details and arrival time for me to pick you up!! It says on the itinerary that you're due in at 15.45 into Heathrow. Is that terminal 3 again? Shall we do what we did last time and you guys phone me when you land and i'll set off? Up to you.
Enjoy Petra.
Lots of Love.xx
Response: 2 emails have been sent to you. Hope you have received them. Dad will text you from Amman airport.
From Rachel
Hey guys!
Am pleased you managed to get to your hotel safely. Please stay safe in Amman, keep your possessions safe etc cos I don't want you to have a problem right at the end of your holiday!!
I am still studying hard (you'll be pleased to hear!) Although am full of cold at the moment. The anticipation of your arrival is creeping up on me now. Can't wait to give you guys a great big hug! Managed to renew Tigger's car tax on line. I got a reminder through and it was easy cos all i had to do was enter a ref no. Went for the full year as it works out cheaper doing it that way.
Stay safe and enjoy your last few days of your holiday.
Love ya.
Response: Can't wait to give you a big hug too!
From Mum
Hi Anita and Bernie,
I was very glad that you managed to find the house where we lived. I was also sad to see such a beautiful house in such a miserable state. You must have felt very strange and also excited to be in Kuala Lumpur again. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Penang. Did you manage to find the hotel where we used to go for a holiday in Penang?
I am looking forward to speaking to you next week when you return to England.
Have a lovely time in Bankok and all the other places during your last week. Have a nice trip back and a safe journey.
All my love,
Response: The Golden Sands Hotel is a huge complex now that you would not recognise. It is a ghastly hotel where we would not want to stay. Shame!!
From Doreen
Hi both of you!
Have been following your travels with interest, and enjoying the great photos that seem to have been improving with each visit. Perhaps you will be able to tell the Club about it in French (in instalmants) when you get back to La Barde!!! THERE'S a project to work on so that you don't feel at a loose end when all the excitement is over and you have to live in the same world as the rest of us!
Chaleureuses penséés, au revoir et à bientôt! Et merci!
Response: Lovely to hear from you. It will take quite a few sessions to put it all over with photos!!! Looking forward to seeing you at the beginning of June.
From Jo Daly
Lovely photos - I particularly liked the one of Anita with hairy balls in her hands!
Response: You should know!!
From Steve Daly
Looking at your photo's -does Bernie ever stop eating then
From Steve Daly
Just think happy readers - we await the return of the travelling couple. Brace yourselves for the inevitable "Would you like to see my 2-trillion slides on the Far East" OR "When I was in Asia Pac I did this and that and the other". My recommendation is that you paint an eye on each eyelid so that when you nod off from the Lyon bombardment, they'll think you are actually awake. It will work for me - just try it the next time they come to dinner - if you insist on inviting them
Response: We have eaten plenty of chicken and have new recipes so you will be alright for dinner!
From Steve Daly
Anita your experiences of KL sound just fabulous and what a fantastic memory for thing that happened so very long ago !!!!!!!!!!
Response: Not bad memory for someone approaching middle-age.
From Sally
Hi A&B
Well at last we are on holiday. All went well with Ofsted nothing like before. Hardly saw them..We had a great time out for Kathy's do. I am glad you will stop about your finger now, especially as I have had surgery on my knee.. I had it done on the 1st Apr. so only got to have two days off from work before the holidays started. Just my luck!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you & catching up. We are off school on the 1st of May for polling day. Take care lots of love Sal.xx
Response: Don't try to overshadow me with tales of your operation. I bet mine hurt the most! Have you got any pictures to prove it? Seriously - I hope you make a quick recovery and you don't give Gerry the run-a-round too much. See you on Friday 2nd May in the pub for lunch
From Rachel
Hi M & D
Thought i'd take a break from studying 'the intrinsic aspects of consent and capacity' to mooch on ur blog!!
I find it amazing that you can remember & recognise different places having not seen them for 40 years! Are you the same mum that usually forgets where her handbag/keys/glasses are when you've only just put them down??!!
It's soo good that you've been able to take a trip down memory lane because I know that that was ur main purpose of going to KL. And i'm even more pleased that some of the buildings have survived!! I'm just a bit gutted that I couldn't be there for you to show me round and tell me all the stories as I don't think it's quite the same to look at the photos and it's a bit sad that if i was to go on a visit that the buildings you see now probably won't exist. Not to worry. The important thing is that you got to see them which is fab!
Hope you're well and wish you a safe onward journey.
Sun is shining once again here-although I think some of your plants have taken a bashing from the snow....
Love you
Response: It was a very emotional time but it was well worth visiting my childhood haunts. Looking forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks!!
From Maria
Well done sis & bil super sleuths. The Army complex was on Fraser Hill and my old school was High Gate Hill. Still remember buying my Fruitellas loose at the swimmng pool. Still my favourite sweet now. Enjoy the relaxation of Penang.
Response: Staying in a hotel next door to the Golden Sands. Will look at the Golden Sands hotel in due course. Visiting the snake temple and reclining Buddha 2mo.
From Vee
Well, saw Mum and Dad today - had a great day! Dad gave me a tiny side picture of the house, again it tallies with the piccies you've posted here. Will scan it and email to you sisters. How satisfying. And Maria - I don't remember Malcolm or Frazer's surname but I remember snogging them...
Response: Can't remember them at all let alone snogging them!!
From Maria
The panels by the door underneath the glass are orginal as well. It is lovely to see it because that was such a happy house and great time in our lives. Can you remember Malcolm and Frazer's surname.
Response: I don't remember their surname.
From Maria
Hi, have dug out a photograph this morning with 3 off us on the steps, the double doors are EXACTLY the same including the glass panels, with a door off to the right of the porch (as you are looking towards the house) except there was a wall across the top. Yes you did have a room out from your bedroom. If I can find a way to upload the photograph to you I will.
Response: Will look at the photos you have e-mailed me.
From Vee
Well it certainly bears a close resemblance, doesn't it?! Its so tantalising to see the pictures and not know for definite! There was a side room to the dining room which was used as a store room - Dad used to keep branches of bananas for ripening in there, plus his clackerty typewriter. I remember the porch having a wall, as I recall throwing up over it! From the photo tho, looks like its gone? I will print the photos off for Dad to have a look and will report back x x
Response: The floor on the top of the steps had been altered so there could have been a wall.
From Yvonne
hi Sherlock Holmesx2
Your assistant Watson. YES!! It is the house, the pictures match exactly and we did have an outside door!What a find, well done!
all my love
Response: All 3 sisters are saying it is the house!!! Fantastic
From marion & hanns
Dear Bernie & Anita.
Thank you for the card and greeting- the vineyards certainly flowed with wine = we would loved to be there. We have just returned from Italy. It was a super break with good food and wine. I have really enjoyed looking at your wonderful photos- what a fine advertisement for so many places! We look forward to seeing you back in England in a short while before your next trip to La Barde. We also look forward to seeing the house in July. Bon voyage and a safe journey to Singapore..
With love,
Marion & Hanns
Response: Unfortunately we have now got to the end of the vineyard visits and now into Malaysian cuisine! Less than 3 weeks to go and still a lot to see.
From Janet & Noel
Dear Anita and Bernard
A note to thank you for your gifts. I need a new bag for the ubiquitous plastic bags, and of course can always use a drying up cloth, but it is really too nice to use. Thank you very much. Should have added to my little speach "also someone I sing with and someone I pray with" when I was referring to the guests at the party.
I am sorry it is raining and cold, everyone is cheering as it hasnt rained in Perth for about 6 months. It is a pity for you as you havent got very long in Perth, anyway I hope you enjoy your excursions as best you can. We are going to Toodjay tomorrow, the real Bush, it is beautiful in its own way. Next sunday we are going to the Swan Vinyards for lunch with Eithne, Don and 2 other couples, and of course a tasting.
Probably wont see you on the 27th at Mass as we are going to Shenfield in Essex that day for lunch with two of my sister Margaret daughters.
Enjoy Singapore, it is humid there.
Best wishes
Janet & Noel
Response: Thank you for inviting us to a wonderful party. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Hi Anita and Bernie,
It was so nice to see both of you looking so well in the photos. You both look so smart, not a bit like backpackers. It must have been nice to be with your friends for Easter. We had a nice Easter with all the family at Veronica's. I missed you two not being there. Kath and Ray both looked very well, especially Ray, after seeing him at Bernie's birthday party. They both enjoyed the day as well.
We had a lot of snow on Easater Sunday, so different from today when it is sunny and warm.
Melanie rang, and Yvonne is getting on very well. Well, Anita and Bernie, as you are leaving Australia and travelling to Malaysia, have a good journey and a safe one. Regards to Kuala Lumpur.
Bye-bye and see you in three weeks' time.
Love Mum and Alec
Response: Looking forward to seeing you on our return. Hope you won't be bored with all the 1500 photos we have taken!!
From Marlene
Hi Anita +Bernie, well Ofsted is over and it wasnt as intense as we had before .They never watched me with Pip ( thank god ) Well your poor finger must have been so bad, but all this talk of condoms and vibrators the mind bogles he he he. It was Kathys day out yesterday and it was really good . Yes Anita it did rain but luckily after we had been on the eye , just as we got into Namco centre so we kept dry. Gwnn left on Friday he was very emotional. Roll on Friday 2 weeks off. Take care lots of love Marlene xxxxxxxx
Response: It won't be the same without Gwnn. Have they got a replacement? Hope to see you in the pub for lunch on May 2nd!!
From Rachel
Hey Mum and Dad,
All sounds fab still-hope you're not missing home with the snow and the hail and the wind!!!!??
Got the dates for my exam-one is the 20th May and the other the 23rd May!!!! So hope you don't decide to stay out for longer because i'll be needing some TLC in the run up to them!!
Anyways-best get back to the grindstone!
Loadsa Love
Response: We will be around to feed you up and give you TLC during the exams. Keep working hard!
From Janet & Noel
Hi Anita and Bernie
Happy Easter to you both. Melbourne very hot for us as well, it was supposed to be unpredictable and chilly. Went on to Lorne, spectacular coast and beaches to kill for, then back to Perth. Been to stay with friends outside Perth, now back with my sister.
Looking forward to seeing you both. Best wishes Janet & Noel.
Response: Looking forward to the party. The duo sound interesting too. Will ring you when we arrive in Perth.
Well, we had a lovely day with all the family. The food was especially good (ahem), we had an Easter egg hunt in the freezing garden (remember the ugly bugly bird?) and everyone enjoyed themselves! Thanks for your call - great to hear your voice. It was lovely to see Cath and Ray looking so well. Jason can't join us in France as the whole family are going to Barcelona at the same time. We will have another family get together when you get back. xxx
Response: Family get together great idea - we will just bore you with the 1500+ picture show!!