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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Location: Manchester - Chester, England

Landed at Manchester at 10.30am, all luggage present and correct,(amazing as we'd last seen it in Toronto) we 4 adults on board another 7 seater 'van' taxi, (the only vehicle large enough to transport 4 adults plus 13 pieces of luggage) back to the Race's home nr Knutsford where we had left John's car on August 10th before leaving for the USA.
Tranferred our luggage, and back to Chester by lunch time, not feeling too bad, but wondering if, and when the jet lag would kick in. A wonderful and eventful trip at and end, lots of memories to enjoy.
Canada a great counrty we decided which should be revisited.!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Another lovely 22 degree day, lots of sun. Such a pity we have to pack up (for the last time). How does luggage multiply and become so difficult at the end of holiday's?? This tedious job taking most of the morning with us trying to compact three pieces of luggage into two!! We made it, but with very heavy hand luggage which we hoped would not be weighed at the airport!!
Having stowed it all in one room with Mary and John's, we set off round the entertainment district to find one of the resturants in the row of 23 we'd seen the day before, and had our last meal in Toronto sat outside.
Then a walk back to the hotel to meet up with Mary and John who had gone off for a walk down 'The Path', load up the hire'van' and head out to the airport for our 6.15pm overnight KLM flight to Amsterdam. This a jumbo 747 which we had seats in the upper deck, a very good flight with exellent meal -- we chose the pasta dish. Both Annie and John watched 'National Treasure 11' before Annie had a snooze, breakfast arrived and we were shortly landing in Amsterdam at 7am for our 3 hour wait before departing for Manchester at 10.00am

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

A bright sunny am, so we took a city bus tour to learn about Toronto in 2 hours. This led by Gordon, a very chatty 70 yr old who chatted away through his mike whilst driving around the city. Briefly, In 1788 we British bought 250,000 acres of land from the Indians mostly on the north shore of Lake Ontario.
Younge St in Toronto stretches for 1200 miles north and divides the street system east to west in Toronto, and goes on to highway 11 to north Ontario.(Again we Brits built it and seemingly did not know when to stop!!!)
The only industry in Toronto is refining sugar cane, basically allowed as it does not cause pollution, imported from Cuba.
The CN Tower used to be the world's tallest tower, now superceeded by Dubai.. The Royal Bank of Canada, all gold looking is regarded as their nicest looking building whilst the highest building is The Bank of Montreal with 72 storeys.
In 1904 a massive destroyed most of the city so it had to be rebuilt.
Saw the ice hockey hall, with bronze figures outside (ice hockey is Canada's national sport) Union Station built in 1927 with 3 levels of track plus the subway.
Toronto boasts 41 theatres, and in one street alone, 23 resturants in one row!!
Learnt about 'THE Path', a wonderful linked underground system of walkways, in marble,with shops eateries etc, between the station, subway and most of the skyscraper blocks, this built so workers could avoid being outside in the cold snowy winters, and never need come above ground. Visiting part of this later, we were amazed just how grafitti free and clean it was, unlike London's underground.
Condo's here in the smart Avenue Road area costing $1.2 to $7m, almost all having 3 car garages!!
Our tour over, we left the bus near the CN Tower and decided we must go to the top. Queued for an hour, but the wait was well worth it! It is 346 metres high, and 114 stories to the main observation deck, then those feeling braver can ascend another lift to the pod almost at the top, then 447 metres and 147 stories high!! A 5 foot movement tollerence here which we could feel!
Worth the effort, the views across the city and lake were superb.
Decending without a wait, we walked across the city to The St Lawrence market, a wonderful collection of not only food stalls, but allsorts. Sniffed out a delicious crab sandwich, then walked back to our hotel -The Royal York (named as it has a green coronet shaped top (built in 1929).
Our last dinner in Toronto was at Moreton's steak resturant across town under The Hyatt hotel, wow the size of the portions!! So full afterthe steaks,we had to declined the souffle!!!
Our taxi driver en route back afterwards, very odd, thought he'd hit a wild animal so went around the block looking for it.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

John and Annie decided today was the day to drive to Niagara, so set off in the 'van' plus sat nav, out down the Gardiner Highway, for I plus hours drive, giving great views of Lake Ontario as we went. My first view of the falls just amazing (John had seen them before whilst in Canada on business years ago) the spray going well up into the air. Went down a small cliff side railway and a mile plus walk, viewing the falls as we went, taking many photo's.
Boarded 'The Maid of THe Mist' and donned blue plastic hooded capes tro keep dry.(Very flattering!!) It was worth getting wet for, the roar of the cascade falls, plus the American and Bridal Falls (on the USA side) well worth every second. Saw a totally black squirrel. After walking back to the parked 'van', we set off for Niagara-on-the-lake, a historical village about an hour away. This drive took us through the wine lands of Ontario, but sadly no time to stop off!! Did the historical trail of the old houses there( a bit like Monteray) saw where the River Niagara joins Lake Ontario. Also Fort George which played a part in the history of Ontario. Had a welcome tea in The Battery cafe, sandwich called 'Under the Sun' a healthy option of veg and cheese. Then set off with ,John driving, back to Toronto. Sat Nav's have boggled us before, and this one no different, plus a slip road closed on to the highway, after much cursing etc we over ruled the sat nav to get back into Toronto.
Thought we'd try The Ontario Club ( a reciprical with the RAC in London, but their handbook out of date, so no go!!! Walked back to our hotel to a nice meal in the Library Bar.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Location: Calgary to Toronto, Canada

6am call ---ughh!! 7.30am depart hotel for Calgary International airport 14 miles away. So little traffic, thank goodness!! Waiting for our Air Canada 11.15 am flight to Toronto and the last leg of our trip. Superb flight, great airline too. Our last view of the Rockies as we took off, hope wecan return one day!
Interactive personal tv screen to use with masses of both films and tv channels to choose from, this not seen before on an airline! Looking out of the window, the scenery changed from mountains to flat prarie lands. 2 hours time ahead, but on landing we caught the end of hurricane IKE, making it a bumpy last 15 mins.
Off to the Alamo desk to collect the second Dodge van in black for our stay in Toronto. JM drove downtown in heavy rain, JR navigating as the sat nav we'd hired refused to work for ages.
Booked intoThe Royal York Hotel (Fairmont) room 4-178 looking straight at the CN Tower, all lit up!! Off to THe Library Bar for a much needed drink and meal. This a lovely dark panelled book lined room, a contrast from the light gold foyer and old station clock.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Location: Banff Springs to Calgary, Canada

After a night of heavy rain where we were, snow had fallen on the mountains giving stunning views of The Cascades, Mount Rundle etc seen when the cloud lifted. We packed up, then took a taxi ride to walk round the town. The taxi driver told us all Banff yellow cabs (Ford Saloons) had been police cars !!
Very chilley too, warmer clothes would have been welcomed!!
We had the hire'van' loaded and left for Calgary 132 kms away at 1pm. Deer seen on the road side, and as we headed out of the beautiful Rockies the scenery changed to the flat lands. Here is were the Pacific plate joins the plate.
Freight trains of a mile long seen hauling their loads. Police speed cops here use helicopters, sneekey!!!!
Arrived at The Fairmont Palliser hotel and checked into 1136, before a walk round the shopping area of Calgary.Now 60 degrees temp here. This looks a very affulent city, which we were surprised at.
John and Mary on their explore found a returant called Blink which we had a great meal in, only to discover the chief was from Newcastle on Tyne, he produced a lovely and unusual meal.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Location: Banff Springs, Canada

Stunning morning mountain views, with the roar of the Bow Valley falls in the distance. We found the hotel had 16 food and beverage spots to cater for all needs, one being a deli which was open 24 hours! So we decideda 'take out' breakfast snack was a good option. Walking back to the room with carrier bag of food, encountered two medium sized deer on the path nibbling the trres with hotel staff armed with brooms trying to persuade them to go!!
We four decided an outing to Lake Minnewanka (no I'm not joking) was a good idea. Last night's taxi driver had told us it was worth a visit. So off on the Tunnel Mountain road through thick forest, all eyes of those not driving were on wild life watch, sadly none seen.
Lake Minnewanka an 18 mile long lake, here we all boarded a cruise boat for the 2 hour tour of the lake,plus guide talking about the wildlife in the area -- cougars, packs of wolves, black bears, grizzleys and chipmunks etc. Bald eagles nest here but had flown about 2 weeks before. but before we came back the weather had turned, the cloud came in and very heavy rain.
Drove back via The Two Jacks lake and Bow Valley River and falls for lunch in the hotel lounge.
Later on Anne and John did the hour and a half heritage tour of the hotel with the hotel's archiviest, a really interesting tour and guide. As with Lake Louise, this hotel developed because of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and as our great transport hotels in the UK and Scotland did too.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Location: Lake Louise to Banff Springs, Canada

Again awake early 6am, to see the wonderful sunrise over the glacier and lake, breakfast on the balcony to catch as much of the view as possible. Friendly whisky jack birds joined us again for bread, so tame and a delight to see so close to. Kayacks on the lake looked so peaceful, John wished we had more time to take one out. We did however, walk the path to the end of the lake (over a mile) to look back at the hotel. Sun out and hot too.
Saw a couple of cheeky chipmunks begging for food from a lady eating sweets, one of these animals running up her leg!!
Then a farewell to a romantic lake, and setting, and off in the hire 'van' to Banff Springs an hour away.
Banff Springs hotel like a majestic castle of dark stone, set against a backcloth of mountains and pine forests, no lake here though.
Our room in the Stanley Thompson wing overlooing a spectacular view (1311).
Lunch here outside on the terrace of the main hotel in warm sunshine - bliss!!
Later, with a window open in our room, a familiar nose heard, the ping of a golf ball being hit by a driver!! Annie decided a walk to investigate was called for, so set off down a track, being aware a bear could share the route(but no such luck) But a spectacular golf hole, high tee off point to drive over the river! Further on the lovely Bow River Falls.
At night a meal in The Grizzly House fondue steakhouse in town, this a recommend by Marion Kutzer we'd met at Lake Louise. This great fun, with 60's/70's memrobilia everywhere plus music too.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Waking at 6am for a view of the sunrise over the glacier was well worth it, wow and wow again!!! Camera out for as many pics as possible of the changing light over the lake and the sun came up.
This a very special place we can never forget!

Tuesday, 09 September 2008

Location: Kamloops to Banff, Canada

Left Kamloops, (the Sheraton 4 Points Hotel) the 5th largest city in British Columbia at 8am for our marathon 600 kms drive through amazing scenery to Banff and Lake Louise. Saw small deer in the firlds outside Kamloops, and in one field a fox being chased by a deer!
Our route to the Rockies followed the Thompson River for many miles. Kamloops was a fur trade centre used by white settlers, then gold prospecters. But the Canadian Pacific railway in the 1880's was the real expansion of the territory.
Saw the White lake, a huge horseshoe lake en route to Sicamous, such a pretty area. Then the 3 Valley Lake Chateau hotel at the end of the lake, west of Revelstoke, looked so inviting for a coffee stop, but John M having managed to pass a long line of traffic decided we could not stop, but a note made in the diary for future!!! In Golden, after a driver change to Annie, a road block this for a driving licence check by a very polite Canadian policeman! Sadly low cloud and some heavy rain spoilt the scenic views through Glacier National Park and then Banff National Park, but through the cloud we could see fresh snow on the mountains.
Arrived in Banff at 4pm, called at the Banff bureau, but wow how the temperature had dropped. We discovered from the Shell garage man that snow had fallen the previous weekend ie Sept 6/7th. Banff very pretty with hanging baskets from all lamp posts and wide streets, further investigation left for a few days time when we are back here.
Drove on another 40 mins to Chateau Lake Louise our hotel for the next two nights, road signs warning of bears, elk and moose on the roads!!! Sadly none seen.
Checking in here, met by lederhosen bell boys plus felt hats!! A huge foyer. But the best to come when we arrived in our room.(883)
The view from the balcony took my breathe away as it spanned both the emerald coloured Lake Louise below and the glacier beyond.
We had a two tier room here with lounge area on one floor, then up a spiral staircase to the bedroom, bathroom and two angled balconies, such a romantic view down the lake, just dreamy!
After the unpacking, a quick walk round the hotel and supper in the saloon complete with saloon double doors!!

Monday, 08 September 2008

Location: Vancover to Kamloops, Canada

On the road again this am.the 'van' loaded by a bemused bellboy when he saw our luggage (4 folks) On a lovely sunny am we set off out of Vancover for the last time and off up the Trans Canada Highway - route 1 north west for Kamloops. Route 1 took us onto route 5, JM doing a sterling job of the driving with JR in the navigation seat, the girls in the back chatting.
Almost a petrol crisis as we almost ran out of petrol, unlike the UK where motorway services are every 30/40 miles, we went miles and no sign, JM just coasting on all down slopes. Relief, found one in Merritt just off the highway.
Driver change and on to the Sheratan Kamloops 5 plus hours from Vancover, on the edge of town and our night stop, plus a Rics steak house!!

Sunday, 07 September 2008

Location: Whistler to Vancover, Canada

Awoke to enjoy the stunning forest views again. Annie could not resist a dip in the pool, the outside one heated to 30 degrees and the hot tub 40 degrees!!!! Swimming in there and looking up at Whistler mountain somehow magic!!! Made me want to --- yes you guessed--ski again!!!!
We discovered a farmers market just outside the hotel ,a nd enjoyed a walk round, great fruits,jewellry, art, cookies and a live band playing too.
Decided to explore Whistler centre about a 20 min walk away, so saw our first red maple tree, enjoyed coffee sat out in heat!! Saw a chickadee bird too and just missed a black bear in the area outside the hotel, did hear someone shreak though and wondered why!!!!
Anne and Mary bought a huge bag of the cotton candy to munch en route back to Vancover -- just too good to miss!!!
Two and a half hours back to the Pan Pacific, a quick change and over the road the the Waterfront Fairmont and a crab and cheese fondue-- delicious!!! Diet will definitely be needed when back in Cheshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 06 September 2008

Location: Vancover to Whistler, Canada

Split up the luggage to leave most of behind in the Pan Pacific, then to Alamo hire desk to collect our 'van' for the next few days adventures in Canada. Gosh the size of this Dodge machine -- a full 7 seater job ( this needed for the luggage when we leave on the 8th) It came with sat nav, so with Annie driving the beast and JR (John Race) in navigation seat we set off for Whistler along route 99 the Sea to Sky Highway rated as one of the world's three great drives, for the 75 miles to Whistler. Massive raod widening going on to cope with the forthcoming Olympic traffic. Stopped in Squamish for a Tim Horton's coffee and doughnut stop and driver change to JM (John Marr),Annie now in a rear armchair seat with Mary (Race). Stunning scenery with snow capped mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and wall to wall pine forests. Found Chateau Whistler our hotel for the night and left the'van' to be valet parked!! Sat out in hot sun to enjoy a cold drink before we set off to explore the grounds. This to be the venue for the 2010 winter olympics, but looking at grass and no snow seemed odd. Interesting though to see where it will all take place in 2010.
Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain join and itis a huge area. Annie and JM decided to go up Whistler Mountain as the bubble lift working, so enjoyed a 25 mins ride up over pine forest with ' mad mountain bikers' coming doen the grassy ski runs at rapid pace below us. We noted ambulances parked on statigic corners!!!!!!!!!
Up at top 6,500 ft we spotted marmot, chipmunk and a grey/black/white bird we later discover was a whisky jack. Sadly the next chair lift to 10,000ft had just closed, so strolled around enjoyed the views and statue of Inuksuit and came back down(by lift). Walked back through some very expensive looking house developments to the hotel. We 4 had a lovely meal together in the hotel, with 'cotton candy' (Canadian candy floss) served with the coffee. It was elderflower flavour and delicious too.

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From Rosie
Hello travellers two
Your voyage seems to have contained much excitement!
Have loved reading all about your time on QM11 - looks like the way to go!! Wish I could persuade Rob to dress up then we might try it!! Look forward to reading of your impressions of arrival in NY and NY itself. Keep having fun!
Rob now in the UK for four days. We are here until 26th Aug then to Connecticut for Brumwell wedding. Weather a bit cooler here now thank goodness!
Love R & R
Response: Dear R & R
Thank you for your messages. Sorry for the delay in a reply, no computer room in the Algonquin Hotel. Great period hotel on 44th, so handy for everywhere to walk to.
Now in Vancover, alot cooler here -- in fact chilley!!
Thinking about you all today at the Brumwell wedding, hope all goes well.
You woud love the QM2 crossing, despite force 11 gales and 27ft seas one day I'd give it another go. It is possible to travel on it without 'dresing up' details when we speak next. Love Anne xxxxx
From Sue
Hi Anne,
How is the trip going, do you know yet when you will be in Melb. Tell John I am pleased the Poms are batting well in Adelaide as my friends have all been very rude about their performance in Bris.
Love Sue.
Response: Hi Sue
Thanks for the message, only just got to a computer, so sorry for the delay in our reply. Not thrilled with the cricket results in either Brisbane or now Adelaide, only hope we play better in Perth!! If not think the lads should go home asap!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you.
From Jonathan & Mary
Hi U 2,
As usual you seem to be having a great time, hope you did not snore through the film.
We saw the film and enjoyed it.
Weather wonderful here, lots of rain and then more rain just in case we forget what rain is like. We are tempted to use a hose but would probably get arrested and then deported to the colonies for penal servitude!!
Maybe that is a plan to get to Australia?
Enjoying the travelogue.
Love J & M
From Anne
What a wonderful trip so far - I'm hooked!!! Looking forward to the next episodes
Love A
Response: Hi Anne
Lovely to read your message. Am still behind on the typing, will keep adding bits. Anne xx
From Fran and Phil
Good to see you are back on line. Slightly worried that you might have overdosed on the coca leaves or decided to stay as guides! However, you are still having fabulous adventures. Your Galapagos trip sounds wonderful. makes our weekend in Bourton on the Water sound very tame!!Anyway, make the most of your final leg. We look forward to seeing you both soon.
Response: Dear Fran and Phil,
lovely to hear from you, sorry for delays in news, sometimes difficult to find computers, and find the time to use them!! We would both like the idea of becomming travel guides here, so many fabulous things to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed B in the Water, looking forward to seeing you soon, Love from us both xxx
From Jonathan & Mary
Hi both,
So pleased to have you back on line and keeping us all enthralled with your adventures.
News from the UK. Langley is sold, crossed fingers obviously worked, the whole deal took 10days from offer to completion. I locked the door at 19.15 hours on the 28th April.
Could this be some kind of record?
Thanks for the postcard which arrived this a.m. 9th May.
It looks absolutely superb.
Suggest you hire a cinema when you get back so all can share what we suspect could be a collection of amazing photos.
Continue to enjoy.
Love J & M
Response: Dear Jonathan and Mary, 7am Santiago airport waiting for very delayed flight to Easter Island!!!
Thank you for your two lovely messages, so nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in replying, hectic days in Ecuador and no computer on the boat. So pleased for you the sale of Langley went through so quickly, did not believe esate agents/solicitors could move so quickly!! Yes I guess it is a record. Hope the loft at Pamber Heath is large enough to hold extra items! So glad your Mum´s birthday went off well to. Cheers and love from us both A & J xx
From James
Hello Aunty Anne and John.
Just a quick note to say thank you for the birthday card! I had a great weekend, went to a show in london called stomp - very good and also went for a flight in a tigermoth with our next door neighbour - brilliant fun. Hope you're having a nice trip - it sound great.

Love James
Response: James, so nice to hear from you, glad your birthday went well, Stomp sounded fun, also the tigermoth flight too - wow!! Now in Quito about to fly to Santiago Love Auntie Anne XX
From tor
hi! been reading your diary, but what's happened since the 23rd? dying to know!! am very envious...all seems so different to Swansea somehow?! ha ha! thanks for the postcard...I keep looking at it, wondering what it must feel like to be standing in the middle of such a market! lots of love and go for it in spades!....don't stop having a lovely time! Tor
Response: Hi Tor, just got back from 7 days on Galapagos Islands. Amazing wildlife and birds. No computers, hence the silence. We fly off to Santiago, Chile, tomorrow finishing with a trip to Easter Island, so will be in touch soon.
Love to you and H
dAD and AD xxxxxxx
From Jonathan and Mary
Hi both,
We have just finished reading your latest exploits. When is the book and then the film being released. Will it be Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in the lead roles and will Speilberg be directing?
A lot to catch up on as I have been up North for a week on business and to see Mum who was 80 on the 29th.Mary came up to Macc to join me on the 28th then we went on up to Penrith for the celebrations on the 29th.
Crossed fingers on the cottage worked thank you. I got a call on Wed 26th could i vacate on the 28th.
Lots of hard work and trips to the tip, and the help of my friend MIchael and I vacated Langley at 7.15 pm.
I will be going back to Mcc soon with a van to pick up bits and pieaces but it is amazing how smooth things can be when you have a business buying your property and cash in their hands.
No joy on the Sainsbury front. Too experienced etc. Not really surprised there.
Unlike you lucky people our next adventure is up into the dark recesses of the loft at Pamber Heath to clear space for some more stuff from up North.
Til we hear from you again continue to enjoy.
Love J & M
Response: Hi there Mary and Jonathan, think, or hope our last message replied to yours. Now in Easter Island enjoying sights of various moai. Love A & J xx
From Rosie
Hello you two explorers!
Your trip sounds more and more fabulous with every passing day. The places you have stayed sound so staggeringly beautiful - will look forward to seeing photos even if you say they don't do justice to the scene. We are racing around trying to get various things done before our departure for Russia on Wednesday a.m. The silly thing is that we have done no background reading because we really thought we would not be going, now we are going we have no time to sit down let alone read. Maybe there will be a bit of time on the flight.

Look forward to hearing about the Galapagos - we are most envious.

Lots of love
R & R
Response: Dear R & R So good to hear from you. Planet ranger now behind due to our week touring in Ecquador, and being so fantastic, dare I say better than Peru in lots of ways, more details later!! Now back in Quito for tonight, fly out to Galapogos tomorrow Sat for 7 nights. Today before we left the hacienda we had 2 nights in, I was very brave and went out on a horse complete with chaps on!! Wow wonderful - do let Annie know!! Love for now A & J xx
From Fran and Phil
Hi folks! We're enjoying the commentary. Thanks from me (Phil) for the birthday card. Very clever conjuring trick to get a UK postmark dated whilst you were in Peru!!! Celebrated birthday with your champagne gift from RAC-many thanks for that. Conntinue to have what is clearly a fantastic trip. Take care.


Fran and Phil
Response: Hi Fran and Phil, got back to Quito tonight and found your message, in haste again will mail later love A & J xxxx
From tor
just logged on to read how you both are...what a fantastic experience! am expecting many photos!! so glad to hear that all is good and that you're enjoying it! take care and have an amazing time! lots of love, tor
Response: Hi Tor, Great to hear from you, and pleased you are reading our travel diary. We have just arrived in Quito, capital of Ecuador. Totally different feel to Peru, but just as interesting. Four day exploration of the country ahead prior to flying to the Galapagos.
Lots of love to you and Harry, Dad and Anne x
From rosemary
19th April
Just back from Toulouse visiting Robin and Sue Brumwell - very tired but had a super 48 hour visit. Their new house taking shape in usual Brumwell fashion - very attractive and artistic. Not had a moment to read your interesting notes but as I type I am printing it up for a quiet moment. We have people coming to stay tomorrow and they will need full time attention so do not anticipate having a free moment until Monday 23rd April earliest to have a leisurely read of your notes. All sounds superb so far. We are off on our trip in May but do not know whether we can keep up planet ranger there. Love R & R
Response: Dear Rosemary, Great to hear from you. The new Brumwell home sounds lovely. Don´t know how you manage to cope with visitors when you are only just home!! Love Anne
From Fran and Phil
Still sounds absolutely fantastic and we are really enjoying your commentary. We certainly admire your stamina!Hope you're feeling better.
Fran and Phil
Response: Fran and Phil, good to hear from you. Did Phil celebrate his birthday??
A & J
Aother exciting episode in the John and Anne adventure. We really look forward to each installment and try following you on a map.Belated Easter greetings, I suspect no Easter Eggs for you as they may well melt in the heat over there. We spent ours in Penrith with Mum and had a great time.
News on the house front we may have sold Langley!!!!
Keep your fingers crossed.
Hope the enegy giving sweets work by the sound of your travel plans you will need it. All for now.
Love to both and we look forward to the next chapter.
Response: Dear Jonathan and Mary, great to here from you, likewise belated Easter Greetings. I did manage to find a egg for John in small store we visited! Good you had a good Easter in Penrith.Great news, fingers crossed Langley may be sold. Any news re Sainsbury ? Love to you both.
From Hil
Great to follow your progress. All sounds fantastic but I bet you wish you could extend some of the visits by a few hours!!!!You will certainly need this record to recall the memories on your return. Hope you set the date on your camera so as to link it all with ease! Looking forward to the next installment. Have fun........
Response: Hi Hil
Glad you like the travel log, visits to Lima, Colca Canyon and Ariquipa all too short just so much to see and the distances between each is so great.
From Fran & John
Glad to hear you're having such a restful time! Sounds marvellous, very exciting, very interesting. Your weather better than ours. Have a great Easter.
Fran & John
Response: Dear Fran and John
Lovely to hear from you. Now here in Cusco for 3 days so can catch you on e-mails etc. This such a fantastic trip, but no time to relax!
Easter spent in Puno on edge of Lake Titicaca, and was wet!! Have ebcountered snow, sleet, rain and cloud in the mountains.
Will now add more diary enteries.
Love Anne and John
From jonathan & Mary
Great to see you have arrived and already in the thick of the holiday. It makes life in Pamber seem very mundane.The Nasca Lines sound exciting and make my flight over Jodrell Bank seem quite tame.
Continue to enjoy.

J & M
Response: Dear J & M
Thank you for your message, great to hear from friends. Love A & J
From Fran and Phil
Well there you are and all the preparations and lack of sleep must seem worth it! Much envy here; it is freezing!!
Response: Hi Fran and Phil, great to get your message. Hate to tell you but we are wilting in the heat, not alot of sun, haze everywhere but v. warm. Still not caught up on the sleep, Cox and Kings are certainly keeping us on schedule, very well organised A & J
From Rosemary
Have found you!! Also now realise that you are not off until 8th April so maybe we will have a chance to talk before then. If we don't and I do understand how busy you must be, then HAVE A SUPERB TIME. We have both returned home with horrible bugs! It seems to go with our travels to the USA - when we returned after our Christmas Trip both of us came home ill and had to cancel loads of appointments and the same has happened this time - most frustrating. However, we did have a great time - the children are adorable and the snow conditions remained fantastic until our day of departure. We spent seven hours in Denver airport because our plane to chicago was so delayed that it was going to miss all possible connections with BA to London for the next 24 hours so we were then put on BA direct to LHR from Denver (what we had tried to book originally and told it was full!!) So in the end we did well and travelled home in Business Class!!!
Response: Hi Rosemary, have found your message. Great to have our chat yesterday and a catch up too. Excellent you got the BA with business classs home.