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Welcome to Ash's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Location: Sardinia, Italy

I went to Sardinia (an island near Italy) with my flatties for 6 days. We had such an awesome time. We pretty much spent the whole time at the beach in the sun and playing volleyball (and getting stung by jellyfish!!) We watched the sunset every evening and ate beautiful Italian food. We went on a boat cruise stopping at a few beaches along the way and had lunch on the boat. And we went to a water park with hydroslides which was really fun. The weather was perfect (reaching 39 degrees some days) and the beaches were stunning.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

Three days after I got back from New York I flew to Athens with Sanjay, Roshni, Jay and Anj. The day after we arrived we went to see the Acropolis in the morning and then we caught a 5 hour ferry to Paros Island. On the ferry we occupied ourselves by drinking, eating Goodys and playing drinking games. Unfortunately when we got to our hotel on the island the manager told us we had come in the off-peak season so the hotel pool was closed and it wasn't warm enough to go to the beach =(

Instead, we hired quadbikes and cruised around the island on them for 2 days, stopping for roadies and visiting all the beaches around the island. Anj had a crash and fell off her bike, Sanj ended up on the wrong side of the road, and I was wondering why my bike was so slow before Sanj told me that I had the hand brake on!! Ha ha. We had lunch, dinner then lunch the next day at the same restaurant where the staff joined in on our drinking games. We also learnt some Greek words - "Yamas" ("cheers") and "Gamma Setta" (which I won't translate for now).

We had an awesome 2 days on the island before we had to catch a ferry back to Athens where it was hot and sunny!!! The next day Sanj, Rosh and Jay left to go back to NZ and Anj and I back to London.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Location: New York, USA

The day after Bharti arrived in London we flew to New York to see my cousin Anil. As soon as we arrived Anil took us to a bar for $1 beers and then we went to a Mexican restaurant for quesadillas and sangria - YUM! We then went to another bar for drinks and dancing. The next day Anil had to work so we met him for lunch and had Kati Rolls (see photos) - YUM! After lunch we continued walking around Times Square and spent 2 hours in the M&Ms store!! Then we went for a window shop on 5th Avenue! That night we went out to one of Anils mates drinks and had an awesome time!

The next day we were pretty tired but still managed to hire a car and drive to Woodbury Common - a massive designer outlet centre!!! It was so the best place I have ever been to!! When we got home we got ready to go to dinner and then later to go clubbing.

We paid a visit to Chinatown the next day for Yum Char. Then went shopping in Soho and Noho. The following day we visited the place where the World Trade Centre used to be - that was really interesting and sad as well. After Jay asked someone where we could find the "Eiffel Tower" (instead of the Statue of Liberty - SHAME!) we caught a ferry past the Statue of Liberty .

We went to Chinatown again the next day - this time to do some shopping. What an experience that was! We wanted to look at some fake designer bags so we were taken into hidden rooms at the back of stalls and then a place which was underground and to get to the room where the bags were the lady had to unlock 6 doors which had 2 locks on each! We even got literally pushed out of a shop by one lady! That was crazy! After that we went to 5th Avenue where I made a special purchase at the Gucci store!! We then went to Madison Square Garden to to see if we could get tickets to a basketball game - New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons! We managed to get some tickets from a guy outside the stadium. We had awesome seats and the atmosphere was just amazing!!

The next day we did a final shop before we had to head back to London. Bharti stayed on but Jay and I flew back that day. I so didn´t want to leave - New York was awesome!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Location: Paris, France

On Friday night Dharms and I caught the Eurostar (train) to Paris for the weekend. We stayed at the Murano Urban Resort which was really nice. To get into the room, Dharms had to use his fingerprint and you could change the colour of the lights in the room - it was sooo cool!

Anyway, on Saturday we shopped all day and when we got back to the hotel, Dharms told me to wait in the room while he organised a taxi to take us to a park that this "band" was playing at. When we got to the park we found a place to sit and I was wondering where the band was when Dharms pulled out a bunch of roses. There was a disguised ring box in the shape of a rose and he pulled out a ring and asked me "Will you be my wife?" and I cried and said "Yes!" It was so exciting. I still can't believe it though!!

The next day we walked up the Eiffel Tower. We didn't go all the way to the top - just to the second platform. The view was amazing. Then we went to see the Arc de Triomphe and walked up and down the Champs-Elysees.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Location: London, UK

Dharmesh arrived here on Feb 1st so we have been pretty full on over the past few weeks. The day after he got here we had a dinner at my flat as it was Nadja's (one of my flatmates) birthday and the next day we went to Parliament Square to see the Haka (which apparently happens every year for Waitangi Day.) We didn't get to see it though as there were so many people - was good to be around all the kiwis though! That night we went out to a bar called O'Neills near Leicester Square and just danced and drank all night. and the next day Dharms and I went to Madame Tussauds which was awesome.

The next weekend Dharms and I went to Luton so he could meet my Mum's family. They got along real well, luckily, so that was good. Dharms stayed up till 7am drinking with my Uncles and fell asleep on the kitchen table!! Shame.

We went to see the Lion King this week and it was absolutely amazing!!

Monday, 08 January 2007

Location: Scotland, UK

On Friday we flew to Scotland and stayed in a house that we rented for the weekend. There were 21 of us family that stayed there. The house was around 300 years old, there were 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and a games room. On Friday night, we were up till 5.30am drinking, dancing, playing pool and visiting the graveyard (which was right next door.) On Saturday, everyone was pretty much hungover so we just lazed around the house all day. On Sunday we went for a 2 hour nature walk around the area we stayed which was really nice. We pretty much just lounged around out for the rest of the day. We didnt do any sight-seeing at all but it was a nice relaxing weekend away!

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: Luton, UK

Xmas Day...

On Xmas day we got woken up at 6.30am by my 6 year old cousin, Keelan, who couldn't wait to open his presents (so we only got 3 and a half hours sleep!!) All my Mums family came over and we opened all our presents, drank wine and ate all day. Unfortunately, it wasn't a white Xmas but we still had a great day!!

New Years...

Me, Nish, Nals, Raks, Dips and his mate, Jay caught a cab into London from Luton. 2 and a half hours later, we ended up at Dips' mates apartment. We had a few drinks there, then we caught a few tubes to St Pauls and went to a place called Metropolis. It was a New Years party organised by someone Dips knew. We stayed there till around 2am then we decided we were hungry so we got kebabs then went back to Dips' mates apartment at around 6am. We had a few hours sleep, then caught a train back to Luton. We all did the "walk of shame" in the dresses and makeup we still had on from the night before - how embarrassing!

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Location: Luton, UK

This week, I pretty much went shopping everyday - sometimes twice in one day!! On Monday Nish and I went to the Arndale Mall in the morning with my grandparents and her Mum, then we went again in the evening with Dips. On Tuesday I went to London with Nish and her Mum. We went shopping in Covent Garden and Harrods. Five minutes after arriving there Nish and I bought a pair of shoes each!! On Wednesday morning Nish and I went to the Arndale again with her Mum and my Grandma then again in the evening with Dips. On Thursday Nish's Dad arrived from NZ so we thought we had better show him the local shopping mall here so we went shopping again.

On Friday Nish and I caught a train into London and went shopping on Oxford St. We planned to get through the whole street but we only ended up getting through about a quarter of it - and it took us 8 hours!!! We spent 3 hours in Top Shop and we didn't even get to all 7 floors!! After all that shopping we were pretty tired and made our way to Jay's (Nish's brother) flat. We had a few wines there then made our way to the Redback. We just drank Snakebites and danced all night - it was so much fun!!! I bumped into Katrina there as well so it was nice to see her too. We stayed the night at Jay's flat and caught a train back to Luton in the morning.

On Saturday my Mum, Dad, Nals (my sister) and Raks (my brother) arrived from NZ so we stayed up and had a few wines and caught up with all the goss back home!! Sunday night (Xmas Eve) I went to the White House and Liquid again with Nals, Raks, Jay, Nish and her cousins. It started off as a quiet night but once the clock struck 12, they started playing Xmas songs and everyone got into the spirit. We had loads of fun drinking, dancing and putting lipstick on the boys!!! Jay found a blow-up sheep on the dance floor, which Nals tried to drop-kick but fell over on her backside!!! - That was the highlight of the night!!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: Luton, UK

Well I can't believe it has already been a month since I arrived here. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!!

I went into London again on Wednesday as I had another interview in Wimbledon with a recruitment agent. Wimbledon is a great place to shop but I didn't get a chance to have a good look - will have to go back there one day very soon!!

On Thursday I went to the airport to pick up Nish (my Mum's cousin from Auckland.) It was so good to see someone from home!! On Friday Nish and I went with my uncle to do his Xmas shopping at Toys R Us and Argos (where you order stuff from catalogues - Nish's favourite shop.)

On Saturday night Nish's cousins, Dips and Kuks, took us out clubbing in Luton. We went to The White House (not the same as the one in Auckland!) and Nish and I had 2 bottles of wine in the space of about an hour as Dips was rushing us as he wanted to go to another club. We went to Liquid which was so much fun - we were just dancing and drinking all night until...Nish and I ended up in the toilet. End of story!!!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Location: UK

My third week in the UK...
On Tuesday my grandparents took me to a shopping centre in Milton Keynes (about half an hour from Luton) for more shopping - its such a huge mall. We were there from 11 in the morning to about 5 in the evening and only managed to go to about 5 shops. I decided that I would need 2 full days to get to all the shops so I think I might have to stay in Milton Keynes one weekend!!!

On Wednesday one of my Uncles (that I hadn't yet seen) came to visit me. I decided that I wanted to decorate the house with Xmas decorations as the whole of my Mums family will be together for Xmas for the first time in 12 years so we went and bought some outside lights for the house and some other decorations for inside. I helped my Uncle put the outside lights up and then I put the Xmas tree up and the other decorations.

On Thursday I caught a bus to the Arndale Centre (Luton's local shopping mall) and I spent the whole day shopping - again!!! I finished all my Xmas shopping and, of course, bought a few things for myself as well!! And on Friday, my Grandma wanted to go shopping so we walked to the mall and went shopping yet again!! I didn't buy anything this time though!!

On Saturday I went to my Uncles house in Ware (near Hertfordshire) - not far from London. He has three crazy kids - Jared (11), Danyn (9) and Imogen (7). I went to watch Imogen's Xmas theatre production which was really cute. We went back to my Uncles, had lunch and a few wines and chatted for a couple of hours. We then had dinner (pizza and wine) and had no choice (thanks to Jared) but to watch The Crocodile Hunter and Animal Planet for the rest of the night!! On Sunday we walked to a cafe and had breakfast - I had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup!! Yum! I then went to watch Danyn and Imogen's swimming lessons which was really cute and after that my Uncle took me back to Luton.

Sunday, 03 December 2006

Location: UK

My second week in the UK...
On Tuesday, my Uncle took me to Aylesbury to do some shopping and I bought heaps!!! There is so much variety here and it's reasonably cheap. We had a pub lunch and then done some more shopping.

On Thursday, I caught a train into London and met Katrina (who I used to work with in Auckland) for lunch. We went to a Thai place near her work which had great food. However, it was so busy that we got kicked out as soon as we finished eating as there were people waiting so we went to a pub across the road and finished chatting and catching up. Was good to see someone from home!!

On Saturday afternoon I caught a train to Katrina's flat in Acton Town to experience my first night out!! We caught the tubes to a bar in Wimbledon for "2 for 1" cocktails and when Happy hour was over, we moved on to a few other bars. We then had a feed and caught a cab back to Katrina's. I stayed at Katrina's and caught a train back to Luton on Sunday morning.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Location: London, UK

My first week in the UK...
I arr€ived into London at 6.30 on Sunday morning and my grandparents picked me up from the airport and took me back to their place in Luton. My cousins were there when we arrived so I pretty much spent the whole day catching up with them as I haven't seen them in 12 years. I went to bed around 5.30 that evening as I was pretty jet-lagged.

Didn't do much on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday, I went to London with my Uncle for the first time (in 12 years) and I absolutely loved it!! It is such an amazing place. It is so different to what I remember it being 12 years ago. Everyone and everything is on the go 24/7!!

My Uncle and I met another of my Uncles for a drink at a Canadian pub then we had lunch at a Mexican place. We then went to see the Piccadily Circus lights, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the London Eye (although we didn't go on it as it was raining) and finally we went on a cruise around the River Thames. After walking around London for 6 hours my feet were beginning to hurt and it was getting really cold so we decided to say goodbye to London and catch a train back to Luton!

The rest of the week was pretty much spent indoors due to the miserable weather. I can't believe how early it gets dark here - by 4pm it starts getting dark and by 5pm its pitch black!! And this is only the start of winter!!

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From kelly
Hey Ash

Im so slack, ive only just (finally) found your page! i wanted to say thanks heaps for the bday card - i couldnt text you coz i dropped my phone and it doesnt work anymore:( i had lunch with sandra the other day and she said your still on holiday - hope you having a wicked time mate:)
Response: Hey Kelly how are you? Im so glad you got the card - i guessed your address! (obviously got it right!) Hope you had a lovely bday and noticed that im using the cards you guys got me!! yeah im still havin an awesome time here - just been travelling and working and drinking!! Im actually on detox at the moment so we will see how long that lasts. Ha ha. Well it was nice to hear from you. Take care and keep in touch. You should join facebook too!!! x
From Bharti
Hey Skank........

See you at Church tomorrow!!!

Response: Hey Ho

Get ready to say your prayers!!! See you at the bottom yeah!

From Alpa
Hi ya

Glad to see your keeping in touch with everyone. It was great catching up with you while I was in London sad it was only for a short time. Anyway keep in touch and look forward to hearing of all your exciting travels.

Take Care
Response: Hiya yeah it was good to catch up while you were here. Hope you settled in back home. Take care and keep in touch x
From Ashok
Who's the hoary girl that walks around with a half bottle of warm white wine?

Love Ashok
Response: Only a hoary would do that...and for the record IM NOT A HOARY (well - not all the time!!!)
From Angel
Hi Ash,
It's so nice to hear from you, esp love to see the pics, something totalling refreshing to see during work hours ;o). Hope everything is great for you. Enjoy and go hard out shopping..hehehe..I know I would.

Love Angel :O)
Response: Hey Angel. Hope you all good. Nice 2 hear from you too. I really wanna go shopping but trying to save for my next trip!! take care. Ash x
From Tasha
Hey Ash

Wow your definetly living the high life....all your trips looks awaesome, i dont know if you heard but kingi and i got engaged in the 16th now im just organising the BIG day....we are having it on 6th Feb 2009 in Rarotonga.....its still quite awhile away but it gives everybody a chance to save some $$ when do you think you;ll be heading back this way? Well take care....

Love Tash xx
Response: Congratulations to you both. Thats wonderful news!!! Wow Rarotonga - that will be awesome. Ill prob be back around March next year. Hope you are all well. Take care. Ash x
From Leesha
Hey Ash,

Hows it all going?? Hope your having a blast! Eveyone back home says hello! me n raks are off to u21 tournament this saturday cant wait! Hope yo you are well! bye bye xoxox
Response: Hey Leesh everythings all good in the hood here. Having a wicked time. Good luck for your tournament. Say hi to everyone. Take care. Ash x
From Jo
Hey Ash,
hows working life? we had our first hockey comp game last sunday, we rocked it 3-nil!!! The two Sunis scored, our Suni Sukha and another Suni who's related to you!!! It was so cool... we'll miss you tho! Ooo & guess what... we're in CHAMP2 this year! Hey home and away tapes.. they're building up man... email me your address so I can send them to you.. or you can just watch them when you get back. Hope all is well with you :)
xoxo Jo
Response: Hey Jo works ok - have been travelling a bit so havent really been doing much work!! Ha ha - will update my diary when I get a chance. Ohh I soo miss hockey - sounds like you guys have had a good start to the season - keep it up!! Thanks so much for taping Home and Away for me - I think I will just watch them when I get back as we dont have a vcr at home =( I really miss it but ill just have to wait. I got your email with Kris's wedding photos - havent had a chance to look at them yet. Hope you are all good. Take care. Ash x
From Manisha
Hey Ash,
Hope you are continuing to have a blast of a time on your OE! Hockey season has started, so I thought of you yesterday, however you will be proud of us, as we went out & won 3-0! Nice to have a win first up in the season. I will give you updates throughout the season. Take care.
Response: Hey Manisha I really miss hockey - cant wait to get back into it. Hope you are all well. Good luck for the rest of the season - tell the girls I said "HI". Ash x
From Dani
Heya babe,
Thanks for keeping the photos and emails up to date....Glad you got the card safely...CONGRATS to you both again. The amazing pics and everything are making me itchy to get my butt there. Dont know if I can wait till next April??? Hope you having heaps of fun, play it safe babe.
Response: Hey Dani you should try and come earlier coz I'll prob be back in NZ next April - would be good to see you here. Take care. Ash x
From Rash
Hey Ash...sorry i'm late, but a HUGE HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you & Darmesh. Thats so exciting, am so happy for you both. Good to see your having fun and seeing the world at the same time. Keep it up and live it up!
Stay Rash x

Response: Thanks for that Rash. Its still kinda hard to believe but Im real excited. Im going to have to get some wedding tips from you so you better be ready when I get back!! Ha ha. Hope you are all well. Take care. Love Ash x
From Monica Nana
Hey Ash,
Sounds like your having such a great time... It brings back so many memories looking at photo's Londons one place I'll never forget. Well hope every thing else is oing well for you? Cant wait to catch up with you. Take care Monz
Response: Hey Mons
Yeah having lots of fun and everythings going well thanks. Miss everyone back home though. Take care and say hi to everyone.
Ash x
From Beena
Hey Ash!

Belated congrats! sorry I've dropped behind in keeping up with the news Manisha had to tell me, hope all is well and hopefully ill get to see you over there some time soon!

Luv lots!
B xox
Response: Thanks Beena. Would love to see you over here. You should seriously come over. We would have so much fun!! Take care Ash x
From Manisha
Hey Ash, Congratulations!! I am soooooo happy for you. Sounds very romantic. It must be wedding fever, we went down to Wanganui over the weekend for Sangita & Veejay's civil ceremony, very cool. We are trying to get the team together again for hockey - we are so gonna miss you when the season starts up again. Anyway, keep updating us with your travels & take care. Luv Manisha
Response: Hey Manisha, nice to hear from you. Im gonna miss playing this season too. I really cant wait to get back and start playing again. Take care and good luck for the season. Ash x
From Natasha
Hey Ash

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WOW man its bout time..hehe Dharms is a lucky man, hope all is well? Hey post a pic of the ring!! Glad to see your enjoying yourself, take care.

Love Tash
Response: Hey Tash Thanks for that. Hope you are all good. I took a photo of the ring coz my Mum wanted to see it but it didnt come out very well. You will just have to wait till I get back!!! Take care Love Ash xox
From nals
hey its nals im in a computer class gotta b quick cos im not supposed to b online!! hahaha..miss ya xox
Response: Hey Nals you so naughty - nothings changed. Dharms just left so Im real sad =( Hope u are all well. Miss you loads. Love Ash xox
From Mum
Hello Ash, you know I'm STILL waiting for the photo - you know what I mean! Hey I hope you have a great time in the Greek Islands etc. Make sure your Sanjaykaka looks after you - yeh right - more like you'll be looking after him!! Anyway you all have a great time. I miss you sooo much. All my love, Mum
Response: Hi Mum I have taken a phot but it hasnt come out very well. I'll send it to you tonight - sorry have been real busy. Yeah I'll look after Sanjaykaka!! Miss you too. Talk soon. Ash xox
From Dad
Hi Ash,just popped in to say are you keeping.Congratulation's on your engagement. take care and be careful.Give my regards to everyone.
Love Dad.
Response: Thanks Dad. Im keeping well thanks - missing NZ though!! hope you are good and not working too hard!! Take care Love Ash x
From Hash
Hi missy, CONGRATULATIONS on your news...... keep those photos rolling in cause me lurve checking them out and see what im missing lol. Take care hun.
Response: Ha ha. Thanks Hash. Hope you all good!! Take care and come visit me!! Ash
From Resh
Hey Ash

Congrats to both you and Dhamesh. How exciting :) Well sounds like your having a wicked time so make the most of it. Take care
Resh xox
Response: Thanks Resh. Hope you are well. Say hi to all from me. Ash
From Aleesha
Hey Ash,

Hows it going! Gampati is very well :P!! I hope your having a good time! Everything here is starting again and getting vedy busy!!! Take care Leesh xoxo
Response: Hey Leesh - whos Gampati?? You crazy girl!!!
From gampati
Response: Shut up Raks!!! U not funny MATE!!
From GEETZxx
Hiya Ash.........BELATED 'Happy Birthday' n Merry Christmas!!' Oh n HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U!!! Sounds like u r having an Awesome Time. Love reading wot u av been up to. Keep them rolling in. Take Care GEETZxx.
Response: Hey Geetz how are you? Nice to hear from you. Hope you are having fun in the sun!!! Take care, Ash
From sandra newman
well skank face keeping up the tradition"drunk pascoes girls"
Response: Ha ha - you know we all get it from you!!!
From Nish
Hey sitting here in Osaka and thought i should check ur page out.....fancy that...almost all the pictures you hav displayed are mine!haha.cant believe im not in luton-i miss it already =( think i mite come back...make sure u keep ur page updated an i will b sure to keep checking...b good =) xx
Response: Hey Nish
I miss you man!!! I think you should come back!! Im serious! Im just about to put some more photos on my page so you can check them out. Take care Ash