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Ash's Canada Trip '06

Well i have been talking about it for the past 4 years and now i am finally going for if not good at least a year.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 05 April 2007

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Finally made it here to mexico, bit of a change to Panorama. The day before i left we had 20cms of pow which i rode from 9 - 4:30, then as i drove into Calgary it was snowing its guts off in a huge blizzard. Was so tired from the driving and day before i nearly missed both my flights but i made it here eventually. I am glad we came here rather than to Cancun, its still party time every night but its not as commercial as i thought it would be. Only problem here is the Americans.... they are all mostly arrogant and rude but we all knew that anyway ;-) I should have known better and put sunscreen on but i guess i will have to put up with the sunburn now lol. The first night we got here we went to a foam party at a place called senor frog.... weird night, awsome night with hot 18 year old girls everywhere and unlimited drinks all night... gong show ;-) have a few pics and will be taking more so i can upload them when i get my new memory card reader in Canada (lost my other cord) well until my next entry next month lol stay safe everyone


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Location: Canada

Hi all, it has been a little while since i have left any messages on here and seeing as mum keeps hassling me about it i thought i had better make the effort ;-) Things have probably changed quite a bit since i was last on here, got a nice little tax return which has basically allowed me to stay for summer and instead of coming home end of April like i said it is now an open date.... I am going to continue working as an electrician over here until i leave i guess.

The weather over here has changed dramatically and with all the sun and warm weather all the snow is melting :-( I guess i will probably go on a road trip this weekend or ride in the park... not sure seeing as it is also St Patty's day (yes its lame that we need an excuse to drink) but it should be pretty huge up here. Not really much else has been going on here lately.. lots of partying and trying to get ready for mexico.. we are now going to a place called Puerto Vallarta. Check it out on the net

Anyway it would be nice if some of you send me an email or two from time to time ;-) keep safe all


Saturday, 03 February 2007

Location: Canada

Things are much better now ;-) Am over feeling homesick and just enjoying myself again at the moment. I wont be able to go riding until after the 20th of Feb because i am working my arse off (see dad im not a slack arse ;-) well unless it snows heaps and then i will take a day off.

i dropped my brand new drill in the shit plant yesterday which was not cool... it fell about 5 metres into about 5 - 10cms of shitty water lol but i had to go in and get it :-( got it out but it didnt want to work and i thought i had just ruined my brand new $360 dewalt 18v cordless!! luckily i took it downtown and they gave me a brand new one lol even tho the other one was a little smelly ;-) so maybe i didnt tell them i dropped it hehehe.

No other news just going out and getting boozed with the last few buddies that are here. Last night i was off my chops was quite funny really. Am still feeling seedy atm (its like 4pm) but still managed to get up and go to work.

Anyway keep safe everyone and will speak soon


Sunday, 28 January 2007

Location: Canada

Well its been a little bit since i have written on here and i can honestly say this is the first time i have been homesick here. Things have gone a little downhill here in Pano.. a lot of people have left and all i ever seem to do is work and not go riding so its been a little gay. Not sure how much longer i will stay but i guess it will be until at least march so i can settle some bills etc.. i am sure it will get better its just Pano is so small and i miss the city. Maybe i just need to go to Whistler and be a jaffa (just another f*cken aussie) lol

Well until next time and hopefully the next email will be a lil more cheery


Thursday, 04 January 2007

Location: Canada

Well has been a busy couple of days over here, i entered in my first ever rail jam last night.

didnt win but that wasn't the point, i came over here to push my riding and so far it is working. I did have a stumble there for a few weeks where i just wanted to party and not ride but now i am stoked on it again, so far have been dropping 20 foot walls and last night gapped the whole rail in the comp.... it was a pretty flat landing tho so my feet are bruised atm haha

Apart from that just started back at work as an electrician and snowmaking should be finishing around the 7th of Jan. I am pretty sad about that because although the money is terrible the people more than make up for it. I will try and upload some pics from New Years and the Rail Jam in the next few days, i have to get all the pics and videos from everyone else seeing as i was competing.

Well take care everyone,


Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: Canada

WOW has been crazy here lately, not sure what my last entry was or even when it was but basically xmas was sooo good!! I woke to 26cms of fresh powder and basically had the hill to myself getting fresh lines for the first hour. Then headed out into Tayton Bowl (its all double blacks with lots of steep and deep powder everywhere) Still havent dropped any big cliffs out here do to the sore back but there was lots of big pillows and small 5 - 10 ft drops out there. The park here is shitty, i think i am just spoiled with all the other places i have been riding.

Also havent been out on the skis for over a week, the snow has just been to good to bother on the groomed stuff but i guess it wont last forever. The resort has been crazy busy here over the holidays with gay skiiers flashing there money around being the main source of hecklng and entertainment, they expect the resort to quieten down a bit once new years is done but i think it is going to be a decent party up here hehe

Until next time take care all,


Saturday, 23 December 2006

Location: Canada

Hi all, well it has been a hectic time over here since i last worte an entry! I have bought myself a truck (Ford F150 XLT) so i can do a little site seeing and getting to work etc...

I haven't been able to go riding very much which is kinda shitty because i hurt my back at work.... still been working but struggling especially seeing as i have been doing some 16 hour days (electrician in the day then straight to snowmaking)

We had our xmas dinner last night with about 16 of the people i have become friends with here and it was sooooo good, i do believe i will rival mum's cooking by the time i next come home. Well i guess i was taught by the best hehe, anyway must fly for some reason they want us to work at 12 today.... i only found this out like an hour ago and was annoyed due to the fact the park just opened!!

Take care eveyone and have a safe and merry xmas and a happy new year, i do miss everyone back home believe it or not!!


Friday, 15 December 2006

Location: Canada

Bought a truck today :-) F150 XLT 1995 model, in awsome condition no rust, runs awsome all sorts of crazy little extras lol, might even be able to afford it one day aswell haha. We got over a foot of fresh snow last night and unfortuantly i am in town and have to work after lunch :-( Looking forward to Xmas tho i cant believe i have been gone for 2 months!!!! I love it over here i am thinking of working here over summer then maybe head down to Colarado for next winter for the season... and hopefully save some cash to pay my bills back home aswell haha

Well gotta go take care everyone and will speak soon


Friday, 08 December 2006

Location: Canada


Was amazing, the line to get on first left was huge, but so worth it. Knee deep powder up top, i managed most of the morning until it was tracked out to try my new skis..... love it, wont be giving up the snowboard any time soon but it was fun to try something new. I am so sore now as i rode till almost last lift. I got the job as an electrician and am doing thurday fridays until i finish snowmaking then i work full time, the money makes a huge difference lol.

The guys i am working with are pretty cool, because i am living up here i am working with the crew doing the upgrade of the sewrage works up here. The best part is i am starting on $25 an hour and i dont know much at all here haha. The guy i am working with is really cool about it tho and has taught me lotsa already the hardest part is the fact its all imperial here (feet and inches) and that stuffs me up a little.

Apart from that not much else to report, been super busy the past few days but there is no letting up now the season has begun!!

Friday, 01 December 2006

Location: Canada

Got online today up at the deli which is good :-) So much has been happening here in Pano in the past few days. All the staff are arriving now and the staff pub is opening tonight. Work has been going awsome, i havent been thrown off the snowmobiles yet but have had a few close calls :-)

Its become a pretty good job, apart from the cold and working in the dark (-25 from 4pm till midnight) but we have so much fun sliding down all the hills on our arses and shovels. We aim to do about 3 runs a night, each run taking about 1 - 3 hours depending on how many snow guns and hoses are buried. The past week we have only had to do 2 runs a night and the rest of the time we sit in a little heated cabin playing cards, sleeping or whatever else we want.... The guys on my shift are pretty cool aswell, we are all starting to become quite good friends.

We got to go riding again yesterday, i cant wait for the season to open now they expect to open the whole mountain opening day which is almost unheard of here!!!! Well must be off, sorry to everyone because i havent been able to write in this everyday. I do miss you all back home and hopefully from now on i can have more regular corrospondence with everyone so keep writing to me and keep me updated with back home.


Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Location: Canada

Hi everyone, i have so much to tell and not enough time to do it!!! We can never get on the internet here it is driving me insane!!! We got on the hill for our first ride yesterday which was pretty awsome... it was also -25 and the coldest i have ever been in my life lol, i dont even get that cold at work and its like -30 or more at night here i think it was just the windchill. The parties here are pretty bloody crazy (see new photos) stupid me in a moment of drunken brilliance decided i would go as a woman and shave my legs :-) clearly not my best ever idea as i am so itchy atm. Cant think of everything else that has been going on but hopefully i can get access soon and talk to a few people, i get payed on friday so i should be good to get aphone card. Well everyone keep safe and hope to chat to a few of you soon


Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location: Canada

Not much has been going on here, apart from the hassles with pay and not enough hours anyway :-) I went down to town on friday to send all the postcards....... itss going to cost me $1.50 to send every postcard so i am sending them all to mums house and she will send them out from there.

I have my postal address now if anyone wants to send me random things haha

Ashley Heap - Staff
Snowmaking Bag 7000
Panorama Mountain Village
Panorama, B.C
Canada VOA 1TO

We had 15 - 20cms of fresh snow the other night at work and even though we can get fired for it myself and 3 others decided it was worth the risk and hiked up at like 1am and poached the racers lines hehe was so worth it ;-)

On another note it seems i have turned to the darkside and am getting a pair of ski boots - dont worry its only to do something a little different i love riding far to much to leave it for long lol

Well until next time i can get on here keep safe and hope everyone is well


Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: Canada

Hey all, sorry about not writing in this as much as i would have liked. The free net we have been getting got disconnected and i also just realised all my numbers are in my phone which i left at home. I tried to call home but no one was home :-(

At least its cold enough to work full shifts here now, still having fun but wishing they would let us go riding.... ski racers are all here now and no one else is allowed on the hill plus i am sick of hiking haha. Its currently snowing atm and hopefully if it keeps up for next week most of the resort will have a wicked base to start with.

Postcards are getting made and hopefully sent on friday, i know it might take a few weeks but they will be worth it... i promise hehe oh and next time i am on i will send my mailing address so you can send me random stuff if you like :-) maybe like my phone and charger mum :-) keep the emails coming guys i do miss you guys and would love to speak to some of you so send you landline phone numbers or work numbers and i will see what i can do (i get payed on thurs night)

having a blast


Monday, 06 November 2006

Location: Canada

Well its raining here at the moment, all the rain is ruining the snow thats fallen and been made. We went for a hike up to the first chair last night and rode back down which was nice. It feels weird to get back on a board tho after not really having a season back in Australia this year. This place is so dead at the moment, we ar back to no work again because of the warm weather and although a cold front is due on wednesday i am off thursday friday.

On a plus side i got my first pay check today!!! After rent i took home a huge amount of $149.50!!!! I am so rich right now hahaha and it has to last me 2 weeks lol. Not sure if i wrote this the other day but i wont be able to work as an electrician here until i pass some exams. It is basically similar to my final exams i just finished at home so i might wait until a little further into the season then head back to Vancouver to sort it all out. At least i will be able to make some contacts in Van then and hopefully get sponsered to come back.

Not much else to report, trying to lay low on the party scene due to no cash but it seems like every night here is a party haha. I am looking at getting into a small private place with 2 others but yet to hear back about that.

Thursday, 02 November 2006

Location: Panorama, Canada

Halloween was awsome, although i had to work till 12 a couple of the snowmaking boys and I made up for the lost drinking time very quickly. Unfortuantly by the time we got to the pub it was almost done but some of the costumes were awsome and we still had a few more drinks back at home. The hangover was not so much fun :-) I struggled through yesterday and although work was pretty hard we got heaps done and sleep was well earned last night. Today is my day off (today and tomorrow) so i have lots to do (food shopping, laundry, getting a new job etc...) I am also looking at buying a car, first of all i need to hear back about getting a job as an electrician tho so i can pay for it haha.

It would make it alot easier to get around aswell, otherwise you have to hitch into town and it is a little unreliable to say the least. I will post some pictures of halloween up in the next few days.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: Canada

Well its halloween tonight, i have to work till 12 so i will go straight from work to the pub to meet up with everyone. I am going as a ninja so you might not be able to see me in the pictures i put up... being stealthy and ninja like you see. Last night was two complete opposites at work. It started of awsome with a really cruisy gun run (basically we get dropped off at the top of the run, ride our shovels done to each snow gun and check they are not covered in snow, move the guns and keep going). The next one was not so fun, it took us over 6 1/2 hours and somehow water got in the air line, this causes every single air line to freeze and basically its the worst thing that can happen except for it all blowing up :-( . Will and I had to sit next to one hydrant for a few hours waiting to blow all the water out - wet, cold and sick of dancing to keep warm we made our way down past another 17 guns and had to dig every single one of them out :-(

So i have now seen the best and worst of the job and although it wasnt very pleasant it could always be worse, they also think we might be able to go riding fairly soon.

I might not make a diary entry tomorrow due to being hung over from halloween but the pictures should be good :-)

Monday, 30 October 2006

Location: Canada

First Snow Day!!!

Its snowed all day yesterday and all night aswell, it was our first full shift at work and although i was sooo tired it was awsome to finally be doing some work and especially seeing as the harder i work the quicker i get to go riding hahaha. Silly me decided to go work at the construction site in the morning before my shift so i was wrecked for work but the extra $30 - 40 will at least cover some groceries :-)

I am going to be sooo fit after winter here, the amount of walking and hard work i am doing is already starting to show, i am feeling good and love it here. I went walking today abd its pretty cold about -7 or so, with no clouds in the sky, fresh snow on the ground it looks amazing. I took some pictures because i went walking up along the golf course for an hour or so. Clearly my vans are not made to be worn in the snow tho haha. Apparently there is a problem bear around aswell, i saw some tracks today but i think he is more interested in the garbage around here than me :-)

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Response: hmmmm not sure just yet :-) send me an email biatch
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please :)
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Response: are we talking about trouble in the shitta..... :-)
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hey hey...
good to hear your having fun... how long you reckon ull be staying mr.? might be heading over soonish... anyways just thought i would drop you a line and say ello...
laura x
Response: not sure i might stay until april and go to the telus festival in whistler.....
From Mum
Hi Ash, Please ring me. Sorry to hear your a bit down. Love Mum
Response: tis all good in the hood ;-) am fine now just needed some sun and booze with some buddies i will call you after monday night when i next get payed so i can actually afford a phone card lol
From Emma
Cheer up Charlie!
Response: ;-P
From Matt Whitty
Ash got your post on beaver web site. Boxing day was great to see warney get wicket 700 and for the 90,000 fans to all be going crazy was something special, certainly a day i will never forget. There are already a few highlight DVDs on sale after the awesome Adelaide test. Adam Slater tapes every game on DVD so just tell me what day or test you want and i can organise for you and get it to Andy. is a good site to keep up to date with scores and cricket news. Hope this helps mate.
Response: i would love to get every day of every test lol thanks for the help and merry xams and happy new year
From Mark
Hey mate;

Hope you had a great christmas and I am sure as hell you are going to have one hell of a New Years.

Be sure to post some pictures up for us, been a while since we have seen any.

Response: yeah yeah.... sorry some people do have a life you know lol have an awsome new years buddy
From Mum
Hi Ash, Just in case things don't go to plan and our phone cals get mucked up on xmas morning, I just wanted to wish you the bestest xmas. I hop you love having that white xmas you have dreamed of for ages. Oh and thankyou for the cooking compliment Ash that was really nice. Miss you sweetie......All my love mum. xxxxxxxx oooooooo
Response: awwww yeah sorry about the phone call, xmas day was amazing!!! 26cms of fresh snow oh yeah
From Maria Cph
Hello :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Response: likewise ;-)
From Warwick in Kilsyth
Hi Ash,

Hope you have awesome Christmas and New Year.

take care bud


ps. your mates talk another language!!!!!
Response: :-) thanks Woz hope you also have a safe and Merry Xmas and happy New Year
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skiing is for losers.... oh wait you are a loser...

you have been ditched as a friend and member of our social group, oh hang on a second I have the wrong person... heh heh

good to see your ripping it up, can you come and pick up your stuff from our house??!!!! you could have at least left the drawers in the chest so we could use it!!! otherwise wood generally rots when left in weather....

love you long time your ex friend Beck

Response: can i come pick it up.... i am in canada remember... no i have been trying to get mum and dad to pick it up for me... sorry bout that. Skiing is for losers i agree but only those gay racers and rich types i qualify for neither and i still heckle the other skiiers anyway for there gay style haha.... i wont convert to the dark side for ever ;-) btw. we got over a foot of fresh last night and i have to work :-(
From Sue Rocks
Ski's are gay. You are out of my sight for a month and then you start doing gay stuff and then making up stories about how its cool? Is there no one there to give you shit? You must be missing me huh....
Response: haha yeah i have the best of both worlds i get to pay out on the gay ski racers and heckle the gay hard booter snowboarders... dont worry im still kicking it with wack style ;-) i will never convert fully to the dark side tho..... i went down double blacks yesterday in waist deep pow it licked balls i wanted my board back haha
From Mum
Hey Ash, Follow up from our phone conversation tuesday. Aussies won the 2nd test in adelaide. It was like a one day final. You would have loved it. Your parcel of goodies is being sent tomorrow, including the milo and vedemite!!!!
Response: hehe nice one!!!
From Tao in China
Who's the blonde in the photo's. Any chance of her number?
Keep kicking goals mate!
Response: I do believe with enough drinks she is anybodys...... ;-)
From Sue Rocks
Any excuse to shave your legs.... I always said you were a bitch.... But I still love you.... Even if you are all scratchy. Peace out NIgga.
Response: :-) tis all good at least i have an excuse to bitch and moan now hehe - marc is here now havent caught up to him yet because he is at work but oh well ;-)
From marc
hey bro, welcome to the technical side of riding, 4 edges stead of 2. helps the boarding trust me. how is being broke? ghost town still? do they take rent out of wages b4 you get them? get to see ya in bout a week bro!! gettin a tan here in auckland, just chillin and packin. how's the pow? about what we'd expect of the rockies or lil more like whistler? can't wait to have a beer with ya!!
Response: hehe there will be lots of beers i am sure :-) looking forward to seeing you aswell, lots of people starting to turn up now
From marc
hello sunshine!
glad to hear you're havin fun. can't wait to catch up with ya in a few weeks. back to nz on thurs. nice gangsta jacket, doesn't really work with glasses tho. we see you strollin, white and nerdy....
just kiddin. welcome to the poor life my friend, do you have a phone? how is the terrain? many prospective drops? now is the time to find them!! send us an email bro. catcha
Response: oh my god this place is off tap!!! like the white and nerdy line... always good to drop a song in there somewhere haha..... yeah so poor, no phone not up high enough to find any drops yet. the ski teams are here so we cant even ride all the snow we have been making but its puking atm and has been for a few days
From paul 2good
G'day knackers thought i would jump on and have a look at what you have been up 2 lokks like you lovin it thats great i will be back soon
From Your Biatch
Response: stick it in ya shitta!
From Sue Rocks
Good Vibrations Festival is on in Feb! J5 are playing and Cassius and Nightmares on Wax (that CD that Habbish had). Sick! Although.... I may be in Japan then. I'm torn. J5 will rock da house yo!
Response: nice one i heard that Xaiver Rudd is playing here next month in Banff so if i can get a car i might go along for a look see, i would do Japan...... or maybe come visit me :-)