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Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

It's almost home time-hard to believe! Its been nice here but we can't wait to get home to the cold temperatures. The vans gone tommorow so it'll be beach beach beach for the next few days!!!! I (ash) am being stalked by a creepy rat looking character named pepe.ughhh! Cant wait to get home!
ash and trish

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

Hello everyone....
It's been very hot here in the last few days. Last night we went to a festa in a small town nearby. Lots of lights and bands playing star wars and godfather music. We have developed an addiction to monopoly pinball at the local arcade. We are going to hit the beach right away and will post more pictures tommorow or the day after.
Trish and ash

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

Hello everyone,
We made it back safely from Rome and Tivoli. The driving is crazy here!!! Couldn't stop in pompei because the mafia is closeby in Naples and apparently its dangerous for tourists. Rome was nice...long day though. We hired a private driver that took us everywhere..even to the gigantic mall. Tivoli was nice...had dinner with family. One of them is the long lost twin of Luigi off of super mario. He just needs a green jumpsuit. Now we are just going to relax on the beach.
ash and trish

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

Ciao tutti!
Our italian is slowly getting better. Tommorow we are heading off to Rome. I think we are going to make stops in Tivoli, pompei and possibly take the train to Florence. Today was a scorcher and we spent the afternoon on the beach. Anyways, getting tired, our routine has been 3hr naps in the afternoon and to bed by 9:30. Haha we are nonnas!!!
We will post more pictures when we get back from rome on wednesday night. we promise that there will be some hot bikini beach shots.
ash and trish
(I MISS PERCIVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah)

Friday, 14 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy


We are well. We just stayed on the beach today, It was very hot then had another 3hr nap! I LOVE NAPS!!! Now its supper time and we will probably have more pizza! I LOVE PIZZA! Tomorrow is market day so hopefully we will get some cheap finds ... talk to everybody later.

Trish and Ash

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Location: Italy

Hey everyone,
we just had bruschetta for dinner. we went to a different beach today. Having fun!!!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

So Italy won the world cup the other night and it was pretty crazy here. Not quite like whyte ave though. Instead of flashing, breaking random things and climbing on light poles there was fireworks and lots lots of dancing. They had a pretty rad parade too! Everyone just drove down the street with their cars honking and then there was a construction crane that lifted the italian flag. Haha. Nonna has calmed down a bit and has gone to visit some sisters\relatives in Maglie. Today we are heading off to the beach for some rays. We are heading to rome and pompei later on this week for a few days. Trish is doing well in her quest to try all of the flavors of gelato...only like 25 more to try!
Anyways...we are trying to put some pics up right away but are having problems with the computers...soon soon.
Talk to you later
ash & trish

Saturday, 08 July 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

hello everybody,

we are here safe and sound. Rained today so we didnt get much sun so instead we decided to take a 6 hour nap! yes nap! Nonna had a freak out so she says she is going home tomorrow :-( But it is beautiful here and we will get some pictures on here once we figure out how the stupid thing works. We will say more later, we hungry! Ciao

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Recent Messages

From Jason
Hey Ash,
I heard you called into work the other day- hahahhahaha. I hope you are enjoying your holidays. We are all enjoying your pics and messages. Have fun
Later J
Response: Ciao!!
I would say that I miss being there...but the beach is more appealing. Hope everything is well. see you soon
From Aunty Jan and Lauren
Hi Guys!

Looks like you are having an amazing time! It doesn't seem like that long ago since we were standing in Rome. Enjoy the beautiful weather and see you when you get home!!!
ps_ Tell Franco we want to visit his Villa!!!

Lauren and Jan
Response: Hey guys...nice to hear from you.. I hear that its been just as hot at home! Lots of good nonna stories to you soon
From Bryce
Hey girls, awesome pictures! looks like your having a good time. thats good to see! but i havent seen any pictures of you guys at the disco!? whats up with that? haha
well have fun and i'll see ya when you get back!
miss ya ash
p.s - have you hit a nude beach yet?
Response: we hit the nude beaches every day. no tan lines.miss you
From Matt
Looks like things are going good I talked with Jeremy he just got back from Europe he said to tell you whats up Ashley, you should e-mail him his e-mail is out!!
Response: Hey there.....are you a dad yet????? I will definately e-mail jeremy. Ciao
From Jenna
Hey and if you need money to buy me this stuff just tell mom we can put in your bank account! and if you dont have enough room in your suitcase for all the stuff mom says you can send it and say its a gift and you wont pay taxex!! I will also pay for that even if your sending some of your stuff!! Anyways have fun and buy me stuff PLEASE!!
Response: Hi Jenna,
Ok ill by you STUFF .... I may need more money though im running low ... how much are you willing to give??? :-)
From Jenna
So buy me as much stuff as you can and i'll give you alot of money!! I want alot of stuff!!! Buy me some shirts and some shoes and some jewlery!!
Response: Ok for real i will look for some things that you would like but there is limited things here in Otranto because it is not a major town but we will see... i already got you some nice jewlery
From Linda
Great pics Tricia!

so you found some Italian cats , I'm not suprised!

Bored Yet?.... just kidding.

Jenna wants you to buy her some tops (she'll even pay!)

Have fun...................
Response: Hi mom ... Ya the cats were the best part of Rome!!! jusk kidding though i did enjoy it alot ... ill call you soon and me and jenna can discuss those tops
From Dave
Please come home Ashley, you're all I can think about. I can't go on living without you.

Haha. I hope your trip is going well, and remember to let yourselves loose at the nude beaches.

See you soon.

Response: Hey lab geek...hope the job is going well. Anything in particular that you want me to pick up for you????
From Jim
I hope you are all having as much fun as it looks like you are having. Great pictures-keep them coming . I believe you are back in Otranto . Dave and I are about to go grocery shopping at the mall. "We miss you all. The phone doesnt ring when Ash isnt here. Ciao tutti! Love Dad
Response: Hey dad...miss you guys too. Hope you get your ipod soon-you should. Anyways I hope you enjoy the start of your holidays
love ash
From Linda
Hey Tricia, glad your having a great time, we're jealous!
buy the way , your phone bill is $104.84 there is $46 in long distance.

Have fun!
Response: BAh! 104!!!!! I cant believe it! Why dont you take care of that!!! Just kidding ill pay it ... miss you talk to you later
From Courtney
Hey Ash!!!!!!!
Sounds like you're having a blast! We are all jealous, bring us gifts to make up for it! (JJ) Mandy called yesterday to say that she heard the babies heartbeat and Jason missed it. He booked off the ultra sound so he won't be in the dog house. Krysia and I went to Costco again and managed to spend under a $100 but then the next day she brought in a pair of jeans that she ordered from ebay that didn't fit her and got me hooked on them. So now I'm 85 dollars poorer. There really nice jeans though, I can't remember the designer though. Anyway I'll chat with you again and keep on having a great vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

Response: hey there,
thats awesome about the jeans...send some my way.
From Krysia
How lucky are you??!!! What a beautiful place to spend an entire month. You deserve it girl. Party it up and enjoy every ray of sunshine, every taste of gelato and every sound of the bustling excitement around you. Thanks for keeping us posted and continue with the pics, they're good for day dreaming. . . . . Wow I am in desperate need of a holiday.

Luv ya,
talk later Krysia
Response: Hey there,
hope everything is going alright at work. Say hi to everyone for me. I'm sending you a postcard!!
From princess mandarino
hey hey bonitos! (pretty sure thats spanish..) Address is: 59 granville cres sh pk, ab t8a 3c1
ps i only accept postcards with italian nudity. ciao ma bella noches!
Response: mandi, we will try our best to find a hot postcard for you.
From B-Rad
Hey geeksters, i hope youre having fun! i just got back from ball hockey and i dont think im going to be able to walk tomorrow. what a workout! you better get goin on those hot pics of you suntanning! haha. well its already midnight here, so it would be...9 a.m there? i think thats how that works...
but annnyways,i miss you lots ash!
talk to ya soon!
luv bryce
Response: Thanks Bryce ... love you too.

From Briana
LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Italy just won the cup, and i can only imagine whats going on where you two are at right now!! What a game, what a game. Post some pics of this night in italy, and frickin live it up!!
Response: We are trying to post pics .. soon soon. You didnt even watch the game did you ?!!!!! hahaha but ya it was awsome ... post cards are on the way too your house as well! miss you
From Secret Admirer
I cant believe you went to Italy and didnt tell me. Now what am i suppose to do without you. You are all i think about. Please come home with you Nonna i miss you so much.
Response: Who are you?????????????
From mandi
Response: We are getting pics! What is your address we are sending post cards