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Welcome to Conan and Daniel's Travel Page. Check out this page for regular updates on our trip around South East Asia. We will be travelling to the following countries:
Singapore to Malaysia to Thailand to Cambodia to Vietnam to Laos to Thailand to Malaysia to Singapore.
Make sure you leave us a message or two!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 13 February 2005

Location: Singapore


Nah, i think i'll just wait till i get back :) in less then 2 weeks i'll be back!

c u all then!

Wednesday, 09 February 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I'm back in Melbourne now. I came back a week early for a number of different reasons (Mainly Money). Conan is still in Singapore so if you want to know what hes up to then he might have to actually put a post up on this web site!

I'll be in Melbourne for about a week and a half. Thankyou for all your messages while I have been away. They have been great.

I'll be seeing all of you very soon.

Friday, 04 February 2005

Location: KL, Malaysia

Just a quick message. Conan and I are still alive! We are in KL still. Just checking out shops etc. Went to a shopping centre yesterday that had a theme park inside it. Went on most of the rides etc. Once you pay admission all rides are free so that was good. Admission was also free because it was included with the hotel package. So many shops here. Out of the different cities that I have seen, I would say that KL is the number 1 shopping destination. Amazing variety and fairly cheap.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and left us messages, we will reply when we get a chance. See you soon.

Wednesday, 02 February 2005

Location: KL, Malaysia


Well we are in KL now. The train wasn't too bad. My Mum paid for us to stay in a really nice hotel while we are here so that has been great! (Thanks Mum) . It's nice to have hot water and a normal toilet. Ohh, and the pool and buffet breakfast every morning are good too!

KL is an amazing city. It's very much like Singapore in that it is a high technology city. Very westernised and very modern. It still retains a very strong Muslim influence though. For instance it is very hard to get pork here. If you do get bacon, it's beef bacon. Even McDonalds sells Halal food and hotel rooms have arrows in every room pointing to mecca.

I am currently in the biggest shopping centre that I have ever been to. It is called the BB plaza and is massive. Things are pretty cheap here and in some cases even cheaper than vietnam and thailand. Shame I've got no money left!

We have seen the Petronas towers and been on the sky bridge there. It was ok. Just another really tall building. In this case, the second tallest in the world.

I'll update again when I can. For some reason it seems extremley hard to find internet cafes here. I'll probably update in a few days time. Hope everybody is well. I'll see you all soon.

Monday, 31 January 2005

Location: Hat Yai, Thailand


I'm currently in the sunny town of Hat Yai in Thailand. We are waiting for our next train which will depart in a few hours. I am feeling extremly tired after our last train trip and can't wait to get on the train and have a sleep. It's a sleeper train all the way from here to KL. They only had one bed left so Conan decided that he wouldn't mind sitting up. It was either this or we get to KL a day later and lose a nights accomodation there. We wil probably share the bed in a few shifts as the train will take a bit over 16 hours.

I can't wait to get to KL and just sleep and relax for a day. Travelling is the worst part of a holiday over here. I hope everyone is well and I'll be seeing you in a few weeks.

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Location: Surat Thani, Thailand


Well, we have finally left Ko Phangan. Our friends that we had met in Lao left :-( so we decided it was time to get moving again. We had one last sunset which we enjoyed from a restaurant at the top of a hill overlooking the sea. It was a great way to end our time there.

It will now take us a few days to get to KL in Malaysia. We have so far travelled by ute to the dock on Ko Phangan, boat to Don Sak, Bus to Surat Thani and taxi to train station. Our train does not leave until 1am so we are trying to kill a bit of time on the internet. A 12 hour wait for a train is bad enough at the best of times and worse when you are in a dead end town like Surat Thani. Our train will take us to Hat Yai(Another dead end town we have visited before). There we will find a train to take us to the Malaysian border. We will cross the border somehow and hopefully find a train to take us all the way to KL. We should get there in three days of travelling.

I am feeling a lot better now which is good as I would hate to be doing all this travelling while sick.

We are going to spend 4 days in KL just looknig around etc. We will then spend a week or so exploring the rest of malaysia. It feels quite strange to be nearing the end of my trip. I think getting back home will be a bit of a shock at first and probably a bit boring even, but I'm still looking forward to it. I'll probably update you all from KL.

It sounds like you are all getting great weather and I hope you are trying to make the most of it. See you soon.

Friday, 28 January 2005

Location: Ko Phangan, Thailand

Hello readers, sorry I haven't updated this site for a few days but I've been busy. I was still feeling pretty sick yesterday, so I went to the hospital just to be safe. I spent the night there which was pretty boring. I slept most of the time I was there. This morning my fever was basicly gone so I got sent home with some meds and told to get lots of rest etc. I was surprised by the quality of the hospital and everyone was very friendly and all spoke english fairly well. They don't actually serve food at the hospital which I soon found out! Ohh well, they say you should starve a fever! I'm feeling a fair bit better today and have spent basicly the whole day sleeping. I'm sure it was just a flu of some kind. The entire hospital bill was around $35 dollars which included doctors fees, a night in the hospital, medication while I was there(Drip etc) and meds to take home. Great compared to Aus! I got to see a doctor in under 15 minutes as well. Not like the 12 hour waits in emergency in tassie.

Anyway, enough of my medical problems! We are still here on Ko Phangan, although probably for only a few more days. We have spent our time mostly relaxing and spending time with friends from Lao. We will probably head to Ko Samui next for some more beach relaxation. I hope everyone is well back home. I will be seeing you all in only a few weeks now.

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand


Hello everyone. We are still on Phangan. We spent today recovering from the full moon party. It was the most insane party that I could imagine. Clubs right on the beach pumping out music to at least 10,000 people. I ended up getting to bed around 8:30am. Conan got home around 9am. It was a good night and I don't think I'll forget it in a hurry. We spent most of the night with a few groups of people that we had met in Lao. It was great to sit on the rocks and watch the sunrise over the beach while people were still dancing. There wasn't much trouble at all from the people there although I saw a few minor scuffles in the morning (Mostly drunken english!). A boat sunk on its way back to Koh Samui(A very close island) and 7 people died. Apparently the boat was over crowded.

Our bungalo has been good, although a bit far from the main city. It has been very relaxing laying on hammocks in the afternoon watching the sun set over the beach.

I have been feeling sick for a few days but I don't know why(not not from drinking too much!). Hopefully I'll feel better tommorow.

Thankyou for your emails/messages. It won't be long before we are back home. Then we can fill you in on all the stories we don't put on the internet!

Miss you all.

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Location: Ko Phangan, Thailand


We are on the island now(Ko Phangan). Our taxi just made it to the train station on time. The train took around 12 hours and was a sleeper so I actually got a bit of sleep. As soon as we got off the train in Surat Thani, we jumped straight onto a bus which took us to a small port. We then got on a boat with about 300 other backpackers and arrived at the island 3-4 hours later. The place is packed with backpackers all here for the full moon party. We managed to find accomodation in a simple bungalo just back from the beach. As it is not on the main party beach it should be a bit quieter but it makes it a bit harder to get to where the action is. We may yet change to a closer place.

The bungalo is pretty basic and I'm fearing what the mosquitos will be like tonight! It has a bathroom which is good, although it is a squat toilet and cold shower. Our bungalo is called munchies. Lots of the places around here seem to include some refference to drugs in their name or advertising even though the police here are very strict. If you get caught with a little bit of weed on you, you will be given a $1500 dollar fine. This seems strange when ou can walk into any of the cafes here and order "happy pizzas", or magic mushroom shakes. Thats how thailand seems to work though!

Thankyou for your emails and messages. Keep them coming and let me know what you are up to!

Friday, 21 January 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Hello Everyone,
Bangkok has been good in its own way. We have both done lots of shopping in both the street markets and in the city. I have my new phone, a suit, a few pairs of sunglasses and various other things. Shame I had to pay for it all!

We are leaving Bangkok tonight on a sleeper train to Surat Thani, by bus to Don Sak, and then by boat to Ko Phangan. Phangan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand next to Ko Samui and Ko Tao. All three are popular tourist destinations for different reasons. We went to Samui our first time in Thailand and it was good. Every full moon, Phangan holds a full moon party on the beach. It's a pretty big party with around 10,000 people. Its held on the 24th this month so we will be there in time. It should be pretty crazy and I've heard a lot of stories about it.

Anyway, we will be on the island or the islands around it for around a week or so working on our tans. I hope everyone back home is getting a bit of sun as well!

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


We are back in Thailand now!

The train trip was fairly uneventful. It was the same sort of sleeper train that we have had before in Thailand. There seem to be lots of people in Bangkok at the moment and so lots of guest houses are full. We found one with a bathroom eventually but it's not as good as the rooms in Lao or Vietnam and more exspensive.

I am going to go and buy a suit now. I will be measured up today and should have it back by tommorow. I don't know which style I want yet but the tailor has Armani and Kenzo catalogues that I can look through and pick out a design from.

I'm also hoping to buy a new mobile phone today. Probably a little sony ericsson. I love spending money! Only problem is that I have to carry what ever I buy in my pack.

We will be here two nights and then head down to the east coast islands in time for full moon party. Lots of people we have met in different countries are going there so it should be one big party.

Hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Location: Vientiane, Laos


Hello again everyone. I am Vientiane still but not for long. Conan and I are catching a train down to Bangkok this afternoon. It's a sleeper train and will only take around 11 hours. Time seems to go pretty quick on sleeper trains. We are in second class air-con upper. Which means we get a bed with air-conditioning but it is a top bunk. You pay extra if you want to sleep on the bottom bunk. Our ticket to Bangkok cost around $22 USD which includes transport to the border. We will have to walk from the border to the train station though. Not too far from what I have heard.

Last night we had our last meal by the Mekong River which we have now seen in 3 countries. We went to our favourite little indian place although we probably should have had Lao food being our last dinner here.

This is your last chance if you want me to pick up anything for you in Bangkok. Just send me a text message or email and I'll see what I can do.

Lao has been good and I'm sad to be leaving. I wish I could have spent more time here and I will definitely be returning to this country in the future. I just hope that I manage to get back before it becomes another Thailand.

I'm going to miss how cheap Lao is but I'm looking forward getting back to the beach. I'll also be glad to be paying 30 Baht for a drink rather than 12500 Kip. I hate working in thousands. I also won't have to carry around a wad of cash the size of a brick which is still only worth a couple of dollars. It is pretty crazy here in Lao to see people wandering around with massive bundles of cash and in some cases garbage bags full of cash. It's just worth so little!

Anyway, I miss you all and am looking forward to getting home (after I've spent a week or so relaxing on the beaches in thailand).

Monday, 17 January 2005

Location: Vientiane, Laos


We are back in Vientiane again. Vang Vieng was good. It is a backpackers stop and that is about all. The main road is lined with restuarants with reclining chairs. Every one of them also plays episodes of the sitcom Friends all day. I watched more friends in that little town than in the rest of my life!

Conan and I went tubing (floating on truck inner tubes) down the river through Vang Vieng which was great fun. Lots of drink stops and high platforms to jump into the river from. It took about 5 hours but could have been done in less than an hour without stops!

I had a late night last night which was a change. I spent the night on a little island in the middle of a river sitting around a fire with lots of other people. I met lots of people and got home around 5am. I was tired all today. At least todays bus trip was only 3 1/2 hours.

We leave for Bangkok tommorow night on a combination of buses and trains. I'm not so looking forward to going back to Bangkok, but all the creature comforts and shopping will be good. I'll hopefully pick up a new phone etc. If I have any money spare!

If anyone would like anything in particular from Thailand then just let me know. Movies, xbox games, playstation 2 games, music CDs, and PC software are all very cheap. Due to customs restrictions, I won't be albe to purchase much in the way of electronics goods. Unless you are willing to pay duty on them.

Thankyou for your latest messages. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Saturday, 15 January 2005

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos


Well, I just arrived in Vang Vieng. The bus trip took around 7 hours which wasn't too bad. From what I have seen so far the town doesn't look too bad. Tommorow we will go tubing down the river which is meant to be a lot of fun. We will probably go the next day as we have decided to try and make it to the full moon festival in Thailand if we can.

We are well and enjoying ourselves. I'll post more when I have something to write about.

Friday, 14 January 2005

Location: Laung Prabang, Laos


Hello Everyone,

No, I have not updated this webpage for a few days. Mainly because I am enjoying myself too much and never seem to get around to it!

I am in Laung Prabang at the moment in northern Lao. It is a very small city and is a UNESCO heritage listed area. It's main attractions are some of the 65 Wats(Buddhist Temples) located in and around the town and some amazing waterfalls.

We have spent most days here just taking it easy as it is extremely quiet and peaceful here. We have met a lot of people here and been meeting lots of people for drinks and meals etc.

I had my first massage ever(No, not a 'special' massage!) which was great. It was Thai style and fairly rough. It went for an hour and only cost $3. Afterward I felt so relaxed!

I would say that the waterfalls were the best that I have seen. The water is so blue and it was great to have a swim in one of the pools there. Our guesthouse here is fairly nice and at USD$5 a night, not a bad price. There are a lot of French and western restaurants here but the best food I have had has been local food. Cooking your own meal on a BBQ in the centre of a table is a great way to eat!

We are leaving for Vang Vieng tomorrow morning. Vang Vieng is popular for Rafting, Kayaking and Tubing. Also one of the drug centers of south east Asia. We'll probably spend a few days there for Kayaking etc and then rush back down to Vientiane and across the border. Hopefully before our visas run out!

I am having a great time and am very relaxed here in Lao. I wish we could stay longer, but Thailand will be just as good in its own way.

I have uploaded a few more pictures. Nothing amazing, just some of the stuff that I have seen. I have been very slack with my camera recently but I am determined to start getting more shots.

Thanks for the messages and emails. They are always greatly appreciated.

I hope that everyone is well!

Monday, 10 January 2005

Location: Vientiane, Laos


Hello everyone. We are still in Vientiane. We are trying to arrange finances before we head north. Because of the weekend, no banks were open so we are hoping to sort it all out today and leave early tommorow morning.

I'm loving Laos as it is such a change from all the other places that we have been. Each day consists of wandering along the river front and finding places to eat. Not a hard life at all.

It sounds like everyone is getting back from their holidays now and I hope everyone enjoyed them. At this stage we will be coming back at the same time (16th of feb to Melbourne) but the Tsunami has really limited our options in Thailand. We may spend longer here in Laos as it is so nice but no solid plans as of yet.

It would be great to hear from some of you, so leave us a message or send an email if you get the chance.

Wish you were here.

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Recent Messages

From kel
Hey Daniel,
Not sure where you are in Melbourne, but if you want to go for a beer in St Kilda/Sth Mel and crash on the couch for a night, your welcome.
Cheers Kel
Response: Daniel:
Thanks Kel. I am staying with my mum again out in the eastern suburbs. I'll let you know if I'm heading into the city and maybe we could go for a beer.
From Warren
Thought I better let you know that Min is getting married in September. We will go to Perth for the wedding (we have a few points up). Keep having fun.
P.S. A night in hospital does not count as a night out with a nurse OK. (no points)

Response: Daniel:
Well, thats some interesting news! Ok, I can't count the nurse, but can I count the girl who spent the night with me there?
From Joram And Jo
Hello Conan
We are in Christ Church NZ. it is such a wonderfull city lots of parks and nice buildings. We think we might stay here. but we are of to the north of the southern island tommorow. any way how long will you be in malaysia for? and will you just be in KL?
see you in March
oh and say hi to daniel :)
Response: Hey Guys!
It sounds beautiful, i wish i was there. It will probably be my next trip :)... i seem to be following you guys around the world :) we'll be following the coast down to singapore. oh btw we found that amusement park in the shopping center :) it was quite fun, all the rides as many times as you like for only $10... dodgem cars was quite dull with only 2 ppl tho ;) have fun trekking around NZ.
c u guys in a month :)
From From Daniels Mum
HI boys, just got back from Perth, weather was great, stayed at Freemantle which has great bars and cafes, spent hours watching the world go by enjoying a great coffee. Booked your hotel, enjoy it with all the extras, I have heard that the theme park is great, forget the mini bar and room service, it will show up on my card statement so no little surprises! Of course they may not even let you in the hotel, any problems get them to contact me, enjoy your stay there, the pool looks terrific on the web, love Mum
Response: Daniel:
Thanks very much. We have already enjoyed such luxury items as hot water and a normal toilet. We have also made use of the pool and buffet breakfast. It makes a great change. Thankyou!
From nick s
na it was near devils gullet, you wouldnt know its there either. We found a few water slides too, ask joram... crystal water too, found this magic waterfall. see yas soon, i wanna go travelling now..
Response: Ohk, so it was magic was it? ;) heh, i still havn't been to devils gullet :S got to do that when i get back....
Don't worry you'll get your chance at travelling. asia is a good place to start.
Have fun, c u in about 3 weeks.
From Brett
Hey dudes,
This whole party island sounds great!! cheap drinks and chics what more could you want. sure beats siroccos on a saturday night!! anyway sounds like u guys are having a blast except for the hospital nasty but i guess u will eat everything daniel. well i look forward to seeing you guys and hearing all the stories. cya soon
Response: Hey Brett!
It's beyond your wildest dreams. siroccos is like a school of computing dinner compaired to this, so basically not even close :)
yeah he is a bit of a human garbage can. unfortunatly what ever he picks up i seem to catch as well... luckly only a mild case of it.
well. i guess i'll c u in about 3 weeks as well :)
From nick s
hey fellas, hows things going? never thought you could get 10k ppl at a party. Been great following the adventure, ive actually learnt a bit just finding where yous are. Me, joram, brett and others went canyoning on autralia day, great fun, weather is getting hot now finally.
see ya soon.
Response: Hey Nick!
Yeah things are going great!
yeah the party was pretty wild. think coles bay on new years but 3 - 4 times bigger, with heaps more pub/night clubs and good music playing :) that should give you an idea of what it's like.
Did you go to dove canyon? thats a great place especially the natural water slide. i wouldn't mind doing it again it was great fun the first time.
Enjoy the hot weather, i hope theres still some left when i get back! have fun, i'll c ya later.
From Byron
Yeah, they reckon 10 ppl died on that boat now. Apparently it was a speedboat that was way overcrowded. The boat driver fled tho i think they caught him.

Just a bit of news from home: Mark Latham retired a week or so ago and Kim Beazley is head of the party again.In case you haven't heard, about 280,000 people died in the tsunami. Hard to fathom eh? and Iraq is holding their elections today. Exciting stuff huh?

Oh and the most important news.. i wasted $130 bucks on tuesday night. Typical eh?

Well I guess you guys will be back in a couple of weeks so it'll be good to catch up again. seeya

Response: Daniel:
Yeah, I've been trying to keep up to date with news back home. I didn't know that Kim was leader again though. You wasting money? Never! I can't wait to catch up with you and tell you some crazy stories. See you soon mate.
From Caitlin,Lachlan & Li
Hi Daniel ... glad you are having a good time. We thought you might turn into a werewolf at the full moon party! Not long before you are home now! Lachlan says he hopes you may have been able to pick up some Xbox stuff! Saving a nice roast lunch for your return! Bye.
Response: Daniel:
No, although it was a fairly crazy night, I remained mostly human. I will pick up some xbox stuff in Singapore. He can have all the games he wants, but he would have to have his xbox modded. (Around $100). Otherwise he can't play any of the games that they sell over here. I'll be getting mine modded when I can afford it as I have around 50 different games so it makes it well worth the money. I'm so hanging out for a roast!
From Andromeda
happy Australia Day, although i spent it in bed sick, i have a reallly terrible cold(in the middle of summer)yuck...lots of green stuff!
sounds like the party island is fun.looking forward to seeing you soon.
Response: Hey Andromeda!
Sounds like your having fun :) hope you get better soon.
The party was great! i think it went till 12pm the next day, if not later. i piked out at about 9 am. it's good to hear form you again. i'll be seeing you soon :)
From From Mum
Good to get your messages, Daniel. Last night heard that a boat had sunk, mainly foreigners on board they said. The news is reporting that the chicken flu is back again, they have has problems in Vietnam, watch what you eat, hope that you are feeling a little better and it is just a result of over indulging. Well this is a cheerful message! Today is Australia Day, I am not working so intend reading by the pool as it is going to be 37', saying that since we have had the house air conditioned have not used the pool! Spoke to Charles, we will all have a night at the Curry Club on your return, I am thinking that you might be looking forward to a good steak though. Take care, have fun and relax, love Mum
Response: Daniel:
Hello Mum, Yeah, bird flu is still kicking around in Vietnam. Aircon will be nice to come back too, although I will probably find it too cold! The Curry Club sounds good and your right, the first thing I want to eat is the biggest steak that money can buy. Miss you.
From Mum
"Happy Pizza's" is that something Piza Hut could be interested in!
I hope the party is fun, with that many people there is should be good. Glad you are on the return trip, it will be great to see you again Daniel, looking forward to spending time with you on your return, Angela is trying to get time off to fly down and say Hi. Tomorrow spending day with couple from Hobart that we met on the cruise, they are over for the long week-end and in March we will fly down there for a long week-end and stay at their holiday house on the Huon River. Next week-end we are off to Perth for three days, [thank you Virgin Blue for great deals] maybe I could set up a 'planetranger' site so you can read of my adventures! Have fun boys,
love Daniels Mum
Response: Daniel:
The party was fun. I'm looking forward to coming back though I'm really enjoying myself. It sounds like your having a bit of fun.
Miss you.
From luuk
hey conan

lao is a top spot hope to go back there one day. I thought you would like it! we had only scratched the serface as well but im glad you spent more time there then us it is really worth it!!
Response: Conan:
hey luuk! yeah i couldn't agree more. were back on the islands once more. found this really nice, quiet spot on Koh Phangan to watch the days go past. if you come back you should make a detour here, i think you would love it, and the full moon parties are really something!
it's Good to hear from you again.
From adam
full moon is the coolest idea for a party. especially on the beach! u should take photos so we can see how asians partay. haha you should take more photos of your tans. see you soonish
Response: Daniel:
Yeah. It was a good party. Conan got a few photos which should be interesting. Get over the tans dude! They'll be a surprise when we get back! See you in a few weeks.
From Daniels Mum
Conan are you still there? Hello!
I hope you are keeping in contact with your mum, Daniel is obviously the Journalist type, takes after my side of the family!
We are all enjoying reading your entries Daniel, when I get home from work the first thing I do is check your site! Conan seems to have met a young lady, Cindy, is she a back-packer or a local! Have fun, love Daniels Mum.
Response: Daniel:
It's a shame I don't update the site as often as you check it! I'll probably post some more pictures in Bangkok if time permits.

Don't worry im still here, just having too much fun to get around to posting...
From Joram
I was thinking about doing fenchmans cap and federation peak and the arthurs when i get backfrom NZ conan so i was wondering if you would be interested in coming along?
Keep having fun
Response: Hey Joram! Yeah definitely. Have to try to squeeze them into one or two months though. You missed out on the best part of Lao. The north is so nice, and we barely scratched it's surface. Have fun in NZ! Talk to you later.
From Tash
Hey Moo! Looks like your travels are going well. When are you two reaching Singapore again? You may be in town the same time as Gord's cousin and wife are heading back through from Oz to Canada - we can a little family reunion! Gord and I might head up to Mongolia this summer as we've decided not to go back to Canada this time. Well, we'll catch up soon on your return. Love you lots xox
Response: Hey Tash! We’ll be in Singapore on the 9th if all goes to plan. You’ll get a message from us if it doesn’t :) It should be a nice gathering in time for celebrating Chinese New Year.
You should consider Lao. It's really nice here, best place I’ve visited so far we'll show you some photos of it when we reach Singapore. Nice to hear from you again. Guess I’ll c you in about 3 weeks or so :) love you heaps, c u then!
From Brett
hey guys,
The Falls experience was awesome!! Bands were Wicked except for the spazzos, company was great apart from byron's early morning flatulence in the one man tent!!! the beer.... well ah as good as cascade can get. Finally got to spend sometime in coles bay chilling out and relaxing i understand why everyone goes there every summer now. Still hanging round in good old Burnie although i seem to spend just as much time in launie these days. sounds like things are going well over there. pics are great and sounds like u guys are having plenty of adventures, talk to u soon
Response: Conan:
Hey Brett! sounds like falls is just getting better and better. hopefully I’m around for the next one... I’m Bringing my own tent though... for myself. Heh so you finally went to Coles bay, good isn't it?
It's great over here. Lao is defiantly a place I’m going to come back to.
We’re heading back down into Thailand now. Hope to go back to the islands and catch a full moon party, we just missed it on the way up so hopefully we have better luck this time.
Good to hear from you again. c ya in about 1 month.
From adam
debating whether to go to uni this year might work for a year. we'll see hey. but yeah i think uni starts in about a month or so. haha were thinking of cracking out the diablo2 . have fun boys
Response: Conan:
Lol it always happens same time each year. new years is over and then someone suggests playing diablo 2, it's like a tradition. tell me if you finish it this time :)
From Mary-Lou
Hello big boy conan, remember me, Cindy Soo! I love you lots and long time in Bankok, when you come see me again, miss you long time.
Response: Ok which one of you guys wrote this?!? and how do you know about her?
From afrom Daniels Mum
Your bus almost falling down a cliff in the middle of the night! The grey hairs are complete! Laos sounds terrific, is it mostly back packers that have discovered it? Is it possible to renew your visa in the country? Daniel with your gift for languages I expect you to be fluent in at least one language! Remember to give me notice when you expect to be in K.L. so I can book a hotel for you. Melbourne is going to be hot today, approx. 35' so I will be by the pool reading for the day however on Monday I had the heater on, good old Melbourne weather. Have fun boys, Daniel's mum
Response: Daniel: It is mostly backpackers in Laos but there are some older French and English couples and the occasional family. We can extend our visa for $3 US a day but I don't think that we will. We should get moving into Thailand. Hopefully the weather will be good on my return to Melbourne. I'm looking forward to lazing by the pool! Good to hear from you.
From Dax
Daniel, Nice to read ur finally getting into what its all about: the relaxing, doing little, strolls along the river, spending other peoples money, all the good things in life! Conan, That gun looked a bit too cumfy in ur hands, remember i don't think they are legal back home and yes they probably would detect that wraped up in ur sleeping back in ur pack! Hope you both make the most of that 14 day visa in Laos, sounds like a great place i'm rather jealous. Things are getting back into a bit of a routine again here, hours cut at work, relaxing and getting sunburnt up at the gorge. I leave for my big south west walk in 10 days went prussoking up in the gorge (climbing back up the rope after absailing down)in practice for the second 7 day part of our adventure where we go right out to southwest cape (14days in total the trip should be) Will let you know how it goes. This w/e i'm off to hobart to look at places and if time see au play pakistan. Hope u are all well speak soon.
Response: Daniel: Good to here from you Dax. It sounds like your still making the most of the holidays. I'm jealous of you going on all these amazing hardcore walks! Good luck finding a place to live! Just make sure it's got lots of room for us to visit!
From andromeda
hey Conan and Daniel and everyone else..
we are settled into our house, and just started work yesterday. I must say that our place is very cool....can't wait for you to see it conan. have loads of fun
miss you guys
Response: Hey Andromeda! hehe back to the office then :) don't have to worry about that for another 2 or so months. nah hope your enjoying it. i can't wait to see it too. i'm sure i'm going to love it!
From hanna
hi guys love the picks miss yous hope you are well take care and have fun when do you go to singapore again love you love hanna or mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- x
Response: Conan:
Hey mum, were in lao for another 7 days then were headed for Thailand. it's great in lao, so quiet and peacful, so different from the rest of southeast asia. we'll end up in Singapore on the 9th of feb. fly out on the 15th
From Anita
Hi guys! We are back from Coles Bay and on line again! Unlimited now too! Had a great time but weather was and bt unpredictable. Good to hear you are having so much fun. Don't really envy the bus rides though. News tells us that the backpackers are sleeping on the beaches on coastline not affected by Tsunami. Could be interesting! Pictures are great. Missing you ... can't wait to catch up. Bye. Anita.
Response: Daniel:

Coles Bay would have been fun. We are not sure about going to the beaches close but not affected by the tsunami. We too have heard that accomodation is hard to find and that prices have trippled. We'll work it out when we are a bit closer. Thanks for the message!