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Welcome to A Solo Traveler's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 09 October 2013

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico, USA

Up early to meet my ride. Gersom, the tour guide from Atlas Tour Company came for me around 7:45 am. I had signed up for the "early Morning" tour that way there would not be alot of people and tour buses at the same time. We walked around the corner and met our other guest, Carolino from Columbia, South America. One did not show up so there were only two of us. Away we went towards Oaxaca abut a 40 minute ride outside Mexico City. Along the second longest Avenue in the World, "Insurgentes Avenue" which runs north to south. We entered the grounds and received our tickets. Gersom was very funny and very knowledgeable. I immediately liked his company. After tourning the grounds, we headed off to the "Pyramids". I must say that I have wanted to see a "Pyramid" up close and personal for a long time and there were many to see. Gersom led me and Carolino to the first one tht we would be climbing which was the "moon" Pyramid. I looked at it and had my doubts about my ability to go to the top. Those step were almost lateral and wide apart. Needless to say, Gersom encouraged me to go for it. I took a breath, gave him my camera and up I went, tentatively. I then grabbed the railing which was a metal cable enclosed in rubber. I was able to pull myself up step by step, resting many times along the way. Finally after about 30 minutes, i was at the top with Gersom taking pictures. I found a place to sit down and waited for him to make the climb which looked like he just sprinted up the steps. (Later he told us that he was a "Mountain Climber". Well no wonder he took those steps like a bird in flight.

Tuesday, 01 October 2013

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City was a nice surprise even though i had planned on going to Marrakech, Morocco but plans fell through because I needed to be a bit closer to home due to a family meber's health. The price was right also. $422.00 R/T compared to over $1400.00 to Morocco. Nice flight from Seattle to Houston then onto Mexico City. I confess I did not know much about Mexico other than that it was colorful and a next door neighbor. I did know that they had Pyramids there but that was about it. I arrived about 2pm and my escort was waiting for me in the Welcome Hall and wisked me off to my Hostel. (Mexico City Hostel)
I did book a tour to the Pyramids before I left which I have learned to do when traveling, less snags. Nice and warm and the streets were very busy and crowded. After setteling into my dorm, I headed out to the local bank and 7-11 store which was right on the corner. More people than you can shake a stick at.

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