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Moo-van around Australia

Hi everyone!

There is no better way as travelling around Australia in the lovely moo-van! We are sure everyone who has to sell her again has a heartbrake! That's the reason why we made up this page!
Just let us know how she's going, where you have been,...

Cheers Katleen & Kristin (Belgium)

Diary Entries

Saturday, 06 January 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

One year ago we bought our lovely moo-van in Melbourne from a nice English couple, Michel and simon. On that moment she drove already 328.000 km. Wow, can we go all the way around? Sure we did! We went on the boat to Tasmania where we painted the back of the car. After one month we arrived back in Melbourne and drove the great ocean road on our way to Adelaide. There we left moo in the garden of a very nice lady from the visitor informationcentre because we made a trip to the middle by train. Back in adelaide, we had to go for a check up but all garages were full booked so we decided to take the risk to drive the loooooong nullarbur!No problems at all! (except for the ice inside the moo-van on a very cold morning).
When we arrived in Perth we did a check up, we had to replace a few things but luckely not that expensive. In Broome we had some hoses wich were going to explode and kill the moovan. We fixed it on time. After that, we drove to Darwin, and saw the eastcoast back to Sydney. There we sold our van to two lovely English girls, Sam and Jodie. We are sure they gonna have the time of there live here and take good care of moo-van

Actually we didn't had big problems on the way! And if you should have a problem, go first to a wreckers or second hand shop! Really , it is much much cheaper and always very good.

We would like to now how far she can go... so please write something down on this site! That would be awesome!


Greetz Katleen & Kristin

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