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Welcome to my journey. No plans, no special arrangements, just blowing with the wind...

Diary Entries

Friday, 16 February 2007

Location: Haverford, PA, USA

My last entry was erased, i don't know why...

Any way, i wrote that i'm starting to feel the end of this dream, and i can't believe it's happening.
In the the last 3 months i've been in many places in Argentina and Chile down to the southernmost town on earth, climbed few mountains and met few great people.

It's amazing how few weeks ago i've been so many k"m away, in Ushuaia.

Now, i'm back in PA, USA, where the temperature is up to 0 degrees, most of the time is -4 down to -10 at night.

Before i finish this Journal, i want to thank all the people i met on the way, who made this trip what it became, and my family that were very supportive and encourage me to do it,
I love you all!

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

WOW! It's been a month in Argentina. I haven't notice till i entered the site. I think that when you get closer to the South pole the time move faster. In Central America i could be in 3 different countries and here i've been in 4 cities...
In Buenos Aires i managed to go to Carting place which was very professional and the people who know me can guess how much i loved it.. It's a disease i'm telling you, i just love the steering wheel...
Of course, since i got to Argentina, i had to go to "Parilla" (Grill)restaurants, i went to two different restaurants, to one of them which was "Tenedor Libre" (Eat as much as you can) i went twice, and yes, that was good!! (I think that you can see in the Pics some of the steaks)
Four days after i got to Buenos Aires, Anat and Einav came. Finally to see someone from home.. i was so excited to pick them up from the airport.
In two days we found ourselves in Salta, which is in north Argentina. That took us 19 hours by bus, but it was better then any flight i've ever flew! We took the "Cama" which is like a bed.. amazingly comfort.
In Salta we (Einav, Anat and me) met group of 4 Israelis and hang out with them for 2 days, and then we rented a car to see the area around Salta.
We've travelled 1042 K"m (Which as you can guess i drove most of it and loved every second of touching the Gas Pedal.
We went to Jujui and then to the 7 colors mountain, that was very special, it's like "MACHTESH Ramon" but in one mountain.
From there we decided to take the way to San Antonio. On the way we passed threw salt dessert.. that was something i've never seen before, in the middle of the desert, nothing special around there's a white "lake", shines 5 k"m away. From this salt desert the road to San Antonio was horrible(!!!), dirt road with tons of bumps, and without any car passing by... After two hours we started to get worried, because there were no signs and no cars and the sun was about to disappear, we decided that in 30 minutes we're going back, after 25 minutes we saw few street lights (yes, it was dark already) few k"m from us, we were soooo happy, we made it!
On the next day we went to Kafajate, the road, again, was dirt road with lots of bumps and up and down hills, but it was beautiful! every 10-15 minutes we had to stop to take pictures or just relax while watching the view. During this road we passed by desert mountains, rivers, and Kaktus Park.
We came back to Salta and after 2 days we went to Cordoba, my favorite city.
As i titled it in my diary "Food, Shopping and Parties", actually, on the first days we went to Alta Gracia which is the place that Che Guevara raised and went one day trip to see a waterfall, but since it hasn't rain in the last 10 months, the waterfall in Omer was bigger than this (To the "Tsfonim", few years ago there was a little waterfall in Omer, it was small!), but the thing with the rain they told us AFTER we got back to the hostel. Afterwards, we went to acity called Belegrano, supposed to be a European city. It's like a fairytale there, all made of wood and the signs written in a very special way, and the most important thing is the speciality of this town is Chocolate, Great!
Since then we just went in the streets of Cordoba, eating: Empanadas, Chocolates, Grido Ice cream (Which you can find like McDonald's in NYC) and steaks, Shopping: shirts, earrings, bracelet , necklesses and everything that on our way! and Party, during the weekends. The parties stared at 2:30 am(!!) and finish at 8:00 in the morning, i felt like a zombie after each night.
In Cordoba we met Rotem and Harel. Harel just went to Buenos Aires and Rotem stayed with us. After a week and a half

Now we are in Mendoza, nice city, with nothing special to do. We delayed our schedule because Einav had fiver and had an infection in the throat, she went to a nearby hospital and got some medicines. Two days later she was like brand new.
Today we got back from a 3 days trek in Aconcagua. On the first day i probably took too much on my back (clothes, food, sleeping bag, mattress and tent of 4 people is probably too much) and at night i felt pain in the chess, i went to the doctor and he realized the i have fiver, he decided to give me a shot of something that i can't remember (1:30 am, i barely said my name right) , but since then i feel great! (By the way, if you wondered, the shot was in the butt!!). On day 2 the girls (Einav, Rotem and Anat) went up and i stayed in the tent to get some rest, after a visit at the clinic i understood that i'm ok and the doc said that i can climb part of the way. I went 3 hours alone, (it's wasn't smart but i'm ok now..) and saw the view of Aconcagua, i felt it's very important not to miss this view, i was right.,.. that was breathtaking. On this trek i managed to loose my fleece, i was so disappointed.. and when we got to the base camp, i realized that i need this fleece, it was so cold that on the third day another Israeli with one person tent got ice inside his tent from his breading.
Now we're in Mendoza again, hading south, don't know yet rather it's gonna be Barriloche or Pukon. Either way, i'm gonna love it. We get along together and having the best time!

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Location: Boenos Aires, Argentina

Chapter ends and other begins...
From San Kristoval i went to Mexico City, there Eli, friend of my dad, guest me. It was amazing! He did everything for me, and took care of everything!
I went to museum, zoo, movie, metro expo and went out at night with Liron, one of his workers.
All was great, but the most amazing thing was the football match America Vs. Puma, both are Mexico city teams, yes, derby in one of the craziest football cities. 110,000 people fill the Azteca Stadium. The atmosphere was unbelievable.

From there i took the worst flight ever to Boenos Aires. Four flights, 14 hours total on air(!!).
So after 20 hours i got to Boenos at 3:30 in the morning.

Good bye Central America, i'll probably come back!
Hello South America, i can't wait to see the great places you got!

Summery of Central America photos will be posted soon

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Location: San Kristoval, Mexico

So, After great great time in Rio Dulce it was about time to leave.
I met Shay, and we went all the way to Utila, Honduras threw Livingston again.
There (in Livingston) we (Shay, me, and another 2 Israelis that joined us) decided to take a boat to "Playa Blanca" (The white beach), sounds great, we went on the boat after the 2 guys said it'll be 40 Qatsal, which was very chip compare to the others, i was a little bit suspicious but ohh well...
When we got infront of the beach the guy told us that we give him 50 Q each, and he'll pick us up in 1 hour. Of course on this point we understood that something is wrong so we told him that we want his friend with us, they refused so we demand to take us back to the town (40 min away buy boat), he said that he wont move until we give the money. We gave him half and told the other half will be in the town, after 20 min ride he stop at nowhere and told us to get down, we went sown and realized that they were on the way to some army base and the plan was to leave us in the playa. One of the scariest moments of my trip!!
After Livingston Shay and me got to Utila, Honduras and i did my diving course, which was amazing!! i got addicted to diving, although i have problems with my ears, i hope i'll recover soon.
In Honduras i met Yael and Gidi (From Rosh Ha Shana) and another few Israelis and we did together Yom Kipur.
From Honduras i went to Kopan Ruins, i met there an German guy and travelled 2 days together. From there i took a bus to Tikal, Guatemala, there i went to the ruins and had great experience! Lots of Maya people from Peru, Mexico and Guatemala came to celebrate the Civilization day, they sacrificed stuff and pray, it was like the city came back to life!! amazing!
From There i went to Palenke, Mexico - Ruins again... after few hours in Palenke, which i felt very lonely i decided to do the Ruins and 2 waterfalls on the next day and end the trip in San Kristoval, Colonial City. We went by GMC and supposed to get at 21:00 to the city, in the middle of the way, the engine died, so we waited 30 min on the side road to other car to take us, during this time we were freezing!! and were afraid that some track will kill us.. (The priority goes to the bigger, track first, cars, bike and then people.. that's the way it goes in Central America)...
I'm 4 days here already and i don't want to leave, there are sooo many good people around and the city is beautiful with great night life!
Here i did horseback ride to Indian village and a tour by boat to Sumideru Canyon, which was amazing! two 1 k"m walls from both side along the way, covered with lots of plants and trees.
If you're in the area don't miss San Kristoval!!

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Location: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

I have sooo much to tell!

Since i´m alone i feel much much better!
I met so much people and spoke hours with them.. Few Guatemalans, 2 American, Dutch girl and Daniel Israeli girl that work here...

Yesterday Daniel and me went to see ruins of the Maya in Quirigua (I think they spell it that way), it was amazing! Not the ruins but the place, it was in some jungle with only few tourists, and none Israelis! It was such fun just to hear the noise of the birds and other animals. We saw lizards and a snake (finally i saw one!)
We spent lots of time hanging around in Rio Dulce, and talked for hours.
In the evening i met Fluer, Dutch girl (Holland) that just came from Honduras. She is such a crazy girl!! We drank few drinks in the bar and set on the dock of the hostel and spoke.. after about 5 minutes we thought it would be nice to get into the water, and while we speak she just jump into the water with all her cloths (Jeans and everything)... i went to put my bathing suit :)
After i got into the water another 5 people got in and we made some kind of party in the lake.
Today Daniel and me went to an old castle, wasn`t that exciting but there´s a very nice beach right next to it, so we spent few hours there and got back.
Now i´m waiting for Shay, we suppose to go together to Honduras in the next days.
Daniel so funny! Every couple of minutes she comes with another bright sentence!
I´m sure having fun alone, without so many Israelis around, i think i´ll keep that way.

Sunday, 24 September 2006

Location: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Long time since the last time..

I did´nt have good internet connections or no time.
as you can see in the pictures the views are the best. Never seen such things!!

In Antigua i did the Pakatya mountain, which is an active volcano. We got less than 2 meters from the Lava!! That was Scary and exciting.
Since Antigua i´ve been in Atitlan Lake, in few towns:
San Pedro-The best place to be few days and relax. The best food in the trip so far (Except Magda KAPARA ALEA)
San Markus-Few hours it´s more than enough! in this place you can do Yoga and Massage, sure not for me.
Santa Kruz-Beautiful place that usually have great party in the weekends, the owner wasn´t there so we just spent Saturday night in the sauna and the lake (Running from place to another).

From Atitlan we moved to Lankin (Samuk Sham pey), the most beautiful place nature made! it´s a river that splits to 2 rivers. one on top and one under. The river on top turn into few pools one after another. You gotta see the pics to understand!
There we also went to caves tour. They take you to the caves and give you candles. After few minutes you find yourself swimming with one hand and all you care is to keep the candle alive!

Then we got to Livingston to celebrate Rosh Hashana, 11 people in a very fancy (Compare to the rest) hostel. That was so special to celebrate holiday with people i met a day before. I did the blessing thing, and was very nervous about it.
Now i´m all alone in Rio Dulce, i earlier with Nick, a British guy i just met to very hot waterfall that falls into very cold lake, it´s amazing this kind of things, you can feel the power of nature!

I don´t know what´s next, Honduras or Mexico...

Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: Guatemala

I had sooo much things to write! i'll try to make it short.

After San Juan del Sur we went to Isla De Ometepe which is a lake on the top of sleeping volcano. That place is amazing! great view, great atmosphere! You don't need to take care of anything, in the hostel you can find all you need in very cheap prices!

There i celebrated my B-Day. Few Mexicans that we met there arrange b-day cake, and we all got drunk and play drinking games with 4 Mexican, 2 Argentinian, 1 Skotish 2 Canadian and 4 Israelis.. you can guess it was fun! i'll post some photos soon, it says more than me.

Then, we went to Granada again and from there to Laguna de Apoyo. Another lake, with great view.
Then we left Yoni (Thanks for everything man!! it was great with you!!) and started the way to Guatemala (Tal and Me), threw Managua (Capital of Nicaragua) which was the scariest place i've ever been and San Salvador (Capital of El-Salvador) we got to Guatemala city and few minutes later we took the bus to Antigua which is the city that i'm in now. Nice people and beautiful city, i like it here!

Monday, 11 September 2006

I had sooo much things to write! i'll try to make it short.

After San Juan del Sur we went to Isla De Ometepe which is a lake on the top of sleeping volcano. That place is amazing! great view, great atmosphere! You don't need to take care of anything, in the hostel you can find all you need in very cheap prices!

There i celebrated my B-Day. Few Mexicans that we met there arrange b-day cake, and we all got drunk and play drinking games with 4 Mexican, 2 Argentinian, 1 Skotish 2 Canadian and 4 Israelis.. you can guess it was fun! i'll post some photos soon, it says more than me.

Then, we went to Granada again and from there to Laguna de Apoyo. Another lake, with great view.
Then we left Yoni (Thanks for everything man!! it was great with you!!) and started the way to Guatemala (Tal and Me), threw Managua (Capital of Nicaragua) which was the scariest place i've ever been and San Salvador (Capital of El-Salvador) we got to Guatemala city and few minutes later we took the bus to Managua which is the city that i'm in now. Nice people and beautiful city, i like it here!

Sunday, 03 September 2006

Location: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Hello Nicaragua!

Three days ago we (Tal, Yonatan, Yoni and me) got to Nicaragua from San Jose. Another stamp on the passport :)

We got to Granada around 20:00 and we thought it's like Yafo downtown, actually even worse!
We decided to leave in the morning, but than we met few israelis that convinced us to stay during the day. That was a good advice, in the morning we went to nearby market which called Masaya, there you can feel 3rd world country living!
We went out on the evening, to drink the local beers (Victoria and Ton'a), that was nice.
Yesterday we (Tal, Yoni and me) came to San Juan Del Sur, which is on the west-south cost of Nicaragua. nice town, without lots of tourists.
In the evening we took a tour to see turtles laying eggs, that was cool! I missed that in Costa Rica (in Turtugero) and i think that it's much better, and not because i did it here! We were able to take pictures, which you can't in Turtugero and we were only 10 ppl, so we could pet the turtles and actually get really close when she laying her eggs, that was an experience!
Today we took some kind of track ride to nice beach and spent there the whole day.

Tal and Yoni are great! We usually got the same plans and we get along very good!

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Location: Bocas del Toro, Panama

Three days ago Noaa and me got to Bocas del Toro.
We went to the recommended hostel in the town and it was booked up, so we had to go to "The gray door hostel", an hostel without name, without water, with nothing!
So, the first day wasn't the best..
The day after we found a place in the good hostel (Mondo Taitu), and on that day they did a party that supports the existence of Pluto as a planet... The party was awesome! They brought tin foil and lots of people dressed themselves, it was funny!

In the morning we went to pollo island, which there lives Pollo. Pollo is a 62yo guy who lived there in the past 40 years, and he got hundreds of Cock and beers empty bottles! We didn't manage to speak with him but we heard that he makes great food. On that beach Elad and Oded got few coconuts and they opened it, that was Delicious!

On the next day, we took a tour to four nearby islands, we Snorkeled in two of them and the others were beautiful swimming beaches!
On the swimming beaches we ate lots of coconuts!

Tomorrow I´m going back to San Jose, to find out what´s next, i thinking about Corcovado which is the biggest national park in Costa Rica or just go to Nicarugua, or both...

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From David el Mexicano
Hello Ajim!!
How´s everything going? I see that you´re just finishing your trip, what an experience, right? I´ve been back at home for a couple of months and still can´t take my mind out of the trip, everytime I get together with Karla, the other David, and Celia, is just to talk over and over again about all the amazing experiences and great people that we met. We always remember that B-day night in Ometepe!! Great Party haha. Well, take care my brother, see you around the wolrd next time. Greetings from Monterrey, MEXICO.
Response: Hola amigo!!
I'm so happy to read you note!
And yes, as i told you, i won't forget this B-day ever! And i can't describe how much i appreciate you. Take care, and i really hope to see you somewhere, keep in touch!
From amishpaha =)
we just want to remind you that we love you and miss you so much!!!
happy hanuka!
aba ima dorin and miran :-*
Response: I love you too and miss you soo much!
Happy Hanukah!!
From mich
hello there!
i m sorry i didnt keep in touch...such a louzy friend.
i wrote you yesterday a long message but for some reason it's not here???? so it seems like you are having the best time of your life!
but hey, we miss you here, when are you coming back????
Response: Now we all can see that you louzy! you didn't wrote all the things from the first message!!!
From mich
wow i m such a louzy friend... so i just read all the things you wrote and saw all the pictures looks like you r having the time of your life.
but hey, we miss you here! when r you coming back?
you should know that i have started drinking beer and not just whisky! you are missing alot here, maybe we should make our sight so you'll be able to catch up....
miss u alot, even though i didnt stay in touch!
Response: HEY!! i know i miss alot, but i will catch up when i'll be back.. I miss you and wish you all could share with me this experience
From Youval

WE are in mexico,you are not the only traveler!
The place is very nice but the weather so fur is cool.
I think it's time to updade your trip story ,since you did not do it after Oct. 26.
I hope you are well and having good time.
we will be buck home on wendsday and hope we'll get in contact .
talk to you soon!

"DODE" Youval
Response: Hey! i just thought to myself that it's been a month since the last update, in few minutes i'll update it... Have the best time in Mexico! you deserve it.
From Youval
Hi yaron.
cant imagin the fun you are having but happy for you!!!
I love the pic and cant wait to see more.
keep the update!

love Ancel "YOUVAL"
Response: HEY, i´m so glad that you can feel part of my experience.. i can´t wait to see you again, soon!
From Noam Sever
Yo Yo..
So i finally took the time and saw ALL the pictures..
Amazing, indeed and very familyer :) Glad that you put a few pictures of my self, i feel importent.
Any way, I can see that you are having a blast.. don't hurry to come back - there is nothing here !! it's a promise.
Take care man
Response: Hey! So nice to know that you saw the site!! i miss travelling with you and Danny in NYC! Now i have Anat.. Actualy i wish you were here!
Take care and keep in touch!
From Nataly
hi Yeled!
your site is really cool!!
sorry it took me so long to enter it :)
yalla, we wanna hear about south america...
miss ya!
Response: Hey Chica!
I{m so gladthat wekeep in touch!
From your Alfred son
Hey dad!
I love reading your stuff, especially the "I haven't updated in a LONG time, so..." part!... kidding of course, great to hear from you. It looks like traveling through Central-America is in SUCH a different mood and atmosphere than in Asia... I'm hoping to find some of that here, too (or I'll just have to get over there).
Keep on partyin'!
Response: HEY!
i really miss you! i don't have much internet time but tell me when you can be online and i'll try to be there...
From yoni
nice pictures
Response: Thanks!
From shlomi
4 so long i try to chch u, now i read about ur trip and wooooooooooo i wish i b there. so much to talk with u, looking 2 c u in israel, have fun , take care of urself. love
Response: I miss talking to you too!
Hope i´ll catch you in MSN and have good connection (So Hard here to get one)
From yoni
nu tictov masheu hadash ya azlan
Response: I just wrote!! :)
From Avner
Hey Bali ! Just wanted to give you an official HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I'm sure your enjoying it and I hope it will be your best birthday ever, at least better than that shitty party we had last year in our place :) . Anyway, we all drank in your honor yesterday evening, so Mazal Tov, and keep on having fun !
Response: Thank you!! I had one of the.. Actually the best B-Day ever, with lots of Alcohol and B-day cake.
From Diana
Well I don't really have much to say just wanted to use the cute message box.. :)
The pictures are GREAT! (how did you get the lightning??) and I'm glad you're having fun..Send me a pic of some hot local guys in the beaches will you? Ahhhhhhhhh what the hell am I doing here at home?? Anyway baby, miss you have fun! Neshikot!
Response: Hey! Great to hear from you. i'll do my best with the guys pictures, but can't promiss that they'll look good. Miss you!
From Avner
Hey Balli ! I just got back from the last day of Miluim, I hope. I wanted to make a blog of what I did there but the Internet connection was to slow and I was a little, uh, busy. Anyway, just wanted to say the pics you put up are amazing, I guess being there is even more beatiful. I hope you are enjoying yourself not only with shopping malls and strange animals but also in the good old fashioned way - sex drugs and rock and roll! Have fun, write less, get disconnected! - it will make the travel expirence something totally different ! Love you man ! ciao !
Response: Yep! i'm doing my best to be disconnected, but it was hard, with all the situation and stuff. But the last days i broke a record of 4 days without internet! I wish you could see what i'm seeing! and yes the pictures much better on the computer, the site blured some of them, miss you soo much! Me.
From Amit
Hey aba!
Good 2 c u're having fun (the usual bullcrap)!
I agree with u on the situation at home, i know how much u were excited about this trip finally happening, so u should make the most of it. and when u (or we) get back, we'll do our share of contribution, that's what i think.
p.s. yep, 12 hours is a long gap between us, but we can bridge it :)
Response: Hey!
I'm glad to keep in touch with you with half world between.. Half world.. that's alot!!
From liat ben ami
this web page is great!
of course-it is the gick inside you that makes you use the computer while you should completely forget it!!!!
soon i will be able to call you free, if you wont be at the jungle or something.. it will be cool./
have a lot of fun!
Response: Free? How? send me mail when you can, it would be great!
Dash to everyone!
From avner
i just looked at all of the pictures and the guy you took a photo of in the flight is Zik (the leader of the others, duh). don't trust his lies!!!! they dont really live in those little ticky huts and his beard is not real !!! and BTW - how the f--k are you getting internet on the island ? i didn't know the hatch had broadband. dont forget to push the button !
Response: Avner, you need medical assistance, immediately!
From noam
Snap out of it ! and start to travell.
My advice for you is - disconect from everyone as much as you can, it will make the experience even better.
Response: I'll have enough time to disconnect, now i still wanna be in touch
From Alex
1. What a cool site... great idea!
2. Why are there no pictures of me from the party??? I realize I'm not the greatest addition to a photograph, but stil...
3. Hope you've arrived OK and didn't have the most horrible food possible.
Response: You don't like to be pictured... not my problem... :)
From avner
i liked the picture of the pita
Response: Shamen!