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Barry and Colene's Trip to Canada

Hi Everyone
We have just be introduced to Planet Ranger by mates from Dublin. Now we can keep ye posted on what we are up to and put some pictures of us in a Drunken state, ha ha.
Also everyone can post messages and we will do our best to get back to you as quick as possible.

Our Canadian mobile numbers are (code is the international code so thats all you need)

Barry : 016474097632
Colene : 014168452722

Talk to ye soon

Diary Entries

Friday, 17 October 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Well Folks

How are ye all doing. Things still going rather well with us. Its Friday evening so chill out tonight and were haveing an old apartment party tomorrow evening, beer,cd's and guitar (I am not playing it by the way)
We are taking things handy after last weekend in Montreal. It was a real nice city with downtown and old town. Totally different from Toronto. Everyone spoke French as their first lanuage but most spoke english to.
We just did sight seeing and shopping and eating and of course drinking. On sat night one of the main streets was closed off for Sat hockey night, mini ice hockey rinc, live Band, beer. Imagine that on a Sunday before a club game against Foreglen.

We went to see the Olympic stadium that was built for the 1976 summer games. It was impressive but there was a prick of a tour guide. He showed us the flags of the countries who won medals and said there was one important country ommitted and asked who wa sit. No one spoke so I said Isreal ? Well he near shit himself, WHAT and when I said it again, he replied I SAID AN IMPORTANT COUNTRY DIDNT I. He also did something similar to Daniel on another question. So on the way out he was shaking everyones hand, so when we got to him he put his hand out and the 4 of us just blanked him. His face was priceless - wanker (pardon my French, ha ha). We got home late Monday night and we wrecked Tuesday. But sure there a week over.

I have stuck on some pics for ye to see. Thats all the crack for the minutes. Remember lads - Lock the windows and doors at night or ye may as well invite dem in an make Tea for dem.

Thursday, 09 October 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hi everyone

Well we have been away for over 3 months now and were having a ball. We are both working away and partying at the weekends. We are we used to the big city life at this stage. We have lived in Greektown and downtown and its been some experience and by jayus we have come across some weirdos. A fella told us that a few years back there was a mental institution in the city that went bankrupt, so they had to think what to do with the patients - They did the most Irish thing in the world - THEY LET THEM ALL OUT. I think I have met most of them on me travels.

We have seen some famous people to - Puff Daddy , Marilyn Manson, Richard Branson, our friend Daniel saw the back of Ben Afflecks head, Colene and Sinead(Leixlip) meet Lebron James(NBA basketballer and Matthew McConaghey and didnt even know who they were - Celeb spotter my ass. Me and Daniel saw Fran Cosgrove - not really just looked like him. This was all due to the film festival, we actually met one of the stewards at an event - of course he was Irish "Maguire" or something like that. Anyway he was talking about Irish soccer and how much he loved it and went on to say his his favourite players were Roy Keane and his younger brother Robbie - Feicin Ludder

I made the comeback to the Gaelic Football in the summer sun for a 2 day 7 a side tournamnet for St Pats. Just waiting for the call up from Kevin Kidd and hopefully Sean Boylan for the mixed rules in Austrailia. I wont hold me breath anyway.

We have been to the CN Tower (very similar to Ballymun Tower), The Hockey Hall of fame, We have seen the Baseball, Toronto FC (Saw Becks play - well he was there anyway) The Bata Shoe museum (yes the shoe museum), were goin to Niagara when Janette and Damian arrive. We have been to the Danforth Greek festival and we still have to go to the Toronto Island to. Were going to Boston for a few days soon as well.

Would you believe we met a couple from Dublin who were living in our apartment block for 2 months and we never even saw them once. Anyway they are Paul (Higgo) and Sinead and they are lovely if not bordering on the insane - ha ha. He is the Pat Shortt of Dublin and she is the Curry Queen of Rathfarnham. So that was great.

Most of our time over the past 2 months has been with Daniel (Smyth) and Sinead who are from Dublin (Sorry Sinead is from Leixlip) they have been super craic and a God send and we have had some real good nights out with them. Were heading to Montreal at the weekend with them and the craic should be mighty. It thanksgiving over on Monday so we should get the old Turkey dinner for good measure. It has a large population of French speaking, I will be fine though because I am fluent as you well know.

On Friday night we went to see that new Coen bros movie "Burn After Reading" and it was hilarious- Brad Pitt was very good in it. Go and see it.
We were with Daniel and Sinead, so we went for "1" drink afterwards - we were the last to leave the bar. It was some laugh though

The 6 of us went out on Sat night past and we were all hammered, drinking Jager bombs and pornstars and pints of Keiths. We were all dying the next day - some worse than others (Higgo). I even said never again - or at least for a week.

The weather here has been poor lately with it getting cold and wet, but like I always say "It would be a lovely little country if you could only roof it". Also everyone here is "Irish" even if their Granny drank a glass of Jameson in the 1950's they are feicin Irish, drives me mad.

Myself,Higgo and Dan are hopefully going to fit in a round of golf in the next few weeks - My first in ages.
Colene is getting on the best to and she is looking forward to Janette and Damian to come over (I just can wait for more tea bags and brown sauce - only joking Janette).

I went to get the auld hair cut last night, cost me $25 dollars which aint to bad. We went up the street and wasnt there a promotion for the new Guy Ritchie film (Rockinrolla) doing free hair cuts - Higgo got a free hair cut, jammy or what. But we all got free passes to see the movie next week, so that wasnt so bad at all.

So we are heading off on Sat morning and back on Monday night so I will post the next installment in the middle of next week. Feel free to leave an old message and sure when we get a chance one of us will reply.

There is a fella in our work called Joey and every time I say "How are ya Joey" - I picture Dan the Man Clancy from Killinaskully and start laughin - He must think I am a nutcase. Of course he is Canadian so he likely hasnt a clue what Im saying anyway, on the other hand sure he is probabally IRISH.

Good Luck
Barry and Colene

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Recent Messages

From Janice
Hey Guys,
You doin anythin special for halloween? We're going to fancy dress, I'm Vicky Pollard and Fergal is Bubbles Devere. I'll send you some photos, should be a laugh. Get writin your diary entries, life so boring here I keep lookin on to see what ur up to!!
From Bronagh
Hey you guys!!
All sounds good, glad you are both keeping busy and social life seems to be buzzing - good on ya. Wish could say the same about here, same shite different day. Good to hear from you, will keep an eye on the blog and drop you a line soon. Take care x
From mossy mulligan
sure jaiz lads ye pull up there and leave d car where ye like it, sure jaziz ye cant drive like dat lads. knock the duck down,
From Janice
Hellooo, Sounds like you're having a great time and met some nice people. Things ok here. Fergal is working in local bar and djing and karaoke in another bar. His ideal jobs!! Will be going home at xmas and staying with Mena, woo hoo, will need brandy to cope with shock!! Oh and Colene, a feckin shoe museum WISE UP!! (yawn yawn)
Luv ya loads xx
From fin
hi guys ,glad to hear ya are havin a ball sooo jealous ,but still does not compare to mine and aidans social life i mean just last weekend we were in the thatch for a fancy dress 40th birthday party ! TOP THAT x x miss ya both
From Aidan
Sounds to me like yous are having a shite time .Just a quick hello as you know me on the old computer (games ), is a bit of a joke ,any got a job in so that should keep us going to christmas or so .Still doing a bit of training when i m not to lazy .Me and Pam started Irish classes in Newbridge .Thats about it sure give me a bell or a text to talk about that other thing .say hello to the mrs talk soon ,good luck
Response: How are ya Mrs. Sure the crack is 90. Be good and keep it real Homi
From patsy o donohue
well lads looks like theres a good owl party with some scallions and beetroot, what will i tell butty brennan he looken for a simple owl salad
Response: Thats right, Knuckle down Darcy
From ME
See the oul bad eyes again smith..............wise up
From PA scanlon
knuckle down lads knuckle down hahaha,
Response: Good Man Moloney
From Paula and Pamela and
Hey Guys, just read da diary so funny, so true "wouldn't it be a lovely little country if only u could roof it" hahaha. Pamela made me write this so formal but gud to hear uns are keepin well and having a gud time, hope wrk is goin gud. The cove went on fire the other night closed for a few weeks. Chat soon enjoy Montreal xoxo
Response: What will ye do without the cove, ye may find another spot to booze, by this stage ye likely have