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Welcome to Michelle & Paul's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels whilst we are living in Fort McMurray, Canada. I have set up this site because I have failed miserably in keeping up with all the emails to family & friends. Hopefully I will be able to keep this site up to date for you all to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. I will try my best in between working & vacationing over this side of the world to reply to your messages.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Location: Canada

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Monday, 31 August 2009

Location: Fort McMurray, Canada

Well Gee - I bet you all thought we'd fallen off the planet..... We have been so busy over here in Canada. As most of you know we've been building our new house which after more than a year is nearly ready for us to move into. So luckily we’ll get to move before the white stuff comes falling out of the sky again!
Chloe started her first day in high school today – which is grade 9. Tamara started her first day with an engineering company out here at Suncor and is quite excited about it. Paul is still enjoying his job as Technical Instructor with the Finning – the Caterpillar dealer here and I’m still working away at Suncor.
We are coming home for 6 weeks at the end of November & will be in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gladstone, Mackay & Townsville & hopefully will catch up with a few of you. We can’t wait to meet our new gradson Blake & give our boys a big long overdue cuddle!

Thursday, 07 August 2008

Location: Chicago, USA

Yesterday we arrived in Chicago. Chicago is known as the "Windy City", although with the nice warm weather and the wind it was great. The temperature is approx 28 degrees Celsius. We are staying in the heart of downtown in the Hyatt Regency, it’s one of the largest hotels in Chicago and we are on the 30th floor. The new Donald Trump Hotel and business centre is just down the street. The architecture is amazing and we’ve loaded some photo’s on to share with you. We’re on foot for the first 4 days but downtown has free trolley (bus) services where you can get on & off as much as you want so that’s great. We are off to the theatre tonight to see a Broadway show called “wicked”, I’ve attached a link if you want to check it out clip on the show .
Good morning it’s the next day. Today we visited Navy Pier & went on an extreme high powered jet boat ride & got to view the skyline from Michigan Lake. Michigan Lake is so huge it looks like an ocean; even traveling out on the lake you can’t see the other side. Chloe was looking for some fun & she got it on the jet boat, we got soaked but it didn’t take long to dry off. Next we went on a Ferris Wheel ride; Chicago’s Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier is the second largest in the world & guess what I got some more photos. The food and service is the best we’ve ever encountered every meal we’ve had has been delivered to our table within about 15 minutes & all the serve staff have been ever so friendly and helpful – a bit different to Fort McMurray!!
We travelled on the water taxi up the Lake Michigan canal and saw the skyline and architecture from a different angle again. Chicago has, bridges and some are the old swing type bridges that open up for he big water craft to travel under. The buildings are so very old, you can see that Chicago hasn’t have to worry about too many natural disasters. I think the worst natural disaster they have had here would be the great Chicago fire. It’s very interesting to see the tall buildings with the fire escape ladders down the side – just like in the TV shows.

Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: Canada

Hi & welcome to the Bauer Family on Tour Travel Site - We have created this for all of you because in the last year we have not kept in contact with all our friends and family back in Australia. We hope you enjoy our back log of photo's since we arrived in Canada in 2004, Wow it's now July 2008 where has the time gone!!! As you can see we are fullfilling our dream and travelling a lot over this side of the world. Between working full time and travelling we don't seem to having any boring moments. Hopefully through the assistance of this website we will be able to keep in contact more often. Please feel free to post your comments and we will write back (hmmmm this is my hope anyway. Our next trip away is guess where ???? It's summer so we are going to do a road trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains from Fort McMurray through to Jasper & over the Rockies to Surrey, British Columbia.
Regards Michelle, Paul, Tamara & Chloe

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