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Groote Eylandt Adventure

Cheers Beau and Melita and Kai

Diary Entries

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Location: Netherlands

Arrived in the Netherlands and we are staying with Matt and Kim. For lunch we had a kroket - it's deep fried something (like gravy) with mustard, very good. We had Mexican last night before Matt and Kim cooked us a Dutch sweet like a mini crepe/pancake/crumpet, yet again very good. We played Wii (the interactive computer thing from Nitendo) and Melita beat the crap out of me in boxing but I turned it on in bowling. That's about it.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Location: Netherlands

Munich 10th - 12th Jan; Well, as you can probably tell by the post from Munich - we had a ball! We just thought it was going to be a place to break up our train trip to Berchtesgaden from Paris but we ended up wishing we had stayed longer. We met a couple of Aussie's from Perth in our room and they told us about the free walking tour which we went on with them the next day. The tour was great and we learnt a lot about Munich's history (which is very interesting). It's a very pretty city with lovely old buildings (well a lot are new old as they were rebuilt after the war). After the tour we went to the massive beer hall with Clare and Ash - our new Aussie mates. And yes - it's true I drank two Steins!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Location: Paris, France

Paris 5th - 10th Jan; We took a night train to paris from Venice which was pretty cool - we had our own cabin so got a little bit of sleep! We arrived and went to our hostel called 'The Perfect Hotel' it was cute and comfortable. Later that day Bec and Sal arrived. We had a great few days there together going to museums (thanks Joel!) and eating! The louve was cool but very busy - the Mona Lisa looses it's charm a bit when you have to stand on your tip-toes to get a glimpse! We also went to the modern art museum which was cool but we also found a lot of it pretty amusing and wanky - like the plain white canvas minimalism at it's best! Beau decided that he would like a picasso on his wall - if only! We gave Beau Beau a day off the girls and we went shopping and wandering around - I had a bad cold but it was nice to go into some shops and look. I loved that paris was so grand and there was so much space in such a big city - in terms of the width of the streets and the parks etc. We also found the people were so nice! 3 separate times, we were looking at our map and someone came up to us to ask if we needed help and showed us where to go. So don't buy the story that Parisians are rude! Thanks to Beccy and Sal for coming over to play with us!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Haven't had much luck finding an internet lately - especially one that lets you download photos. Melita will give you all the details in her wonderful diary entries but I can give you the general outline since leaving Italy.

I thought Venice was nice and we did manage to see our first bit of snow (which was falling) but three days was plenty. All you can do is shop, shop, shop and then eat. Then after you eat you go shopping again. It was like Christmas shopping without having any money. I like shopping as much as the next bloke so 3 days in Venice was plenty for me.

Paris was spot on. The people were extremely helpful and friendly. My highlight in the city of romance was riding the worlds fastest elevator - 200m in 30seconds. My lowlight was paying 8 euro for a pint.

Then it was onto Munich - we took a free tour and then drank all afternoon in the world famous beer hall. Melita who doesn't drink beer was a real trooper and deserves a pat on the back for knocking off two 1L beers at a handy pace. After that someone thought we should go ice skating and as you could imagine it was quite a scene - I even tried skating with the kids polarbear to the great amusement of an adoring crowd. I don't whether I was Torvill or Dean. Melita skated very well and continued to impress while I retired to join the rest of the crowd in another drink.

Off to Berchdesgaden (I am sure that is spelt wrong). It is on the border of Austria and has a population of 14 000. It was great. It was covered in snow and we had a ski, went into a salt mine with a giant slide and then had a swim outside in a thermal pool. It was cheaper to get a beer than a coke. The Germans no how to cook a snagger.

We stopped into Dresdan on the way to Berlin and had some great soup and got bitten by bed bugs.

We have now been in Berlin for two days. It is the first time we have struck any real winter weather. Tonight we are going on a pub crawl.

Thats about it. I have given you a good overview and I am sure that Melita will fill in the gaps. I will eventually post photos when I find a USB.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Location: Venice, Italy

Venice 2nd - 4th Jan- seems like ages ago (Beau will add some photos soon for each of these places). Venice was very pretty especially at night. There were many times that we walked around in circles and got lost - we'd start in one place and think we were heading toward our B&B and then half hour later we would end up in the same place. It snowed a little on our first day which was exciting - the ever snap happy Beau tried to take a photo of a snow flake on his jumper but didn't work out. There's lots of shopping in Venice which is a bit depressing when we have no money to spend but I did get a bit of Venician glass in the form of a pretty pendant (thanks Beau Beau). We stayed in this cute B&B where the lady spoke no English and every time you tried to speak to her she just offered you Tea but she was sweet. Overall it was a good stay.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Location: Munich, Germany

Hi All,

We#ve been waiting to find a place where we can download some photos but not much luck. We are well and have enjoyed Venice, Paris and now in Munich. We are Heading to our little Ski place tomorrow and don't know if they have internet. So will write more and post pictures as soon as possible ( i'm writing this two steins to the wind so excuse the spelling mistakes - at least you aren't near Beau when he is cutting the cheese after cabbage and pork and too too much beer!).

Lot sof Love Melita xoxo

Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Location: Italy

We had a great New Years Eve last night. There was a poster that said free concert and fireworks in town so we headed down. We were having a drink and suddenly heard the fireworks and went outside to see the professional Perugian firework display. We got a shock to find that everybody was just letting of homemade fireworks and some were even being lobbed into the crowd. It was absolutely mad. You could even feel the force of the explosions on you face. One firework cracked into the side of a building. My highlight though was when someone had a crate of fireworks and appeared to just set the box on fire as the crowd quickly dispersed. We had the best New Years Ever!
Happy New Year

Monday, 31 December 2007

Location: Perugia in Umbria, Italy

Hi Everyone,

Well we are in beautiful Perugia and enjoying a bit of a quieter location. We grew to love Naples (in the two days that we spent there) but it is lovely to see some green rolling hills. We are staying in a little hostel call the Farmhouse and it has cute goats a scary goose and ponies! We also get fresh eggs for breakfast! It's much colder here though but we are coping and rugging up. Beau will post some more photos soon. Happy New Year!

Melita xoxo

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Location: Naples, Italy

Hi Everyone,

Well, alot has been going on for us in a week! First of all Dubai: a city of contrasts, colour, construction and cash! Their catch phrase is "Dubai - where there is a lot to DO and a lot to BUY" get it?. It:s true though, ther is a lot to do, we went to Ski Dubai (which is located in one of their many giant shopping malls) and had a snow boarding lesson. On our way back we are going to Wild Wadi- their water park. They also have 70% of the worlds cranes there so you can imagine how much construction is going on. We also got a glimpes of the amazing markets which are also huge. They are called Souks and they have a fish souk, a spice souk, an old souk and.....yes ladies...a gold souk (Beau is letting me go on the way back). The other great thing about Dubai is that the people were lovely and our 3 star hotel was more like a 5 star, so it will be a nice way to begin and end our trip!

Rome: First impression of Rome is busy, and surprisingly dirty but then we walked around and accidently stumbled across the Colosseum and got our first wow factor. The food was awesome (the best Gnnochi ever!) we did a lot of walking and sightseeing, saw a lot of churches and old buildings - it was sad how much graffiti was on so many of the old buildings though! Trevi Fountain was beutiful but there were hundreds and hundreds of people there, same goes for the Vatican. I think our favourite thing about Rome was the little restaurants down the little cobbled streets.

Naples: When we walked out of the train station to find our hostel all we would think was "Holy Crap!". People everywhere, car and scooters going in all direstions, weaving in and out of traffic and up the sidewalk. We stopped to look at our map and nearly got reversed over when a guy wanted to park where we were standing. We got to our hostel and thought - where have we landed and why did we come here? However we ventured out for dinner to a famous pizza place (after all Naples is supposed to be the home of pizza) and with the first bite out question was answered - the best pizza ever. Today we went to the markets and got some fresh sqid and salad to make a nice healthy dinner. The markets were so much fun, so cheap and fresh! We walked down to the bay and soaked up the beautiful veiw of the coast (will post photos) it was also a bit sunny today wich was a nice change. We decided that we both like Naples a bit more that Rome - it is like a giant Freo! So we have just eaten our fabulous fresh Calamari nad salad and now I am hogging the hostel computor so I best go and post from somewhere else in beautiful Italy!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Location: Perth, Australia

We have 2 hours to go until we board. Just killed 30 minutes making this page. Dubai here we come.

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From Mum McD
Hi to you both
Well Beau - school has started off really well - we have 77 students - which is almost chokka.How is London? I enjoyed talking to the rellies the other day and Granddad Mac is so very happy that you have met his sister Aunty Francis. Enjoy Dubai for the final leg and I'll see you in when you both return. XX Mum
From Uncle Al Aunty Vicki
Wow! I am blown away by this page!!!! I thought it was going to be complicated to contact you guys!!!!But it was sooo easy.... Who's blonde now!!! The photos are fantastic and I really think you have missed your calling and should be professional travel photographers.... they look like postcards. I want to be there NOW .... give my love to all the "realies" ...keep warm and safe.. and think of us back here starting school and back to work. Jodie has just got back to town and madly re-stocking the shop...our house looks like we are moving out with all the boxes. She will open up on Friday 1st and enjoyed her break in Thailand, Phuket and the islands. Ash has flown down to Perth today for her friends 21st!!!! Yes, It is the year of the 21st... so you guys had better start saving when you get back to be up here in May!!!! No pressure though...but I am thinking about how I ended up here again...thanks to you two.
Can't wait for more you both, missing you heaps...xxxxx Love from all of us X X
From Ramee
Hoi to you both - krokets are the bomb! Have you had poffetures yet? They're the little pancakey things and olle bolle? Sounds like ure having a ball - great pics!

Myself and the hairy man are very well - settling into bickerton at the moment - its day 2 at school!

DC is awesome - luves her tucker, like her father and doesnt like being alone (like her father!) She got her first tooth the other day - soooo cute!

Have put some pics on our site of her and the wedding.

Hope this finds you both well and Adrian sends you both a scratch and says he loves bobo xoxoxoxoxoxoxox The Conroys
From Father Daniel
The photos look fantastic, you seem to be having a good time; you make me feel like visiting Europe again. German looks like the place to go for me, the big glasses of glog are not a bad idea at all. when are you getting back to australia? Thank you once again for your message and I wish you both many more happy days on your holiday. All the best for now Beau and Melita. Fr. Daniel
Response: Hi Fr. Dan,
We come home on 8th of Feb. It's gone fast but we've had a great time - took the sting out of leaving Broome a bit. See you in Perth when you come for dinner!
From Kelsey
Hi Lete and Beau

Just wanted to say hello and I am enjoying reading your very entertaining blogs. So glad you are enjoying yourselves and getting to see some snow! I love beaus comments on the importance of the price of a beer wherever you go! Very important when you are travelling. Thinking of you and hope you enjoy whats left in store.

Love you lots and hopefully we see you somewhere soon,
Kels xxx

love from ben too!
Response: Hi Kelse, In Amsterdam at the moment - so thinking about you heaps and the good time we had here! I hope we see you soon too. Miss you heaps!
From Mum
Hi travellers,
Where to next?
The trip sounds great and you are experiencing heaps. It''s great to follow your travels so keep the diary entry going - when you can!
Response: Hey Gwen, I am at this very moment sitting in Matt and Kim's living room watching Beau and Matt play virtual tennis! Here till Sat then on to Ireland!
From Beryl
Hi to you two special people,
It is so great to read all about your adventures. It brings back memories of my European trip and makes me want to go again. Enjoy the rest of your time away, can't wait to see you soon and you can really fill us in on all that has happened. Love you both, take care of each other and be safe. Mum Wxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Mamma Wilson, super impressed that you can now post on a blog! Love you lots!
From Liss
Hey Lete and Beau,

Dying to hear more news of your travel adventures! Hope all is going well. Heard you caught up with Greg - bet that was fun!

Can't wait to speak to you when you get home. Junior still squirmy - only 7 weeks to go now!

Lots of love,
Liss x
Response: Hi Liss, Saw Greg but only for half hour - he was very busy with work - but it was lovely to see him, as warm and sweet as always!
From rose, aidan and Amel
Hi guys.
Love hearing about your travels. You both look so happy in your photos. Enjoy every minute of it. We have jsut arrived in perth from melbourne. WE head back to Broome next week.
Amelia is crawling and being very cheeky by making lots of faces.
Love Rose, Aidan and Amelia
From Gwen
Hi to you both!
Julie and Brian have just arrived home in the UK and asked me to pass on the message. Enjoy the sightseeing.
You've given me the travel bug!
From John & Rose
Mel put us onto your page. You both look strange all rugged up, never seen you in winter clothes. Going to visit Percy the horse, will tell him you're sourcing some international mares. Have fun. Happy new year.
John I put a picture of me riding Percy through winning post - maybe I could be considered as a possible rider when Percy is riding with 85kg.
From maaike and Lew
Hi Melita and Beau,
Keep having fun and keep safe. Lucky ducks!
Response: thank guys.see you when we get back
From hayles
so nice to see those lovely smiling, oh so happy faces and all those beautiful places too.

good times! keep having heaps more.

miss you.

love hayles
Response: Hey Gorgeous girl! Miss you heaps! Send me some photos of your trip! Give big big hugs to Rainsy! What's happening with your work? Lub U
From drew
hi guys, the first chance that i have had to say hi for a while.looking at your photo's i'm not sure if i would rather be there in 0 ,or here in 45.look like your having a great time.keep up the good work!
Response: 45. in Newman doesn't beat 3. in Paris Sorry - Love You
From Russell
You guys look great and it sounds as though you are having and awesome time.... looking forward to hearing stories when you get back... Happy New Year and all that ... love Russ xx
Response: Hi Russ - big hugs to you!
From megs
wow..your trip seems amazing..I am jealous :)

Great to see you happy!

From Joel & Trent
So glad to hear you're both taking in the local attractions!
Happy '08! Hope this is the perfect start to a year of new beginnings!
We thought of you both when we went to midnight mass last week --- we ended up walking out halfway through (at 20 minutes) the homily along with the rest of the people who couldn't get a seat. Needless to say we thought of you both fighting the crowds in Rome!
Love you, keep writing and posting all those beautiful photos! Xxx
From Nanny Mac and Granda
Beau and Melita - Hi - saw the photos, read the news, all your goings on, wonderful your're having a great time Keep safe, travel well, and have a happy new year. Love Nan and Grandad
Response: Love to you guys too! We are looking foraward to Ireland and some good pub food!
From Helen
How good is this little photographic journal. I want to visit the travel agent immediately. Thankfully Catherine reminds me about the mortgage... roll on 2009. You both look gorgeous and we envy your youthful exuberance - although I reckon we could nudge along some polenta, rissoto, beer, wine, steal bread and parsley and come to life with a few fireworks too close to our vital organs!! Enjoy every minute guys and thanks for sharing... Hx cuddles from Cath and the beautiful Isabella. PS Cath heading to Broome to relieve in Feb.
Response: Hey Crazy Ladies. We're in Paris Now. You two would love it! More photos soon. Cuddles to Iz!
From Mel
It is funny seeing you both so rugged up - it must be cold! Good to see beau concentrating hard on the photography (tongue sticking out in the Napoli photo!).
Response: He's gone snap happy - you know he doesn't do things by halves (at least not the things he's interested in).
From Mum
Those crazy cracker celebrations must have been amazing. The diary and snaps are fantastic! Nanny Mac and Grandad will see the diary tonight when they come for dinner. Love to you both. XX
Response: Love You Too
From Glenn
Wow! You guys sound like you are having heaps of fun! Keep writing and make sure you have lots of crazy adventures,


ps, remember to take care and always wear clean underwear if you are going out!!
Response: Clean Undies - Check!
From Grazia, Mark, Antoni
Happy New Year! Sounds like you are having a fab time in Italy - I wish I was there with you. Enjoy and be safe.
Love from us all.
It will be nice to see you in Perth in the not too distant future.
Response: Yeah see you soon - Beau wants an invite to Sausage making day next year!
From Charlie
Fantastic photos guys - very impressed you managed to cook your own meal! Is it too cold for gelati? Gracie sends a bacio. xxx
Response: Yeah and Beau cleaned that Squid in the hostel sink then crummed and fried it - he doesn't do things by halves! No Gelati yet but will definitely have some before we leave. xoxo
From Liss, Pat and Junior
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Wish I was all rugged up over there right now. It's been 40 degrees in Melbourne the last few days and with my own personal oven it isn't much fun. Anyway, love from all of us; Junior sends special kicks to Aunty Lete and Uncle Beau. xxx
Response: Liss, send us a belly shot and some of the renos! Love you!