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Beavan & Ian - The Worlds Got Nothing On Us Tour

So after Beavan and I did Europe a few summers ago, which tried to throw everything it could at us like storms, massive travel delays, Hungarian beasts and a dude who looked like yoda, we started planning a world trip!

In between Europe and the World we've had a few travels, some of which are on here but this is basically all the stuff we've got up to around the places we've been!


Diary Entries

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Location: USA

USA - L.A., San Diego, Vegas and San Francisco!!


DAY 155
arrived in L.A. and yep... its still march 18th! it'd been going about 32 hours by the time we arrived at the airport at 1pm! there was still more of it to come obviously! started off by picking up our car which they kindly upgraded for a very small price from a ford focus to a ford mustang! sweet! wasted the afternoon cruising round hollywood before spending the night in gemma's hotel room using facepacks and watching films... a girly one for gemma's last night before flying home!

DAY 156
drove to san diego, bought a new camera for our last 10 days as mine unfortunately broke after 5 years (jinxed it too many times i guess!) joined the hostel pub crawl and cruised round a few bars! it was only when we left the last place we realized we couldn't actually see, but luckily we stumbled back with the hostel staff!

DAY 157
walked around the gas lamp quarter then along the marina! got on the U.S.S. Midway, saw how adrian must have lived! then walked back to pick up the car and drive to the spot the burito was thrown and baxter dropped kicked! then up to a look out point in balboa park! got back in time to watch a film free popcorn and then head to shout! met some spring break girls then headed home!

DAY 158
VEGAS BABY! well we drove there first! 7 hours of cruising! had the biggest sandwich in the world! got to hostel and went up to the freemont experience! it wasnt on! walked back, head down it was a dodgy area! joined the staff for a pub crawl which started with some lame drinking games! ian and i ramped up the stakes pretty quickly and then we headed out! $1 corna!!! caught the deuce to the strip! we do something for 4 hours have no idea what! ian cant remember the strip at all, not a single light! head back for our 5.45 pick up to see the grand canyon!

DAY 159
we get back to the hostel at 5.30, pick up is 5.45! the next 5 hours is a bit of a blur, we kept waking up to change buses and check in, but generally just slept! got to the canyon! it took our breath away and made ians legs wobble! walked around for 3 hours then 5 hours slepp back on the coach! we saw the hoover dam! then back to the hostel! we go to the freemont experience its on! catch the deuce to the belagio fountains then off to a couple of casinos! win nothing and head back! via the stratosphere, its closed!

DAY 160
go to the stratosphere, ian gets some free rides over vegas! we cruise the strip in the mustang, with our putero rico cd playing loud! then head back to LA! get to la for a comedy night and then we walk around trying to find some food! nothing, not even an easter egg!

DAY 161
drive to the hollywood sign and then through bevely hills! get to santa monica beach walk around and have some descent food! then we fall asleep on the beach! head back for our limo ride around hollywood! go to the saddle ranch! ian last quiet long on the bull but girls always get bigger cheers! we head back and meet the norweigen girls adrian sent our way! we keep everyone awake with ian playing and stupid games!

DAY 162
check out and then drive the girls to the hollywood sign! have a photo shoot then its off to frisco! boring drive up! untill the windmills! then fun and games finding the hostel!
get there, walk around china town and get some good food! head back to watch 81 channels of rubbish and an early night!

DAY 163
drive around frisco all day see the crookiest street in the world, Alcatraz, the bay bridge! 2 days left!! arrrggghhh! head out around the local area then up to north beach, see some quality live bands and play some free pool!

DAY 164
drive across the bay bridge to buy NBA tickets! head back to try and go over to alkatraz, no tours avaliable until monday! ok! lets shop! walk around not affording anything! then back to shower and catch the train to the stadium, watch the warriors beat the blazers! catch the train back to space bar! we try and toast all the good things we have done! we make it as far as loas and fall off our stools! help some guy back with a bad knee, he thought we were doctors!

Friday, 07 March 2008

Location: nadi, Fiji



DAY 144
arrived into nadi and got picked up by feejee experience, headed to our hostel! had a swim and a run and re stung the guitar! nice meal and then chateed to rob and dani! quiet night off to the island s tomorrow!

DAY 145
caught the bus to the port and got on awesome adventure! 45mins later arrived on beachcomber island, walked around it in 5 mins! met lisa and adrian! played pyramid haylet arrived and played more games, we danced sang and photos were taken, sweated all night in bed!

DAY 146
woke up dripping in sweat went for a swim, played some cards, went for a swim, laid down, went for a swim, ian played guitar, swam! went on the banana boat, then played beach volleyball! that night played crab race, slaps and position sharades and then danced!

DAY 147
supposed to leave beachcomber but the boat was early!! so chilled, swam, played some cards, watched anchorman, chilled, played pyramid, danced, went for a swim, passed out on the beach with ian in my arms!

DAY 148
left beachcomber, headed to coral view, met some old friends from kiwi on the boat. got to coral view and made friends with all the staff, went for a walk, then back for some volleyball and pyramid, 50% vodka and a bonefire! ended up on the beach at 4am with ian stumming his guitar thousands of stars and a lightening storm on the left!

DAY 149
coral view morining, chilled, laided in a hammock, played some cards, went for a swim, played some volleyball, went for a swim, played touch rugby against the staff, danced after dinner, bula bula! u have good boogie boogie! then the rain came and we sat up on the porch listening to ian and making new friends!

DAY 150
left coral view after a tearful goodbye from the staff! headed to manta ray, full, so went to white sandy beach with ray and hill! bula! played pyramid and jazz, danced with a grass skirt on! it was our birthday so we had cake then danced some more, sat by the bonfire all night before a midnight swim with ray! slept in a hammock to see the sunrise!

DAY 151
left the isalnds and headed back to the main land with adrian! played pyramid and got to nadi bay hotel, saw mischa and met up with tasha! i caked out ian and adrian partied with the girls until the early hours!

DAY 152
started the 4 day feejee-experience trip with our guide bola and driver arvin (airport?... oh shhtop it!). laura that i know from eastbourne randomly got on our bus after waking up late for its departure! headed for the beach for bbq and swimming before later going to a local village and finishing the day sand boarding down a pretty bloody steep dune! pool volleyball and traditional fiji dances and songs followed as well as sarongs and lei's at mango bay resort!

DAY 153
rainforest trek and tubing through the forest tracks, creeks and rivers! jumped and swam in waterfalls before riding on a long boat to suva where we ate buffet food, watched a fijian show, played guitar and slept in a pretty cool room!

DAY 154
visited a pretty remote village and drank kava with the cheif! played rvier rugby with the locals and did some bilibili rafting before heading to the last nights accommodation in Rakiraki. had a quality last night with everyone, particularly laura and adrian which included games run by the resorts big gay fijian staff member, late night skinny dipping (without the games-man!) and a bonfire!

DAY 155
visited a school to play rugby and games with the 100+ pupils, drank kava with the teachers then went to a mudpool and got covered in the stuff! got back to nadi and showered before heading for the airport to leave for L.A. that night!

fiji rocked!

Monday, 03 March 2008


does anyone else want to make an effort!!

DAY 139
caught the kiwi bus to auckland, stopped off at some random hobbit place, and arrived in time to go for a wander and to meet up with everyone from the last few weeks! drank with bella and katie in the kitchen before seeing westwood and crag downstairs! said bye to everone and got reay for the trip tomorrow

DAY 140
up at stupid o'clock, trekked up to bay of islands, slept, then had a bbq and went dancing at salty next door, sweated a lot then headed home

DAY 141
again stupid o'clock, busses it up to th top of the country it was raining so not much fun really! went sand boarding and droive down a 90 mile beach, had fish and chips then back to the bay! met annie and corky in the bar and came 3rd in the pub quiz!! walked under the stars and headed to bed!

DAY 142
met annie and corky and went to some sulphur pools, they were hot and smelt! back to the beach for some sun bathing and a chuck around before catching the bus back to aukland! beach party downstairs! we got dressed up no one else did, danced a lot and then went to bed, double bed!

DAY 143
lazy morning after not having enough seats on the day trip sort our flights out and walked around the city a bit! watched some cricket and then went for a run! back in time to hit margaritas and win a jim beam and tui t-shirt!

DAY 144
headed to the airport to fly to fiji, ian had a gun in his guitar case!

Sunday, 02 March 2008

Location: Rotarua, New Zealand


Thermal wonderland, maori poses!!!

DAY 136
got up at stupid o'clock and caught a bus to mt doom, then trekked with ian, greg and westwood! played cricket on the crater, walked in the fog and finished the 8 hour walk in less than 6! headed back for a nap and then pub quiz! didnt win so went to bed!!

DAY 137
left taupo to go to rotarua, saw a maori museeum then wwent luging with westwood and chris! saw westwood have a massive crash! then went to a maori village, got to be chief for the evening, rinsed the all u can eat buffet and sang songs on the way back! ended up in lava bar with lisa!

DAY 138
slept in missed the bus to thermal wonderland caught the 1pm bus, walked around some pretty stunning sights, then back for another nap!! went for dinner with the gang to nandos then back for a bit of jazz club upside down master and maori poses!

Sunday, 02 March 2008

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington via kiakora!

BEEP BEEP the gregster!

left christchurch and headed back to kiakora, arrived at the hostel with no beds so went to the lazy shag with jess, slept and paid our ferry ticket! walked around a bit then cooked for jess and ian played his guitar! none eventful really!!

DAY 133
left kiakora to get to wellington, said a tearful bye to jess at nelson and got on the ferry with westwood and greg! watch i am legend! i was saving that bacon! arrived in wellington and cooked a curry! played badly at pool and met ians friend chris! irish bar and back to base early night really!

DAY 134
Walked along the shore then saw jumper, ians song wasnt in it! went to the museum and then played a pick up game! sophie sophie and louise arrived and we met them in the bar, read each others palms!

DAY 135
left wellington and headed for taupo, waited to see the dolphines being fed, then had a bbq, everyone caked out pretty early for the early start in the morning!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


thats the worst thing about ...... its the best thing about.......actually its not the best thing about.......

be brave and make it look good!

caught the bus to queenstown stopped off at the orginal bungy site saw sophie be brave, got nervous about our jumps!! arrived at base, chilled for a bit then caught the bus to canyon swing!! packed our pants waiting, then jumped off backwards!! 109m drop! 200m arc 150mph! insane! ian was strapped to a chair! got back on a high, had a fergburger and went out with all the kiwi bus crew and bella and kate from our room!

got up at stupid o'clock to catch the bus to milford sound, slept then taught the drive things! saw some awesome sites, then got on the ferry ate the biggest and dryest buffet ever, met louise and took lots of pictures! went to an underwater observaty then caught the bus back with sophie and sophie! played word association manipulation! headed out danced in world bar, caked out pretty quickly

DAY 129
day off! ish, slept then faffed for ages made a den with sophie's then went to the top of queenstown and did luging! great fun, great views, headed down for a curry then hit the goon! ian played to lisa stina and angelica and we headed to altitude bar. met up with rosie and ended up in world bar again!

DAY 130
stupid o'clock again, went river boarding, got some stick for being asleep on the way there! went down grade 3/4 rapids on boogie boards, then jumped off a 10m rock and went down some slides! headed back for a quick snack and a nap before we went to do our bungy! packed our pants, suffer slight scardy cat sindrome then jumped off! we made it look good!
got back and started a corridoor party ian sang we all danced it was fun!

DAY 131
headed to christchurch, went passed some lakes! then watch england get smashed, met joe and bubsy from fraser island and headed out to meet chris from loas! missed him,but met sophie's and claire and christina! went to shooters then teleported back!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Location: franz josef, New Zealand


i want to get away i want to fly away!!

DAY 124
arrived hung over in franz josef after a quick stop off to see some bushmen jump on some deers! what!!! anyway, got here and where told we were skydiving today! woop! 12000 feet over mount cook! unbelievable!!! came back and ran up to the glacier!

DAY 125
woke up early to start our day of ice climbing, hiked up the glacier for about 2 hours before attempting our first wall of ice!! climbed that and trekked to the next site! hardest climbin 5 years the guide said! wicked! attempted this one, forearms burned and managed to get a large chunck of ice to knock my helmet off, ian made it up! trekked down and cooked some food! ended up remarkably drunk for no apprent reason!

DAY 126
left franz for wanika, went on a couple of walks around some reflecting lakes and saw some awesome scenery! arrived i wanika and jumped in the lake several times, before ian sang his heart out so the whole town could here! played the longest game of snap with sophie sophie and wendy!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Location: New Zealand


your from leighton buzzard!!!! everyday is the 14th...happy valentines day!

DAY 119
got on the kiwi experience bus for the first time and headed to kiakoura, went to the beach, went for a swim! then fell asleep on the beach. ran to the seal coloney, saw nothing, then had a bbq in the pouring rain!! played dice game and entertained the crowds!!

DAY 120
the bus went passed some stunning scenery saw some seals then arrived intp picton, met some new people and went wine tasting! arrived into nelson and walked around for a bit! made a curry and played drinking gladiator, be inspired!

DAY 121
got up early to go to abel tasmin national park, caught a sea taxi up the coast and then started to walk! walked 1 hours in the other direction to see another bay, saw a helicopter and a nice beach, then trekked it back along the national park coast line! 24km's!! went swimming jumped off some rocks and caught the sea taxi back! played drinking shawshank! everytime a color was mentioned! red!

DAY 122
started the double kiwi bus experience, drove to nelson lakes! walked around and then went fopr a swim! cold! bus continued to westport, where we got on a jet boat and spent an hour and a half getting wet in a high speed boat! woop! went back for a romantic steak and made a dessert for sophie, sophie, louise and shannon! then completed a 500 piece jigsaw!

DAY 123
bus continued to a couple of short walks and to pancake rocks, before arriving at the pau pub! went to the lake and the beach then got dressed up! theme was tramps and prostitutes! we went as pandas, with collars and cuffs! am yours for some bamboo! partied hard all night! pandas always rock it!!

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand


penthouse room, that'll do as a start to nz i guess!

DAY 115
been up all night waiting for our early flight, slept on the bus journeys and got to christchurch in the afternoon. message from chris waiting for us... we're going to watch the 20-20 cricket... done! saw england smash nz around with chris, went out to shooters!

DAY 116
enjoyed our penthouse room in the morning, then walked the city! its small but clean and beautiful! got the guys from the hostel together and headed out, busted moves to 80s music, got slightly bored at concrete, hit shooters, rocked it! took night shots of cathedral square before crashing!

DAY 117
enjoyed our penthouse room in the morning, watching films and playing fifa on the penthouse playstation, went out and bought a guitar! spent the afternoon strumming and watching more films before cooking an awesome sweet n sour meal and starting drinking games to dodgeball! met a fake paul wilson from uni, strolled the bars, wanted to stay up for the rugby, ended up meeting chris and the stag do boys he was out with!

DAY 118
last day in christchurch for a while, woke up on the sofa after trying to watch the rugby! chilled for a bit then played a pick up game for 4 hours in the park, came back and played fifa for a while, met some new guys in our room and ian played his new toy!

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