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Miss Tapp's Razzle Dazzle Adventures

Hi everyone! Well it's nearly time for me to head off across the world. I will be visiting lots of countries: Korea, England, Ireland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuavia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and France. Wow!!! I can't wait to tell you all about my razzle-dazzle adventures.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: Riga, Latvia

We arrived in Riga about 2 days ago. It's much bigger than Tallinn. We had some much trouble trying to leave Tallinn. We were walking up and down the street with our heavy packs on our backs.
Riga is not like Tallinn at all. Some of the traditional houses in the old town are like Tallinn but that about it. There's this funny story that Riga is famous for. Back in the 17th Century there was this Brotherhood of the Blackheads Guild. This Guild is for unmarried merchants and this bloke didn't have enough money and they wouldn't let him join. Well he built these cats on his roof and he pointed their bottoms towards their building. The Blackheads weren't too impressed and persuaded him to move them and then he could join the Guild. The cats are still there -very cute!
There's this other sweet story that links Tallinn and Riga. In Tallinn they have these three houses called the three sisters. Theres a big, middle size and a small one right next to each other. In Riga there's three houses called the three brothers. We got this awesome picture of the three brothers.
We went to the museum of Soviet Union occupation of Latvia. That was so sad. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were all forceably taken over by the Soviet Union. The poor things had just established themselves independent and the Soviets took over just before WW2. Very sad.
We went hiking through Sigulda about an hour out of Riga. We travelled on a skycart to a castle ruins. After that we walked down a massive amount of stairs and went and saw some terrific caves. Evidently this beautiful woman was in love with the gardener at the castle but this other bloke liked her and persuaded her to visit her at this cave. He planned to kill her. She said that she would give him her magic scarf if he didn't hurt her but no he took the scarf and killed her anyway. The other bloke got the blame but that all worked out in the end.
We saw an otter and a mole- very cute! Off to Lithuania, Vilnius.

Monday, 12 September 2005

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Thank you for all your messages. They are great. I can't answer them all because people are waiting for the computer but let me tell you about Tallinn.
Tallinn is in Estonia just near Finland. The city is divided into two parts. One is very old -it was settled about the 13th century. The streets are cobble stone and the houses are all different colours and shapes. It is very beautiful.
The other side is quite modern but not very exciting.
We climbed a church tower today that liked like Rapunzels in the story. The whole place looks like a fairy tale. Soon I'll put my photos on so you can see how beautiful it is. Take care. Miss Tapp

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Hi, we went to Althorp House. This is the final resting place of Princess Diana. We had a lovely day. We saw her beautiful wedding dress and some of her gorgeous dresses. We got to meet her brother - Earl Charles Spencer. He said 'Thanks for coming!'
Well it was my pleasure. Here's some photos. Thanks for your messages. Take care

Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Hi ya Kids, I'm having the time of my life. Just seen half of Ireland and it has been awesome. I visited some of my friends over in Ireland. There names are Kevin, Niamh (Said Neve) and John.
We started in Dublin and we went on a viking tour of Dublin. It was so much fun.
Then we saw the Molly Mallone statue. There's a song about her. I'm sure I sang it when it was St Patrick's Day!
...As she wheeled her wheelbarrel,
throught the streets broad and narrow,
crying cockles and mussels,
alive alive-o
Then we went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells . It's a very old set books that were written about 1000 years ago. They are very beautiful.
After that, we headed down to County Cork and saw the Blarney Castle. At the castle you can kiss the Blarney Stone which should give you the gift of the gabb. (ie: talk a lot) I know you are all saying I already talk too much but it was loads of fun.
Later that day, we travelled to Dingle. Dingle has a dolphin that lives there. We didn't get to see it but it was an awesome seaside village.
On Monday, we saw the Cliffs of Moher (said like the word more). There wasn't any wind that day and it was very sunny -this is very unusual for Ireland because it usually rains.
Finally, we went to Kevin's home in Westport which is just near Galway.
Be good and I miss you all too!

Friday, 02 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Hi ya Kids... Well I'm in London and it's fantastic! I went sight seeing yesterday and I saw all the sights and delights of Olde' London Town. I've included some photos so you can see where I went.
I went on the London Eye and saw London as the sun was setting. The London Eye is like a huge ferris wheel but the pods don't swing and no one is screaming. Well I was but only on the inside. It was very big but it did have an amazing view.
I hope you're all being good for Mr Griffin. Miss you. You must come over to London one day and see it all for yourselves. Take care. From Miss Tapp x

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Location: Canberra, Australia

Well, I am getting very excited. I don't think I can fit any of you into my luggage unfortunately but I hope to fill you in on my adventures.
It would be terrific if you could send messages, to let me know, what's happening back in Canberra. Sometimes I might be busy and will not be able to write each day but I will be thinking of you. Take care. I miss you already. x x x

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Recent Messages

From Jenny Howse
Dear Miss Tapp
I am really missing you a lot here in Canberra. Things are different with out you. I have told the class I am leaving MNPS. Mr Griffin has organised a farewell party for me on Friday, because it is my last week. The boys think it is cool I am leaving because they will be the fastest runners in the class now. It sounds like you are having a really good time in Europe. When you get back I would like to come and say hello.

From your student, Jenny
From ben
Hi miss Tapp, how are you going? I really miss you a lot.
I went zone3 on the weekend.
It was so fun. And I'am not sick no more.And peni is in New Zeland and Ia'm going to the coast
on the scool hoilday's and I can't wait.Well I have go to lian up know so see'a next tearm.
From ben

Response: Miss you too. Have fun on the holidays.
From Jade
To Miss Tapp,
Miss Tapp will you be different when you come back to Canbrra?
Have you brought lots of stuff?
HAVE YOU GOT STUFF FOR THE CLASS? If you do give it all to me! I know what would say.
I have to go to school now
but I will keep on writing to you!

Love From Jade
Response: I have collected some souvenirs but it's hard when you have to carry it all. Take care
From Jade
Hi Miss Tapp
Isn't Peni nice sending a message. I didn't think Peni would send you one. Now I know that Peni is not just a ruff and tuff sort of guy.What part of England did you stay at because my auntie and cousin live. It was our last game of netball the week that you left. We sortove came last on the ladder.
By for now.
Lots of Jade
Response: Hi Jade. I stayed just near Heathrow Airport. It wasn't too far to London on the Train. Netball is getting better each year the girls play together. Talk soon Miss Tapp
From Jade
Hi Miss Tapp
Well you will be talking a lot more now that you kissed the Blarney stone or you will be just the same. As for all it is just a special stone.
Mr G has changed our tables around. I AM SITTING NEXT TO CRAIG AND BEN ,TWO BOYS.Well I better let you get back to your HOLIDAY!!!!!!!
Love From Jade.
Response: Yes have been doing lots of talking - but just like normally really.
From shantell !!
Hi Miss Tapp, it's me again. You didn't really need to kiss the blarney stone ha ha ha! Jenny and I are being silly as always and each time she has sugar she goes more psycho! In the finals for netball I shot 5 goals to even the score and the score was 8 all so I was very excited about that, but our team got a plastic medal.
From Shantoozy!!
Response: Thats awesome Shantell. Have Fun!
From Jenny
Hi Miss Tapp, I hope you have
had a lovely time in Ireland and England. In netball we had a draw 8 all. We got a plastic trophy.Our class hasn't had fitness in a long time because of Georgina and some of the boys. But we got it today. We all miss you especially me.
From Jenny.
Response: Having a great time. I miss you all too. Miss tapp
From shannen
Hi Miss Tapp
How is eveything going?
School is good.
JET was fun. Can't what to see
you again. I miss you.

from shannen.
Response: I'm glad school and JET are good. I miss you too.
From corey
hi miss tapp hope your having a good time I wonder where you are. When geogina got hear its been a pain but the class is pulling though well good bye
From corey
Response: I'm in Estonia at the moment. We are staying in a little hotel in an old city called Tallinn.
From emily
Hi Miss Tapp. We all miss you.
I am having fun with my friend.
I going to Renees birthday.
My plant is big now.
I sit next to Jade. I wish you
can come back.

from emily
Response: Miss you too.
From shaun
Hi Miss Tapp. How are you going? I'm being very good and I'm having fun.
Stan is having his birthday on Friday.
Craig and I got our ears pierced.
from Shaun.x x x
Response: I'm great. I'm visiting a city that looks like a fairy tale. Very old. Take care.
From paige
Hi again,
On Sunday we played our finals and we lost but we did good because last time we versed cooma we lost 49-0 but this time it was nowhere near 49-0. I don't know the score but we did good. I think the score was 25-15 or something like that. After the game I got $4. I was going to get a hotdog but the canteen wasn't open so I saved it. But after the game we had to go to the Irish club for a birthday party. For lunch I had some chips with gravy on them. After lunch we played duck duck goose and then I went and got some chips. Well thats all I have I will write soon from Paige
Response: Thanks for writing. That is great news
From stan
hi miss tapp. im working very
good and we miss you very much. It is my birthday very soon, we are going to see willy wonka and the chocolate factory and shaun and craig are coming too. We miss you very much from
Response: I miss you too. Glad to hear you're working hard
From craig
Hi Miss tapp, things are great.
Have you got my picture of Paris. I got my ear pierced and
Mister Griffin is strict and he likes keeping time.
i hope you are having the time
of your life, I heard about you and princess diana's grave, it sounded sad.

From craig
Response: It was sad but good to see places you have only seen on the TV. Will be going to Paris right at the end of the trip.
From Jade
Hi Miss Tapp. I hope you are having a great time. It is pretty boring around here without you. What country are you up too? I wish I could go with you but my mum would not let me.
I hope you are having fun. Mr.G is pretty scary when he is angry. It feels such a long time. We miss you well I do anyway. SEE YA until I see you again.
From Jade
Response: Hi ya I'm in Estonia at the moment. Very exciting
From ben
Hi miss tapp, how are you going? Mr Griffin is very scary
we have to run around the oval once every morning but I don't have to because I'm sick. How was London? Did you watch a cricket game? How was your trip? Did you have lunch on the airplane have lot's of fun?
Response: London was awesome. It was like being on a monopoly game board. We had lots of meals on the plane. It was very cool except for mushroom porridge. I couldn't eat that.
From Sean B
Hi Miss Tapp are you having fun?
Works hard but I still get on with it and I finally mastered
addition sums and my behaviour.
I saw all of the pictures on your web page and JET is good
but my Rugby League team got
knocked out of the semis Schools just not right without
you and our tables are in a u shape. Dan is on a single table in the middle of the class room. Have fun on the rest of your trip.
From Sean B
Response: I miss you too. Glad to hear everything is going well with maths and Jet.
From Georgina
Hi Miss Tapp how are you going? We are going great. Everyone is going great with Mr Griffin but he is a bit scary.I wish you where here. Miss you by georgie
Response: Miss you too. Glad to hear that everything is going well/
From Natasha
Hi Miss Tapp I hope you are having a great time? Where you are looks like fun I wish I was there. Is it hard going to 12 country's in 6 week's. Mr. G is a bit scary when he's angry. Do you think you'll talk twice as much when you get back?. from Natasha
Response: I'll have lots of things to tell you all about. It's a bit hard travelling so much but its very exciting and interesting. Take care
From Dylan and Kiran
Hi miss Tapp
How are you doing?????????????????
Why did you kiss the blarney stone, you all ready talk too much?
Mr Griffin thought Stan murdered Georgina because she screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was funny.
We almost never get fitness because people are were bad.
Where are you now??????????????????????????????- ??????????????????
good bye
from Dylan and Kiran
Response: Having a great time. Take care
From Dylan and Kiran
Hi miss Tapp
How are you doing?????????????????
Why did you kiss the blarney stone, you all ready talk too much?
Mr Griffin thought Stan murdered Georgina because she screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was funny.
We almost never get fitness because people are were bad.
Where are you now??????????????????????????????- ??????????????????
good bye
from Dylan and Kiran
Response: Thanks for your message boys. Take care
From Scott
It looks like you are having fun. Have you been watching the ashes? We played our grand final on saturday the 10/09/05 and we won 28 (Marist) Lions 68 and after the game we slid through the mud.

Response: Unfortunately I haven't watched any cricket but it looks like we lost the ashes. Rugby sounds like fun. Especially that mud. Take care.
From My
Hi Miss Tapp,
I hope your having a wonderful time and I hope you have a fun on your next Journal. Could you understand the people in London and the people in the other countries u have been?
Response: In England and Ireland it was fine but all the other countries have been a bit hard. We try to learn how to say please and thank you everywhere we go. Most people speak a little English. Take care
From Tayla
Hi Miss tapp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? Why did you kiss the Blarney stone?
It is fun with Mr g and I will see you term 4 from Tayla.
Response: Glad to hear it. Take care
From Daniel
Hi Miss Tapp was up? is it cool down there?????? do u drive on the wrong side of the road? It must be weird. we changed our tables im in the middle!!! im special. I got a new phone (mobile) it has colour and it has heaps of games c u soon From Dan
Response: It been quite warm actually but everyone does drive on the wrong side of the road. It makes it hard when you cross the road. Take care