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Once upon a time, there were three Aussie gals who decided to pack up their lives and head off on the trip of a lifetime. First they will spend three months catching busses, trains, aeroplanes, boats and donkeys to explore the salsa dancing, sun kissed continent known as South America. So make sure you check this site regularly for updates on the trials and tribulations of the girls' countless adventures!

Diary Entries

Friday, 26 January 2007

Location: Santiago & Vina Del Mar, Chile


After 5 days of no showers and a 24 hour bus ride, we finally arrive in Santiago Chile, where finally the weather was hot!

The day after we arrived was Australia Day so we donned out Aussie attire (some more than others) and set off to see the sights, despite half the group being more interested in starting of the celebrations as early as possible.

After a morning of sightseeing, half the group set off to find some fellow Aussies in the Irish pub across town. For some reason, Australia Day is not widely celebrated in Chile, and the pub was lacking both atmosphere and fellow Aussies.

The hostel was the place to be, packed with Aussies downing beers, playing cricket and eating Minties (thanks Patty). Hate to admit it but the Poms out-did us in the patriotism stakes, donning boony-type moustaches and bogan blue singlets. They belted out the National anthem but were caught out when launching into the 2nd chorus (though most Aussies were too…) The singing didn’t stop there as Australia Day wouldn’t have been complete without a tribute to Johnny Farmnam and a massive group rendition of ´Two Strong Hearts`.

After a long, messy dirnking session we headed out to a local discotech which reminded us a little too much of Casey´s Nightspot and Icon Bar rolled into one. Just when we thought not one English speaking song would be played, Kylie saved the night and came blasting from the speakers much to our delight. Nursing hangovers (that were slightly helped by the brilliant hot dogs on offer in Chile), we jumped on a bus to the sea side town of Vina Del Mar.

The next three days were spend lazing on the beach, visiting the small beachside towns around Vina along the coastal road (which rivals the Great Ocean Road I have to say) and testing the local seafood.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Location: Bolivia


We hopped straight off the bus and into a couple of four-wheel drives for our three day tour of the salt plains.

The pics have been up for over a week now so you should have a good idea of what we did and saw over the three days but the following are a couple of highlights;
• standing in the middle of the largest salt plains in the world - surrounded by snow capped mountains, the ice-like salt plains stretch as far as the eye can see;
• spending way too much time lining up photos;
• bec continuing her clumsy run, especially her inability to get out of the car.
• eating lunch at 4500m altitude in the middle of the desert;
• chasing flamingoes into the lake, resulting in rach ending up knee deep in mud;
• being informed by our guide that llamas all poo in the same spot;
• raiding the hostels red wine cabinet on the final night after a hard days tour;
• the hot springs on the next morning to thaw our bodies after getting up at 4am to explore the stinky geysers (yes, they were almost worse than caz´s farts) … perhaps not so good for the red wine hangover;
• crossing the border into Chile where we were met with paved roads.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: La Paz, Bolivia


Immediately upon arrival to La Paz,we were offered the opportunity to attend the opening soccer match of the season between the two biggest teams. After knocking back a few drinks we set off amazing race style to get to the stadium across town. Some cabbed it, others walked (though not by choice) and other fluked getting on the right bus. We were all greeted by chaos and despite having pre-purchased tickets, entry into the stadium was harder than Motel post races. Whilst lining up with the rest of La Paz we were confronted with Police wielding shields, batons, dogs and capsicum spray. Pandamonium broke out when thousands of supporters broke down the barrier and set off flares. Enter dogs and capsicum spray. Once the stadium put out its “full house” sign it was a one out, one in policy... at half time and with no supports leaving the ground (unlike a Carlton football match) we decided to admit defeat and head to the pub to be greeted with the news that 1 fan died in the crush and 20 were injured. To end the night on a better note, we partied the night away ending up at the local strip club perfecting our pole dancing moves!

The rest of our time in La Paz was spent eating and shopping. We all purchased enough silver to sink a small ship – in our defence it was the only thing that could fit in our packs. With only enough time to visit one museum we had to choose wisely. After visiting the San Pedro Jail the choice was obvious – The Cocoa Museum, where cocoa leaves were included in the entry fee.

Our last night as a travelling group of nine was always going to be a big one. Bec and Rach made the most of it by scoring entry into the VIP section where the Johnny Walker flowed like water. The price of entry was to dance with the fat bolivian father paying for the gig. We´re still not sure whether it was worth it...

Nursing hangovers, we set off on the bus ride from hell. After a 2 hour delay the 16 hour bus ride went from bad to worse when travelling across the rocky country with no suspension and no roads the bus tipped up on two wheels numerous times. Miraculously we made it to Uyuni safe and sound.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Location: Copacabana & Isle de Sol, Bolivia


It was time to move on from Peru so we jumped on a bus to cross the border into Bolivia. We wern´t sure we were going to make it there alive when a security guard armed with a gun and video camera went around the bus and filming each person... so we could be identified when our bus fell off the cliff.

We finally arrived safely in the hippie town of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca (Caz – note this is a lake, not the ocean) where taking more than 3 uphill steps left us gasping for breath.

A few days later we took the slowest boat ride in the world to Isle de Sol where we appreciated the serenity and beauty of the island. After a solid day walking from the north to the south of the island we relaxed on the balcony of our $9 room with a million dollar view where we never tired of the amazing outlook and watched the most spectacular sunset 4000m above sea level. Pictures speak louder than words so check out the photos.

We took a bus ride out of Copacabana to La Paz. Special thanks to the lady who sold us our tickets for throwing herself against the last 4 remailing seats. We would like to think she was doing us a favour but after our lousy tipping and poor attampts at spanish perhaps the locals were keen to see the back of us...

Monday, 15 January 2007

Location: Inca Trail & Macchu Picchu, Peru


Picture this: 4 days, 44km, climbing the steepest mountains to 4200m above sea level and battling 4 seasons in one hour (yes the weather was more temperamental than Melbourne´s). This is what lay ahead of us as we embarked on the Inca Taril trek to Macchu Picchu.
14 trekkers set out, supported by 20 porters (ranging in age from 18 – 63) who ensured we were well fed and housed on the journey.

The scenery was spectacular (think Lord of the Rings). Surrounded by snow capped mountains, amazing waterfalls by our side, the lush greenery was a stark contrast to what we left behind in Melbourne.

After a relatively easy first day, we attempted to mentally prepare ourselves for the gruelling second day (the toughest of the trek) over a couple of beers. As we embarked on a 1200m steep climb, some found it easier than others. While Ree kicked the guys butts, being the first one to the summit, she later admitted that even she was out of breath on the climb. Then there was Bec, Rach & Coll who aptly named themselves the ¨back seat bandits¨ as they preferred to appreciate the trek, taking their time to stagger to the top.

Even though we were all nursing aching muscles from the day before, day 3 was the most enjoyable as we visited numerous Inca ruins, trekked through beautiful rainforests and most importantly our campsite had hot showers and a bar!

Rising at 3:45am on day 4 to torrential rain, we set off for the promised land known to us as Macchu Picchu. Walking in the teaming rain for a solid 2 hours, we reached Postcard point to watch the sun rise over Macchu Picchu. But alas, we were met with no sun but instead dense cloud and more rain. We didn´t let this dampen our spirits as we set off on the final leg of our journey to Macchu Picchu. We thought the gods were against us because as we arrived the clouds enclosed over the ruins….again. However Mother Nature finally came through with the goods and the let the sun shine upon us. Fittingly, the Beatles ‘Here Comes the Sun’ become our theme song for the trek.

Despite the fact we were soaked to the bone, we explored the ruins for a few hours then headed off to a much needed afternoon at the local hot springs. After a 4.5 hour train ride back to Cusco, our lack of sleep did not deter us from a big night out on the town and for the fourth morning in a row we saw the sun rise (or attempt to through the clouds!)

•Eating the most amazing food, the best on out trip to date.
•Bec tripping over all too frequently yet managing to make a perfect landing each time…(thanks to Rach´s arms being her lifesaver!)
•Bec, Rach & Carl being charged at by a schitzo llama. They each saw their own lives flash before their eyes.
•Brendan, Rach & Dave entertaining the train carriage on the way home with their impromptu karaoke.
•Completing the trek!!

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Lima & Cusco, Peru


After being told by numerous people that Lima was nothing special, our expectations were very very low. With such low expectations, we actually had quite a good time. We found a Spanish speaking American who played translator for us while we explored the city of Lima. Our history teachers from school would have been proud as we attentively listened to the guides tell us about some of the historical sights (even if some of the tours were in Spanish!).

Our group of three expended to a group of four with the arrival of Colleen. We all relaxed at the hostel´s bar that night with beers to celebrate.

The next day we tasted some of the local seafood. Ree and Coll were most adventurous trialing a spicy raw seafood dish. The rest of the day was spent wandering along the beach and being lazy. As we were walking back to our hostel from the beach, we were treated like super stars with some of the locals wanting to take photos of us and kiss us on the cheek and get in contact with us via msn messenger.

Our group then expanded from four girls to nine people after the boys met up with us. The logistics of traveling with nine people can be very challenging and almost became unraveled after the boys stayed out all night and only got home half an hour before we had to leave to go to the airport. They decided a power nap was needed and slept through their alarms.


Cusco is an ancient cobbled stone street town surrounded by stunning mountain views. The sleep deprived crew spent the day lying in the sun and exploring the town (Bec and Colleen are still wearing the glow from the afternoon of sunbaking).

We made up for our laziness the next day and went white water rafting a couple of hours out of Cusco. The recent rains provided non stop rapids to the trills of many of the first timers. While the boys were positioned at the front due to their supposed ‘manpower’ they were more effective shielding us girls from the spray of the rapids.

Whilst we were all brave enough to jump off the 10m bridge half way down the river, Rachel gets a special mention for missing both safety ropes. We thought we had lost her forever as we watched her bob downstream. Thankfully she was rescued by the kayaker 100m downstream. And another special mention goes to Bec who managed to work up some extra speed and broke the water with a huge splash. She now has an impressive bruise on her thigh to show for it.

The eventful day continued with half the group hitting Mama Africas and ripping up the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

Tomorrow we head off for the four day Inca Trail trek. If we make it back alive, there will be another diary entry posted soon!

Friday, 05 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2000 Argentinean Men In A Bar… And Us.

After surviving the 20 hour flight with first class airline Aerolineas Argentinas which involved a total of one plastic cup of dodgy wine, unidentifiable food products and a Bridget Jones´ Diary in Spanish… no English option, we finally touched down in sultry Buenos Aires.

Made it to our hostel after paying double the going rate for a cab from the airport, dumped our (considerable) luggage and examined the damage caused by exploding toiletries.

Met up with Santiago (the guy Nelson, not the place) an Argentinean friend of Simon’s who took us out to dinner with some friends to consume half of Old MacDonald’s farm, accompanied by some nice Argentinean wine. Sadly, we didn’t live up to Santiago’s expectations of wild Aussie party girls (thanks Simon…) after having been awake for over 40 hours.

The next day we took a boat ride down the Tigre Delta to appreciate the scenery, despite the English speaking tourism officer failing to mention the two hour tour was completely in Spanish. Whilst the markets and historic architecture was interesting, we were shattered we couldn’t enter the amusement park as our lack of Spanish got the better of us and we had no idea how to purchase a ticket.

We met up with Santiago that night, determined to live up to his expectations. The venue was Opera Bay a ´replica’ of the Sydney Opera House. Popular with the young and trendy ‘after-office’ crowd, this bar could fit up to 5,000 randy Argentineans. 10 pm hit and it was like a free-for-all on the three Aussie girls, especially the tall blonde one. At one stage Bec and Rach were at the bar, only to be surrounded by men professing their love and wanting to gyrate on the dance floor. You´re probably thinking this was the highlight of the night but our trip to the toilets, as the photos show, provided the most entertainment. Discretion is obviously an unnecessary requirement.

The next day we visited the Cemetaria Recoleta where anyone of importance is buried, including Evita (just think Madonna ´Don’t cry for me Argentina). After realising we knew nothing about the life of Evita, we took ourselves to the Museo Evita.

That concluded our time in Argentina and our day ended arriving five hours later than scheduled in Peru (special thanks to the hostel driver who waited for us for five hours).

Monday, 01 January 2007

There was no better way to see in 2007 and bid Bec, Rach & Ree farewell than to hold THE party of the year “Carlton Carnival NYE 2007”.
The place looked amazing thanks to the efforts of Caz (who also co-hosted the affair), Joel, Tim, Ev & Loz helping set up all afternoon. People went to amazing efforts to adhere to the Carnival dress-up theme with Minnie and John taking out best dressed female and male, respectively.
We saw the New Year in with a bang thanks to 120 simultaneous party poppers and blowers going off at midnight (and we almost saw in the new year with a house fire courtesy of one party reveller getting a bit too carried away with his sparkler…)
There was an abundance of food, music and most importantly punch all night to ensure the party kicked on well past 5am. (and a special mention must go to our resident DJs Tim, Ev and Pete who did a fantastic job on the decks)
A gigantic thank-you goes out to Katrina, Joel, Justin Caz and Carmel who helped clean up today when the place looked a little worse for wear.
And finally a big thank-you to everyone who came to the party to help us bring in the New Year and bid us farewell. We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did!

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From mary, alan and roc
hi rach how are you? finally got veronica to help me send you a few lines. This high tech internet is too much for me! We keep hearing from mum and dad that your having a good time and they keep us updated all the time. All the pictures of you travels are fantastic and your stories make us feel as though we're there. You sound as though you are enjoying your trip to the fullest keep enjoying and we're pushing mum and dad from this end to come visit you. Just book it Rach and they'll have to come! no excuses. Hope your having a great time certainly looks like it, we will see you when you come home lots of love mary, alan and roc
Response: Hey Guys,
Only just read this now so I'm slack too!
As you know by now mum & dad have booked and are very heppy that I'll be holding their hands through Italy, Poland & Czech Republic.

Have a great Christmas & good luck with all the new additions to the fam in 2008!

From Bec
Hi Bec,
Im glad you are still having a good time.
I saw Dan the other day and she looks well doing some work for us.
Still really busy work football .
But really well. A shot but sweet message .Look after yourself,look forward to reading your next lot of messages. Just letting you know Jy from it I.T depy is living in london aswell. Hes been there 2 months. Take care Cazzie xx
Response: Hi Cazzie!
I actually thought that I saw Jy walking down Oxford street the other day and asked Annie if there was a possibility that he was in London. It's a small world! Miss you guys at Austin Group.
love bec
From annie
fabbo photos! looking forward to seeing you lot in 3d. bring you bikinis - it's really warming up over here. ? brighton beach is awaiting you.
Response: Our first taste of European weather isnt too promising is f$cking freesing here in Madrid!! You better heat london up in the next few days or we`re heading back to Brazil! See ya soon chicky, xxx
From Sandy Lobb
Hi Rach

First chance I've had to catch up with your pics and holi notes.....very amusing. Sounds like you're all having a ball. Will now keep an eye open for more news. Have fun....did I actually say that, as if you need any encouragement!
Response: Hi Sandy,
Great to hear from was pretty much this time a year ago I was covered in those big red itchy bites...Now all I'm covered in is a nice tan! ha ha.
Now in Madrid we're we are having a whole new bunch of adventures...but unfortunately in much colder weather!
Hope all is well at DPI Traralgon and that CAS Gipsland is on budget!
Love rach
From Annabel
Lovin all the pics, except the red speedos one! I'm gonna have nightmares tonight about that! hehe. Luv Annabel
Response: Glad you enjoyed them...we had so much fun taling them. If you only knew know how many times we posed while Ree pretended to take a photo of us but then quickly (and somehow subtly!) had to re-angle the camera, zoom in and take those pics?! She did extremely well....
Hope the nightmares weren´t too severe... ; )
From Marita
Cyc miester... You are the coolest 26 year old i know.
The coolest you hear.
Miss you and talk to you soon
Response: Hey Smarika,
Thanks for birthday wishes & e-card, found some cheap flights yet?!
Will email you when my interviews are confirmed.
Miss you
From To the Birthday Girl
Happy birthday rachie!!! 26, gosh your getting old :) I hope you have a fantastic day...make sure you can actually remember some of it in years to come! hehe! I miss you heaps, I wish I was celebrating with you, especially overseas :) love lis xoxo

Response: Hey Hon!
Thanks for the msg and email...msg doesn´t appear on site until I reply!
If I get as drunk as you did on my birthday last year, I doubt I´ll remember much ; ) (Remember you harrassing the poor KFC guy?) Missing you heaps, hurry up and get your butt over to Europe!
Love rach xo
From Giles
Hey girls, great pics. Thanks for reminding me how good the week was.

Response: Hey Giles!
We had to catch a ferry out of Salvador the other week and we were all sooo sad to see Barra, the Lighthouse etc....we wish we could relive it all again, best week of our lives!
We are already planning the Carnival reunion back in Melbourne for 2008...or maybe 2009 ; )
From Scooter
Hey Rach,
After seeing all the recent photo's all I have to say is WOW!

They are setting up for MOOMBA here in that is a real festival, hehe!! I think I even see the Mad Mouse being set up.

Clive and Kathie are now engaged, whilst he proposed to her Valentines Day last year....he didn't give her the ring until her birthday 2 days ago. Giuseppe and Luco are expected to follow in the coming months.....

Safe travels thru the amazon!
Response: Hey Scooter,

Yeah Carnival didn´t even come close to comparing with Moomba....we survived the amazon & npw having a tough time trying to survive sunbaking on the beautiful beaches of Brazil!!
Sounds like love is in the air at DPI.....careful, it might be contagious
rach xo
From annie
keep the fabbo photos oming girls, i'm living vicariously. nice to see you managed to find some familiar faces - hi ev! hi colleen!
its all about invalid carry on here - four weeks till cast off - can't wait to be able to cut up my own dinner again.
see me struggling to eat a british fry up at
Response: 4 weeks to go still??!!
Its all right - we´ll be there in just under 3 to cut up your dinner... luckily your drinking arm is not affected.
see you soon! xxx
From Cousin Laura
Hey Rach, thought i'd finally get round to checking ur emails and phots again. (No broadband, just shitty dial up so this is a tedious task!) Looks as though ur r having a great time, make the most of the nice weather b4 u head to London. Sure u have heard by now but.. GO CATS!! kicked some tiger arse last weekend!! Anyways, take care- Luv LoL xxx
Response: I just logged on & saw Cats lost and half the team seems to be suspended!! Oh well we won last year and look what happened....yeah enjoying some wonderful Brazilian beach weather before we head to just over 2 weeks!
love Rach
From Zoe - London Corresp
Heya kids,

Woah - just checked out this page and accompanying phots from last two months - looks like your having loads of <eerrr> fun and getting heaps of <ah-hem> 'culture'... crazy times! And all the while I've been sitting here in London getting pasty on a diet of floursecent lighting, budget vodka and academia - a Brazilian beach, Pina Colada and Latino man is suddenly looking a somewhat smarter choice.....! When are you coming to London then? And what's this crazy Camarote ritual? And what's the meaning of the team shirts and product placement? And Bec, what is a Havaiana and can you bring me one with flamingos on it? (cheap is needless to day a foreign word here...)

Keep me posted and happy (safe!) jungle travels (just promise me your vegetarian ethos won't prevent you clubbing a puma if strictly necessary...!)

Response: Hola Zoe!
We arrive to the grey-island in around two weeks time so will fill you in on all haviana-camarote related rituals then (over a nice warm pint of course). Hope the academia is going well... think our brains are turning to mush over here!!
From luce
Hey girls
looks like you are having an awsome time - keep up the partying ..... btw - who is the guy in the pink top he is in a few of the photos ; )
Only 1 day to go untill under the sea - I will send you the pics Rach!!!
Response: Heya,
You can rely on us to keep the partying going (and can´t wait to party with you in Europe!) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Birthday (although not sure it could have gotten any better than receiving a phone call all the way from Brazil...even if there was a delay!)
Have a fantastic time at your party...which should have been my party too : (
Which is the party whose theme I THOUGHT UP! ; )
Looking forward to the pics, make sure I get a mention when they´re all singing happy birthday
Miss you!
rach xo
From Nic
Hi Rach
Not sure if you know but on the 10 Feb at 9.43am I gave birth to a little girl - Ava Scarlett. Well she wasn't so little 9lb 3 1/2oz (4.2kilos) so they had to get her out for me - ouchy mama! Feeling really well now and bubs is a little angel, I scored well. Hopefully she stays like this. Loving the pics. Enjoy yourself and stay safe. Love & kisses Nic and Ava. ps I'll send you some pics soon xx
Response: Hey Nic,
Yes Candice forwarded me an email with some pics. Ava is beautiful (can never have enough gorgeous brunettes in this world). I have actually had 2 dreams now of visiting the 2 of you in very strange dream where a security guard wouldn´t let me near Ava...hmmmm. Please send through some more pics and you better make sure Ava is a Geelong Supporter!
Glad to hear you are both doing well.
Love rach xo
From Annabel
Hi Gals
Looks like you're having an awesome time - I'm lovin all the pics! All's well in Singapore. It's Chinese New Year this weekend and the country is basically shut down. Starting to get worried that we might actually have to do some cooking! Not sure if I can remember how after 7mths of eating a hawkers.
Response: Heya,
Great hearing from you....was the Chinese New Year Celebrations as big as Carnival was here in Salvador?! We have never partied so hard or been so sleep up North on the Beach for some much needed R&R..
From Thomas & Illara
Hey Cousin Rachel,

We're missing you heaps. We've started school, and as you can imagine Illara has talked the teacher to death. Thomas is settling in. All the kids love his blue and red hearing aids. He gets orange ones next week to match his uniform. Will send some photos soon. Take care & love you heaps
Thomas & Illara
P.S. Mum wishes you were back. She's missing you heaps
Response: Hello my favourite lil twins!
I am missing you both sooo much. I´m also missing your mum sooooooo much...Dad not so much ; )
Please send photos asap and be good to your mum!
Love to you all
rach xo
From Joe M
Dear Rachael,

I am shamed by the doubting nature of your words in response to my heartfelt message of endearment.

Right now tis' the season of love and romanticity (Valentines Day in case you have forgotten) and I was merely expressing myself with the words I have only now realised you so rightfully deserve.

May your travels continue to be safe and happy.

Response: Hi Scooter!
From Joe M
Ok Guys
Who wrote those lies in the Email. When I find out I WILL BE DOING YOUR PPMS STRAIGHT AWAY. Rachel I've been framed you know I would never say anything nice about you.
Response: Hey Giuspeppe,
Don´t worry I didn´t believe the message for one second! My money was on Scooter as to who wrote it...think I may have been right! Hope you take Kathie out for a lovely dinner and buy her a lovely bunch of flowers for Valentines you plan to propose?!
From Joe M
Rachael Who,
Ok so I admit it...I miss you, and I miss you lots and lots. Whilst I have your photo proudly displayed on my Hall of Shame, it is nothing compared to having you here at work in real life where I am able to laugh at your jokes, share intellectual conversations, eat your lollies, admire your work ethic and above all be mesmerised by your smile.

Your holiday stories and photo's bring sunshine to my now dull and dreary days.......

Response: Who wrote this and what have you done with the real Giuseppe??!!
From Annie
girls, i am so freaking jealous.
littlehell-hole comprehensive school has nothing on sth america. i've read your emails, and your blog, but i'm so tired, i can't write much back - only whinge.
time to hit the pub
miss youse heaps xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox
Response: hey chicky,
you havent been in the UK long enough to become a whinging pom yet!! we´ll be over there soon enough to pull you out of it... or sit around and moan about the weather...
cant wait to be sinking some pints with you in london,
ree xxx
From Lexi
Sorry it took me so long to write back to your email bec!! but I hope you are satisfied with it!! I'm missing you heaps, and rothman says hi! lol
much love
- xoxo -
Response: Hey Sexi!
About time you wrote to me. You had better not leave it so long between emails next time. No excuses!
love bec.
PS say hi back to rothman from me.
From Lozza
Sent u email ! OK, so it took 5 weeks but my life is boring & have no news ! When r u coming home ? Leftovers are wondering where u r & my washing machine wants 2 know why FMC"s clothes r not being washed every week ! Miss u sooooo much ! Luv U, Ciao Bella xoxo
Response: Hi Mummy,
Ree and I had a massive discussion about what meals õur mums makes that we are going to miss...and the list is L-O-N-G! im craving beef & noodle and beef stroganoff! (Ree can´t name one thing in particular.) Please send some over! Thanks for email, I expect one a week now! Miss you & Dad
Love FMC xo
ps. Millie is no longer allowed at bubcia´s!!
From rach
hey rach,
your photos look like your having an awsome time, hope all is well and your looking after each other but still partying hard
take care love lots tals, bec and kell,
P.s we are sucking at bball without you but don't worrie No. 25 is hold up your fights.
Response: Hey Girls,
Thanks for writing. Just checked the bball website...SECOND LAST?!!! Im gone for a few weeks and look what happens....LIFT YOUR GAME TEAM!!
Love rach xo
From Meagan
Hi Rach,
I hope you are having a great time whilst we are all working hard ordering PC's and preparing the monthly business report ;) Just joshing - enjoy the beautiful scenery (the men) & keep partying. Missing you heaps. Luv Meags.
Response: Heelllllooooooooo!! I was wondering when I was going to hear from you!!! We are having a fab time (in case you couldn´t tell by the pics!!...he he) Carnival is one week away.....WA-HOO!!
Missing you too
Love rach xo
From Joe
Rachel Who?

Response: The Rachel everyone keeps writing to, to tell her how much one Giuseppe Maltese is missing her!