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Sarah and Beccy's Travels....

Photos - Click Below


Ko Tao


Ko Samui

Ko Samui


Jungle Trekking

Some more of our Jungle trek.


Jungle Trekking

Photos from three days trekking in the Jungle


Sarah's Birthday

Sarah's Birthday in Chang Mai - 26 Today!!


The Olgas

Here some pics of our walk through the Olgas.

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Recent Messages

From Claire
Hey Becs

Just had a look at ur web page. Ur so brown, looks like ur having a fab time. Bet u dont want to come back.

I am so jelous, there u r in the sun having the time of ur life and here I am in East Molesey stuck behind a desk! And u wont be suprised to know its raining here!

How long are u planning on staying out there? Think u should come home now, its not fair ur having to much fun.

U look really well. Hope to hear from u soon xxx
From paige
hello hope u r avin gr8 fun.well it looks like it! i am ellie's bst frend!anyway i fink dat ya syt is gr8 n i like lookin at da updates cya babez xxxxxxx
From Jo
Hi Beccy
Love the travel page and the great photos!!! How I envy you and the fabulous time you are having!! You are certainly making the most of your trip. Take care & enjoy. Hope to meet up with you in July
Love Jo xx
From Michelle
lovely photos though
From Michelle
Dude sort out your spelling and soooooooo many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!! love ya and missin ya michellexx
From Ross
Hay babes,

I would ask how all is going down under, but it seems like your still loving it all up!!!

Things haven't really changed round hear still same ol, makes me wish all the more that I was traveling as well - you lucky little mare!!!!

Missing you loads - stay in touch

Rosco!! xx
From shelley
i found bow wow's arm in a draw the other day :-( he's missing you lots. lol. xxx
From Catherine
Hiya, your site look really good, you managed to get some really good photos on the trip!! one of your photos is the on the home page, that how i managed to find you site! it sounds like you are having a great time, im in Brisbane trying to find work. any way you take care be safe Catherine x x x
From ellie
hello beccy and sarah, how are you both? by the looks of it you are having a fabulous time.your website is really good and the photos are really funny,oh by the way i like your hair. sarah are you tanned now or just sun burnt lol anyway ive got to go and have my din dins love you both loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxspeak to you soonxxxxxxxxxxthankyou for the postcard too!hope to speak to you soonxxxxxxxxxx
From clare
hi becs looks like you are having a cool time down under i ended up going to goa india in the end had a wonderful time sad to be back in rainy england keep in touch take care of your self love clare
From ursula
Hi becs, great photos. Looks as though you are having a great time, wish we were there! Great talking to you the other day. I bet you are looking forward to Thailand. Might pop out to see you next weekend!!!! I wish. Speak soon. Take Care -missing you. Love Dad and Ursula. xxx
From Nikki P
I think you should come home now... there's only so many good times a gal can have! Wow Becs, life's good - carry on, carrying on having the best time of your lives, I really miss you around but now I think I couldn't imagine a better place for you to be doing what do. Everythings good this end and GPJ is same as ever, don't look back!! Love Nx
From Matt
Hi Becky & Sarah. Wicked website

I had a really cool time with you two and Bennie. I may have to have some copies of your pics from your website. Take it easy and have a good time in Thailand

Cu Matt XX
From Rebecca
Your pictures are great, you must put some more up, they certainly have brightened my day up. And yes I am jealous!! Becks what’s happening to you, you were a girlie girl before you left, and now your turning into a hippie or a lesbian!!! Only Jokin Sandy!!! What is it with you travellers and your hair!!! Sara tried to dye her hair aswell, with the help of a distant great aunt who is seventy and ended up with red and brown bits, so had to pay lots of money to try and fix it, and now has black hair!!! Miss you loads, and I heard from your sister your planning on staying out there for two years!! Don't be silly becks!! How will I cope! I will have to fly over there and drag your little booty home!! Love you xxx
From Jemma
Hi babe, i am soo jealous, i am def travelling next year, u look like u r having soo much fun! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, love jemma x x
From Jenny
Hi Beccy & Sarah

Have just spent the last 15 minutes looking through your journal. Have to say it all looks fabulous and so do you two!! Sounds like your having a fab time - don't worry about us here in cold, dark dreary England. Look forward to hearing about the rest of your time in Aussie and of course Thailand. Love to you both and take care. Jenny, Laura & Robxxx
From Ariana
hi dear
your homepage is perfect...
i hope you 2 are doing fine. i'm still in melbourne and enjoy the last 2 days with my friend..and than i have to fly back to switzerland...:(
it was so nice to meet you 2 on this trip. it was a short but great time together. hope we keep in touch.
love ariana
(my cold is almost gone!)
Response: Hey Ariana!
It was great meeting you too, so sorry about passing on the cold! :) Glad to hear your feeling better now! We bumped into Daniella today in Perth and had a drink with her, how weird! Think we are meeting up with her this evening! Make sure you keep in touch too. Have a safe journey home and will speak soon! Love Sarah & Beccy x x x
From Stu
Hey Bec, looks like you're having it pretty good down under! Watch out for all those creepy crawlies sneeking into your sleeping bag at night! Keep up with the fantastic photos, how gutted am I looking at those at 7am on a Monday morning in the office, I know where I'd rather be!

Stu xxx
From Sarah
Beccy - In future please do not post terrible photos of me in fly nets and unflattering shorts and eating breakfast at 4.30 am! Or I will have to kill you!!!
From hannah
hey beccy and sarah or should i be sayind goodday!!!sorry must be sooo bored of that by now!!! god how jelouse am i, i can't believe all the beautiful things your seeing, some of those photo's are so brealth taking its so hard to believe there real.

i'm so glade your having a wonderful time and geeting to meet some wonderful people, look forward for the next installment, all the best.

what i'd do to be experincing these things,
lots of love xxxxx
From Mum
Oh you sound as though you are having the time of your lives! My goodness these memories are going to be with you forever - I think I would rather be in Aus than dreary old England - have you met any 50 something backpackers?
Better go cos don't know how long the message can be. Love to Sarah hope she is having a better hair day!! Love you lots and lots Mumxxx