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To Bangladesh with a short stop to West Bengal (Calcutta) in India.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Location: Kolkata, India

On the next day after the temple we thougth we would make things a little more light - hearted and visit the zoo. Well bad mistake.

Firstly; anyone we walked past would stop staring at the animals and stare at us (you did warn us Tina and Levi...). And it wasn't the friendly stare that we had become accustomed too it was sort of a scornful look us up and down kind of look. I (bec) did not like it at all and got into the habit of the 'death stare' which is a really BAD idea as I just don't think people realise that it is rude (it probably isn't in their culture!!!) and they would stare back even more intensively. Women over there usually keep their eyes down so when a man is looked at by another woman and for a long period of time I don't think they take to it very nicely. The other thing about their stares is that they don't stop when you walk past - as I would sometimes sneak a glance back and see a group of people just following you with their eyes - YUCK. I even tried smiling at a few of them and that did not work either...

Secondly, the zoo was in such a bad state of repair (perhaps I thought it would be a little better maintained than some of the rest of Kolkata where some places are very dirty with a number of human wastes and rubbish wastes).

The animals looked a little worse for wear and the big lions and tigers were kept in the tiniest little concrete 'compartments' about the size of our lounge room. Scary. Basically they just laid there bored out of their brains (yes I spoke to them) not doing anything as people were hissing at them and making noises to try and get them to move or do something. The best thing however (to add a positive) was the rhino. he was charging back and forth puttting on a great display. Good stuff and he had a bigger area to run around in. The hippo wasn't so lucky. He spent most of his time under this murky green thick kind of liquid. I wonder what the mortality rate is here...

Thats all for us for probably the end! We are both jet lagged as we have been awake for 24 hours now! (we may not be much company Andromeda and Kel...!)

bec and tim.
P.S Fixed up some of the photos if anyone is interested.

Saturday, 29 January 2005

Location: Kolkata, India

Almost finished.
on thursday we visited the Kali Temple. It is apparently the hindu temple that Kolkata was named after. We did not have any problem finding it. As their were many guides waiting for us. The tour happened in a rush and we shuffled though the place like sheep being herded though gates. We were given flowers dots on our foreheads and lots of prayers. At the beginning of the tour we were assured that the priest Guide (Brahmin) was doing his work voluntarily, and did not want us to feel obliged to give any money.

At the end of the tour, he showed us a book and asked us to write our names and our country and 2100 rupees next to it. Bec asked why should we write such a large number. He told us that it was the cost of a bag of rice and it would be used to feed the poor. Fortunately we had read about such tricks in the lonely planet guide, (thanks jo and joram). So we said we will give you 100. He got really mad and told us we were stingey and that everyone else had given 2100 (AUD 63). Bec was getting fired up by this stage so they split us up and tried to work on me only. They got bec to start chanting some strange verse, which she resisted. Fortunately I did not give in to their forceful demand.

Interesting experience.

Catch the plane tonight then spend 2 nights in Melbourne. Then home to see you all

Sad story of the ZOO later

Love heaps tim and bec

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Location: Kolkata, India

Happy Australia Day,
hope you all had a good one.
Yesterday we went and saw the grave of Mother Teresa. There was an amazing sense of awe and respect in the room. In the after noon we were taken around the orphanage run by the sisters of charity by one of the nuns. The nun was a fully trained phamacist who worked in the dispensary in one of their other projects. In one of the rooms there was 350 babies under 6mths with no parents. We were also able to see rooms of older children. In each room there was about 10 - 20 children to 1 or 2 carers. The children we craving attention. We also saw a centre which looked after handicapped children. The ministries were very moving. We were humbled by the service of the volunteers and then sisters.

Today we changed our hotel. We were finding the amount of insect spray being used hard to tolerate. After we moved, we headed for the book fare. While we were walking there we came to be behind some other white skinned people. The side walk was very busy and the man infront of us was literally hip and shouldering people out of his way and the way of his partner. Bec and I were disgusted. He almost started a fight with the crowd. We quickly stopped following these people.

The book fair was quite amazing. Apparently it is the biggest in Asia. But there is only so many books that can be looked at. Although Bec thinks there is never enough.

At the moment, Bec is taking the money at the internet cafe. Apparently she is doing a good job.

Cant wait to see you all.

Love Tim and Bec

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Location: Kolkata, India

Hello friend!
yesterday we went for a long walk and someone offered to help us and he took us for a very long walk to his 'families' hotel and told us the only room available was the most expensive one. So we thanked him lots and caught the subway home.
We only had about 8 seconds to get off at the right station. This almost caused a problem as we were facing the wrong way. Fortunately we both got off at the right place.

Hope to see the sisters of charity today.
Love you all Tim and Bec

Monday, 24 January 2005

Location: India

Photo page been added! - FINALLY... On the right hand side...

Monday, 24 January 2005

Location: Sudder st, Kolkata, India

The bus ride:
The bus was actually quite comfy with air conditioning that we couldn't turn off which meant we were really cold with just thermals and blankets we had bought with us! So we got comfortable and tried to sleep.

At about 2.30 in the morning, we came across a big tree that had been cut down so the bus could not get through. Basically to cut a long story short; a large group of robbers had cut down the tree with the intention of coming onto the bus to take everything. They had guns but luckily our bus driver saved us by driving quickly to the side of the road and going over the log with a big bump. When we finally did cross the border some Bangladeshis told us that we had been very lucky (blessed - we'd like to put it) that they did not get ONTO the bus as they leave nothing. Apparently the bus after us was not so blessed, as the bus was fired at and from what we were told the men actually got onto the bus - we are not sure how bad it was.
What an adventure! However please keep praying for us (nervous laugh!!). WE did not realise but at the time we were travelling (on the day of EID) people have a bit more money and travel to Kolkata to get treatment (for what we don't know!) which is why the robbers choose that day to do their robbing! After having such a safe time in Bangladesh it has jaded our experince some what.

After crossing a very confusing border (where some men would push us all the way to the front only for men with guns to tell us (in our australian translation) to stop pushing in and go back to the start of the line) we were told that the bus was late and to get onto the jeep - I (Bec) was very skeptical about this arrangement as I could see a bus that was going to Kolkata! Tim just went with the flow and after we got on the jeep we saw some other people from our bus (previously) and they spoke English and said that is was OK - it was going to Kolkata. AND we are safely here now. It is 9.30am and we are trying to find some where to eat.

Talk soon;
Love Bec and Tim.

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Location: Back in Dacca, Bangladesh

WELL now that we have experienced EID, I (Bec) am not sure that I want to experience it again. Basically, read on only if you are not pregnant, weak in the stomach or don't like blood...

On the sides of the road (whereever we would go) there were cows and goats being led to the slaughter. They pulled them out and held them down on the ground while one man basically (not cut) but 'sawed' threw the main artery in their neck. The cows were shaking and it took them a few minitues before they stopped moving. Then there was the skinning; all happening on the concret in front of the buildings. Apparently during EID there is an increase of 'professional butchers'. We went inside after this but there was still the noise of hacking of bones and meat (and the like!). Just when we thought it might be over, there was blood pouring down the streets in every direction and people (esp. the poor) coming to collect meat in bags. After that almost every rickshaw we saw go past had the skins of cows, plus heads and guts and stuff. The smell was pretty gross. Some of the drivers (sitting on the skins) were making jokes about us making clothes out of the skins.

Anyway, we are leaving Bangladesh tonight at 10.15pm for our long trip; we just bought some 'snacks' and we are both feeling really tired. It has been a really intense two weeks. We have seen so much of Bangladesh in such a short time that it feels like we have been here for ages. If we were travelling on our own we never would have seen or stayed in some of the most amazing places. The group have been fantastic and we have made some good friends.

We hope everyone is really well and look forward to seeing you all soon!! Keep us updated...
Love heaps,
Bec and Tim.

Friday, 21 January 2005

Location: dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello again
tonight is the night before eid. Eid is a muslim festival which celebrates the time when god provided abraham with a substitute lamb so he would not have to sacrifice his own son. It a public holiday. Apparently 5 million cows will be sacrificed tommorrow. And everyone including the poor will have meet to eat for the next three days. On our way driving through the streets of dhaka we saw many cows being walked through the street and being tied up at the front gates of buildings.

The last few days we have been north of dhaka. We look at a project by symbosis on the jamina river. This project was working with about 20 thousand people who were living on a sandbar in the middle of the river. When it floods each year they often have to stay on the roofs of their houses for more than a week. The project was mainly education, income generation, and micro credit.

On wednesday night some of bangladeshes river gypsies played us some tunes and sung for us. One of their young girls danced for us and moved in amazingly beautiful dance. They also woke some cobras up for us so that we could see them dance as well.

Menus here are really funny;
Anyone for some beef stake? Or some roast leg of lamp? And often sighns will say the accomodation or food is of 'international standard' - we still haven't worked out what that means...

From hear we head for calcutta a 17hr bus trip. Not sure exactly which date we leave. Find that out tommorrow

Saturday, 15 January 2005

Location: Banani, Bangladesh

Well we have just arrived back from a place called Khulna which is South of here (7 hours by BUMPY bus ride!) and haven't been able to access this page so sorry about that!!

We spent some time in a rural villiage which was a real blessing because we could take a deep breath of air and not be coughing and spluttering. So far the only ailment Tim and I have had is a cold (others have been sick with diarrohoea/vomiting). Suprisingly I (Bec) have had trouble with the Bangladesi rich and spicy food - it was one thing I was really looking forward too - perhaps it is also the HUGE amounts of it that we kept getting served! Even the smell can be nauseating! There is not a lot of Western food here (which is not suprising, considering the amount of tourists that come here!).

Anyway the rural villiage; because Bangladesh is so flat and most of it is below sea level there is so much water so they raise up small paths and cover small villiage roads with bricks. We travelled approx 40km on the back of a 'cart' rickshaw to see 4 projects. One was a school for women to learn about the law (effecting divorce - from the male and female perspective and dowry). This school had about 15-20 women (also perfect attendence).

The next project was another school informing villiagers about HIV aids, arcenic in water and ways of being able to drink the water safely. Both schools were held outside on the dirt.
Another project was a commitee based of 15 women and one man that discussed any issues the villiage people were facing, discussing and implementing initiatives. If I had to live in Bangladesh I would choose to live in this villiage!

That is all for now - time for dinner!
Love you all and miss chocolate pudding.

Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Location: dhaka, Bangladesh

today we visited on of HEEDs projects in the old Dhaka area. HEED is the one of the NGOs doing lots of projects in bangladesh. Today we visited a project where adolescent girls are teaching preschool children in the slums. They do this four hours a day and in return heed pays for them to be able to finish off high school. which is also four hours a day. The girl teachers are selected because they have been forced to drop out of school because of their parents work situation. The children are amazingly beuatiful and some of the teachers are 13 years old and they are so mature. It was inspiring to see, it also inpired bec in teaching.

After this the president of HEED Bangladesh invited all twenty of us in to his home for dinner. And again we were treated with so much generousity and hospitality.

Going to the sunderbauns tomorrow, 7hrs on a bus. Trying to get the MP3 player together. Thank you joram i am sure we will both appreciate it.

bye for now
love you all

Sunday, 09 January 2005

Location: Banani, Bangladesh

We got off the plane with no hassels except the guy at customs kept asking me (Bec) if everything I had said was 'true'! Well of course it was true - but maybe I just don't seem like a believable character...Tim seemed to get on fine.

Well after an hour we had our bags and headed outside (there was this haze of smog and polution that you could see and smell straight away). The other thing was the NOISE! I think each car was just taking it in turn to honk (for no real reason or every reason availabe - such as they wanted them people in front to move or they wanted people to get out of the way).

Well anyway - then we got into the car and every car was distinguished by dents, scrapes, scratches you name it! Well althought there are line markings to mark the lanes, no - one seems to take any notice and then there are the bicyle rickshaws, electronic rickshaws and people everywhere! I asked our driver if it these people ever went to bed!! There seemed to be this controlled chaos everywhere we went. No traffic lights, no hesitation, no waiting, stopping for anyone.
So...that was our first impressions of Dhaka (Dhaka).

The room we are staying in is much nicer than we expected! With a shower and two bigger than single beds, bottled water etc. The people we are dealing with here are really friendly however the people in the streets are stare a lot (nothing a pair of sunnies won't fix for me!)

I guess the depressing part is the beggars and the way they beg. There will be people in the middle of the roads that come out when you get stuck in traffic. Men will hold out tiny babies that have scabies, men with no 'arm bone' and will do a brief demonstration of how they can twist their arm right around so you will give them some money, more babies that are too hungry and undernourished to even cry, and blind men. There was even a man with no legs that was pushing himself along with a little trolley! I am surprised they didn't get ran over they were right in the middle of fast moving cars that seemed.

Other than that, like I said the group we are staying with are really nice especially the Bangladeshi men! There are no women shop keepers, hotel staff, market keepers!

Anway - that is all for now. The manager from the hotel has noticed me trying to get rid of a mosquito and has been trying to help by suffocating both the mosquito and I with insect repellent (I hope that is all it is!)

Talk again soon,
Bec and tim.

Saturday, 08 January 2005

Location: Singapore

We have made it safely to Singapore and met some people we know which has been nice. It was a weird being able to choose from about 600 movies/CDs/games/etc. I (Bec) watched 'A shark tale' which was funny and then a 'Friends episode'. Although it made the 7 hours go a little quicker, I frequently had the urge to get up and move around!!!

Tim - I had some fried rice, even though there was only a small amount of chillie on them, they were so hot i found it hard to eat the rest of the rice.
But still yum

Thursday, 06 January 2005

Location: Tassie

Hi again, this is our address in Bangladesh if you need to contact us...!!! Otherwise the email will still be fine as well as this travel page!

Salon Guest House
House 85, Road 13/C, Block – E
Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Tel: (88 02) 88 12 314, 98 81 097
Fax: (88 02) 88 26 665

We will not be there all the time obviously. See you soon.

Friday, 31 December 2004

Location: TASSIE

Yesterday was Tim's birthday which means today we have exactly one week to go...

As soon as we can work out how to use the digital camera (present for TIm's birthday) we can practice putting a few photos up of kangeroos and the like...something new.

Grant and Anthea, Abby and Claire (for those of you that know them) leave today: 'See you next year in Bangladesh!'

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From andromeda
Response: Hi. Still need to call you! Will do that soon and looking forward to it.
From Sarah
Hi Seasoned Travellers,
Can you confirm with me your time and date of arrival? If you can't let me know just call me when you get to the airport and i'll pick you up.
Love sarah...
Response: Yep, I'm just about to write you an email!

Thanks again sarah - looking forward to seeing you...
Love bec and tim
Response: Hi Ruth, Glad you're keeping up with the technology! You are doing well (do you know where the caps lock key is??) Might be something we can show you sometime...only joking!
Love you and see you soon (please say hi to the Togari armstrongs! and Pa.)
From kristina
hiiiiiiii...I can just imagine you guys driving away from robbers :o) sounds like you have had a fantastic trip sofar and I hope your adventure gets even more exciting...sorry Tim for not replying your last email&lt:o) Take care and god you heaps and heaps Kristina
Response: Yeh, the robbers...I wasn't so much worried about getting was if the bus had slowed down slightly the bandits would have jumped onto the bus and possibly smashed windows to get in - PLUS I'm not so keen on guns - even though we see them EVERYWHERE.
Exciting adventures seem to just find us...Love you!
From georgie
edi & rob taught us dutch blitz and we are inflicting it upon all who cross our path - can we book you in to come round and play on your return? am loving being able to follow your journey on this web pgae and look at the photos - amazing pics you are getting- look forward to seeing you both soon
Response: Yep - Dutch blitz is great (playin with grandma is even better - SAVE US A GAME G-MA).
Would love to play (and meet the new member of the fam!)
From Robyn & Don
Hi, the photos look good, India looks like it suits you, the dress and everything. Dad may be going to Sri lanka on the 10th but still unsure about work yet, inform you when we know more. The big 302 birthday party is on saturday and the sleep over, should be fun, hope dad is not too tired. Yesterday dad was comotosed as he was sifting the cement and every one just stould there staring at him, they all thought it was a great joke, I felt sorry for them as australia day was very hot, Dad finished up working at 8.30 and back into it before he had to go to work. It is looking good, but it will all come to a standstill as we will run out of money soon. Are you taking photos of the places you are staying in. Love you heaps mum and dad
Response: WE are trying to take lots of the internet place we have been using (50c/hour - so we usually spend a little time here each night) the guy is so friendly and funny he gave up his seat for me and then told people as they were coming down the stairs that I was the boss (bec) and to take all the payment. I accidently didn't charge one guy enough

(he can read english) very talented man. And for an hour and a half while tim was doing the 'surfing' I was the 'boss' of the shop. He paid me with a cha (Indian spicy tea) with way too much sugar (you would love it dad!!).

as for the dress - the colours and materials are SO amazing I want to bring them all back to Australia. Funny story about visiting a temple but will write about it another day...
Love Bec and tim
From Kel Dennis
Awesome, Khulna sounds like a special place, any photos of the village. I guess you have realised now why India has the highest mortality rate when it comes to the roads.

Happy Australia Day (whatever that means).
I guess you arrived at a good time, calcutta would n't be to hot now?

Bandits! I've heard in previous years they would ambush people coming into Bangladesh with the cattle for Eid. Good to here your safe.

So see you on Sunday.

The west coast pictures look good too, did Luke and Claire get down to Agnew?
Response: Hello Kel,
Happy Australia Day to you to. Here it is Republic Day. Which means most people are not working. Calcutta is a nice temperature.
Cant wait to see you. Will try to put some photos of the villages soon.
Bec and Tim
From claire and luuk
We are really jealous of what you are doing and where you have been, It is a rich experience, would love to share it with you. Hope you dont get caught in any more situations like on your bus trip, see it as part of the experience. Hope all is well
love claire and luuk
Response: Hello Luuk and Claire,
We have been thinking of you luuk when we order chips. (we found it a little hard to have curry and rice and egg 3 times a day. Hope you guys are well and enjoying summer at the gorge.
Cant wait to see you.
Tim and Bec
From Robyn & Don
Hi, your bus trip will be one you will not forget in a hurry. It is very hot here at the moment.Jen and I went out to see Jane's baby today, it is a little cutie. The house should have progressed a bit further then when you last saw it. See you Tuesday afternoon
Robyn and don
Response: Hello mum and dad,
Has Don gone travelling yet. Does that mean that there is lots of storage room for our stuff! just kidding, we havent done that much shopping! Love you heaps
Tim and Bec
From Robyn & Don
Hi, glad that you are experience so much of bangladesh. Has the slaughtering of cows turned you of meat yet. How are the Maynards going or don't you get to see much of them. I didn't expect another message so soon. I am just about to leave to do my bronze and then go and pick Jen up at fusion, she ended up going to the foundations course. Look after yourselves and enjoy your bus trip, 17 hrs on a crowded bus with animals sounds like fun..not
mum and dad
Response: HI mum and dad,
WE haven't eaten meat for a while (in fact we found some pringles and chocolate for the bus trip - luckily cause there wasn't much food on the way!)
Have spent as much time as possible with the Maynards - its been great! on the way to our farewell from the HEED staff I (bec) spotted Grant on a rickshaw in the middle of a busy highway. I was not sure where he was going so I asked the bus driver to stop - however it took a while! Then when we did pull over he told us that he was headed to our guest house! A long way away and he was a long way away from the HEED office. Needless to say he was very grateful that we had pulled up for him!
Read our diary entry to find out how our bus ride went!!! Say hi to rest of family for us! MISS YOU
Bec and tim
From Edi and Rob
Good to hear all is still going well and that you two have managed to avoid the D&vs so far.We have been painting the outside of the house and the fumes have been very strong from the paint.Hopefully it will be complete by the time you return.Keep on having fun.Your presence is much missed at home by all of us.We look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures soon.
with much love Mum and Dad
Response: Hi again! We are sure it will be a relieve when the house painting is over! We will keep having fun (however I don't know how I will be able to sit still for a whole 16-17 hours on a bus!!! - Bec). We are missing you all very much as well.
Love us!
From josh myers
hi guys, hope that your trip is going well, cant wait for the picks and to see you soon.
Response: Yeh! About the photos! We only put the Tassie ones on there so we could work out how to do it in Tassie rather than spend ages over here trying to fix it!...however we have taken heaps of photos but can't get them onto the page for various reasons...we are still trying but you might be waiting for a while...might be a slide show when we get home...
From Ruth
Where have you been lately you havent been answering my message
When are you coming home We are all missing you heaps well gotta go
Ruthie xxxooo
Response: Well Ruth - we don't get access to internet very often so sorry about not replying earlier...
We get home on the 1st or 2nd of Feb - not long now! Miss you too.
From Sarah
Wow guys, what an amazing experience you both are having. Life changing stuff. Guess it makes us realise just how selfish our western world is.. Missing you me sweet Bel.. Enjoy the rest of trip.
Love me
Response: Miss you heaps too and am looking forward to spending some more time with you when we come through. Some crazy paradoxs' here - will tell you all about them soon...make sure you let us know how school is going as soon as you start! Don't stress too much - Love you heaps,
Bel and Tim
From Robyn
Hi, how are you both going. News flash: Jane and Graig's baby arrived, a girl Amy Kate 9lb 6oz. jen is at camp so she hasn't seen the baby but she was stoked s she wanted a girl.
love robyn & Don
Response: Both going really well - no real sicknesses (however most people have been throwing their guts up - I would like to say we have stomachs of iron but I'll probably regret it when I come down with something myself!!!)
Still having a crazy time...please pass on our congrads to Jane and Craig - we are really excited for them!
Love heaps!
From greg and helen (and
Hey Tim!! Hey Bec!! we note that the chocolate detox is not going as planned, bec!!! don't worry about the chocolate puddings, though, bec - we'll keep some in our fridge for you.....what's that, hel?? you THREW them out!!!!....sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time over there, hope the new camera still has plenty of room for more photos, and that you have plenty of time to reflect on the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and people that you meet - can't wait to hear more about it all! all our love, greg and helen.
Response: Today bec bought 4 chocolate bars. She is hanging out for a bit more though. Hope to see you soon
From georgie
hi tim and bec,
sounds like you guys are having an amazing journey! stay safe
love georgie
Response: Am trying to stay safe however most things are out of our control (crazy place and brings a new meaning to 'you're much more likely to be hit by a car'!) If that makes sense - if not will explain with photos later...
bec & tim
From ruthie + katherine
to Tim and Bec

we have only managed to get on to your page tonight we think it is awesome and a great idea pa sends his love hope that you get enough to eat!! We are eating cherries ,apricots and Toasted sandwiches.
Response: Sounds YUMMY! Most of the meals lately have been really nice - we have had heaps of Bangladeshi food but I still miss cheese on toast - stupid huh??!
See you soon!
From Robyn
Hi Bec, Tim, sounds like you are having some real cultural expoeriences. You will have some great stories to tell. Look after yourselves and make sure you keep the mosquitos away I've heard they can be dangerous.
Love robyn & Don
Response: So far haven't been bitten by any mosquitoes but they are definitely around! Forgot our mosqitoe net but as yet it hasn't posed to be a huge problem.
Love you too!
From Jo and Joram
Sounds like everything is very different from Tassie and that you’re having fun. Hope you keep having tons of new experiences and enjoy all of them. I’ve been watering your garden and it’s still growing but its becoming a bit wild and big so I might eat a few vegetables.
Lots of Love
Response: Yes - just slightly different from Tassie. Thanks again for looking after the place - and watering the garden.
Love heaps!
From Debby
Bec and Tim
A few questions: What language do the adolescent girls teach in? Why is it only girls who are teaching? How many years of schooling are compulsory in bangladesh(in theory if not in practice)? What resources do the young teachers have if any? What are attendance rates like?

Seeyas soon
Response: The girls teach in Bangla but the kids learn a few songs in English (their favourtie is Twinkle Twinkle) - I'm not sure if they know what they are saying!!! The girls are teaching because the company HEED is supporting specifically the females so that they can continue their formal education. So a group of females are trained by a HEED staff member and in return they are paid to teach the children and can continue their own education in their spare time. The young teachers (in the slums - as they are the only schools I have seen so far) have flip charts with the English alphabet on it as well as a small black board - I did not see anything else. The kids had a little black board that they wrote on. Apparently there is 5 years of compulsory primary schooling however as you implied that is not followed! And this is mainly for the guys. Addendance rates are pretty much 100% A truly amazing school. The little electricity they had had gone out so they were working in the dark.
From Fred
Guys, it will be more impressive if you can put some picture of you and Dhaka street.

Cheer up, the insect repellent doesn't really work on people. :-)
Response: thanks fred. the traffic is phenomonal. The drivers in dhaka must be the best in the world. But we as yet cant get photos on to the net yet
From Deb
Sounds like a great travel experience for you both.

Enjoy! See you at Agfest in May.

Response: Hi Deb,
so far it has been very intense for both of us, and we have been chaufered almost everywhere. We love it though. cant wait to see you
From De Arn Foley
Hi there Rangers!!
I found out about this site from Peter Edwards at work this morning. It's a great idea, wish we had have used it in 2000 when we were jetsetting. We'll be including you in our prayers & look forward to hearing of your adventures when you return. We didn't know the Maynards were away too, & called in to see them last week, but I guess we'll catch up with them when they get back too.
We are all well & thanking the Lord for Brendan's new job as Chaplain @ the Norwood Presbyterian Homes for the Aged.
May you journey in step with our Lord.
Love in Christ,
De ARn, Brendan & Cara Foley
Response: Thanks De Arn, Brendan and cara, its nice to know you are thinking of us and praying for us. we cant wait to get back catch up.
hope the new job goes well, and pray that cara is healthy
From bunny
Goodness knows how you will ever be able to remember all your travels. They are coming so fast. But it is a wonderful system I am impressed Thank you for noting my message . Already I am missing you.Love to you both. Stay well.
Response: We miss you too little bunny. I dont think we will remember everything either