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Well, I tried msn spaces, but that didn't seem to work, so now I am going to try and be religious about this. I hope you will enjoy hearing my news and seeing my pics. Sometimes life gets a little bit hectic, so I will keep it as updated as possible at the given time - please forgive me if it gets old.
Meanwhile, here's a quote to ponder - it made me think: "I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself." ~ James Baldwin

Diary Entries

Saturday, 09 December 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

Hi Guys,
This will probably be one of my last blog-thingys before I come home. I've been so busy up until now, and I have so much coming up, that it's probably best if I tell you about it when I get home.
We've been having some hectic parties back at the house - last weekend was a BIG one, and this, being my last proper weekend, is probably going to be another big one.
We've got Carol Service this evening, and another one tomorrow morning, and then next week there are all sorts of dinners for different areas of the school.
I know it might sound pretty boring for you, but believe me, the teachers live for these end-of-term celebrations!
I see you all when I'm back - next week!
Love you lots,
Still missing you,
Love Bee

Monday, 27 November 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

Hey Guys,
Just had a fab weekend: We had the whole of Saturday off which was very exciting!
On Saturday night I jumped on a train and made my way to meet Amy at Twickenham (after the game, unfortunately). We spent the evening at a pub having a smashing time with stacks of good laughs. We missed the last train home from Clapham Junction, so we ended up taking a cab to Dorking where we met up with Ed (Amy's boyfriend) and some other people. We went to a pub there for last rounds, and then caught a lift home with some South African guy. We stumbled into bed at about 2.30am.
On Sunday, Amz and I chatted for ages, before haeding to the pub that Kate works in, for lunch. We had a fab lunch, and then we went backf or a nap. I had to leave at about 6.30pm to get home. It was such a great weekend - it was amazing seeing Amy again.
Anyway, I'm home in three weeks - YAY! Gotta go to swimming like 5 minutes ago.
All my love,

Monday, 13 November 2006

Location: Canterbury, UK

On Friday I went with 12 12 year old girls and 2 teachers to Canterbury on a hockey tour. It wasn't too far to drive, but with the girls paying tribute to Queen, singing the Bohemian Rhapsody, we got through it with loads of laughs.
We played Junior Kings Canterbury on Friday evening under floodlights. It was an awesome game, but unfortunately we lost 2-1. The girls aren't used to playing 11 a-side so they really picked up their game. We had McDonald's for dinner, and then headed to the youth hostel to get some sleep.
On Saturday morning, we played Kent College. They were also a pretty good side, but we were better. The final score was 1-1, but it should have been 3-1 to us. After the game, we ate at the school, and then went back to the hostel to get ready for town. We walked into town, and the girls had a chance to go shopping and explore, while we had a coffee. We met the girls and then got our cultural fix at the Canterbury Cathedral. It's quite an amazing cathedral, and I think the girls enjoyed it, despite the moans. There was then a little more shopping, then back to the hostel for the girls to straighten their hair and do their make-up (12 year olds) and then we headed back into town to Pizza Express. It really was a fab evening.
On Sunday, we woke up earlier, had breakfast, packed the bus and got on the road to Bromley. We got seriously lost on some motorway or other, so we were quite late. Anyway, we totally dominated the match, and the final score was 5-1 to us. After the game, it was time to go home...We stopped off at some services for lunch, and then arrived back at school at 3pm-ish. It was such a brilliant weekend, and probably one of the best trips away that I've had with the school.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Ok, so I'm officially not writing from Prague, but I thought that it would look cool on the header thing...
On Tuesday morning at 3.30am, the girls (Mary, Sally (Mary's older sister) and Jade (Mary's best buddy)) set out for the airport. Nothing very exciting happened there, and our flight was pretty short. When we arrived, we jumped in a taxi that took us straight to our door (a 40 minute drive) for only 500K (approx. £13) - well cool!
Let me tell you about our appartment: First of all, the lady that owns it was full on, and she didn't smell too good. Anyway, she was friendly etc. so we can't complain. The apartment consisted of a bathroom and a room with four beds in it - the complete opposite of luxury! Anyhoo, it served it's purpose and it was close enough to stuff.
We spent the rest of the day exploring some of the Old Town. We went a tower of the end of Karluv's Bridge (one of the most famous around...) and we had a great view. There were hundreds of tourists around moving in and out of the little cobbled streets.
For dinner, we went to a cocktail bar and had burgers. It was all so cheap - cocktails only 99K (£1.50)! Unfortunately we couldn't find any dancing clubs that weren't strip joints or had lap dancers everywhere, so we had to forgo our urge to dance.
On Wednesday morning, we walked through the New Town (searching for a recommended coffee shop). We saw the 1150 year old National Theatre, and then we walked up a hill to see the view of the city. From there, we walked back down and got a Subway sandwich for lunch. We then tried to catch the tram up to the castle, but unfortunately we got busted for not having a ticket (we honestly didn't knwo where to get them) and we had to pay a fine of 500K each. Oh well, you live and learn! We eventually made it up to the castle and we bought our tickets and looked around. It's certainly not one of the most magnificent that I've seen, but it was nice. By the time we were finished at the castle, it was pretty late, so we went back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant (good pizza) and got a little bit tipsy on dodgy Czech wine! After eating we went for a drink in a sports bar on our street that was pretty friendly (there was Channel O from SA playing on one of the TV's).
Thursday was our official shopping day. We ate breakfast in a Mark's and Spencer's coffee shop (we are so english)! Before we hit the souvenir shops, we went on a boat trip on the river. I love going on boat tours because you see random things that one would never notice otherwise. After that, we had a panini in a little restaurant and then headed to the main square. We bought a few gifts etc. and then we gathered (with a hundred other people) to watch the 12 Apostles come out of a hatch and nod at the Astronomical Clock. We carried on wandering through the shops, and then headed back to pack. We went out to the same sports bar for our dinner - we had some good Mexican food and a couple of fab cocktails.
Friday morning we were up early, ready for our taxi to take us to the airport. It was such a great trip, and I'm sorry that that's my travelling over for a while. The next time I am on a plan, I will be coming home to warm Cape Town!
Missing you all like crazy. Good luck for your exams (I must say, I don't envy you)!
Love you lots,
Love Bee

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

Morning All,
As today is the last day of my second last half-term here at the school, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a short blurb of the fun I'm having.
Last week I went with Mary and the Senoir School to a play in London. We saw a piece called 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck. It was a good story, but the acting wasn't amazing. It was a nice trip out though.
On Saturday, Shan came down for the weekend (or what was left of it...) We spent the afternoon chatting and looking at Europe photos etc. and then we had Chinese for dinner. Saturday night was probably one of the best nights I've had since I've been here. It was Sam's (Aussie GAP) last weekend, so the whole house was out. We went to this cheesy club called Flaunt (where all the young kids go), but we had such an awesome time. We literally danced the whole night, and eventually stumbled up the road and into bed at 3.30am or something insane like that! Sunday was spent sleeping and eating cereal, until Shan had to catch the train in the afternoon.
This past week has been incredibly busy. Most days I haven't been home until 5pm, but some nights I had duty at the boarding house, so that was only 9pm.
On Thursday I went with Lower Shell (7/8 year olds) to the British Museum in London. They are learning about the Egyptians, so there were loads of interesting mummies and staues etc. that they got terribly excited about!
I've also been getting involved in the swim team and we've had a few galas lately which have been good fun.
Anyhow, anyhoo, I hope you are all slogging away for your exams - they'll be over soon, and the it's the SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!
Can't wait to be home and have a good old jol with you guys again.
Miss you all stax,
Love Bee

Monday, 02 October 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

Morning All,
Once again I've been informed that I'm a horrible friend and I haven't posted a message for over 10 days - shock horror. Unlike all you varsity students, I actually do some work, so I don't have time to sit around and fiddle on the computer (jj).
To be honest, nothing much interesting has been happening in my life for the past 10 days. Just the same old same old schedule...This weekend was an exeat weekend which means the boarders go home, so there's no school on Saturdays - YAY!!! We all went out as a house on Saturday night and it was super cool. It was by far the best night I've had since I've been here. We have some new Afrikaaners chilling at the house, and we were dancing sokkie sokkie in the club!!!
I've been doing some hockey training at the Bishop's Stortford Club which has been pretty cool. I played my second game on Saturday morning - loads of fun! I'm slowly getting fitter again which is making me feel good about myself...
This week at school is THE INSPECTION WEEK (da na na naa). Some very important people come to see the school and watch the teachers teach etc. The entire staff are in a tizz about this stupid thing and it's a little bit irritating...
Ok, so now I've updated you all (yes Nix, I'VE UPDATED!).
Have a fab week,
Love Bee

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Location: Bishops Stortford, UK

Hi All,
Last week I went away from Monday to Friday with the Upper 3rds for their leadership and teambuilding camp to a place called Bradwell. I had my own group, and we spent the week doing a whole lot of different activities like sailing, canoeing, walking, problem solving, high ropes (oh my gosh!), crab fishing, archery and mountain biking. It was such good fun. All the kids were in tents and it was comedy to watch the girls trying to fit their huge bags into tiny two man tents! I went out a couple of times on my night off with some of the teachers and we had some serious laughs.
Now I'm back at school and very busy. I've started playing hockey again which is very cool. I also have my own girls hockey team to semi-coach and umpire. The main part is, I'm having lots of fun at the moment, although I am exhausted. These last few months are going to fly by, and the next thing I know, I'm going to be packing up and flying home.
Please be patient with me when I don't update this blog, I'm doing my best.
The bell's just gone, so I have to dash,
All my love,

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: London, UK

When Ben told me that I hadn't posted a blog since 21 August, I didn't believe him, but, alas, it was true.
Not much has been happening in my little life since then. The rest of Florence was amazing. We saw some famous Botticelli paintings and the famous David sculpture by Michelangelo. We also crammed as much Italian food into our systems as possible. Unfortunately, our flight to Prague was cancelled, so instead we went back to Ben's house for the last week of our holidays. On our way back, we stopped off at the Leaning Tower of Pisa which was pretty funny! My visa ran out the day after I arrived in France, so I was living there practically as an illegal immigrant (thanks Ang!). Luckily, I could get a flight out from Geneva and South Africans are allowed to be there and they don't control at the border. It was absolutely and completely horrible to leave Ben. I cried for ages, and as a result I had those big puffy eyes that look so horrible on me. It was a mission getting back because of the bomb scares in England etc. but I arrived home safely and that's the main thing.
The weekend was spent doing washing and tidying my room. We watched practically the whole of the 2nd season of the O.C. and had lots of champagne which was also fun.
Today I am in London getting my iPod fixed and doing a little shopping. I am going to the theatre tonight to see Billy Elliott which should be fun.
Will let you know how school goes, and how the new gappies are.
Love and miss you all so much,
Love Bee

Monday, 21 August 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

Ok, ok, so I haven't written in AGES, but if you were doing what I am - you would realise that time doesn't always exist in a day to post blogs on a website.

Last Saturday we met Ben's parents and went to Pompeii. We spent the entire day on Sunday exploring the ruins of the city that was covered by lava and ash in the eruption on Mount Vesuvius. We saw plaster casts of some of the bodies that was found which was wack. It was amazing because we could see a Roman city as it really was because everything is so well preserved by the ash.

On Monday we drove to Rome and in the afternoon we visited the Vatican Museum with the Sistine Chapel etc. It was so cool to see the famous paintings by Michelangelo. We also went to St. Peter's Basilica which was completely breath-taking...
On Tuesday we went to the Collosseum where they had the gladiator fights etc. It's HUGE!!! We also went to the Roman Forums which is a kind of public area with lots of temples etc. and then we went to the Museum Capitoli which was also interesting.
Wednesday, we did a walking tour (guided by Ben's parents) of all the squares and fountains of Rome. It was long, but quite impressive.

The next two days were spent exploring Etruscan (ancient civilization) tombs with paintings etc. It was really interesting to learn about something that I had never even heard of before. We also went to Tuscania and visited some medieval churches. We were with some friends of Ben's parents' and they took us to a traditional restaurant which was amazingly delicious. The next day, we ate at their house - we got there at 14h00 and only left at 17h00. We were eating the whole time!!!

Yesterday we left Tuscania and stopped off at the cathedral in Siena. It's decorated in black and white striped marble and it is incredible impressive. We then moved on to Florence, and in the afternoon, we visited the Duomo which was huge. We ate at a typical Italian restaurant again and then ate gelati (mmm, good!)
Today we visited the Pallazo Vecchio and we did a tour of the secret passages which was fun.

So now, I have 2 minutes remaining to save this page and to tell you all that I am missing you a lot.

All my love,

P.S. - For those of you who care, I got into physio at U.C.T!!!!!

Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Location: Corfu, Greece

So, I heard about this place where travellers come together - The Pink Palace...Wow, is it something! It's like a whole community living here on this island. There's a private beach which is awesome, so we've been swimming and sleeping in the sun - very relaxing after lugging backpacks around for so long! Today, we did a quad bike safari around the island. We went up to the some viewpoints that gave us views that just took our breath away. We also did a lot of off-road stuff, so we are covered in dust...We still have two more days here, and then we are taking the ferry to Italy to meet Ben's parents. I'm really looking forward to Italy, but apparently it's even hotter there than it is here!!!
I'll keep you posted on the going ons.
Missing you all like crazy,
Love Bee

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

To be honest, Athens is not what I expected it would be...It's pretty much like a 3rd world country - very dirty and definitely not very up market. We arrived here yesterday eveni after a very long and hot train trip from Olympia. When we evenutally arrived at the station, we called around to find a hostel, and everything was full. So, half an hour later, we found ourselves in a 3 star hotel. We had no other options, and the hotel is only 30 euros per person per night including breakfast - not much more than a hostel. Anyway, last night we slept so well in comfortable beds. We had a proper shower and we even had air-conditioning!!!
This morning we got up really late and had our breakfast etc. We then walked up the road to the National Archeological Musuem where we spent literally 3 hours. There's loads of prehistoric artefacts and statues, and all the things you expect to find in an archeological museum. It was quite interesting to be fair. After the museum, we had our lunch in the garden and spent the rest of the hot afternoon sleeping on the bench - we tend to do that a lot!!!
We still have two more days in Athens, so we have loads of time to see all the sites etc. On Monday we are taking the bus over-night to the Pink Palace in Corfu.
We've been traveling for 3 weeks now, and it's getting a little exhausting. I'm getting a little bit of an ear-infection from all the swimming that we've been doing. I'm a little bit irritated with this because I can't not swim in Corfu!!! Oh well, I'll survive...
I hope all of you at varsity aren't getting dumped with too much work, and that the rest of you are well, whatever you're doing.
Missing you guys so much,
Lots of love,

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From Ang !!
hey bee! wow, ur coming home so so soon. i'm sooooo sad i cant be there on monday :( aww makes my stomach churn. i cant believe i'm going to miss it! :( sucks! but please know that i am thinking of u all the time and missing u like mad. and i'm so jealous of all the people who get to see u when u get home! ok, well. have a safe flight. love ya.
Response: Don't you worry your lil head - we'll see you when you get back. LOVE YOU!
From nicollette
ok, so im thinking...and then i thought, wat kind of thing would you like to do on ur return(SO SOON!!) like vibe at ur house? i just wana know what to look forward to!!(heehee), wat day aswell? i assume not mon cos tired(tho hope we'll cu for tea or sumin) mebe tues/wed? ok, i go sleep now, exhausted!!loveya**
Response: ok, so I'm thinking, come round to my place for tea or something on Mon, but we can have a proper drinks and cocktails vibe on Tues, then head to the Mont...what do you think? Love ya
From Ang !!
Hey beezles-pie,
Hows it hangin'?
Are Nix and I the only people who check this site?
Doesn't mean you don't have to update it every now and then.... And now is one of those times:)
Love from ME
Response: Um, yep, you and nix are the only 2 who ever look at my website...what are you trying to say?! Just over a week now, can't wait. Miss ya!
From nixxxx
sup vrou!!
so ja, spoked to ur ma this night at the church place and informed the Ma that i is availables for helps for organisations of ze pardi zat may pccur in lyk 2weeks ish time ish.. vibe**
Response: Ta nixi, keep chattin...I'm up for a party! Miss ya stax, Love Beebee
From Ang !!
hello beebop-a-loobop!
so cool that you got to see Amy!
You're home very soon, very exciting! Love ya, love me
Response: Hi booboo, yay - home to some sun!! Can't wait to be back with y'all. Twas fab to see Amz. Lots love, Bee
From nix
well lets see, what day do you feel like having something, and u said at your house?? well if we make plan, i can for sure let ppl know for you:) holiday is great!!*mwa*
Response: We could have it the Tuesday I get back...give my mum a ring, she'll be pleased with some help. So jealous of you in the warm sun - I'm wet through right now after hockey in the rain! Bleugh! Chat soon...
From nixy
ang&bee=silly.. believe me when u hit uct u'll miss being able to say that.. I FINISHED EXAMS TODAY!!! so , lets start planning ur welcome home event! loveyou girl**
Response: Well nixie, I leave my welcome-home do to you...If you have the time that is ;) I'm so happy for you that you're finished - have fun my deary. Lots of love!
From Ang !!
the nerd in me is getting annoyed and wants some homework......
Response: YOU NERD!!! Ok, ok, I admit, I am getting seriously bored too - bring on the homework!! Not long now - can't wait.
From nooodle
i wont drink to that, need to keep the brain shark you know.. doing the old'coffee-hot choc-mix.. then back to the grafting for 2mrw..SO MUCH TO LEARN-scum!
loveyou my dear friend!!
Response: LOL! I'll drink a double for you! Hope the grafting's going okie dokes. GOOD LUCK! Luvya...
From noodle
umpalumpa!!(random word of the day) so, i've finished one exam!! only 3 more!! that means almost gonna cu, it all fits together so nicely!!loveya**
Response: Yay, bring on the end of exams, and bring on the end of cold England! I'll drink to that!
From Ang !!
Hey Boooooooop!
Response: Weirdo!!!
From Ang !!
hey popsicle! how u luv? havin fun i hope. are u gonna see ol' Ben before coming back to SA? so weird to know that HE's seen u more recently than I have! :( so excited to see u again beezie! have a great last 2 months! know that i'm thinking of u loads! love, ang xox
Response: Yup, yup, seeing Ben next week, after my Prague trip. It's not my fault you didn't come visit me...Hope you're enjoying the warmer weather, the winter sucks! Love ya, Bee
From nix
hey, so i REALLY wish that i couldve gone to church tonight.. i know ur lil sista was getting confirmed and this just so happens to be the first sunday in about a year that i have to workworkwork.. starting an essay now 1500-2000 words and am so frazzled. i really hope that God has blessed her abundantly through the course and esp this eve... love you bee***
Response: Noodle!!! I'm a lil sad you didn't get to see my lil sis - it was a sad time for me to miss that important part in her life...I MISS YOU!!! Love lots, Bee
From Ang !!
hi bee!! thanks for the update! ur coming home SO soon. now i'll update u on my boring life. been driving LOTS n LOTS!!! sooo nervous! but i'll email u and tell u when i fail, so u'll know. Lots of Love from Me xox
Response: Ang, don't be negative! You'll be fine - can't be as bad as me! Let me know. Home 18 Dec. Can't wait. Love ya.
From nix
grrr!! lovies i send to you.. ps, wat adte you get home? i got to start diarising these very important days!! lovies**
Response: Hi Nixi-Noo, I'm home 9am 18 Dec. You better be there (and that counts for everyone!). Hope varsity's not too much of a drag. Love ya...
From noodle
so glad you did that beezee. u know what i think.. i think you should go on myspace.. then you can be my friend there too and leave me comments and check some me fiends and 1 day i'll do a blog... one day... just suggestion.. got to go sleep now, havnt had much recently:( night**
Response: Myspace is not happening on these computers...oh well. Love ya lts - just headed home for a sleep before hockey training. Ciao
From nix
me thinking its getting to the time of an update!! its been over 10 days now and i feel out of the loop.. sobsob.. loveya loads!!miss you stax more
Response: Ok, ok, hint taken...
From noodle
yes!! just finished an online assignment which is due in 10 minutes... in the knick of time!! yep, THREE MONTHS!!!!FANTASTIC hugs&kisses***love nixxynoodle
Response: Hi Nixxynoodle, glad to hear you're working hard...I am too, but tis different. I'm having a ball though, its gonna be sad to leave although I can't wait to come home. Keep going, love ya lots, love Beebles
From Ang !!
hi popsicle :)
update ur blog more oft!
i keep havin dreams that ur back weird. makes me mi$$ u more n more. ok bye bye bye.
love ya miss ya
Response: HI Ang, sorry bout not updating, stuff's hectic here and I'm too tired to do it. Not much to say anyway! I'll be home in just over 2 months, so make the most of the peace! Miss ya too, love Bee
From nixy
heya!! guess wat, going to roxy(from lesotho mission)'s 21st party 2mrw night.. so amped! gonna be chilling wit caitie, jono, timmy j and ryan etc... quite stoked for the dif-ish crowd. hope u well and feeling ya
ps, i hate boys!! haha(nervous laugh) cu soon!
Response: Hi noodle, wow, that sounds awesome. Say happy b-day to Roxy for me...Yep yep, feeling SO blessed at the moment, I'm living the life! Under 3 months and I'm home - SCARY!! MIssing you so much, Lots of love, Beebee
From Amz
My Dearest BeeZee!!
I was thinking about you today, and it suddenly dawned on me that you and I were supposed to meet up now now, but alas - thanks to my busy work schedual i havent been able to get hold of you! But I PROMISE to give you a call soon soon so we can arrange it properly - can u email me a number to contact you on? I gota landline here wich my folks pay for so I can call u, my friend.
REALLY dying to see you - we can mend eachother's broken hearts!
Hope you're doing ok honey,
Lots of love and kisses to you
Response: Hey Amz, did you get my text? I really wanna see you, but life's so hectic. Maybe give me a call and we can make a plan. Hope work's ok, miss ya, Love Bee
From Ang !!
hi hi beez-weez...
getting so amped for uct now, aah! its gonna be supercool. 1st year 2007 all the way :) anywayz, i just wanted to say hallo, so hallo!
going to sleep now, bye bye xx
Response: Hi pookie, so glad you said hi - hi back! I'm also getting really amped for varsity - we're gonna rock those lil ones...Miss ya stacks, Love Beezles
From Ang !!
hey bee...
i hope you back to england safely enough without any policemen chasing after the illegal immigrant! also, i hope you have the best time ever with your new Gappies, i hope they're nice people! missing u bee, cant wait till we can hang out again!
love love love,
Response: Hey ang...thanks for the msg. Trip back was fine, just really long cos of delays. It was so hard to leave Ben - I cried the whole time! Haven't met new gappies yet - I'm in London now, so maybe they'll be there when I get back. Can't wait to hang out too, miss ya, love bee
From nix
u mised a vibe at peddlars tonight for my belated bday!! tell me now... msn, wats ur msn ad???? why dont i know these things!!! aaah! night**
Response: Nixi, don't make me sad that I'm not there - next year we'll have an even better party! My msn don't, so don't stress! Miss ya, love bee
From Ang !!
hey bee!
thanks so much for phoning me yesterday! its also so cool chatting to you so much on msn! yay! ok, bye for now. chat soon.
love you lots
Response: Hi Ang, yeah, tis been awesome chatting with you and catching up...I can't tell you how much I miss hearing your voice. Love you lots my angel, love Bee