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Its my first time abroad and im gonna make it a ripper. Im in England for 4 months and then heading to Europe for a couple. For all of my wacky adventures - just pop in

Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Australia

Hello again.... Now that i am home and have spare time i have decided to upload a few more photos. On this webpage it takes a while as you have to select them individually... yeh yeh yeh blah blah blah, so if you would like to see a bunch of neveer before posted photos follow me to

nice one

Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Home, Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This boozer of a trip has now unfortunately come to an end. I landed back in melbourne on sunday night and am ready for any partying anyone wants to do. Ill contact ppl over the next few days, but ive now got my old melbourne number back again, so gimme a buzz if ya want.
ps. i might finally get some photos up

Sunday, 17 July 2005

Location: San Sebastion, Spain

just a quicky
In spain in San sebastien at the moment, just spent a week in pamplona for the running of the bulls. Best festival ever, bloody crazy. ill be back next year.
Coming home next weekend so if anyone is up for drinks, let me know.
Spain is awesome, the whole travel bizzo is awesome but i gotta come home some stage i spose. I believe that no one i know was hurt in the bombings in london so thats cool, and well i was in spain so yeah.
hope all is well and see most people shortly.

Monday, 04 July 2005

Location: Nice, France

Bonjour - thats right ladies and gentlemen i am once again in the country of love romance and of course, wine and croissants. This ti,e it is a s,aller city called nice, i reckon youve all heard of it. Just got in today so ill update on whats been happnening the past few days.
Since my last entry i have partied some more with luca and his mates, learnt a bit more italian, aand spent a couple of nights on lucas yacht, on the west coast of italy. While i was still in perugia, everynight there was something goin on. The night after the big party, there was a concert in the city centre. it was an italian band and i didnt understand anything but it was free and the streets were pqcked with thousands and thousands of students and locals. Even better, your allowed to drink pretty much anywhere on this continent, so the night did not pass without a beer. Buonissimo!!!
The next day, after a well deserved sleep in, luca and i met up with an english girl, Helen, that studied in oxford and was studying in perguia at the time, and headed to a town called Asissi. This is a small town on the side of a mountain and is famous because it is where san francesco lived and spoke with trees and animals. Scenery was awesome and the basillica in town was amazing. That night we had dinner with a few of lucas mates, still not great at english, but good effort on trying guys!! and after a fez auite drinks at a place in town. The next day we whent to florence, in Lucas Mini!!! very very very nice car, im in love with mini's. Florence too was awesome and the cathedral there was brilliant. It has one of the biggest domes in the world and is just massive. Florence itself is a really nice city and is the birth place of the rennaisance. WOW. That night, back in perugia, another party, this time for one of lucas friends who had just graduated. He hired out part of a discotheque which had a pool, and alcohol was supplied. As you can imagine, not a quite night, and after heading to a reggae club afterwards, it wasnt until sunrise when my noggin finally hit the pillow.
Saturday, the day to leave perugia and head for the warm waters of the mederterainean, and lucas yacht. Although the yacht was mored the whole time, we slept drank and cooked on it, all the while the boat tipping fro, side to side. i want a yacht.
the first night, just casually driving dozn the main street of a town nearby, a couple of italian birds start yelling at our mini. Next thing i know luca has pulled over and these two young birds are cramming into the car. They were all speaking italian so i had no idea what was goin on. I found soon that Luca was being a gentleman and we were driving them to a discotheque 15 Minutes out of town. We ended up scoring free tickets off them somehow (still no english) but after paying 8 euro for our first drink we left shortly afterwards. On we went to another bar on the beach; where we were meeting a couple of birds that we met at the same time as the 2 we drove to the club. They overheard luca telling the girls i was australian, and as one of these new girls was also australian, we got chatting. Natalie, the Australian was a nanny at one of the local campsites, and could speak as much italian as me ane Stephanie was the sister of the kid that natalie nannies. We had drinks with them till the wee hours and decided that the next evening would be an awesome time to pull out a bbq. decided. Before the bbq the next day, many hours were spent turning myslef into an absolute lobster. Its always fun and later on our way home, luca overheard some stupid lady telling her son i wasnt a very smart boy, crazy italians. The water of the medeterainean (or whatever) is really warm, i was shocked when i first touched it and could not beleive it. Great afternoon, and becuase it is soo salty, you can just lay on top of the water and float without any effort. hmmmm Bellissimo.
That night the bbq was great, and although it seemed like moths were taking over the world and injuries were almost iminent with the fire twirlers (good fun and doesnt burn that much), the bbq was delicous, just what i needed. Another late night but unfortunately an early morning this morning as we had to get from our yacht to pisa in time for me to get a bus, but with lucas mini and the italian way of driving (double the speed limit ie. 90 limit means bloody fast) we managed to get there with time to spare.
Tomorroz barcelona and hopefully catch up aith dulce there.
Thanks again Luca i had an awesome time, will not forget it. SIC
ciao, au reviour, laters people

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Location: Perugia, Italy

Ive done rome and i am now in a town called Perugia. Thisd is the town that my mate from oxford, Luca, lives in. I will stay here for about a week. I arrived yesterday by train and spent all afternoon helping luca and his mates set up "the" party. each year for summer sulstice they throw a party, advertise it around town - perugia has a large international university - and wait for people to show. The party is on a small beach on a lake, just outside perugia, which lucas family owns. everyone that comes, pays three euro, gets a stamp on their hand and then gets unlimited beer for the night, as well as some wine/coke thingy. Sound like fun?? It was awesome. I was the only person there that could not speak italian, it was great. Luca worked out today that there were probably about 500 to 600 people there, which shows how much it was goin off. I stood behind the bar for a bit, and people would start talking to me in italian like crazy, telling me what they wanted, and i would nod my head and listen, and then at the end say to them, "non parlo italiano" which means i dont speak italian. I amused myself, and some others as well.
Perugia is a smallish town, surrounded by hills with even smaller towns. Luca actually lives in one of the smaller towns, and from his room has a view of the surrounding hills covered in trees, a few other small towns and millions of sunflowers.
Over the next few days while im here, luca and i will drive a bit around italy, and definately go to a beach, it has been around 35-40 degrees pretty much since i have been in italy, not too shabby, and when i got out of the car just before (it is now past 7 at night) it was still 36 outside.. mmm yummy
well ive got other stuff to do so hope all is well and ill see a lot of you in a month, others maybe later!!!!!!

Friday, 24 June 2005

Location: Venice, Italy

hey guys, just a quicky.
im in venice in italy at the moment, which is absolutely amazing. No cars or bikes, just people wlaking around, getting lost, just like me. I got in here yesterday and was in munich before that. Munich was amazing and wasnt just about dirnking beer, althouhg 1 lt of beer is quite nice to the taste. In munich i went out to a castle called something along the lines of neuschwenstein. That was on the edge of the black forest, where the austrian and bavarian alps start. the scenery was tops. I went for a swim in a waterfall there too, but the water was chilly and that didnt last too long. The drive from munich to venice yesterday was a long one. 10 and ahalf hours, but it weas through the most amazing countryside and scenery. The austrian alps, followed by the dolomites here in italy. The whole time was spent just watching the scenery, and the italian job.
I write more when i find a cheaper internet place, paying this much for the ent is just not cool. I head down to rome in a few days then meet up with luca before making my way over to spain. Only 4 weeks or so till i return to melb, hmph. the weather over here is awesome now, not a cloud in the sky just sun afetr sun after sun. yummmy, about 35 degrees for the past week
just realised i havnt said anything much about prague or cesky krunmlov. Both in the czech republic, which ive decided that so far is my favourite country, although italy mite come close. Prague we just really spent drinking in a few places and checking out the scenery. After prague, Joel becky dana and i headed to cesky krumlov which is an old medievil town south of prague. we stayed here for 2 nights and in that time we met so many awesome people. the hostel had an awesome view from its balcony and a terrific atmosphere as well. There is a castle and the town was just really nice. On our full day there we went rafting down the river for about 4 hours, i think we were the only boat on the river going down backwards, but oh well, with beers stops along the side of the river everynow and then, we loved it.
the laid back atmosphere, helped with the awesome weather made this joing one of my favourites by far.
After cxech republic we headed to vienna, where i stayed for 2 nights before munich. That was an alright place, but moreof the same as the other cities. the amazing part was the castle over there. I loved it and the grounds were awesome. its hard to explain and when i get a chance ill put some photos up, but you cannot beleive how big these grounds where. there was a zoo inside them, as well. massive. well gotta go
hope all is good at home.

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

well yesterday i jumped on a bus again after a nice relaxing time in berlin. The bus to prague was not that bad, and it was interesting to travel through some sort of hills, the part of europe ive been to already has pretty much no hills.
Got into prague last night and of course, dropped of at the hostel we are staying at (we being all the people that have been hanging out together since about brugges and paris, this includes... Joel, Dana, Becky, Jess and then more people that we always meet along the way).
The place we are staying at is a hostel/hotel and for some reason, joel myself becky and dana all scored rooms in the hotel section, which means im paying about 14 euro a night for a 3 bedroom place with ensuite, tv, beds made everyday and a free buffet breakfast, all you can eat. It also has a swimming pool, spa, sauna, tennis courts and more. That was exciting.
Last night we got excited about the cheap prices so we decided to go out for dinner. It is not easy to find a table for 13 people in a place where they can only speak a few words of english, but it turned out ok and i ended up getting a beef goulash with potato pancakes and vegetables, and a couple of beers for around about 8 euro. You guys can work it out yourself to exchange into aussie dollars. we then spent ages looking for places to drink and unfortunately ended up in an irish pub, meeting more people from busabout along the way, the group was large, and the dirnks were hmmm not so great. the beer is fairly cheap, but the prices make it look like its expensive. Czech republic only joined the EU last year so still have the Czech kroner. 1 aussie dollar equals about 19 or so czech kroner, so when you buy a pint of beer for 30 czech kroner, it looks a bit daunting. We ended up paying around about 3000 K for dinner last night for 13 people with drinks. which is fairly cheap, about 100 euro.
Today we visited some sights. we went to Prague Castle, which is amazing, and have spent the afternoon walking around looking at bridges and shops and little streets as well as the astronomical clock. Today for lunch i spent about 200K, i tihnk thats about 6 euro for a massive bowl of pasta and a beer and some chips. bargain. Tonight we are thinking a tad cheaper and may just hit a supermarket, whatever that is called over here.
We have a full day in prague again tomorrow and then a few of us are moving on to Cexky Kumlov, a smaller town on the way to austria. we are there for 2 nights, which gives us a couple of half days and a full day of doin stuff... will be good fun.
After that its on to vienna which is where i will be saying fairwell to my new buddies, probably till we all get back to Melbourne - that being where a big bunch of people on busabout actually live.
Most people have been to the edgy or have at least heard about it, so thats good fun.
I still havnt had a chance to put photos up, as we always just randomly stumble upon an internet place and i dont have the cd or connector cable, but there will be some soon.... i promise. I have some awesome photos, and have already seen sooo much. I finish travelling around europe in about 4 weeks, which is quite scary - i dont really want to come home at the moment, im having such and awesome time with the people that i have met and the places we have been. We went to a concentration camp the other day, and a jewish museum in berlin. Ive decided that ill definately be back over here in the next couple of years, to do the things that im have or am going to miss, and the things that i enjoyed heaps. Prague is just amazing... ahhhhhhh, im speechless. you could just walk around this place for days, looking at things, eating in places, drinking cheap beer.
I will see everyone again soon, but maybe a little too soon now, its too much fun.
Well im off but i hope all is well wherever anyone is reading this from, and drop me an email, ill reply at my next internet stop, whenever that may be.

Thursday, 09 June 2005

Location: Berlin, Germany

its a little more difficult to keep everyone updated now that im "on the road".
Right now im in Berlin. Since i last wrote i think ive been in brussels amsterdam and now berlin. Brussels was good, i walked around the city for the afternoon that i got there and then met up with dan, from uni in oxford, at about 10 that night. It was really the first experience of entering a new city that isnt english by my total self. It was pretty weird, but fun as well.
Brussels i just saw some sights, and verz thankful to dan and his fam i stayed at his joint. we drove round a bit of brussels the day i was there, checking out all the EU buildings, as of course Brussels is where the headquaters are for both the EU and for NATO.
the next night i was in amsterdam (tuesday). i met up again with all the peeps i was hanging around with in paris and belgium. There isnt much i can say about amsterdam, cos its all already been said.
Yesterday we arrived in berlin, met some new people and im staying in a brand new hostel, opened up in april. This was of course after a 10 and a half hour bus ride - ouch.
Today we did a walking tour of Berlin. I think that this was most probably the best walking tour i have ever done. for 4 hours we walked around berling with our tour guide pointing out important buildings, and telling us all about the history, and this is berlin so there is shitloads. Today i tihnk i had the best history lesson ive ever had. We saw the museums, the old buildings, the berlin wall and even stood above the bunker where hitlar shot himself. The tour guide new his shit too. there was not a moment where he had nothing to say, and this was 4 hours!!!
tomorrow i think im heading to a concentration camp just outside berlin with bec, but that alll depends on how the bar crawl goes tonight... and even if that doesnt go well (it should, its with a tour guide with free shots and shit) our bar at the hostel is open 23 out of 24 hours. wooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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From Terry Malery
U alright mate, only me!

Thought id say hey, havent spoken 4 ages. Good to hear you're having fun in Europe, I'm jealous! when you popping into sunny teignmouth for a cheeky snakey B??! Who needs godskitchen when you got hot bananas! Anyway, keep up the drinking mate and hopefully hear from ya soon.

ps... England kicking aussie ass in the ODI's!!! bring on the ashes. sorry, couldnt help meeself!!
Response: Terry Malery, ODI´s, who cares
I dont know if ill have time for a snake bite in tinmouth. Bring ont he ashes i say
From Big Bad Matty Potts
hey there young lad,
did you ever know that your my herrrrooooooo! youre everything i would like to be. i can fly higher than an eagle! you are the wind beneath my wings. go celine dion!.. but more importantly.. GO BEN. Thanks for the updates mate, sounds like alls cruising along and your having a ball. Hope your last couple of weeks are huge and enjoyable, keep on keeping on mate. Love from Matty the pumpkin eater!
Response: Cheers dude, cant wait to eat pumpkins with ya!!!! see ya soon for a session at seven
From dad,(Peter)

There is something particularly unjust about this. here I am in my dark dingy office in the dusty dirty city, labouring away at my job, to earn money to support my children and in particular my son, in the middle of winter, leave home in the dark, get home in the dark, look in freezer to remove meager rations to feed my wilting body, and MY SON IS SUNNING HIMSELF ON A YACHT IN THE MEDITERANEAN. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE, IS THERE NO GOD!!
Glad to hear you're well and having a ball Ben, only a few weeks to go, so enjoy. PS: everyone is missing you mate so return safely in due course.

Love Dad
Response: Will do
Love ya
From mini
hey gay boy, just spent a while looking at your photos and reading your entries, pretty exciting stuff mate. hope you enjoyed amsterdam and have some funny photos for me. see you shortly
Response: I do and will do
soon mate, soon
From Kane
Wow! Paris looks amazing. I am very, very jealous. I might be making my way over to Europe in Nov for three weeks if i get the cash together -seeing I'm now working at Myer :) Guess what Buckley makes his comback this week after 7 weeks or something. So things are looking promising for maggies. He played in the VFL last week and did quite well and came through no worries. Cats are starting to slide got 6 ppl out atm. I tell you what though. You should’ve stayed in England and gone to Wimbledon and the Ashes. But I guess you can save that for next time. Sounds like all is well. See you in 4 weeks!!!
Response: i wish i had mate but i wanted to see europe, next yr when i come back
From Dad (Peter)

Looked at the photos, they are great, keep them coming. As David Lewis said, you do have an amazing capacity to drink beer, more so than your flagging Father. See you, love Dad
Response: Hey

you know i love my bubbly amber beverages, and what better place to enjoy them than in europe. good to hear from ya
From Jonas
Hope your trip is perfect! We are going to scottland tonight. CHEERS!
Response: Hey mate, the trip is awesome. Have fun in scotland
From Kane
Well what can I say. The Pies knocked of the Cats, dropping us back to 4th on the ladder. Never felt so depressed in my life. Now there talking finals down at the Lexus Centre. Surely not.....
Response: surely are mate, its a tad tough to keep up to date on the road, so your updates are tops, specially when the mighty maggies beat the poor little pussies
From Georgia
Hi Benny. How you going? I just caught up on all you diary entries and man were they amusing! I wish I was off jet setting around europe. Well mate it wont be long till your back home boozing with us again, but till now have a beer for me. Keep on having fun. Cant wait to see you! Luv Georgia
Response: hey georgia, i will definately hav a beer for you, i am in belgium, brussels at the moment and the beer is delicious
we will drink again soon
From Kane and Chloe
Hey Benny,

How are you getting around in Europe? Email Chloe so you guys might be able to meet up somewhere. Weather here is now shit!!! Uni is working me like a mof and the cats are flying and second on the ladder. Unlike Collingwood on the bottom :) Cheers mate
Response: on the bottom but about to rise mate, go the maggies. My itinery is on my web page, but ill mail you chloe. :)
From ben northy
post some of our msgs ya c*nt
Response: why not
From Dad, Peter
Benny dont listen to that IMPOSTER who is trying to trick you into not having babies! Ben, I am your father. Who else would know your favourite beer has the initials V B?
Now bring me the beer nuts
Response: oh ok
From Jonas
Hey mate!! we need to drink more beer soon...
Response: i concur
From Peter (Dad)
Ben my son, this is the real Dad.
What was my first cats name, something you find on a beach.Just to prove my identity!!

NO, NO my son, no wives or babies in either order just yet, the other was an imposter. Imposter, SHAME !! Shame on you for misleading my innocent son.
Love you Ben,
PS: did you get my email about the accomodation?
Response: Yeh i sort of figured that one out. Cheers
I've a good suggestion for your trip in Europe!!!!!!
Indeed, I know a really SIC friend in a little and stupid city in the middle of Italy.....mmm, I don't remember the name of this city, it's something like PERUG.... mmm
but should be good if you can meet him... ahah

SIC mate sic...

Response: Sic luca, ill take your suggestion on board.
From Dad, Peter
Hi son,
its just your father checking in. Make sure you bring home a wife so you can have lots of babies.
Love Dad
Response: hmmm dad???
From Kane
There seems to be an awful lot of blokes @ these places you go to. You arn't ??? are you? I won't go there. The beer does look rather inviting though. Had a blast in Perth ... lived up to my usual rep when I'm away. I really do love that city. Anyway all the best for the rest of your trip!
Response: hehe, no kane.
I hang out with some blokes, but i dont document all on these pages, i have to leave something to your (and my families) imagination.
good to hear perth was tops. The rest of my trip is only just beginning, i head to europe for 2 months at the end of may... watch this space ;)
From David & Kitty
Hi Ben, great to hear from you.
Liked the picture of Big and Little Ben and great to see you are making good use of the jacket. Glad it has been such a help. You are obviously having a fabulous time and making friends everywhere.
Well done. Now you will be able to say "I studied at Oxford" Bob Hawke etc.
Had a great talk on the phone with Amy and your Mum. They sounded well and happy and clearly werre not missing you!
I lov e reaqding your diary, what an amazing capacity for beer....Keep well. David and Kitty
From Lozi
Hey Benny
Glad you're having a great time. Egy and work aren't the same without you. It's such a small world, can't believe you met an aussie chick who goes to the egy, anyways sounds like you've got a whole lot of partaying ahead of you, very jealous, good luck wif exams and everyhthing lv lozi xo
Response: Thanx lozi, say g'day to all the guys at work for me.
xx ben
From Is
BENJI! so sorry been clack - you know how it is! anyway - the emails and pics etc make it sound like a blast - hope you're not running out of money. so hope you've used my well intentioned departure gift....i'll be most upset if not! be in touch soon love. x
Response: Thanx Is,
yeh ive tried to make it a blast.
Speak soon
Ben :P
From Big Bad Matty Potts
hey there my sweet little pumpkin, hows it travelling? nice to hear from ya.
i like tinsel, its so shiny and glittery.
Anyways mate just checkin in here cause im a slack bastard and cant be bothered writing ya an email. soon mate soon, maybe. i mean now that im a business man ill have to schedule some time in.
keep up the snakebites, lager and cider remember a sober benny is a ... actually ive never met a sober benny.
be good
Response: I totally agree with the tinsel comment. Im sure there is a time youve met a sober benny, i just cant remember it. oh well. thanx for being able to schedule in some time dude, i appreciate it.
talk soon
From Sarah
Hey Ben,
It seems like you're having such a great time - I'm very jealous! The Candy bar still doesn't seem the same without you, but then MJ and Horses comes on and it's all good. Glad to see you haven't changed too much - still drinking and a messy bedroom but what's this about studying till 12.30 am? Very odd. Swinburne's still the same. It feels like i'm only there every few days. Well, I hope you had a great Easter!
Luv Sarah xoxo
p.s. Love the pics!!!
Response: Hey sare, good to hear from ya.
you think 12am is wierd, sunday night i was in here at 1.30am... mind you i had had a study break at the student union bar and obviously wasnt too productive.
Easter was almost a non-event, but the holidays were fun.
talk soon
From Jill and Ken
Hey Benny,
Looking forward to your next travel instalment! What exactly are you doing in Amsterdam? All your old uncles and aunties need some vicarious pleasure so please keep your travel diary up to date!! If we can't travel ourselves you need to live it for us!! We had a great night at Liz and David's for Kim's 20th. last Friday (Good Friday). Very good family gatherings they are indeed, should be a ripper on your return. Well we are off to Collingwood V. West. Bulldogs game today - first of the real season. We can only hope, but with Buckley shakey and Josh Fraser out for weeks it's looking a bit proppy. Will tune in again soon Ben,
Love Jill and Ken
Response: Hey Jill and Ken, I'm going to amsterdam to sight see, they've got some really good museums there and its also a chance just to get away from the hectic student life here in oxford. Good to hear that Kim is back and well. Im keeping myself up to date on footy, able to login and watch full replays after the game.
Will keep you updated on everything
Love Ben
From Kane
Looks like some fine drinking and antics going on over there. Weather here is as shit as it is over there. Low 20's. Off to Perth in two weeks time for some antics of my own ... was 40 degrees there on Thursday!!! Where are the chicks my friend ... no pics no stories ... what is happening. I did see a very decent looking blonde though in you Old Fire Station pics. Hope all is well buddy. Catch!
Response: Hey mate, you say low 20's is cold??? i would die for low 20's, 11 degrees on sunday and only about 14 today, almost short weather though, going to amsterdam on thursday, maybe some good weather there.
Enjoy perth and sink a few for me
From Aunty Jill
We are all here at Kim's Birthday. But, Ben, I am shocked!! Your travel diary gives a massive insight into your overseas tour!! What incredible fun you are having. Have you discovered what you were actually up to between 12 midnight and 4 am. We are all desperate to know. Have you generated a top story for the Christmas gathering yet??? You know the ones we tell around in a circle at the beach...... You MUST have something by now, methinks!! How's Amsterdam??
Love from us all. Jill
Response: Hey Jill et al. No im still not aware of everything that happened between 12 and 4 that not so memorable night. Things i have been told is dancing, both in the nightclub and on the bus on the way home and as always, a kebab....