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Friday, 24 July 2009

Location: Cusadasi, Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey

Now in Turkey and it's too f'ing hot to do anything. Cusadasi was not bad. Made better by the crazy dude at the guest house where I stayed. Did Efus, perhaps it was too hot for me to see it in all it's glory, perhaps I'm just over ruins, perhaps I'm more of a futurian than historian! Mm that's it!
Istanbul is definitely not doing it for me. They told me cheap cheap cheap! Well that bird is certainly dead now... I have been stopping traffic today when I decided to go walkabout, 8.5/10 cars honked, 6.5/10 cars slowed down gawked and honked and 4.5/10 cars slowed down gawked honked and stuck there head out to make weird noises with their tongue poking out. An iPod is absolutely necessary to rid yourself of 50% of the guys in the street who will yell foul things to you. Ignorance and pretending to be a deaf mute also helped. There were some that warned I was stupid to travel alone in Turkey- seems they were correct, first for everything!
Anyhoo the countdown is well & truly on now until me & my hunka-spunk shack up in Africa. I more sleep til my flight! Hip hip hooray!!!
Checkya later...

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Location: Greek Isles - Santorini, Greece

This whole travel page thing is too difficult under the circumstances (of me just having way too much fun to be bothered)
Santorini was da bomb! Met an Aussie-Sydney couple at the airport in Bari-Italy and they not only were on the same flight as me but were also staying at the same hotel as me! So we rocked it up for a few days. Greek ppl, or at least everyone that I met, were lovely. Way nicer than the Italians, better drivers, and spoke fluent English almost everywhere. Would definitely go back. The beaches are quite interesting, red and black pebbles and sand at the base of same coloured rock cliff face. Not as good as Aussie beaches but clearer water. I smashed a few Greek kebabs while I was there and had scooter wheels for a couple of days which was both awesome and hazardous. But unlike my lil bro I did not write-off either myself or my ride!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Location: Rapallo-Genova, Florence-Tosca, Italy

These Italians are mental drivers! Don't ever try hiring a car in Italia unless 1. It has a Tomtom (and yes, for the record I did demand one but car rental lady was a biatch). 2. You rate yourself as a fearless, ruthless driver who is happy to take on massive trucks in your little fiat whilst driving on the opposite side of the road at a min. of 150km/hr, 3. If you are comfortable with roadsigns in Italiano. 4. If you don't mind spending €50 JUST in autostrada fees to drive on their life threatening motorway for a day!
Rapallo is nice though...

Thursday, 09 July 2009

Location: Venice, Italy

Well its clear that I am not putting too much into my travel page as expected. Hard work. Plus no camera as stolen at Glasto.
This week I have been Amsterdam, Praha and I now in Venice.
Venice is gorgeous. A truly amazing place. Very romantic, shame I on my own.
Soon will drive to Cinque Terra. A little nervous about the drive as Europeans drive like crazy mofos.
Going to stop in on Verona and recite some Shakespeare on the way.
So far Italy is everything its talked up to be. A nice place to retire me thinks.
Hope you are all well.

Saturday, 04 July 2009

Location: AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

Now in Amsterdam.
Thought of so many good things to write here a while ago while I was in a coffee shop.

Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Location: London, UK

Yo yo ppl!
I'm in London town.
It's been seriously hectic, hence no posts to date.
Hope you are all well!
Glasto was AMAZING, never been to such a spectacular. T'was an experience from start to finish. Start being: walking 5kms in the mud and rain with a 60kg pack on my back another smaller pack on my front and two bags of water in my hands all the while being bitten by midgeys and with gumboots filling with cr*p! There were girls crying and guys being demasculated but I made it no tears or falls - DONT LET IT BEAT YOU, DONT LET IT BEAT YOU! Ahhh.....all worth it. I hardly slept in a ten pound tent from ASDA, but it held up alright through the rain and sun and I think I'm going to use it on the beach in Italy soon to come. The crew that I camped with were all mad. Really mad. But a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks guys! with special mention to Gaz Dundee for teaching me a new party trick which I will surely use again!
I'm totally in holiday mode. I'm talking slower, walking slower, and boozing every night! Ssshhh....
Unfortunately my camera was stolen at Glasto so no photos. I did have some awesome ones on there too - just have to use your imagination.
So to date I've been Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glastonbury and now London. Truly an incredible journey so far, and not even 2 weeks in I don't think.
My bro has been awesome at sorting me out, and coping my jetlag outbursts! Thanks Jas. And Jo and my little man Henza are in good spirits. Was really nice to spend some time with them all. Jo took me out for a mad night on the town in Manchester my first night then, and I pushed through the jetlag til sun up at The Press Club. At first they weren't impressed with me handing them my Australian license as my press I.D. suggesting I was a reporter from the Outback Times, but the not so happy bouncer chaps got over it and we rocked on there til night became day. Thanks Jo & friends!
Right well so much more to tell but this is all I've got for now. Hopefully someone will upload some photos for me soon. I'm going to go try and get another camera, so stay tuned.
Lots of love xxxx

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