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Hello! This is my travel page, so that you can be with me on my travels around the world this summer! I'm starting in Oz and finishing in China (well theres graduation in between them)

Diary Entries

Monday, 11 May 2009

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Well, I have at last been to ireland (I have been to Dublin once before but if you ask my parents I wasn't the happiest of people!)

I had a really good weekend, played mini golf, sun bathed - yes it was sunny and not raining!

I also drank my 1st pint of Guiness - yes the whole pint! I have a photo that I will put up (just need to get it off my phone!)

I haven't written on this for a long time so I'm struggling what to write!

I had an amazing time and I am so much more relaxed now - what another mini-break though!

This is the start of me using plantranger again so enjoy!

Rebs xx

Monday, 03 September 2007

Location: Home, UK

Sorry, abit delayed but I'm now now!

Had an amazing time :) glad to be back though!

becca xxx

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Location: Shanghai, China

I just have to tell you that its like being home already!

It is tippingdown with rain and thundering and lightening!

we have alreadygot wet once to get breakfast, and now that we have come back it has got even heavier and I cant get to my umbrella as its packed!!!!

so going to get very wet going to the airport!!!


i dont like thunder and lightening, want to get out of here!

i guess wehave been here a month and it is september in a few days so thatstyphoon season!

and we have seen hardly any rain!

oh why cant i be in a country where its safer when it rains!

love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Location: Shanghai, China

So today we went to the Shanghai musuem, and I have written abit down in my book about it as i didnt come striaght onto the interent when I got back like i normally do, so I am going to type out what I wrote! Hope it makes sense!

This is my last entry in the log so its going to be quite long I think! So enjoy :)

The museum wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, I didnt stay there that long, but I saw every exhibition and I got sheets on every one and I have read parts of them, going to read the rest when I have my glasses (my eyes are starting to want them! but they have done alot with out them for a month, so i am not worried :P so I aploigise for any typos!)

China's history is amazing compared to ours, they have things from about 400BC thats are still good quality! Ok when I was doing my backcasting for my futures modules at uno I found out that China's past goes bac kalot more than ours but I dont think I really beleived it but now I have seen in!

They have had an ecomony and money (coins) since about 400AD! Ok they were absolutely huge and vrey bulky - some of them are sword shapped! and others are coin shapped but with either quares or circles cut out of them, but its still money! I also think that that they were the 1st people to ahve gold coins (which werent circluar by they way they are rectangular with lots of patterns on! I think the coins and how for back they go is what I found most amazing, though there is loads of other things that were in the museum that were amazing too!

Like the calligraphy, there are loads of different styles, it seems that when ever there was a different dynasty (ruler) there was different money and a different style of calligraphy! there are some styles of calligraphy that look more like scribbles and then there are some that are really thin! though i think if you look at the older style of calligraphy it is alot more like the japanese stuff - so you could have some old chinese calligraphy!

The ceramics were really amazing too, which again it changed depending on the dynasty that was ruling. the chinese style crockry that we have copied is the blue and white stuff and that is from the 17th and 18th centry, which is awhile ago! there are also styles that are plain colours, I guess what we are more used too, and then there are really fancy colurful ones too! ones that are coloured dragon scales - they do like their make beleive creatures, the dragon and the phoenix. the only symbol that I think that we assoicate with China that is real is the lotus flower and that is because it is the symbol for buddahism! the lotus flower means purity because when you pull it out of the ground the root comes out clean of any soil or anything (i have learnt a few things since being here! jsut hope i remember it all!)

The reason everything chagned when the dynasty changed is because it wasnt like us where we had different schools/acdemys for art and music etc, everything like that were people that worked for the ruler, so it was what ever they wanted!

Their furniture is also amazing! it was in the Ming Dynasty (i cant remember the dates of when that started but its the same dynasty as the terracotta amry) that started to design chairs, before that they used to sit cross legged! and their furniture is also amazing! it all all fancy. again it is covered in scales on the really fancy bits, these scales (or flowers) are all caved out, and the whole thing will be covered in them! even the plain simple chairs and furniture look fancy because of the style and finsh of the wood and because of the way the chairs have been bent etc! The really fancy ones will also have ivory inlays to them!!!

Their furniture is like our period furniture, it is big, but ours mostly loks bulky and theirs somehow dont! I thought this was because I am looking at it from a different style background, but then realised that its just the way that they style things, even their modren ish buildings have fancy bits onto of their roofs. these little fiddly bits are waht makes everything not seem bulky because they are making the appearance and view less flat, it is giving it more shape. I cant think of the right words so I am going to give up before you all get really confused!!!

Anyway as you can see I have had alot to say about the museum! I am definately glad I saw it, and it oly cost 5Y for me! its so good having a students card!

So now for People's square, it was really nice and relaxing! it wasnt full of people, it was quiet an there was this tranquil feel to it, like you can just sit and do nothing, i really liked it!

it was a big quare with park areas not that you really went and sat on the grass! and surrouding the square were all these modern buildings that were designed to look different, as you can see from the photos! I really like the totally glass building that has bent edges to it!

So anyway as you can tell I have enjoyed Shanghai more than I expect to! Shanghai was the one plkace from the lonely planet book that I didnt not feel like i needed to see it, and even in the 1st day I didnt like it because of the humidity and because of all the people but for the rest of the places we have been to its been really nice! it has also been goo because i have had alot more time to me, time to take in everything and not do anything! it has been a good end of the trip!

it has been a really good month, and have seen lots of places that I am not going to forget, i am very glad that i have done it! I am looking forward to home too though because it has been a vrey draning month, both physically and mentally! i am very looking forward to going home and not having to do anything! not having to think or anything :)

anyway I am going to go now! been on here awhile and I still have a few emails to send!

so thank you for following my trips.

see you when i get back :)

love you all

becca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Shanghai, China


Well today we went to the French Concession, the bit of Shanghai that I like!

It is totally different to the other parts of the city, you can see the French influence, you kind of expect to see westerns sitting and walking around not Chinese. You can tell that it is chinese because there are chinese style buildings within the Parks and places but apart from that it is Western!

What made me notice this instantly was the roads lined with trees, trees that you would expect to find at home! Normally you walk along the streets and see people not trees! So it was nice as you did not have the sun blaring at you but it didnt feel normal!

So it has been a good day :)

It has also been good because I have bought the most gorgous pair of shoes perfect for what I am wearing on saturday for Chris's belated birthday meal! So I am happy :) I feel more like myself, trying on and buying shoes that are me, not like the clothes that I have been wearing for the last month! Only 2 and abit days left until I can put my clothes back on! It is going to be such a good moment!

Well today the weather was better, it was still extremely hot, but there was blue sky so at least you didnt feel all sticky from the heat, you could understand why you were hot!

So because of that I am not going to write too much today because I would like a shower! But I will be back tomorrow for the last time before I come home, tomorrow is Shanghai musume, so enjoy (I am not the biggest museme liker!!!)

So have a good bank holiday monday and see you in 3 days :) So looking forward to it! It is slowly getting here!

Lots of love

Becca xxxx

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Location: Shanghai!, China


I'm feeling good today :) Alot better :) so yuo might actually get a good log today!

I have put some photos up of the Bund, the only place that really interests me in Shanghai!

It is pretty amazing in the fact that the buildings are lower than the bund because its there to allow you to build there when the water rose! But it reminds you of london because of the types of buildings! they are old looking, western looking! but i guess that is what happens when the French and British come the China!

Though if you look on the otherside of the river is is all modern skyrise buildings! Most of them havent been completed, which reminds me of New York and the Twin Towers because all the buildings that had their tops detroyed look like buildings that arent complete!

So really Shanghai so far is reminding me of every country apart from China!

But it is pretty cool, not as amazing as Hong Kong, now that was an amazing skyline! Shanghai's is less impressive, but has some cool looking buildings!

Anyway it is only 4 days until I come home :) I am really looking forward to it, though it feels like ages away, probably because there is less to do in SHanghai than there is in Beijing and other places! Also it is because I woke up this morning thinking that it was Monday when it is only Sunday! Which is ashame! But slowly getting there!

Shanghai has the wosrt metro system so far, if you want to change lines you have to walk miles! So when we have to change 3 times to get to the airport on Wednesday to get the shuttle bus to our hotel, its going to be very hot!

Shanghai also has the most people so far! I am not liking it, it is so busy!

And it is really really humid, as you can see from the photos it is clouldy but you are conmstantly hot and sticky because of the humidity! which is really annoying!

oh and to top it all, I have survived the whole month not getting bitten and I got bitten 3 times last night! I am nt sure but they look like proper bits, so I guess they are mossies, though they might not be! I havent itched them and I have zapped them with the zapper but the heat is making everything itchy! I just hope they go soon and that they arent infectious bites! but i guess I will be home when i find out if they are so I can sorted in a good hospital! I feel normal at the mo, only the end of my cold so all good for the time being!

Oh there is another difference I have noticed! Babies and little children dont wear nappies, they have bare bums, they wear clothes instead that have a gap where your bottom is so that I guess they dont have to pull their clothes down when they do need the loo, but how do you know what a baby or a toddler needs the loo? (i guess mum's know the answer to this!)

Anyway I think I have written enough for the time being! I'll be back tomorrow with the French Concession photos and that will pprobably be the last time!

So thanks for following my travels!

See you soon :)

Lots of love

Becca xxxx

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Location: Shanghai, China

We have made it to Shanghai!

Soft seats are very nice! they are like our trains but more leg room!

My mobile does not work in shanghai, it only allows emergency calls so dont try and text me, I am going to try and get hold of o2 and find out why! need to check they took the money from last months bill 1st! because if they didnt its because they have cut me off!! again!

anyway will send a better one when we have done something! today is going to be an easy day today!

oh i bought my chinese silk dress yesterday! its well nice, going to try it on later :) i bought other stuff too but not saying what that is!

see you in 5 days!

cant wait to come home!

love becca xxxx

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Location: Beijing!, China

Well The great wall was amazing! the best bit so far!

it is the one bit that i had really been looking forward to and it was definately worth the wait, i can come home now as i have done what i came to do here!

it was a very long day yesterday, a 6.40am start so i was up at 5am and we didnt get back until about 8.45pm! so very tired, and to top it all the cold thing that i have been able to keep under wraps for the last week just appeared when i went to bed last night so no sleeping for me as i could not breath out of my nose! all because i am absolutely exhausted, it has been a long draining month but definately worth it!

I have decided that I like travelling but not backpacking, next time I go travelling I'm staying with a suitcase and in a proper hotel! but its been really amazing.

Today we went to the Summer Palace, out of the city this morning, I beleive Mike is still there, I got up and I saw it as you can see from the photos but the heat just wasnt helping me, my head feels heavy and hot anyway but in the heat it got worse so I have some back for a nap, to hopefully make me better (thought i would quickly put up the photos 1st!) I'll be better once i have a good nights sleep i'm sure, i just cant remember the last time that i had a good nights sleep, i think about 2 weeks ago! so its bad!

anyway I dont think there will be many more entries on the log, there will be a few from shanghai but we have done nearly everything now, so I hope you have enjoyed everything!

speak to you when in shanghai (will be on saturday or sunday!)

enjoy until then

lots of love
Becca xxxx

home a week today! this time next week we will be in an airoplane!!!!

cant wait!


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: Beijing, China


Well we went to the forbidden city today and I have put the photos up so have a look!

Th forbidden city is huge and amazing though i am finding that all the buildings that are old are starting to look the same! but we havent got many more to see!

The garden at the end was really cool, those strange rocks were in it it was nice, but like usual it was all busy!

well beijing is really hot, the hottest that we have been too so far and i a struggling in it! its just too hot!

but tomorrow we are going on a long long day to the great wall! we are leaving at 6.40 in the morning and arriving back about 8pm in the evening! we are going on a hike between 2 parts of the wall, so should be really cool :) going to be very tired at the end of it! but will be worth it to say that we have done it!

it will be an easy day the next day, going to the summer palace!

we are going to be having a 5.30 start as we need breakfast before we go, so going to macdonalds as its next door! we get oe meal included so going to have to buy snacks as well! i still have cereal bars from the uk so they will have to do as there arent many shops near us and the hostel doesnt sell food that i can eat, and i have abad tummy at the mo as it is so not eating bad stuff for a whole day bacuase i'll be very ill afterwards!

anyway will be back in a couple of days, think i'l lbe too tired to come online tomorrow when we get back so it will be the day after!

fingers crossed tomorrow is ok, at least we have a tour guide! kind of looking forward to it!

lots of love

becca x

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: Beijing!, China

We have made it to Beijing! We are on the way home now!

We are here until friday when then we are on the train on friday night and get to shanghai on saturday! we are nearly done!

I have put the photos up of the hanging temple and the caves, at last!

Today we are going to the forbidden city and tiananmen square, so there will be more photos later!

the next few days are going to be full but its going to be worth it!

9 days until home now, really looking forward to it! cant wait to see you all :)

anyway i will write a better log later after today!.

the train to beijing was very busy, it was totally full, every seat taken and the aisles full of people standing so it was very hot! but we made it! so thats good :)

have fun

lots of love becca xxxx

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Recent Messages

From Chris

Glad you've had such a good time, photos look really good. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back in 2 days :) :)

Love you xxxxxxxxx
Response: yay you did it :) love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From granny and Grandpa
Enjoyed your emails so much and the photos. Look forward to comparing notes when you come to stay. Matthew is here at the moment with Mary and family. Weather is awful but we managed to BBQ last night but ate in the kitchen. We are recovering from flooding . Water came up through the dining room floor and soaked everything. the new floor has been completed but we now have to wait 3 weeks for the carpet. Never mind at least we have a dry bed, kitchen and lounge!!!! love to both
From Warren
Hey Becca, Lets dee if this message goes through...... Looks like you are having such fun (Except the train rides)....
Response: hey! yeah its come through! yeah its really good :) x
From David Isaac
Sounds fascinating Rebecca - have been to Guangzhou & Hong Kong a couple of times so can imagine what it might be like for you. Is'nt the culture difference incredible?
With love, Uncle David
Response: its amazing, though not what i expected from what you lot have been telling mum! hardly as bad as i remember what brazil was like! but yeah its amazing! everything is so different! definately wnat to go back to hong kong! x
From Matt (brother just i
i really like ur funny piccys they made me giggle!!! u seem to have quite a nack for taking really cool pics!! looks like u are having a really cool time out there!!
dont forget ... no tosssing!!

Love and dirt

Matt xx
Response: thank you, i'm glad you like them! i'm going to put more up in a min! x
From Hayley
Hey Becca!

I finally got my broadband at home now :o) So now I can check your travel pages more often. Had allot of catching up to do in reading! all sounds great though and very interesting. I like the pictures, especially the funny pics :p and the pictures of the national park.

Had my reflexology it was great :o) Thank you! x

Hope your having an amazing time keep us posted.

Hayley xx
From Warren
Hey Becca, Hope you are having a great time in the Far East. Looks like you are doing loads of walking..... Fun. Chat to you soon. PS... sorry it's taken me so long to post a message!!!!
From Mum
Well done both of you on surviving what sounds like a really challenging day - sounds amazing and we look forward to seeing the photos. Have you eaten any chinese food yet????
Love, Mum xxx
Response: no! only egg fried rice! maybe this evening, fingers crossed :) x
From sara
Hope the 3872 stairs have been conquered - both ways!Mike will not hear the last of it if he wimped out, especially from his brothers! Andrew should hopefully be getting near the top of Kilimanjaro now - they were aiming for the peak at sunrise tomorrow morning - and he will have to walk down! Keep plastering on the mossie cream both of you!
From Claire & Jim
Hi Rebecca,
Sounds like you are having a geat time, love the photos, the ones of HK bring back memories.
Received your pressy today, thanks heaps, I now have a photo of you!
Have fun.
Lots of love C&J x
From Granny (Berwick)
Glad you are enjoying Hong Kong. We have many good memories of our time there. We are thinking of you. x
From Sara
Hi Becca, your mum gave me this link so at least I have some idea of what you are up to! Its a brilliant idea, please tell my son to take note! Looking forward to the photos, hope the train ride is good. Hows the food, are you being adventurous or careful?
love Sara x
Response: Hi, i will let mike know you know what we are getting upto :p i find this useful because means everyone can keep log and i have everything in one place that i can download on to my laptop when i get home! fingers crossed when we get to our next hostel i can upload the photos! i cant wait to show people! we havent been adventureours with food yet, mike doesnt want eat too much chinese let as we have to when in china so going to less chinese places but we have found a chinese fast food restaurant where we get dinner for 2pounds each! so all good! x
From Granny & Grandpa OB
Glad you have arrived safely and enjoying Hong Kong.....we thought it was all sky scrapers!!!! We are drying out very well here. Look forward to your next message.
Response: hi granny and grandpa, hong kong is amazing! though i agree with you with all the skyscrapers! though there are parts that arent (which i prefer!) glad you are drying out, chris as said that the good weather has gone and is all bad now so i hope you dont get wet again! see you soon! xxx
From the mighty gem
lantau island is amazing! so glad you got to see it! was my fav place to go as a kid, with all the insence and the big prayer wheels! :D am jealous! keep us up to date with the adventures! wooo! :D
From Granny
Hope you are having a good journey. Mum has got my emails sorted for me so I am back in action! Look forward to seeing how your holiday pans out.
O-B Granny & Grandpa
From gems
hello stranger! hope the plane journey is going well! im guessing you'll still be on it. am so excited for you! just been reading your ozzie adventures! sounds amazing! love you xxx
From Kath
He's getting to be quite a chef!
Looks as if you've had a wonderful time.
See you Sunday morning. There may be some problems with security at the airport which might delay things. K&T
Response: he cooked again last night - a chili hot thai curry - was very nice - jim loved it as he loves vindaloos! see you on sunday! x
From Mum
Hi there
I love all your new pictures - it all looks amazing - fishing catch most impressive - Blue Mountains are stunning. We could do definitely do with some BBQ weather here!
Enjoy the last couple of days. Looking foward to seeing you on Sunday.
it wasnt bbq weather here! it was freezing and cold! see you soon x
From Kath
Hope the fishing goes well. Should be a pro after those Devon trips! Enjoy the balloon flight. One I'd like to do but Dad would hate.
From Kath
Graffiti is amazing!
Good luck with the fishing - you'll be an expert after those Devon trips! Glad the sun is shining for the balloon trip. Enjoy!
From taf
sounds like u guys are havvin fun, i dont wanna see brown-trousers during the baloon ride, heh... and im sure youll enjoy wrestling with big fish. and the water park... do a klinsman onto one of those hefty steep slides... guaranteed heart-attack fun.
"lets put another ssshrimp on the barbie!"
<Chris> Lol you joker, they don't really say that here. That said the Ozzies think us Brits are a bunch of tie & suit wearin football hooligans!!
Hope the sun is shining for you in Noosa - still raining here. Lots going on with builders etc here - will look very different when you get back! hope you get your pictures sorted soon.
Response: hey!
the pictures are sorted now! check them out, i'm just about to put some more up, cant wait to see what the house will be like when I'm back! x
From Phoenix's
Hope you are having a good time. Weather still ridiculously wet here. Have a great time. Speak soon!!
From Mum
Enjoy every minute of your holiday. Say Hi to Claire & Jim!
From Kath
Hiya! Have a great time. See you before you go? Good luck with the finals. Kath