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-Either I will find a way or I will make one.
-The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
-Everything is possible to a man who trusts
-In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
-Whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it.
-Don't wait for the ship to come in. Row out to meet it.

Diary Entries

Friday, 03 November 2006

Location: England

Arrived back in London this morning and there was frost on the cars, what a shock from 30 degrees in Thailand to the cold british weather. The final days of my years travels came around sooner than I could have ever imagined but due to the fact that I had such an amazing time everywhere I went. I met some amazing people and learnt alot about other cultures and religons it was invaluable. I will never forget reading a magazine when I started travelling which asked a fellow traveller what the best part of travelling was and her reply was until you have experienced other cultures and ways of life you can't compare or draw comparisons to your own life. Now I realise how true that it is, people who don't have the nice car or nice apartments are still some of the happiest people, there is so much more to life than what many people especially in the western world consider essentials. That's not to say that I would be happy living in a shack or earning a $1 a day but I do realise that to have fun and to be fit and healthy are just as important as having the nice lifestyle.

People always ask what my favourite place or time was and that is impossible to answer as everywhere I went I had a fantastic time for different reasons. Canada and NZ we so impressive for the scenery and the people were so friendly it was awesome. Sydney for New Year and watching the aussie open maybe a once in a lifetime experience although I am confident I will get to experience it again one day. Asia is so different to the west, so cheap, different foods the cultures and also the friendly people make it a very special place and a place you can really just be yourselve and always be happy and have so much fun.

Well I guess somebody reads this as I have had almost 2500 hits this year, I look forward to catching up with everyone soon and thanks for all your messages and e-mails.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Having decided to stay in Singapore I found an awesome hostel with super friendly staff and a good vibe about it. Although the hostel is in a slightly seedy area come nightfall it is still really safe everywhere you go. The hostel organises several free tours each week and I enjoyed a 45km bike ride around the city, an awesome pub crawl and a visit to an island with a traditional Singaporean lifestyle. Have also been around the many shopping malls looking for bargins and found a few but budget constraints has meant that much of the shoppping has been window shopping only.

Through 'couchsurfing' (a website for travellers) I contacted a Singaporean called Vanessa who enjoyed tennis and we had a good evening playing tennis in 30degree heat which was a good workout. I have also learnt to roller blade which was easier than I thought it was going to be although I am no Pro yet (need to learn how to stop!). At Vanessa's condo she has a 25m swimming pool so I went for a dip this morning, it was like swimming in a pool of evian water it was so nice and clean!! It is amazing how friendly people are around the world and meeting the local people is the best thing I have done. Vanessa and her friend Johnathon were so welcoming and through them I tried foods that I never would have on my own and enjoyed doing things with the locals which gives you a different view of the place, I love it here even more now!! Tonight I took myself to Raffles and enjoyed a Singapore Sling which for 7 pounds a glass was pricey but it seems to be a 'tourist' must do while your here!!

I have to leave Singapore tomorrow which is depressing as I love it here and would like to stay for much longer but with my back to work date fast approaching and hopefully a sunny white sandy beach awaiting me in Thailand I will have to just make sure I return another day.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: Singapore

About an hour after writing my last entry and as we were boarding the flight to Manila I decided that I had a bad feeling about the place and so decided to cancel my flight even though I had cleared immigration and my bag was on the plane!! Dengue fever, Malaria, Typhoons, recent murder at hotel I was staying at, and still having a virus I decided it was too much of a risk. No worries though now means I have an extend stay in Singapore which is a favourite of mine. Did a 45km cycle tour with the hostel yesterday which was cool and just going with the flow now which is very relaxed looking forward to a few nights out and trying to find a few bargins.

Friday, 13 October 2006

Location: Singapore

My time is Taipei was awesome, although I was ill for about six days and in bed for two of those I still had a great time there. It is a great city and the people are really friendly and almost all can speak a little english at least. I was hoping to look around Taiwan more but having been ill and it being a Taiwan five day national holiday it wasn't really an option. I expected Taipei to be very industrial with many factories but in fact it is a very clean and modern city. It is obvious that the country relies on its manufacturing with trade shows almost every week but it is also obvious that the majority of people are very well educated. It is expected of most kids there to achieve at least a degree and there seems to be a high number who go on to do masters.

I visited Taipei 101 which is the worlds tallest building at nearly 500m, it is an awesome building and has great views from the top. How they ever design those buildings let alone build them is beyond me. The buildings has three 'dampers' to make it more comfortable for the people inside when there are high winds or earthquakes!! They are just huge balls of steel that are suspened by huge cables and somehow work!! The lifts inside are the fastest in the world transporting us up 89 floors, nearly 400m in 32 seconds, your ears pop a couple of times on the way up and down.

The hospitality of the people there is unbelievable, I was taken out for meals almost everyday and one chap drove us up to the mountains for a look at the views and some sulphar hot pools which was awesome. I was lucky enough to stay with a friend Michelle who I met in England which was so generous, Michelle seems to know a lot of people around Taipei probably as she has done a view TV commercials and modeling which is very handy when you go clubbing and get in for free and then get free drinks too!!

From Taipei I am heading to Manila, currently in transit in Changi airport in Singapore. Arrived some 11 hours ago and got another three to go before I leave again, the sofas in starbucks are surprisingly comfortable!! Bloody idiot who planned this itinery hey!! What is so annoying is that Singapore airport is regarded as the best in the world with so many facilities but because I am flying with a pikie budget carrier I don't get to use any!! Planning on being in the Philippines for two weeks but may change that as spoke to a filippino the other day who said Manila currently has a dengue fever epedemic and also it is the typhoon season.

Monday, 28 August 2006

Location: Millet, Canada


Wow it's been a while since I updated this, time is well and truly flying. The photo's of the rockies basically don't do it justice, its was even better. The scenery was amazing and the tour was so much fun. The fellow travellers were awesome and from start to finish I loved every minute and probably the highlight of my traveling to date.

The tour was 11days and if I hadn't fallen in love with Canada before I certainly had by the end, what an amazing country. The tour ended in Calgary and unfortunately Calgary was the worse place I have been in Canada. It didn't help that the hostel was in the middle of a drug and homeless peoples hang out, the real rough end of the city. The city also pretty dull and it basically just serves as a city for the area as all around is so remote. Alberta is home to oil and there are so many rigs around and it provides a living for a large percentage of the population. I even got offered a job on an oil rig while traveling on the 'scrouger cruiser' (greyhound bus) by a women who works in the industry!!

I am spending my last two weeks wwoofing at another fantastic place doing organic farming and learning a bit about healthy bodies and healthy living on the side. I have been here a week and it has been so awesome so far, there were four other wwoofers here when I arrived and within a week they have all gone a three more have arrived. Monica who's place it is is super nice and makes us feel at home in her huge house complete with hot tub and pool room. Most days are spent with a couple of hours on the farm in the morning and then in the afternoon we do prep work for the market which is twice a week and then we chill out. I even spent a day last week baking muffins which I must day were dam good!! The market days are busy but it is good to meet lots of people while working on the stall. Had the day off yesterday and went into Edmonton for the day to a huge shoppping mall and entertainment place which is apparently the biggest in the world. It is absolutly huge but with no money the shopping didn't really appeal so we had a look around the place which included an indoor rollercoaster, ice rink, mini sea life park and more. In the evening we watched superman in 3d which was pretty smart although the film itself wasn't great.

Reluctantly I must return home again next week but looking forward to seeing everyone again and also knowing that I am leaving for Asia again at the end of September!!

Sunday, 13 August 2006

Location: Banff, Canada

Check out the new videos, including one of bears, I should be a camera man for wildlife on 1!!

After a few days in Vancouver I adjusted to the real life of crime, unfriendly people and lots of buildings and actually really liked Vancouver. Had a day walking around Stanley park which is really nice and also along the 'oxford st' of Vancoucer which not fun when you have no money and it's raining. I then started my tour and was lucky to have a good group of people who got on well. We had everything from a lady Rev to the irish drinking mafia!! We went to Whistler which is such a cool little town and during the ski season must be so good I will definately return one day to ski there. No wonder all the aussies and Kiwis flock there to work it must be a non stop party in a great location. The thing about this country is that they are always finding stuff to do outside whether it's skiing in the winter or mountain biking down mountains in the summer. It's cool as. the second day it rained really hard all day so we didn't get out much but a mother bear decided to pay us a visit with her cubs which was amazing. I never expected to see a bear that close up and don't know what I would do if I saw one while hiking as they are pretty big although not as aggressive as the grizzly, you really are in trouble if you meet one of those fellows!!

We returned to Vancouver for the night and stayed at one of the beaches where there was a entire field full of people playing volleyball and rugby, and there are no kids hanging around street corners or doing drugs on the field!! We left early the following day and headed east, the day was mostly spent in the van as we had to cover about 400 miles but we stoppped at a waterfall and a lake. The hostel where we stayed was owned by no less than a cornish geezer who was super friendly and had a great hostel. In true irish fashion the crew from Ireland stumbled in about 4am and we had to be up at 7!!

First stop next day was go karting and for 15minutes it cost £5, no tourist rates here. I am not one to blow my own trumpet as you know but when everyone asks you after you finished if you have done it before as you were so fast you kind of get a good ego!! I was bloody good though!! We were then approaching the rockies but the mountain ranges along the way were also impressive. We knew we were in the rockies straight away though as it was so cold!! Not sure if it's always this cold but I hate to think how cold the winters are if this the middle of summer!! We visited Emerald lake which was out of this world and although I had seen it on postcards in real life it was another level, just stunning. We arrived at Banff last night which seems nice but very touristy. We decided to hit the town last night and never a good idea with irish blood amongst us, needless to say I felt rough all day today but it was only £1 a mixer so probably dodgy spirits!! Because the hostel was expensive and they were after volunteers for housekeeping in return for a nights stay I spent a few hours today cleaning toilets which was probably the best place for me to be just in case I threw up!!

Still got another week on tour so hopefully it whould be good.

Monday, 07 August 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada


After a great 1st couple of weeks I was worried that it could only go downhill from the standards that were set in Quadra but the last 10days working in the hostel were so great. Good for different reasons compared to Quadra but still I had a such a great time. The work was pretty straight forward just changing sheets and doing some laundry (chicks take note, domesticated batchelor me!!) and the fellow workers were really nice.

I met up with Tristan quite a few times and really enjoyed catching up with him and seeing what life is like for a local in Victoria. We had a good night on the town last week and its so nice having a relaxed yet lively atmosphere and no smoking in a pub. On Wednesday Tristan, myself and his friend Ashley headed over to Vancouver to watch a firework festival which was impressive. Ashley had met this guy at some concert a couple of weeks before and in true Canadian style he picked us up from the ferry, showed us around town, let us stay in his campervan on his drive and then drove us back to the ferry at 5.30am so that Ashlety could get back for work. Everyone I have met here is just so friendly if I met them in England I would be suspicious, I mean even the tramps (which there are loads) are polite and not constantly hassling you. On Saturday night just gone it was Ben's (Tristans brothers) birthday so we headed over to his friends place for a 'keg-o", a pub size keg of 5% lager and there was about 15 of us!! Needless to say there was plenty to go around and plenty left over!!

I got on really well with a girl from Germany who was also working at the hostel and we hung out quite a bit which was really cool. It turned out that we must have almost met somewhere before as her travels were very similar to mine, we would have been in Perth, Sydney and the south Island of NZ at the same time probably.

I will really miss Victoria, for me it has everything, its busy enough yet quiet enough, great people and plenty of outdoor things to do.

I am now in Vancouver and only been here a few hours but the place is so dirty compared to Victoria, the people aren't as friendly and you have to be on guard again like any other city. I am only here for a just over a day so it should be good and hoping to meet up with the Aussie chicks I met in Quadra which would be fun. Off on my adventure trip across to Calgary for the next 2 weeks which promises to be good as we go via all the postcard sites like Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper so really looking forward to that.

Friday, 28 July 2006

Location: Victoria, Canada

Hey dudes,

Now back in Vitoria and enjoying the chance to hang around with Tristan and his family. I had such a great time on Quadra island with Audrey and family I loved every minute and I really wish I had done the help exchange or wwoofing programs when I started travelling last year. It's great getting to know a native family and to also feel that you are doing something worthwhile and not just sightseeing 24/7. I will really miss Audreys cooking, homemade pancakes and eggs benedict were amazing and makes me hungry just thinking about it!! One evening we went for a BBQ at this beautifal bay but forgot the grill, at home that probably would have been that and we would have gone home. Not here, Jamie just went off and found some suitable rocks put them above the fire and the steaks cooked to perfection. Mmm so good!! The two aussie chicks were great and together we renovated a play house for the kids which is now looking rather cool if I do say so myself.

Hopefully the hostel work will give me the chance to meet some interesting people but I am kind of regretting not doing a home stay after my experience in Quadra instead but hopefully it will be fun all the same. It gives me a chance to hang out with Tristan and his mates so should be good.

Short and sweet this time!!

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From Ackers
About time we had some news from you as we were worried you may have gone off to be a monk in the mountains .Seems like everything is okout there and you will be soon earning the OT again back here :-)
Response: Hey Ackers, yeh I am still living the dream but now with a very dark cloud approaching in just over 2 weeks. You could be lucky enough to be doing QCPs for me if your still in the same cushty job ;-)
From Sambo
Biddy, where are you? No updates have you forgotten about us and settled down with some far eastern beauties?
Response: Hey Sambo, hope you have a great time in Las Vegas. No haven't forgotton about you guys working 40 hours a week in cold england hahahahaha!!
From Jimbo
Alright Biddy, sorry haven't emailed for a while, but have no access to hotmail at work, and waiting for broadband to be put in in the flat. Sounds like you're having a great time - really pleased for you and reading your log is giving me itchy feet!! Car's running a dream....what you doing with it when you go to asia????? ;-)
Response: Unlike you to have an excuse jimbo!! I'll let you off though. As for the car as long as it is back for when I can get back next week the no worries if you want it for oct!
From audrey
my recommendation would be to STAY AWAY from tim hortons! bad coffee and long wait times. just goes to show how little taste alot of canadians have! and i mean culture not flavour
Response: Hi Audrey, we went with our tour the other day and I must say I like the organic coffee you get in the smaller coffee shops. Canadians love the place though hey. If you get a chance could you send me the recipe for the couscous with feta and the chicken pesto, you should write a cookery book!! Hope the family are all well.
From Jimbo
Have you had a Tim Horton's yet??
Response: haha, nope not yet but apparently they are the McDaddies right? Any other recommendations?
From Simon Blackburn
Long time, it must have been at the start of your travels in Bangkok when we met in the airport. It seems along time ago those big nights in Pat Pong. I have to apologies for not getting in touch sooner. I found your card the other day in a bag so popped onto your website. Sorry to miss you in Oz, hope you had a good time.
Very jealous of your travels looks amazing and some good photos too. You must have seen some fantastic places, wish I could have done something like that. I can't complain about working in Sydney going really well. The weather is pretty shit at the moment though and I hear it is fantastic in the UK.
Are you still in touch with that chick from Thailand Mai?? Think that was her name.
Anyway hope all is good and not too sure if you remember me as I am sure you have met thousands of people all over the world. May try and save and do something similar if I ever leave OZ. I can’t believe reading your mates E mails on your site that you are ending this trip in Butlins!!! That will bring you back to reality and a welcome back to UK.
Saying that I had a rugby tour at Butlins and had a great time.
Take it Easy
Simon Blackburn – Bloke from Bangkok Airport.
Response: Hey Simon, wondered where you got to!! Although it seems a distant memory those first few nights in Bangkok were awesome hey!! Butlins was ok and it was great to be with all the lads again although slightly different to the mad nights in Bangkok!! I'll drop you a line soon.
From pottski
hello son found out the ronaldinho vid is camera tricks!! all´s good here. Did the bag make it through customs? potters secure bag!! up the railway tavern.........
Response: Ronaldinho the sneeky russian hey!! Yeh the only drama with potters secure bag was trying to get back into the darn thing!! Hope everything works out for you in Espanya, keep in touch.
From Sambo
Biddy, Hope you are having a better time than your eamil sounds. I'm sure you will like Prague! Like you say, cheap beer make sure you try the different varieties and try and eat some Ghoulash as well. Only a month til Butlins!!!!!
Response: Oh yeh for sure still having a good time, the first few days were tough but now in Prague and it's quality. Haven't found the ghoulash yet but will try and find it!! Looking forward to Butlins!!
From Mikey
I'm amazed you aren't all tuckered out with the amount of "relief work" you've been doing. I'm proud of you geezer.
Response: Hey Mikey, good to hear from you. Not quite sure what you mean!! Take it easy and fingers crossed that the reds get second place!!
From *-*
miss you babe.. it's seem like you have a great trip!!! nice picture though xxx
Response: ;-)
From Mark H
I cannot believe you didn't get any pickies if the American ladies , what do ya think i read your chuffin page for if it ain't for the poonanie !!!!, but seriously it sounds like your having a fantastic time buddy and i'm genuinley pleased for ya you deserve a good laugh, cos if and when you come back here you won't be bloody laughin , let me tell ya.. Take care and send us some decent photo's of the ginger prince with the LAAYYYYdy s
Response: Haha, cheeky sod surprised you have still got sense of humour by the sounds of things there!! Why are you still there buddy? ;-)
From Stoppers
Hi Ginger,
Only just found out you are missing from youre desk at ate
Ive been waiting for you to do me a asst Ackers showed me the site and im sure all the girls you have met have hookers sorry cookers.As long as you havent put youre pies in there ovens you should be ok :-) No good wishing you a good time as it seems you already are ,youre chair is covered in clingfilm awaiting youre return.
Response: Hey Stoppers, no good waiting for the assist!! Is the clingfilm biodegradeable!!
From critch
only you could be in nz with 10 million sheep & still end up sleeping alone ...i got my little boy hes 10 weeks old now .as for you working 2 hours a day thats 1hr 55 more than ive ever known you do .

Response: Congratulations on your son great news, hope mother is ok too. Five minutes was generous on a few Saturday mornings hey!! I didn't publish your last message as you may have noticed, very offensive haha!!
From tim knight
While you are there in NZ go to Cloudy Bay vineyard on the South Island in Marlborough region. One of the finest Sauvignon blancs and Chardonnays in the world.
Response: Apparently its in Blenhiem which is in the North of the south island, I may get a chance to go there. It is an expensive drop even over here where wine is generally cheap so must be good hey.
From ash
alright baxter mate cool photos, right fittys about keep up the good footage
Response: Hey alright Ash, yeh there are a few more fitty's around the world than in Wareham for sure!! Hope your giving Bass a hard time at work!!
From ray hand
Keep up the great 'work' Ian. Makes great reading, and the pictures are fantastic. Whatever you are doing is more fun than we're having over here. Look forward to the next chapter mate!
Response: Hard to believe I know but I did do a weeks work this week......I need to go back to travelling!!! I am sure I am missing out on so much fun and some great weather there though!!
From Tim
McLean might not be known for his consistency, but he could provide the West Indies with some much-needed firepower.

The seamer made his one-day international debut in December 1996 at Melbourne Cricket Ground, where he notched up two for 33.

His record in the limited form of the game remains unspectacular with an average in the mid-30s from over 40 appearances, and best figures of three for 21.

But his impressive displays in South African provincial cricket with KwaZulu-Natal have seen him earn a place in the World Cup squad.

His experience on South African soil may prove vital to the West Indies.

McLean has also proved to be a useful tailender and can often chip in with valuable runs.

Response: Just as I thought!!!!!
From Tim
I thought there were only 11 apostles now, one fell down last year.
Response: Yeh there are only 11 left but they still call them the 12 Apostles. The others won't last much longer!! You must be due for a holiday again soon Tim!!
hey ginge how goes it;must be unbearable having all that fun.i don't know if you're aware but critch has had his ankle biter.he says he's coping but his face says not;tired old sod.when you said you were going on work experience with marshy did you really mean you were going on a jolly? marshy never works even at work!I'm very impressed with your diary very journalistic.keep safe and have fun cheers fitzy.
Response: Fitzy you old boy didn't expect you to be able to get on the old tin-ternet!!! Whats happened to Critch? I get no gossip here!! Yeh Marshy comunications spends more time in the pub than at work, I think I can aclimatise well!!! Take care.
From Mark h
Hi buddy sounds like your having a whale of a time, from your description of xmas and new year it makes me wonder why you went as we did the exact same thing, you know sat on the beach watching the fire works (freezing my arse off!!!) any way glad to hear your doin ok have a wonderful time bud and remember you only live once , so bloody enjoy yourself and stop worrying about your money, you saved it to go and enjoy yourself, not to become an accountant !!!!!
Response: Hello fellow, good to hear from you. Yeh not a bad Christmas and New Year I suppose. I be a crap accountant, I pay for things by credit card now as it doesn't feel so expensive!!! Take care
From mike hardy
Hi Ginge (sorry Ian !), AJ passed the website on to me. Great time you're having from the sound of it . Christmas here was ok but not a patch on yours. Been very busy with phone and computer work up until xmas but now quieter, don't miss B.T. at all apart from the laughs at tea and lunch! My daughter is just finishing her application forms to emigrate to oz so who knows might be there before too long on holiday. Keep up the good work!!! Mike Hardy.
Response: Hey Stinky (sorry mike!!), good to hear from you. Hope business picks up soon hey, yeh we had some laughs and of course never had more than the 40minutes for lunch did we!!! Your daughter has seen the light then, good luck to her.
From *0*
I wish I was there with you, guess who I am ;)
Response: Hey Mayzee, good to hear from you ;-) be in touch soon yeh!!
From Gary
Bid. Where's the pictures of the Aussie Sheilas, or have you left your heart in Thailand...
All the best for the New Year, your in the best place for it.
Response: No excuse I know but budget constraints have meant a very sheltered social life for me in Aus!! I'll keep trying!! Happy New Year.
From Mikey
Great pics. Glad you're having such a good time apart from the Delhi belly bit. Hope the survival kit is coming in handy (some of it anyway!) Happy New Year geezer and I hope you have a rubbery time.
Response: Hi Mikey, survival kit has been very useful. Hope you are keeping well and not pushing yourself too hard. Happy New year.
From From the Hardy famil
Ian, It's Christmas day in Ashby De La Mouse - hope you are eating turkey & stuffing like the rest of us brits or do they eat & drink something else down there? Seems as though you are enjoying the travels - BT share price has gone down over the past few months - any ideas why? regards Michael, Catherine, Christopher & David.
Response: Well what can I say uncle Mike, I leave the BT titanic and they hit an iceberg!!! What do you expect, no one to pull the strings now see!!!