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To the USA and beyond!

As you prpbably know now i'm doing 8 months in the US of A and then up to 4 months travelling the rest of the world (a bit like Phillious Fogg but sadly i'm not a cartoon dog) before maybe doing it all over again!! Stay in touch and love to you all!


Diary Entries

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Location: USA

well one more week has gone and once again i dont really have a lot to tell you!! I havent worked much again so dont have much money to do anything!

Last week was spent mooching around, workin 1 hour a day! went into the city a couple of times and just walked around, thats the good thing about NY, you dont even need to have money to have a good time, you can just wander around and people watch, its very amusing sometimes.

The weekend was wasted away working and on sunday night me and some plas went for the best meal ever! The local diner is famed for "the worlds best pancakes" (a title shared with every other dine in the states i'm sure) but little did we know it had the best meal offers too! we went in and managed to order..... wait for it....... unlimited salad bar, soup, main course, unlimited soft drinks anddesert for $9 which is the equivalent of about 6 quid! Well i can see why so many people in america are obese, i must have eaten half my body weight in one sitting!

Anyway that was the highlight of my weekend, how sad.

Apart from that i went out with a few coaches and my boss last night for an end of season review which went well, the club requested that i come back next year so we'll have to see what happens.

Thats it for now, sorry if i bore the arse off you but thats my life at the moment.

Take care y'all

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Location: springfield, USA

I apologise before i write anything as its going to be another boring installment!! Sorry again!

Well since the last time i wrote i haven't really done much. Vinny, his son, another coach, his son and myself went to watch the Rutgers 'soccer' team play against West Virginia in the Big East Semi-finals on Friday night. What a dire game, it ended 0-0 and WV won on penalties. The highlight of the game coming at the end when they had a big brawl on the field. The low point was definately the weather as it was freezing and also that they stopped half way through each half for a 'TV break'. Thats right the game stopped for about 3 mins so ESPN who were broadcasting the game could show adverts!! Only in America!!

I worked for 8 hours on Saturday which nearly killed me, i'm gonna struggle getting back into proper work when i get home i tell ya! To make us feel a bit better me and a couple of the boys went out into the city in the evening and spent most of it hanging out with an English band called 'Little Man Tate'. A nice bunch of fella's who got talking to us because we had English accents.

They are on tour on the East coast at the moment, doing Philidelphia and NY mainly and they were having their after show party in our favourite indie haunt the Dark Room (where we met Lady ov bbbbrp brrrrrp!!) Anyway they were top blokes and they invited us to go and see them play on Thursday in the city before they head off to Japan for a few gigs before heading to.......wait for it...... The mighty Soundhaus at the beginning of Dec!! Poor lads, doing NY, Japan and Northampton!!

Anyway thats it i'm afraid, just of out to the city again as i've got the day off.

Stay safe and i'll see you all soon x

Thursday, 02 November 2006

Location: USA

Hello once again, how are we all? Pretty mundane week as i'm rather poor and am only working 5-6 hours a week!

Tuesday has been the single highlight as it was Halloween and the yanks go absolutely crazy for the holiday. Because most of the coaches had the day off (if its a choice between football and trick or treating, american kids would choose the later everytime) we decided to head into the city for the day.

We had a littlewalk around for a few hours and then rode the Staten Island ferry. The ferry runs between NY and Staten island funnily enough and its a free ferry so that people on the island can travel across to access the city. Apart from a load of houses staten island doesnt have a lot to offer so we rode it straight back again. We only got the ferry because a few of the boys hadn't been to Liberty island yet and you can get a good view of the city from the ferry.

Agter the ferry we headed to a pub to watch the Chelsea VS Barcelona game. The ub we ended in was full of Spanish chaps so it was us against them and we had the last laugh with the lat minute equaliser. We jumped from pub to pub after that until 7 which is when the parade started. The annual halloween parade runs right through the middle of the city and goes on for abot 2 hours. Well after about 10 minutes we were all a little bored as there's only so many blokes dressed as skeletons you can see before it gets repetitive so we headed off to carry on on our night.

We ended up staying out all night and it was packed, one of the best nights of the fall.

Anyway thats about it, have done nothing else apt from writing my end of season report. Only 3 weeks til i get home now so i will see you all then.

Take care x

Monday, 30 October 2006

Location: Very sunny Springfield, USA

Well hello once again everyone, you find me in a very happy mood as its an absoultely cracking day outside! Its a scorcher for end of October i tell you!

Well the weekend has come and gone once again, and its back to work Monday. Well saying that, due to daylight savings i now only work either one or one and a half hours a day during the week!! Thats because it starts getting dark at 5 here so all my work has now moved to saturdays so i'm working 9 - 4.30 on Saturdays which is going to be fun!

This Saturday was a wash out too as it threw it down all day long and no one was in the mood to go out and get soaked, plus no one in America leaves their houses when it rains so a night out would have been a bit of a bust!

I went and saw my first college american football game last night though at Rutgers University which is about 40 mins away. They are ranked 16th in the whole country and are unbeaten so far this season, and it was mental! 41,000 people were there to see a load of 18 year olds tackle each other, it was caos but aesome to watch. The only bad part was that it was absoulutely freezing and american football fans only seem to have 2 songs:

Lets go Rutgers lets go


R (one stand shouts the letter at the top of their voice and then another stand replies with) U!!

As you can imagine, hours of that tends to get a bit annoying, and to top it all off it was so cold all of the cheer leaders were in track suits!!!

Anyway Rutgers won by a few points so everyone went home happy. Oh i almost forgot, we decided before hand that we would try our luck at 'Tail-gaiting' (where you take beers and a BBQ along before the game, eat, drink and be merry with fellow american football fans). well we bought the food and beer then decided to look for a little BBQ. Well with it not really being BBQ season we struggled, so much so in fact we didnt find one at all. So we took all our food and drink along and decided to try and swap the use of a BBQ for beers..........and would you know it it worked. So we sat down with a nice family, cooking our food on their BBQ while they helped us drink our beers! And who says americans are all fat, unfriendly so and so's? Not me!!

Anyway thats it for now, heading into the city fo a Halloween day tomorrow, watching footy, drinking, eating and then watching the annual carnival.

Further updates to follow.

Stay safe x

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Location: USA

Well what a busy few days its been!! As i stated last time my mum (Mrs B) and my brother (Dan) came to visit for a few days. I had to work til 7 on Friday night then dashed over to JFK airport to pick them up. I got a few dirty looks from people in the airport because i was rocking the dirty football kit look and was all muddy but who cares! The bus driver who took me from the car park to the terminal also started chatting to me about football and told me that he used to play 'inside half stopper'!! I just nodded and agreed that it was the hardest position to play (anyone who might have an idea exactly what this position entails please feel free to get in touch).

Anyway after picking the new arrivals up we headed off to the hotel which was actually in New Jersey (where i live) but it was only a 20 minute tube ride to NYC and about $150 a night cheaper than the hotels in the city too.

We were up early Saturday morning and headed straight to the World Trade Centre site. After a bit of a nose there and some snaps we took the long walk up Broadway all the way to Times Square where more walking and photos were taken. I had managed to get some free tickets to the RedBulls play off game in the afternoon so we headed to Giants stadium to watch. The game was aweful so we left at half time and headed back to the city again. In the evening we took a tour bus around the city and parts of brooklyn, was good and educational (did you know Macy's is 2.2 million square feet of shopping? Now you do) but absoulutely freezing!!

Sunday we went to a shopping outlet nearby and did plenty of shopping before going up the Empire State Building in the evening. You could only see for 5 miles but the views were amazing and i would definately reccomend going up in the evening if you ever visit.

Monday was the statue of liberty, after a bit of a cuffufle at the beginning we finally got over to see Lady Liberty. She's not quite as big as i thought but still a good sight to see and visit none the less. We walked around the island and got to climb up the pedastal to get a better view. Then we headed back into the city for more wandering and shopping. In the evening i brought my English family to meet my US family and they went down a storm (especially as mum had brought presents over for the kids).

Finally on Tuesday we headed down Wall Street to have a look at all the power suits and ties wandering around with their frappa-mocha-chinos and loud telephone voices, before heading to Pier 17 for a nose around.

And that was that, i had to leave them shortly after to go to work and that was the end of the weekend. Sorry if it was a bit of a whirlwind through but we did so much i cant remember it all.

Hope all is well and you enjoy the snaps x

Friday, 20 October 2006

Location: USA

Just a quick littel note because i wont have time to put another up for a while as D-Day has finally arrived and Mrs B and Dan (my brother)are about to travel across the pond to see me!! really looking forward to it, as much as being away from Rush-vegas is fantastic seeing a couple of friendly faces is a real treat. Have got a few things lined up for their visit, including a little suprise which i will divulge in a later installment.

This week has been distinctly average, the highlight was being coach bully!! During one of my practices, a useless but gobby little 8 year old used the words "coach this is stupid" as i was teaching them the step over. So i asked him to demonstrate in front of the rest of the group. His reply of "Easy" was still playing in my mind as the rest of the group and myself watched him fall over the ball and land as ungracefully as possible on the turf as his team mates mocked him with calls of "yeah it looks easy". Being the proffessional coach that i am hid my laughter on the inside and carried on my session as normal with no further outbursts from said child!!

Apart from that its been a couple of metings and a bit of footy playing. The team i play for won 3-0 again last Sunday so happy days.

Anyway thats it for now, i've gotta pack, work, meet the guests and then act as a tour guide for the next few days. Everyone ready? Follow the big umbrella................

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: USA

So my birthday has been and passed and i write this now a 23 year old! Honestly where does your life go? I say this because i still feel about 16 and i'm sure a few of you think i still act it on occassions too.

well Saturday was a bit of an eventful one and not in the good way. Spent the morning working with 5 year olds as another coach was ill and i was called up to cover. Then got caught for an hour and a half in a traffic jam and then when i arrived at my destination there was no one in!! So the daytime was spent mostly on my own which is always a great way to spend a birthday.

The eveing was better as we went to the Continental Airlines Arena and watched the New Jersey Devils beat the Phillidelphia Flyers 3-2. The game was good although for some reason the stadium was three quarters empty so the atmosphere wasnt exactly electric!! It's quite a fun sport to watch although sometimes you lose the puck and your looking one way and the action is going on at the other end!

after the game we went for a bite to eat and then a few beers which was cool. Played footy on sunday morning against a Columbian team and won 3-0 and then had to work again.

But after work me and some buddies went into the city for a special Sunday Funday and ended up getting a bit worse for wear which resulted in me writing this not feeling too well.

so i'm gonna leave now and try and force some food down.

Have put some more snaps up so enjoy x

Friday, 13 October 2006

Location: USA

went into the city again today just for another little look around and ended up going up to the top of the roc!! The roc is the Rockerfeller Centre which i believe is the second tallest building in NY but dont hold me to that. Its also supposed to have a better view of the city than the top of the Empire State building, but i havent been up there yet so cant compare the two.

The view was absoulutely amazing though and it was a really clear day so you could see for miles. Well worth the trip but not a lot else to do in the building which was a bit disappointing.

was supposed to have tomorrow off and was planning on spending it in the city shopping but have just recieved a call asking if i can cover a coaches shift as he's ill so i'll be spending 4 hours of my birthday coaching 5 year olds!! Bully for me!! But after that me and 4 chums have tickets to go see the New Jersey Devils play ice hockey which should be cool. Then sunday is going to be spent boozing in the city so Monday will be a total wash out. I will put some pics of top of the roc, ice hockey and sunday night out as soon as i am out of my boozey coma (probably Tuesday). If i dont pull through though, i love you all!!

Stay safe

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: Sunny Springfield, USA

Hello once again my friends, quite a hectic and action packed week so let me begin..........

Well last week was mostly spent in the city. Me and a few of the boys decided that we should see more of the city as we would only be here for a few more weeks so we spent 4 days of last week just wandering around the city, trying to take it all in. We did Central Park (again - pics are up), the lower east side and a few other nice little spots.

We also went to a comedy night last week which was good, the room was about as big as a living room and although us 3 english lads stood out like a sore thumb none of the comedians decided to pick on us (probably because they knew we were english and so couldnt match our wit).

I've also been trying to organise things to do, because mrs. B and my brother Dan are coming to stay in a couple of weeks, so i've been looking into all of the touristy places that i havent been to to show them.

This weekend was just as hectic. On Friday me and a few guys and a couple of their girlfriends went out to an awesome little lounge/speak-easy type bar which was designed to look like a living room. It was by far the most chilled out and relaxed place i've been since being here and it made a nice change from the hustle and bussle of the city, and they also sold the nicest Honey Beer ever too which helped.

Saturday was a bit of a no go, had to work 8 hours coaching mongy girls and then i wasnt in the mood to go out so just spent it watching films.

sunday was a different kettle of fish altogether. Vinny's best friend is an ex-proffessional american footballer who now has a company that makes BBQ food. I'm telling you this because his company was having a tail gate party at Giants stadium before the NY Giants Vs Washington Redskins game. Vinny manage to get me a ticket to the tailgate , which by the was is just a massive BBQ that most americans do foe 3-4 hours before every sporting event. Just driving to the stadium you can see everyone driving along with their BBQ's strapped to the back of their cars.

After the pre-game tailgate Vinny said he had a ticket to the game for me, so i was tres excited because i'd never been to an american football game before. But it got better, it turned out that the tickets were in a VIP box!!! So i spent sunday, in a box, at one of the biggest american football teams, rubbing shoulders with people that own supermarkets and petrol stations, was kinda surreal. The food and drinks were all free to so i left rather fat and kinda typsy too! Cheers!!

Then to top it off we decided to gout sunday evening in the city too! We hit the upper west side whichh was good, even manged to squeeze in the first karaoke session too!!

Anyway i think that about covers it all for the moment, we're going to watch the Red Bulls train tommorrow which should be interesting.

Hope everyone is well, stay safe

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From Gitsy
3 weeks to go! Ropes R' Us have a good sale on at the mo.
I think Mrs B's gravy dinners will just about keep you sane.

You ever thought about doing some work over here? Quite easy to come by but I doubt you'd find owt as fun as teaching football though.

Be funny if Brown gets put in a Mackems shirt with 'I 8 Shearer.' He'll still be smelling of urine on his wedding day.

I'm currently lingering in the gutter waiting for Armo & the Ashes.

Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom Pedro

Response: Now then partner, its even less than that now, just under 2 weeks til i'm back to the bright lightsof vegas!

I did originaly wanna go over OZ but you just don't earn enough money over here to travel on after so had to scuper those plans.

Looking forward to seeing family and the boys again though, we'll have a toast for you the first night in the PAD!

Keep haing fun sailor and keep clean
From mum
we got tamworth at home in next round, hoping for bigger fish next time round
Response: Wow a huge game, cant believe they turned over Yeovil!! x
From Barry Evans
hello david, hope this reaches you well? the wig is superb!!!! skinner has one that was called the jason donovan or just simply "the jason" and mine can only be described as the bonnie langford!!! from browns little message i'm guessing he doesn't want to be strapped to a lamp post so i'm sure we'll respect his wishes? you just winding down now or are you still busy? oh yeah and isn't that fire island you keep visiting a place where the gay's go to escape the everyday abuse the newyorkers give them? Are you a gay now? don't worry though cause apparently it can be cured now!! ha ha laters man peace out. harry
Response: Ha yes i was officially a gay for 3 minutes but luckily i ran to boots to get the tablets! There is a gay part on fire island but i did not visit it.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing the 'Jason' it sounds magnificent!! and the bonnie langford, well that just speaks for itself. Is there any news on New Years Eve yet, you still thinking of having a party at your gaff?

Not working a lot now, only got 2 hours this week and then 7 on saturday and then i'm totally finished!!

I'll soon be back to rave it up in the VEGAS!!

Stay safe and i'll see you soon big fella x

From brown
harry: do me a favour
Response: ?
From James
Hi hope it is all goin well out there, i bet the weather is warmer than back here, Diamonds won 3-1 Vs Yeovil at the weekend Yessssssss, in the 2nd round of the Fa cup. Spurs beat chelsea the other week i hear. Anyway hope your having fun n i see you soon!!!! James
Response: Helo buddy, hows things? Diamonds actually won a game at last, and against Yeovil as well, good result. Hope they get a big name in the next rund.

Al is well thanks, hope all is good with you, say hello to everyone or me
From auntie Kath
just been looking at photos. you look to be having good time. bet you cant wait to get home though to good old England. hope to see you soon love auntie Kath x
Response: Hi Auntie Kath, yeah i'm still having a great time, starting to wind down now though. And yes i am looking forward to coming home although i imagine i'll wanna come straight back out again. Hope you are ok and i will see you soon x x
From wurzal gummage
hello dave i'd like to say straight away that we will not i repeat will NOT be bringing brown home with us. he will have to spend at least two days in newcastle city centre tied to a lamp post wearing nothing but a thong that states I HATE SHEARER!! Who as we all know is a newcy football fans favourite!!! The drinkage in northampton sounds good however my ticket runs to london so i'll have to av a chat with the skinndogg!! by the way me and the dogg have some sweet as F**K(edited for mrs B) wigs for the stag do!!! sounds like you're just winding down now. it'll be good to have you back and you can stay down in london for as long as you like the bruntdogg sweet is now vacant!!!!! laters man Peace out brudder. Harryman
Response: Yes that sounds like a plan, make sure you paint him red and white to make him look like a Sunderland fan too!! What sort of wigs have you got? Is it a fancy dress do?

It'll be good to have you boys come out but if you do go straight back to the big smoke then dont worry cos i'll be down soon enough to inspect my 2nd room!!

Hope uni's going well buddy and give Cockney a "roll out the barrell" from me.

Stay safe big man x
From Brown
all good in the hood.shave mentioned a night out the night you are back. where were you thinking? (if anywhere yet)
Response: Yes buddy, the day you get back from your stag do, 26th of November, was thinking of just going N'Hampton for a few! You aremore than welcome if you survive the weekend x
From armo
hello fine sir,
well all loks well and read well for you then mate, not been on for while been a busy boy so i had some catching up to do, sounds like you mam and bro had a cracking time when was over mate, cant beleive you walked from trade center to times square you crazy fool!!!!
so when is it your actually back mate? might see you for a cheeky one b4 i go,
welli dont think you be hearing of or seeing me anywhere near those snakes haha,
yes 6weeks mate cant wait think i want to stay longer tho!!!
well hope all is well mate and dare say shall speak to you soon mate
take care
Response: Yes buddy, as i just put in Brown's comment i get back first thing on the 26th so thinking of planning a night out in Northampton that night if you fancy it?

I hear that there's gonna be a do at Harry's possibly the weekend after so i'll see you there too (probably be in the compasses before then too! ha)

Bet you cant wait for your trip, i really wanted to go to OZ when i finished here but just couldnt afford it.

Take care Shank and i'll see you in a couple of weeks x
From Brown
when are you back you long haired mutha?
Response: now then, land back on Nov 26th so gonna miss your do i'm afraid mate. Hows things?
From kirsty
oh my god! lady sov is doing great over there isnt she...i had to write and say that girl IS a chav but she rocks...I love her! I played with her at soccer six and she practically put down her fag and beer to play and then straight back on them after!

Northampton with a beach! haha! maybe she meant BE-ATCH!?

lol, cant wait to see you and i wanna party liek its 1924 when you get back!

mwah mwah mwah x
Response: Hey you, yeah she's doing awesome, he album is getting mega reviews and she got up to number 3 on MTV's TRL which is quite a big thing apparently. She's no patch on you though chick.

Hope all is well and your doing ok, we'll have a big night out when i'm back so be there or be square x x
hello mate i haven't been on for a while because the internet me and skinner are stealing from our neighbours is a bit unpredictable!!! good pics man i've been to see a new jersey devils game!!!! what a pucking game!!! i got us somed dirty pretty things tickets for your return. i can't bloody wait. and our aussie house mate has continued his travels so there is a spare room waiting for you if you want it? any way mate take care peace out love to your mum Seano!!XX
Response: Get in there!! You F*****G Love It!! I havent seen them yet so it should be good, will the Skinner be out of the RAF by then? Who else is going?

Hows everything going with the new house/uni? Hope all is good? Not long now till that spare room has a new owner, well for a short while anyway.

Stay safe and a high five to your folks too x
From Gutsy
Nice snaps. What's with all the arty farty b&w ones?
I thought that mode was for photographing naked French girls.

I see a youth football coach had a gun pulled on him t'other day so watch the bullying or you'll get nuked.

Looks a bit Pearl Habour out there, you'll be losing that tan.
I've been cunning & am following summer around Oz.

Keep shootin' dem bitchez bruder x
Response: HAHA cheers buddy, i was feeling all continental being one of a few brits around and so decided B & W would be the way to go. We should swap tips, i will enlighten you with the facts of B & W and you can tell me the secret behind a good sunset!!

There's no guns in Springfields, they're more likely to pull a bagel out on me (being a massive jewish community) plus i'm one of their own now!!

Your right though its absoulutelu baltic out here at the mo, the "tracky bottoms tucked in socks" look is out at each practice now, but rather be cold here than in Rush-Vegas.

Peace and one love big man x
From mum
had great time with 2 sons, all be it a bit cold at times but then the sun did shine most of the time.
Certainly worth a trip, but need walking shoes and wollies this time of year
Thanks again Dale for the tour made a 1st class guide. ps not mentioned the suprise did not come off
love ya
Response: Hi ma, was good seeing you and bro again. We did do a lot of walking but it was worth it. Not sure about being the best guide though, i still get lost myself.

See you soon x
From Ryan & Joe
Its bin a long time since last contact, when u left I think!! but heres wishing u a belated Happy Birthday and hope you have a fab weekend showing K the sites. Looking forward to seeing you soon and maybe a beating on PS2. Ryan & Joe
Response: HAHA how are you doing guys? Good to hear from you. Hope the football is going well Pappy and Katrina keep me up to date on how you guys are doing. Looking forward to seeing you guys too, but be warned the family i'm staying with have an 8 year old boy so i'll be coming back a FIFA pro. You've been warned!!
From Lee (chubby)
Hi mate, just wanted to say Happy Birthday for Saturday. Sorry it's late, i've been home all weekend and haven't had an internet connection. Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Meeting members of Kasabian...that's nothing...the bass player from Whitesnake walked into one of my lectures the other day! That dude looks seriously old now. Ok, maybe Kasabian is a little bit cooler. Speak to you soon mate. Take it easy.
Response: Here i go again on my own!!!!!! haha! I actually put that song on the jukebox last night! Spooky!

Cheers for that buddy, how's everything going at uni? Are you and craig tearing it up like proper rock 'n' rollers?

Good to hear from you pal, will have to catch up when i get back. Kat Slater
From armo
hello there son,
sounds like all is well over the sea,
and happy birthday for yday mate better late then never as they say!!
so you been living it up in the city again then mate,
must agree the roc as it called is bit shit!!!! best bit bout it is the veiwing area and the ice rink outside in winter,
so what did you do for your bday then mate anything mad a nd crazy other than working ,bit of a gutter,

well i off to see gitsy for 6weeks,not really long enough i dont think,
wsihing i could go for a year but hey maybe next time,
yea i flying alone:( thats the only part of the trip i not looking forward to!!!
hows the celeb spotting going?
seen any more english chav's

well take care mate hope all is well

Response: Now then buddy,

no more celebs or even chavs i'm afraid to say i've seen, they are both a little sparse at the moment! Lucky buggar going to Oz for 6 weeks, i really wanted to go when i finished here but just cant afford it. Are you gonna be the snake men's 2nd assistant? Hope you have an awesome time buddy and i'll see you in the compasses when you get back. Have a good one pal
From Gitsy
Happy Birthday champ!

I see people are too scared to leave a message. Even Mrs B has calmed down, unless you're doing the evil delete thing like me, muwaha!

How hard is it? Look i'm writing one now & it's total tosh.

I'm in a cool town at the mo called Broome. Laid back, 40 degrees, awesome beach & the finest species of chick you'll EVER see!

Right off for another bevvie.

byeeeeeeeeeee xxx
Response: Thanks buddy, much appreciated! Yeah i noticed you weren't getting many messages so at least i wasnt the only one!! Hope all is well and your prepared for the visit of the 'Shank'!

Take it easy buddy and stay away from the spitting cobras!!

Kat slater x
From mrs b
Response: Cheers mum, sorry i missed you earlier but didnt finish work til late. Have a good night and i'll speak to you tommorow x
From ronaldo
hello mate i can't believe the kasabian pics man i bet itr was a sweet gig. how did you get the snap with tom. i heard a little rumour that you and lady sov are now courting? could you clear this up as wicked boom black music express are doing a middle page on your relationship. its followed with a short incite into the life of shabba ranks' twin aka my dad. sounds like you're having a wicked time. i'm pleased. i'm off to see an aussie band called children collide next thurs so i'm looking forward to that. keep me updated man long time no speak. laters big man peace!! x
Response: Now then Ronaldo, just got your e-mail buddy so will divulge the whole lady sov story to you there (lets just say it involves a badger, Danny DeVito and a wedding ring, i cant say any more on here cos Mrs B will read it).

All's goingwell boss, meeting Tom Meighan was amazing, nicest bloke ever. Got shot down when i told my bro though cos he said he's been out drinking with Serge, jammy dodger!!

Hope uni's going well, and good luck for the marathon, its sounded like you are running it in your e-mail, rather you than me kid!!

stay safe and high five Cockney for me!!

Peace and one love to Shabba ranks the 2nd
From Shavey
Lady Sov was wearing a bad bad jacket!

Hope you gave her a "Brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaapppp bluh bluh bluh" when saying goodbye followed by a long "BOOOOOO". All are universal rap/gangsta style greetings/farewells...........I dont know why I felt compelled to ask cos after all you are from the manor!!

Response: Of coursei did!1 She's sponsored by Adidas and so was wearing as much Adidas parafenalia as possible and the majority of it was tack!!!

From shank
hello mate,
well you soon be home and i dare say soon be gone again as i swear it gets worse here dude,
well i am off to see gitsy at start of dec,cant wait to be honest i know it will be good!
well seems like you still living the life mate, cant belive that gig was in place as big as the pad,thats crazy,
that half naked cowgril would of sadly lucky untill i read it all i would of just ran for my life i think,
well missed ya down harrys other week mate had good1,
spent alot of the day in the lovely pub in the smoke know as the flying scots man,can mention names of who i was with,sure you understand why, but wow you get alot for 50p haha
well hope all is good dude and speak to you soon mate
take care armo
Response: Now then big man. Yeah i got the pics from Shavey of the evening, looks like a good one, cant believe how bad Harry man got, bless him! AAh so you guys went to the Scotsman? What a place, never known anywhere like it in my life!

How long you going out to Gitsy's for? You flying out on yur own? Bet you boys will have an awesome time.

Cheers for dropping by kid, stay safe and enjoy OZ
From brown
Did Serge mention the goal he scored on soccer am? what a beauty
Response: No he didnt sadly, plus i didnt see it so i couldnt mention it either
From mum
do we get pic of house you are living in? had chat wit Salv today, told of our visit to you
love mum
Response: will take pic asap, busy bee at the minute though x
From Shavey
No wonder you were a little bit scared of the Naked Cowgirl cos in your own words she looked a bit of a "mong"!

Down in the smoke this weekend for more booze fuelled frolics! Will send some more snaps most likely featuring FD, The Shank and The Propeller (alias' are used here so as not to cause offence to unsuspecting readers!) and probably skinner in some form of phsychadelic Y-Fronts!

Take it easy pal!
Response: HA yes all code words have been deciferred easily thanks. The more pics the merrier kidda. Give the boys a high five from me and chuck in some pics of their gaff as well please buddy.

She was a sight to behold that is sure, dont think she was all there, probably touched as a child!!

Kats Slater